give me pugs

“Well Typ, here is it, a little, fluffy, happy, Pines Family bonding pic for you, hope you like it! :D

The fact that Stan had those cute pug puppies for trafficking, hidden in some place of the Mystery Shack, made me think about the kids overjoyed for finding them, playing with them, showing them to Ford, Soos and Wendy… and then Stan being all worried that his brother finds out the kind of business he is into! ha ha!

I tried my best to do a good job, remember i’m not very good at drawing, but your kind words about it, encouraged me to practice, and i think this one turned out being not so bad ¿huh? I also apologize for the quality of the photo, i wish it looked better than this…

I wanted to thank you for being so awesome; you see despite being from very different places, (i’m from Costa Rica, a small central-american country) we share some interests in music and cartoons at least, and it makes me feel that the people from all around the world are not so far apart, and we all can share an amazing friendship.”

- S

 I was in car when I saw this and this is literally my reaction:


The characters are so on point, your lineart is so good and clean too! THOSE PUGS ARE SO CUTE AAA!!! Their reactions, Stanley on the background, chill Wendy… I LIKE EVERYTHING IN THIS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING THIS! 

You took your time to draw this and the result looks so GOOD! And I’m honored to be called “awesome”, oh pls now i’m blushing!! You’re too kind! It’s so great to hear your positiveness! We need more people like you!

Again, Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this for us! You’re amazing! <3