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Not In that way (Jughead)PT.1


Ok so this is like my first small fic so im sorry if it sucks, I wrote this on my phone too so I apologize

Summary: You’re basically head over heals about Jughead and you’re tired of him being oblivious. So, after he rejects you, you change

Growing up you and Jughead had always been bestfriends. You had started to develop a small crush on him during freshman year, you made it seem so obvious even Archie who was always clueless noticed. You were tired it drove you insane, during summer Arch and Jughead fell out. Everything changed on July the 4th no one was the same. Not you not anyone. You tried being the same you no matter what, .Jughead started writing his novel, and when ever you’d spend your time at Pop’s he’d barely even talk. It annoyed you to the core but you wouldn’t show it. You were supportive you just hated you didn’t get enough attention from him

Present Time

I finally woke up for school after hitting the snooze button on your phone at least 5 times. Rubbing my eyes I slowly stood up, and brushed out my h/c hair and trew it into two french braids. Changed out of your clothes into your favorite black skinny jeans and a simple gray shirt and your Converse. After, getting dressed you walked to the bathroom and quickly washed your face and teeth. You quickly walked back to your room grabbed your favorite back hoodie, your phone, headphones and backpack. Rushing down stairs you quickly grabbed your Naked juice and keys. I started the long dreadful walk to school.

Arriving to school you where welcomed by Ronnie and Kevin.

“Hey y/n” they both said in sync

“Hi guys, have you seen Jughead” you asked and smiled

“He is in the newspaper room with Betty" Ronnie answered, both of you gave each other a half smiled

Veronica had started crushing on Betty, when they both kissed in the River Vixens tryouts. You told her, you felt as if Jughead had started crushing on Betty. It crushed both you and Ronnie.

“C'mon gals cheer up. Y/n if you want Jughead to notice you, tell him how you feel about him, and Veronica you do the same thing.” Kevin said while putting his arms around both of you

“Kevin you’re saying it likes its something easy to do. It all takes time to do. You can’t just drop it like a bomb” Ronnie said

“Yeah” you said agreeing to what she said

Kevin just smiled and shook his head and we kept walking

“Well i don’t know about you, but this is my stop see you in Chemistry"Kevin said and walked into class

“Ronnie, want to accompany me to give Juggie his notes” I asked her

“Sure"she said we were both hand in hand.

When we got to the newspaper room you were close to opening the door until you saw through the window. They kissed, it ached your heart so much you felt like crying. You faced Veronica she had hurt in her eyes. You’re eyes were watery, tears threatening to spill. You hugged her tight.

“Ronnie I have to go” My voice cracked

“Go they wont know you were here”she said 

I ran, I ran until I felt my chest close in. Tears streaming down, once I got home i ran up to my room and just cried, cried into my pillow like there was no tomorrow. I cried till I fell into a deep nap. 

I stayed home all day I never left it was around nine when you heard a knock on your door. I opened my door and was welcomed by Jughead with Pop’s take out and a milkshake. He looked into my eyes concerned as why were they puffy and red. You had wallowed all day. He had a worrisome look he gently closed the door and set the food down.

“Y/N, whats wrong why where you crying” He asked you grabbing both yor hands, I was done trying I was going to tell him how I felt

“Whats wrong, Jughead is that I’m in love with you.” I said it, I felt the weight fall of my shoulders. He held my hands even tighter

“Id never ask you to love me, because deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say. I hate to say I need you,I rely on you way too much, I’m so dependent, I’m such a fool for you.”I said my voice cracking at the end, he looked at me deeply at this point i was crying

“I’m sorry Y/N, believe me I love you, but not in that way.” He said

“Juggie I need you to leave before you break my heart anymore”I said


“Jughead, Please just leave”I said one last time. He did as he was told ‘I guess its time for a change’ you thought to yourself as you grabbed the food he got you and took it upstairs.

Jughead felt such guilt he really did love Y/N  he just couldn’t break Betty’s innocent heart just like Archie had. That night he ended up breaking his bestfriends heart even more and it broke him.


Can you do a PeterXReader where Peter gets crazy nervous around the reader and can’t talk to her at all. They get teamed up in class and she notices him shaking his leg. She looks down and sees that he’s stiff as a board. He tries to adjust himself and hide it and then the bell rings but he’s too embarrassed to get up when the reader whispers in his ear saying he’s cute when he’s nervous. They go to her place to do the project but he ends up losing his virginity and gains a girlfriend. Lots of fluff after please.

“Peter? Are you paying attention?” the teacher snapped. I brought my head up and nodded.

“Good because your partner is Y/N. Everyone get with your partner and take notes on the instructions.” she said, giving me a look.

Y/N came over, her hair bouncing as she walked over shyly. I could feel my face burning as she looked up to smile at me.

“Hi Peter.” she said, placing a hand on my thigh. “It’s great that we’re partners. I mean, it’s kind of unfair knowing we’re the two smartest kids in this class. I should probably stop rambling on and should start taking notes.” she chuckled, taking her hand off my thigh.

“Uh I uh. H-hu I uh. Hi.” I stuttered, leaning against the counter, almost slipping off. She giggled and I smiled nervously.

Man she was beautiful. The way her glasses framed her face and how her eyes had that twinkle. Her laugh was adorable even though it was a snort. It drove me crazy. Her lips were a dark raspberry pink, her bottom lip tucked under her teeth as she took notes.

I felt myself stiffen and I started to bounce my leg, re-adjusting myself on my stool so it wasn’t noticeable. I dropped my pencil as a distraction so I could fix myself. I bent down and from the corner of my eye, I saw her turn to ask a question and notice my position. She slowly turned back and continued on with the notes. Great. Perfect first impression, Peter.

The bell rang and I still haven’t calmed down. I waited for everyone to leave, even Y/N but she came back and turned my notebook towards her.

“I figured we could get started on the project today at my place. My sister isn’t going to be home until maybe 9 so you won’t be bombarded with questions. So here’s my address.” she laughed nervously. I smiled and nodded as she came up to me.

“In all honesty, you’re kind of cute when you’re nervous.” she whispered, blushing as she pulled back. I swallowed and gave her a weak smile as she walked out. Holy shit….


I’ve had a crush on Peter since Junior year. I took an extra year of Science because he was taking it. I wanted to have an excuse to ask him for help but he knew how smart I was. I noticed how nervous he was today in class and it was the cutest thing ever. I went to ask him whose place we should go to in order to start our project but he was fixing himself. As in his downstairs area. I didn’t mean to look but it was the first thing I saw.

I heard the doorbell ring and I ran down the stairs, nearly tripping.

“Hi!” I said a little too loud.

“H-Hi.” he said, his hands in his pockets.

“My sister called when I was walking home. She said it was okay for a friend to come over as long as we don’t trash the house.” I said. He smiled and I moved so he could come in.

Oh god. I must be scaring him if he wont say anything.

I led him upstairs to my room and he sat down on my bed. He got out his stuff and I got mine out.

We talked about the project for a while until his phone rang. He went outside and I continued to read from the textbook. When he came back in he looked tired.

“Everything good?” I asked, setting the book down on my desk and heading over to sit next to him.

“Yeah. Just my Aunt May. She wants me to pick up some milk when I go home around 6.” he said, rubbing his face.

“I feel you. When my parents died, I resented going down to the market for stuff. The clerk gave me a weird look.” I said, remembering my parents.

“How long ago? Your parents I mean.” Peter asked. I looked at him and bit the inside of my cheek.

“Freshmen year. It’s just me and my sister now.” I said, playing with my bed sheet design. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it, sending my heart into a fit.

“My parents died when I was young.” he said. I looked at him and he looked at me. I smiled and he brought his hand up to my face, stroking my cheek. I brought my face closer to his, my heart in my throat as he leaned in. His lips nuzzled over mine and kissed me softly.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” he whispered against my lips.

“Me too.” I said, kissing him once again.

One thing led to another and eventually, we both lost something precious to us. Our virginities. He explained to me how he was a virgin once we were down to our underwear. I stroked his cheek and kissed his neck, telling him I was one as well.

Virginities should not be taken for granted. Yes there are mistakes made with the wrong person, but once you find the right one, someone similar to you… It makes everything better and more sacred. I know finding “The One” is mostly a myth to some people.. But as Peter held onto me, making sure I was okay, made me realize that I had found The One for me..

And his name was Peter Parker.

As we laid down next to one another, both back into our underwear, we acknowledged each other. Our bodies intertwined, my hand drawing figure eights on his chest as his hand caressed my face. He fixed my glasses and kissed my nose.

“I was wondering…. Would you like to go out sometime?” he asked, resting his hand on my hip.

“I am your girlfriend so… Yes.” I said, feeling the butterflies start again in my stomach. He smiled and kissed my lips once again.

“Right. My girlfriend.”

Perfect#1 ll Spiderman FanFic (Tom Holland )

AN: hey guys this is my fist Spiderman imagine , hope you like it ! :)

Description : I got the idea from Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect , where the reader (Y/N) got asked to homecoming , by a guy ,  problem is she can’t dance , and asks Peter to teach her . 

Warnings:  pure fluffiness , maybe some language 

word count: 2368

Ok and if you don’t know (Y/N)= your name , (Y/E/C)= your eye color,(Y/H/C)= your hair colour etc.


Peter was sitting on a bench in Central Park waiting for (Y/N) . They usually met each other there on Wednesday afternoons to go get ice cream together , at the vendor on the other side of Central Park . Mr. Gonzales had the best ice cream in all of New-York , but not a lot of people knew that . 

The sun was already sitting low on the horizon , and the rays of light blending through the leaves were already starting to dim . Peter looked down at his phone , checking to see if (Y/N) had sent any messages , she wasn’t usually late , but today she was . He frowned when he didn’t see any notifications from her . 

He quickly started to dial her number , but his head shot up when a very excited voice yelled from the distance . 

“Peter!Peter!Peter!” He saw a figure wearing converse and a Harry potter hoodie and jeans  come running at him with incredible speed . His spidey senses tingled , and he shot up from his seat , just in time too , because the person who was running to him , was running too fast to stop , and when she tried to halt , she fell over her  feet , sending her body flying forward . Luckily with his awesome reflexes he caught her .

“Wow (Y/N) you really need to learn how to stop . “ he said , as he helped her stand up . 

“When did you get so strong ?” she started saying , her breathing uneven from all the running . 

Peter opened his mouth to reply , but she cut him off “ Wait there was something I wanted to say .” She said quickly . Peter didn’t know where she got all her energy from , she always seemed so happy , and a bit hyper , especially when she got excited , but it was almost at the end of a school day , how could she not be exhausted , but that’s what he loved about his best friend .

“Oh yeah ! … Guess what , Guess what ?!?”  She said bouncing on the tips of her toes . 

He chuckled at her enthusiasm , “ What ? Is this about Ned’s Lego death star , ‘cause if it is , i totally share your excitement . “ he said . 

“Guess whose got asked to homecoming ?”  She said with a proud smirk . 

“Uh … Michelle ? “ he asked cautiously, he knew Y/N and Michelle were also good friends , and Y/N always got so excited when anything good happened to one of her friends , she nearly burst from excitement when he told her about the Stark Internship . 

“No silly , me . “ she said , grabbing his shoulders and shaking lightly . His smile faltered , but only for a split second , not enough for her to notice , or so he thought . He was actually planning on asking her when they got ice cream , but he guessed Ned was right : ‘If you don’t ask her soon , some other guy will ’  Ned said .

“Wow  (Y/N) ,I’m happy for you , with who are you going ? “ he asked , he tilted his head to the side slightly , with a curious look on his face . Her knees went weak as he did that . She recently discovered , that all these weird symptoms she got when she was around Peter , was because she had a crush on him , big time . But she knew he didn’t feel the same way , how could he , they were best friends since forever  , and that’s it , nothing more , and she didn’t want to   jeopardize that . 

“With Brendan . “ She said with a smile ,causing dimples to form on her cheeks . 

“oh . “ was all he said . 

“Who are you taking ?” she asked , this made him feel more miserable . 

“Uh , I don’t know yet , the person I wanted to ask , already has a date , so now I don’t know who to ask. “ he replied  with a shrug . 

“Really ? Well I think you can ask anyone , you’re a genius , and funny , and handsome … I know why dont you ask Liz , I know she’s been eyeballing you . “ Y/N said , as she nudged Peter playfully , a smirk plastered on her face.

“Yeah . “ he sighed , before he looked up at her. “ You think I’m handsome ?”  he said as a small smirk formed on his lips . 

“Let’s go get that ice cream . “ she quickly changed the subject , “ Before Mr. Gonzales leaves , it’s already getting  dark” she said looking up at the sky which was now tinged with pink light . 

“Yep , Icecream sound good . “ he chuckled , she hooked her arm through his , as they started walking . 

Central Park was beautiful , especially at this time , when the street lamps were lighting up , the trees looked magical , as the stars just started to appear behind them . 

They walked in silence  for a while , just enjoying the view , and each other’s company .

“Oh shit . “ Y/N said , as she stopped suddenly , pulling Peter out of his momentum , causing him to almost fall . “I have a problem . “ she said . 

“What , you decided you can’t go with Brendon , because he’s head is too small for his body ? “ he asked her . 

“What ? “ she looked up at him confused , “ No” she shook her head , “ I thin his head is in good proportion of his body. Besidrs its not like someone else was going to ask me. “ she said mater of factly , “ But that’s not the point … I don’t know how to dance . “ she said , looking very troubled . 

“What ?! “ he asked chuckling lightly, “ I thought you had a big problem . “

Oh shut up Parker , this is serious , I don’t want to make a fool of myself infront of the whole school .” 

“That won’t happen Y/N” he said , smiling at her sincerely , causing her heart rate to pick up . 

Stop it body , stop being so weird around him . She mentally scolded herself .

“Yeah you’re right , I won’t because you’re gonna teach me . “ she said with a smirk . 

“What ?! ” he asked his voice high . “ What makes you think I can ? “ he asked . 

“Oh come on Pete , I’m your best friend , I’ve known you since we were 3 . I know everything . “ she said crossing her arms smugly . 

I highly doubt that ,  he thought . But he smirked at her , “ Fine , come on then . “ he said and grabbing her hand , sparks shot through his arm as he did , but he ignored  it , and pulled her along , onto the grass , under the trees . 

“What ? Now ? “ she asked . 

“Yes now . “ he said and smirked at her. 

She nodded , and started taking her shoes off . “ What are you doing ?” he asked , looking confused . 

“Taking my shoes off , duh . “ she answered , the loose strands of her (y/H/C ) hair fell into her face as she crouched down . 

“Ok . “ he said , and started taking his shoes off as well , and rolled up the ends of his jeans  ,to keep him from stepping in it .  

You don’t have to “ she said quickly , “ I just like to feel the grass between my toes . “ she said . 

“Eh . “ he replied with a shrug . He quickly got out his phone and his earphones . Scrolling through his playlists , he found a song , a slow dance song ,a romantic song , but all slow dance songs are slow . 

Y/N stood up , and he handed her the one half of the earphones , and he placed the other in his ear , she did the same , and he slipped his phone into his back pocket . The music started to play , it was one of (Y/N)’s favorite songs .

“Ok , so what do I do ? “ she asked  , clenching her fists , she always did that when she was nervous , he noted . 

“Give me your hands . “ he said , and she obeyed . And with her hands in his , he lifted them until they were around his neck .  He then placed his hands on her middle , and she stiffened a bit under his touch . And that’s when Peter realised (Y/N) was way more naive and innocent that she came across , at school she always had this confident and almost badass air about her .Not that he was experienced and not-innocent at all . But he knew her before she was like that(all confident and like nothing bothered her), when she was shy , incredibly strong , but shy  and  sweet .

“ Relax ok , it’s just dancing . “ he said in a soothing voice , and he felt her relax . She sighed , and smiled at him . Causing him to chuckle lightly . 

“Ok now stand closer . “ she took a tiny step closer , but it was hardly an inch . He sighed , before a certain confidence came over him , and he pulled her against him , their chests nearly touching and their faces inches apart .

“This close ? “ she asked in a small voice . 

“This close . “  he confirmed . 

“ok . “ she siad , wanting to look down , at her feet , but he stopped her , placing a finger below her chin forcign her to look into his brown eyes , so that he could see her (Y/E/C) eyes. 

“Now we just sway . “ He said , starting to move and she moved with him , they swayed to the rhythm of the song . 

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

So they just stood there and swayed , eventually peter took a chance , and let his hands lower to her hips , but she didn’t seem to mind .

“I probably look like a mess . “ she chuckled to herself , she knew half of her hair had fallen out of her messy bun . Her eyes probably had bags under them , and her shirt was already wrinkled . 

Peter smiled and under his breath he muttered “ You look perfect . “ not intending for her to hear , but she did . She leaned forward , and rested her head on his shoulder , breathing in his scent .

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

“I think we might have missed out ice cream window .” he whispered after a while , his breath on her ear causing a shiver to run down her spine . 

She looked up at him , their faces now only an inch apart . “ I guess we did . “ she wispered back , her eyes switching between his lips and his eyes . His lips were just so pink , and they looked so soft , and so kissable .

Peter’s eyes fixed on (Y/N)’s lips , and with out realizing it , he leaned closer , his eyes starting to close. 

Suddenly , police sirens wailed in the distance , snapping them out of their trance , Peter quickly jumped back , standing a proper few feet from (Y/N).

“I.. I gotta go . “ he said quickly .” I forgot  .. Aunt May she .. she needs me to help … with stuff . “ he said , and quickly grabbed his shoes . And turned to leave . “Peter! “ (Y/N ) called , and he quickly turned to look at her . 

“Thanks . “ she called after him . 

He nodded before running off . 

“What the fuck (Y/N)!” Y/N said to herself , as she ran a hand through her messy hair . “What’s wrong with you ?! He’s your best friend , you fucking idiot ! He’s probably gonna be all awkward around you tomorrow . “ she scolded herself . 

A couple of joggers ran past , causing her to look up , they had a confused and weirded out look on their faces , she just gave them a little wave and a smile saying “Sup . “ Causing them to run away faster . 

Peter ran  out of central park and into the nearest alley way to put on his suit , so that he could see , what was going on with those police sirens . “You’re a genius Peter , yeah you know just go ahead and kiss your best friend , maybe she will then fall deeply in love with you .” he told himself in a sarcastic voice , as he pressed the spider symbol in the middle of his suit , causing it to tighten around his body . 

He webbed his backpack to the wall , making sure it was high enough that someone won’t steel it again. 

He shot a web to the top of the building , to the source of the commotion .  “ Such an idiot . “ he mumbled to himself , before going to save the day … or night . 

the end of part one , hope you liked it :)

Part two will come , soon . 


Hey guys I desperately need your help. I was just talking to my grandmother and she thinks that I need to get rid of my two precious little angels in the pictures that have become my anxiety toys over the years. They are BearBear and Puppie and I have had them since the day I was born, and they have helped me through tough times that I would not of survived without them. They have been there for me for seventeen and I don’t know what I would do if they were taken away from me. I convinced her to give me a month to get this post up to 5,000 notes, and she said that if I could do it it would prove that it is socially acceptable to be as attached to two stuffed animals as I am. Please help me I can lose these two they are my life.

I only see these kinds of things work in dreams

If you follow me, please read this?

My girlfriend and I kinda separated.. and well I asked her if I got 100,000 notes would she give me another chance; She said maybe.. I know that sounds dumb, but if there’s a small chance it’ll happen, I’m willing to try. She means the world to me and would really appreciate even an attempt…

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Laverne Cox Knows My Name

No, I’m not kidding.

As a handful of you know, I’m from Lexington, VA originally. Last night Laverne spoke at Washington and Lee University, one of the local colleges, and the school is also where my mom works as a human resources coordinator. For the last several years, my mom has helped the retirees from the college figure out their health insurance plans and how to best plan for the worst case scenarios. It’s my mom’s job to make sure people have happy and healthy lives, and she works tirelessly.

Since my mom works at W&L, she gets first dibs on on-campus events, like Laverne’s. I was jealous beyond belief that my mom was able to go see her speak. She even messaged me before the event began, and I told her I was so jealous I could die. I’ve also missed Kristen Beck, another trans woman I deeply admire and respect. So safe to say I was stewing. I told my mom if she, somehow by the grace of God, got the chance to speak to Laverne, to tell her that I absolutely love her and all her work, from acting to activism. I didn’t think she’d get the chance, though.

Boy, was I wrong.

I was on Skype with a dear friend when I got a frantic text from my mom telling me to call her. I quickly hopped off Skype, and called my mother to make sure everything was ok.

She was smoking in her car trying to calm down. She told me that there was a Q&A after Laverne’s talk, and my mom wanted to ask her what she could do as a parent to better support me, her trans son, and the community at large.

But right before she went to speak, there was a man who went before her. From what my mom told me, this guy basically said he didn’t get. To him, women were born women. Men were born men. There was no cross over. “I just don’t understand,” is what my mother told me he kept saying.

Once it was her turn, my mom said that it seemed like the guy’s comments had bothered Laverne, and I can’t say I’d blame her if that were true. It’s hard to come in and be vulnerable to strangers, and to know that some of them will probably reject you.

So instead of asking her question, my mom decided to talk about her journey with me as I’ve figured myself out over the years. She told me that started out by giving a cliff notes version of our story. Mom told me she said something along the lines of, “My youngest child was born of the female sex. At 8 years old, she came up to me one day and said that she felt like a room that didn’t have any furniture in it. At 14, she came out as a lesbian. And at 21, I consider my son to be born.”

My mom told me that talking about me made her, Laverne, and probably everyone else in the room cry. God knows I had tears streaming down my face as she recounted the evening.

As she finished, she said, “Oh, and my son absolutely loves you!”


So she told her. Laverne Cox spoke my name, and knows I exist.

Words can’t even begin to express how proud I am of my mother. She stood up for me, for people like me, and made herself vulnerable to people she didn’t know. She told my story, our story, and moved a lot of people. I emailed with my mom this morning, and she said all of her work study students were hugging her, and other people in her building were approaching her to say they’d heard her speak. Mom said after the event, she had people came up to her to hug her that she didn’t even know.

It hasn’t always been easy with my mother. We fought quite a bit when I was younger, especially after I came out the first time. She didn’t understand how I could know something like my sexual orientation at a young age. We argued, grew apart, but I knew she always loved me underneath it all.

The same thing happened when I told her I was transitioning, though not to the same extent. I wrote her a three page letter explaining everything, and handed it to her before I got on a plane to live in Guatemala for the next three months. My mom struggled with the news, and I honestly think it was better she had time to deal with it away from me. It gave her time to really think her feelings through, and not have to worry about dealing with me at the same time.

I always joke and tell people that I broke my mom, and that’s why she’s been so accepting since I transitioned. The real answer, however, has nothing to do with me. I was blessed enough to be born to a mother who learned the key lesson that Leelah’s, and countless other trans youths’ parents failed to learn; you cannot be a bigot AND love your child.

So my mother put away her biases and fears as much as possible, and dove headfirst into my world. Through a combination of her own research and conversations with me, I’ve watched my mom blossom into this wonderful, loving mother who truly loves and accepts me for exactly the person I am. The road has been rough in a few places, and this journey is one that never truly ends, but I’m so happy I have my mom by my side. She’s made me prouder than I could ever articulate. I love her so much.

And that’s how Laverne Cox learned my name. Because of my amazing, brave, incredible mother.

Olicity Drabble: 8 Smiles

Originally posted by thecwarrow

As two very dear people pointed out I didn’t indicate why Felicity was so upset in 7 smiles…I hope this clears that up! I appreciate you two wonderful souls and the excuse to add to the smiles drabbles…. again set in season 2. 

Read the first two here: 6 Smiles, 7 Smiles or on AO3

6 months later….

Felicity’s smile faded the second she saw Oliver’s handsome face round the corner from their spacious kitchen to her seat on the oversized couch. His usually handsome stubble made him appear almost murderous as he held up those long ago forgotten notes. 

Felicity blinked rapidly not understanding the rapid mood change. She sat up slowly propping her elbows up beside her. “Hon? What’s with the Arrow face?” 

He actually scowled at her which meant she was either in real trouble or he was frustrated, either way she didn’t care for the tone his voice suddenly took. “How could you doubt my feelings for you?” 

She blinked in confusion and held out her hand, “Give me the notes…” she said evenly as he gently lowered them into her palm. 

She flopped back down onto her back and perused through the forgotten scrawl. She glanced up and smirked, “Oliver?” 

He growled in annoyance, “What?” 

She tapped at the edge of the third couch cushion with her toes and gave him a small wink, “This would be easier if you weren’t glowering at me from above…” she said in jest as he crudely sighed. 

“I’m not rubbing them…” he rebutted. She simply shrugged as he slumped into the cushion. 

“Yeah you will,” she stated while stretching her legs out until her ankles were perched over his muscular thighs. “You’ll use any excuse to touch me…” she added with utter confidence as his index finger began to rub along the skin of her instep. 

He sat grumbling in petulance like a child as she re-read the three notes. The first one made no sense so she moved to the second one. She fought a triumphant smile when she felt the pads of his fingers lighting skimming over the tips of toes. She then looked at the third and her resolve to fight her giddiness failed as Oliver uttered, “Smile 9…that means you’ve found a way to make this my fault I assume?” 

He sounded almost weary as she placed those three pieces of crinkled paper on the coffee table. “No baby I’m just tickled that you still don’t understand my reaction from that day…well and your reaction today is fairly amusing,” she added as a jab before she edged the heel of her foot into his inner thigh. He groaned and she smiled when his body reacted to her touch instantly. 

“Not fair..” he lightly pleaded. 

“I know…” she rebutted before scooting upwards once more and perching her head on the armrest of the couch. Her blue eyes met his own stormy ones. She saw the gray of his misplaced anger hiding the true depth of his sadness. He caught her appraising him and mumbled softly, “Why were you so upset that day?” 

She answered the question with one of her own. “Why are you so upset now?” 

He shifted so his side was against the back of the cushioned seat. His palm was supporting his chiseled jawline while his other hand was resting lightly on her ankle. He peered into her own endless blue depths and relented by saying, “Yesterday Thea mentioned that you had some concerns about my bond with Sara.” 

Felicity nodded quietly seeing how this all went back to the very event that had brought them together in the first place. He continued, the depth of his feelings was evident in his tender tone. “She told me you had concerns but I brushed them aside. I felt confident in our relationship until I was cleaning out the drawer you know the one the broken handle?” 

Felicity bit back a laugh, “Oh the one we umm damaged last week after…” she cleared her throat and added, “dinner?” 

His smile returned as did his trademark glimmer of amusement. “Yeah that one..” he clarified. 

She giggled, “Good. So you were fixing the drawer and that’s when you found those notes?” 

“Yeah,,,” he sighed then added, “My conversation with Thea came roaring back as did the mission last night …” 

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Out of my League: Chapter 3

Note: Here is chapter 3, I hope you guys like it. Tell me your thoughts, if you and any suggestions or requests, and please review the chapter. Thank you for reading Out of my League!

Chapter 3:

As I drive up to my house I can’t help but to remember the conversation by the pond and the smirk that was on Connors’ face. I can’t stand him, he’s too much. As I drove up to my house, I could see the dining room lights on. That meant someone was in there, but right now all I wanted to do was to go into my room and not socialize with anyone.

I went inside the house and went straight to my room without acknowledging anyone. I fell on my bed, and put my pillow on top of my face. I kept replaying the pond scene in my mind and the events of the day.

The door opens after about 10 minutes. I get up and look and I see Mariana entering my room.

“Hey Jude,” she says

“What do you want Mariana,” I ask wearily.

“Well you stormed inside without saying anything to anyone and went straight to your room, so I decided to see what had you in a fret,” she said calmly, now sitting next to me on my bed.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I say weakly.

“Jude, I’ve seen you like this before and it’s only when you’re really mad or really annoyed by something, now why don’t you tell me what’s wrong,” she said, still calmly.

She came and sat next to me. Mariana knew me well and I knew I couldn’t keep much secrets from her anyway. I told her the events of the day slowly and with detail. She listened to my story and started to laugh.

“What’s so funny Mari?!” I ask a little angry.

“Nothing, it’s just that I think it’s funny that you’re letting this Connor get to you. You’ve never let anyone get to you. Why is it so different with him?” She said a little calmer now.

“I… I don’t know, there’s just something about him that I can’t get and it bothers me,” I say looking down at my hands.

“Well my little Judicorn, don’t let him get to you, I’ve see you play and you’re really good. Plus everyone likes you, and they won’t let such an arrogant moron lead the team,” she replied eagerly.

“You’re right, I guess,” I say in defeat.

“Yea, don’t worry about it. Everything will be fine just enjoy your senior year,” she said as she left the room.

I laid in bed and thought about what Mari said. She’s right, I shouldn’t be worried or angry about I thought to myself, but I was. I was also curious as to why he was so arrogant, he is a mystery and I want know why.

At dinner I didn’t speak, because I was still upset. I ate quickly and went to my room saying goodnight to everyone. It was 7, so my family’s as probably wondering why I went up to sleep so early, since I usually slept late. The truth was that I wanted to be alone for a while to think.

To keep my mind of things I decided to play some computer games. After that I went to sleep without doing any homework.

The next day I got to school early, so that I could finish my calculus homework. Taylor and Chris, a player from the team also came. We finished our homework and headed to first period Calculus. The teacher, Mr. Nix, started class with a warm up. It was a problem on the lesson that would be discussed todays’ lecture. I didn’t know how to do it. Math was always my weak subject, but I was still better than most. This class was just advanced.

“Jude, why don’t you come up here and work out the problem,” the teacher asks after a few minutes.

I stiffen up, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I’ve no choice. I go up to the board and write down the problem, and then I make up random shit out of the top of my hed. After I’m done, I sit back down quickly and avoid eye contact with anyone.

“I so bullshitted that one,” I whisper to Taylor.

“Well yea, it’s totally wrong,” she replied rolling her eyes.

“Nice try Jude, anyone else want to try,” Mr. Nix asks chalk in hand.

“I’ll do it I,” I hear that annoying voice.

Connor got up from his seat and headed to the board. He quickly worked out the problem and stood there while the teacher examined his answer.

“Very good Mr. Stevens, you did a really good job! I see someone that reads ahead, 5 points for you on the next quiz.”

“Thank you, Mr. Nix, I like to read ahead so I’m ahead of. you know, the people that can’t handle the course work,” he smirked looking at me.

He then walked back to his desk, but came up beside me stopping first. He looked down at me and whispered, “Guess I’m better at you then just baseball.” He then continued his way to his desk with a smirk on his face.

My face was probably read with anger and embarrassment.

“What the heck was that about, why is he targeting you?” Taylor asked with annoyance.

I was too angry to respond. I looked down at my notes the whole class period.

After first period ended, I quickly left the class and made my way to baseball class. At the field everyone ran except Connor because he won coaches challenge yesterday. He was smiling the whole time. I finished first with the rest of the team trailing behind me. After warm up we practiced batting.

I was still angry at what happened in calculus and it was getting to me. Why the hell was this new kid so arrogant and why is he after me. As I thought about it, my rage flared up. It was my turn to bat next. All the other team players were in the field practicing to catch and throw back the ball to home plate. I see Connor standing in one corner eyeing with a smirk.

The person pitches and I get ready to hit. I grip the bat rightly and prepare to swing. I hit the ball full throttle and send it flying straight in Connors direction. I guess it was just my anger that got to me, because I aimed to ball at him. The ball flew at a fast velocity and hit Connor square in the ribs, right above the stomach.

I heard him scream then fall on the floor. I stare for a while, and then reality kicks in. I actually hit someone. Connor was just lying there in pain. I, now realizing what I’ve done, throw my bat down and run over to him. Coach also comes up and says that we need to take him to the nurse.

I volunteered since I hit him. I help him up and we walk to the nurses’ office.

“That was a very strong swing and powerful hit” he says gripping his ribs now making a noise in pain.

“Thanks,” I retort.

We made it to the nurses office and I wait while the nurses checks up on him. After 15 minutes the nurse walks out and returns to her office. I go in and see Connor.

“Well, how are you?” I ask trying to hide the worry in my voice.

“Don’t worry captain, the star player is fine. The nurse said nothing is wrong with me. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking your place soon enough,” he says smirking.

God how the hell is he still smirking when he’s in pain. I get angry once again and just stare at him.

“I’m not scared of you and I’m not going to let your little games bother me,” I say with power in my voice.

I then turn around and walk out of the room. I see the nurse go back in. As I’m about to leave I hear their conversation,

“Mr. Stevens would you like me to call your aunt and notify her about your fractured rib?” The nurse asked. Since Connor just turned 18, he had the choice to tell his guardian.

“No, I don’t want to worry her, besides it’ll heal in a few weeks,” I hear him say.

“Remember, no baseball class for 6 weeks. You have to let it heal,” the nurse says.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid,” I hear him say.

The nurse walks out and returns to her office. I hear Connor sigh.

“Great Connor, now you’ll have to work twice as hard when you can practice again. What am I supposed to do for 6 weeks?!” I hear him say.

I feel the guilt now eat me up. It was my fault. How could I let this happen? I’m not a violent person. I wanted to go in and apologize but I couldn’t get myself to move, I didn’t know why. The nurse then walked out,

“Ah yes Jude, give this note to the coach please” she said abruptly, scaring me and walked back.

I took ahold of the note and looked at it.

“Were you standing there this whole time eavesdropping?” I hear from the room.

I walked back into the room and looked at him. He was just staring at me. I’ve never seen him with this look on his face before.

“Why did you lie to me?” I say with my voice shaking.

“Look, I don’t want you to pity me or look down on me,” Connor replied turning his head to face the other direction.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.. I was just mad,” I say keeping my distance from him.

“Yea I’m sure, its ok. You probably enjoyed it anyway,” he said kind of smirking.

“I didn’t enjoy it, I feel guilty for hitting you, that’s not who I am,” I say defensively.

“Really? It seemed like you did it on purpose. Is it because you’re scared I’m better at you at baseball?” he asked in an egotistic voice.

It took me a moment to take in all that he said. I just stared at him for a while, not knowing what to say. I found it really sad that he was lashing out like this. I took a breath, composed myself and spoke, “look, I know you are probably mad right now, and you have the right to be. I shouldn’t have hit you, and I’m sorry about it. But it is not because I’m scared of you. I was mad because of how arrogant and sadistic you are. I obviously didn’t handle it properly. Do you know how to be kind to others? Because it seems that you are using your ego as a shield, and it makes you look like a bitch. Maybe if you weren’t like that, then people might actually like you and want to be your friend. I’m sorry, once again, for the trouble I have caused you, now I’ll get this note to coach. Take care, bye.”

I leave the room taking a deep breath and walked to the gym. I walked into coach’s office and hand him the note. He reads the note and sighs wearily.

“I’m sorry coach, this is my fault,” I start to say.

“No, it’s not, shit happens, you deal with it. At least it is not baseball season. Stevens will still have a lot of time to practice after this. He is a really good player. Now get to your next class,” he says calmly.

I walk out of his office and head to my next class thinking of the trouble I’ve caused. Sure, Connor was an arrogant person, but that was no reason for me to get that violent. I was then consumed with thoughts of what new things that would happen this year with this new student disturbing my peace.

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