give me s3 now


I cannot fucking wait to see what the costume department does in Broadchurch S3. Their work is honestly amazing because at first glance it looks completely ordinary. It sells the angle of realism and subtlety 100%. But once you start looking it’s completely ridiculous how stylised everything is. And!!!! I love!!!! That they’re not afraid to make the ladies look ugly!!! So often actresses are dressed to make them look sexy, rather than to make them look like the character they’re playing, but in Broadchurch the costume designer Ray Holman, my fucking hero, just said to Olivia Colman “I’m sorry but I have 2 make you look ugly” and he did! He designed the most unflattering utilitarian grey pantsuit for her and it looks GREAT because it CHARACTERISES her as practical detective and mum who doesn’t give 2 shits about looking sexy. And did you know Ray used to get up early every morning to rumple Alec Hardy’s suits in just the right way? He was personally in charge of disheveling Hardy’s clothes and I just find that incredible. The attention to detail! The dedication! The way every character has a certain “look” that’s so distinctive and unmistakable, without breaking the illusion that this is the real world and seeming completely Normal and Effortless when it’s absolutely not! I’m so ready for S3, give me the sad hedgehog and the traffic cone now pls

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my conclusions from watching ep 302: i hope will finally could let abigail go and leave this world. and i feel like hannibal feels guilty. he looked at will's reaction to the valentine and knew he understood him.

I’m not going to commit to guilt with Hannibal quite yet, heh, but I’m certain they understood each other perfectly and will continue to do so. Aside from their separation, the most significant change in their relationship this season is that they both really do see the other clearly for the first time.

Mads said in an interview once upon a time (mighta been Paleyfest) that everything that happened to Will, all the suffering that he goes through, breaks Hannibal‘s heart too. It’s one of those trains of thought that isn’t distracted by the fact that he’s the one who causes the suffering. You can see it in his performance all the way back in season one, sometimes, with the way he looks at Will–or sometimes looks away from Will–when Will is most miserable. 

So as Will sat there and felt Hannibal’s grief in that “valentine,” Hannibal stood there and watched Will’s grief from behind the screen, and they both suffer for the other as much as they suffer for themselves.