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Me: I should go to bed early so I can be a productive member of society.

Also me: *scrolling through fan fiction at 3 in the morning*

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so @joliemariella went and made this amazing freaking picture and has been telling me about this adorable little-mermaid-based au idea of hers and my hand slipped for several, several hours, oh dear.

friend of mine raised an important point: king has orange hair and blushes constantly, what if he also had freckles

I Don’t Care (m)

Word count: 5,718

Warning: Namjoon smut

Based on an awesome anon request that I got, which motivated me to write this entire thing in two days… I got too into this.

“Are you ready?” you say.
“Always am,” Namjoon says, looking at you with a casual smirk.
Nervously, you start fidgeting with your seatbelt. “Shouldn’t you, well, be a little nervous?” You look out the window, seeing the streets pass by one after the other. All of their names are starting to sound familiar the closer you get, and memories of your childhood appear as if they were waiting for this moment.
He leans back in his seat, tapping his hand against the steering wheel rhythmically. “Should I? Do you think they won’t like me?”
You are startled by his question. “What? No, I… I don’t know, I was just saying…”
He chuckles, hearing you stutter like that. “Don’t worry, babe. I got you.” And, frankly, he’s right. You’ve never seen him lose his cool and you don’t expect him to do that tonight either. Even when he’s driving, he seems in a state of slumber, his eyes barely open, his slow breath, one-handedly steering all the time without any difficulty.
As he looks at you, he winks, almost as if to calm you down. You are pretty much compensating for his lack of stress at this point. Every worst case scenario that could happen is imagined by your mind, and as you feel your heart sink a little, he starts humming a song.
“That’s it, right?” he says.
Your body is paralysed. “Y-yes.” There it is, inching closer as your mind predicts all kinds of disasters. “Please don’t fuck this up, okay?" 

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anonymous asked:

(already know I love your blog and content :D) Which of the major characters (pretty open to interpretation) is the best at babysitting & and what does that person do if they have to babysit?

Thank you so much nonnie!! I really appreciate it *smooch*

I believe (in no particular order) Diane, Ban, Meliodas, Gulia, Arthur, Elizabeth, & maybe King or Merlin; would be the best at babysitting 

  • Diane babysitting is pretty much playtime. She ADORES playing games, and gets SUPER competitive. But she’s also able to follow kid’s imaginations, say they’ll be playing with dolls; ‘the prince lollipop is going to marry the unicorn princess’ ‘When?!? We gotta make her dress!! And bake the cake!!’. Also she’s a big fan of pirate tea parties
  • Ban babysitting is pretty chill. He’ll bring the kids into the kitchen and help them cook. think cooking fast and fresh with west Jam pasta with sprinkles?? Make sure you add peanuts man. He also like listening to their stories, he pretends to totally believe them and plays along. He also loves giving piggy back rides bc yes
  • Meliodas is more of an observant babysitter? Like he does interact with the kiddos, but not as much as the others do? Like it’ll be Diane and Ban playing with the kids as Meliodas watches. He does enjoy listening to their dreams and aspirations, and more than willing to give advice/ help train them. 
  • Gulia is amazing with kids if you haven’t picked up. She has a lot of experience with her brother in every way. She adores tea parties and dress up; she’s more than willing to play the knight. She’s also very good when dealing with kids emotions unlike the others. If they’re crying either they’re hurt, emotionally or physically, or they’re throwing a fit. Whichever it is she knows how to help. she’s literally a mom so
  • Arthur & Merlin kinda tag team. Arthur hangs out with the kiddos and Mom Merlin watches both of the kids. Arthur adores playing pretend, hide and seek, house, everything. He loves kids, they don’t have a care in the world, they don’t care about status, or anything of the sort. Merlin watches from a lawn chair, and causally drinks tea; later she brings lemonade and sandwiches.
  • Elizabeth is similar to Diane and Gulia. She adores kid’s imaginations and games they play. Though, she also adds lessons to the games. You want to be king? Well… how’re you going to run the kingdom? Is there any enemies or alliances? She slowly works lessons into a game rather than being boring and giving a speech about it afterwards?? She is also very protective and constantly gets on their case about ‘being too rough’ or ‘you’re going to get hurt if you do that
  • King is like a little bit of everyone. He loves playing with kids, but also is pretty protective with them. He usually pretends to lose whenever he’s playing with kids,bc he’s just nice. But he really loves telling them stories about his own adventures (sometimes they don’t believe him but) usually over tea parties.