give me notes i took ugly selfies just for this post

firstly, trust me when i say i think it`s great that seokjin stans are so quick to come to his defense and make all of these appreciation posts for him, it`s awesome to see all of the seokjin stans showing their love for their fave and i can appreciate that. but i also really think that you all need to take a step back and look at each members popularity objectively, yes, seokjin is underrated but he`s not underappreciated- he has a ton of stans, you guys, that will make posts about him and talk about him and just over all, be great seokjin stans, but namjoon doesn`t have that. i`m not here to make this some kind of popularity contest between the two of them, because they`re undeniably both the least popular members.

but i hardly see any namjoon posts listing the good traits he has- actually, i hardly see any namjoon posts in general. barely any gifsets, edits, fanfics, text posts- again objectively, from the tumblr side of things, namjoon has the least amount of notes, so that leads me to the conclusion that he’s the least liked member.

people are probably rolling their eyes in the back of their heads by now and screaming, “don’t guilt trip people into stanning namjoon!” but that’s not the objective here. i just want to let people know that it’s a bit of a stretch when they say jin is the under dog.

- he’s the only original member who didn’t leave and had to go through the pain of seeing friends hate him for wanting to become an idol and god knows he’s hated that for so many years

- his friends left one by one and he was left on shaky ground wondering if he’ll ever make it, having only himself and his great ambition to make it through and to his goal and he finally did it

- people from overseas know his name. they know his group’s name. he did/is doing such a good job with bts. he’s probably the one who gives them the most advice and listens to them other than jimin like everyone might believe

- namjoon also, despite not being trained to, keeps up with the dancing. his dancing has been improving. i’ve seen people congratulating jin for keeping up with the choreography every time but what about namjoon? i love jin so much, but i wish namjoon was given respect as well for doing something that he doesn’t necessarily love, so well

- people did so much shit to him… they said he was too ugly to be an idol, they criticized his dancing and laughed at it meanly, they called him names, they were happy he wasn’t in the perfect man performance because they thought he would’ve ruined it…

- he taught himself english.. and god, english is so hard for koreans. they learn a totally new grammar and new sounds. namjoon never mistakes the r’s which is admirable since mistaking those is usually so common in koreans who learn english

- remember when he got hurt/didn’t attend the performances for run? probably not but i didn’t see as many encouraging messages sent for him from fans as much as i’ve seen for when the other members got hurt and it makes me sad. also when he still signed albums for the fans even with his injured hand eventually switching to his less dominant hand because he didn’t want the fans to leave without his autograph

- no one even thought the rat jokes, the lizard jokes, the death threats, his leaving the group jokes were too far. and yet he still you know how much bravery that must’ve took? it could have been a tragedy but namjoon put up with it

- also.. even though he’s the leader i legit never see anyone talking about how well he did at leading bts to success and to where they are now, i dont see people talking about how hes the person that probably solves all of their conflicts and problems, or how the song that HE PRODUCED!! is the one that got them their first #1…

- and not to mention when he spills his heart out and shares a lot of feelings in the fancafe, nobody ever gives a shit about it even when he talks about depression and loneliness. having no access to the fancafe is no excuse when we have several translation blogs. his posts about feelings and thoughts and experiences are always overshadowed by some other posts like yoongi’‘s storytime (which we love) or a maknae line selfie. i’m not disregarding the other member’s importance but namjoon’s posts are buried and never mentioned unless a namjoon stan brings them up

- when a fan told him she got his photocard, he felt the need to apologize for it?? he shouldn`t have to feel like he needs to apologize to his own fan for receiving his photo card, like it`s some kind of inconvenience??

- i`m sure he`s aware of the favoritism, there`s no way that he doesn`t know. there`s no way that he doesn`t know about how little fans he has, or about all of the awful shit people say about him. it`s near impossible to avoid seeing at this point because it`s everywhere, and it`s not fair that he has to see that shit because he doesn`t deserve it. he doesn`t deserve to have his own “fans” saying these things about him, whether they`re a joke or not.

- another little thing regarding the consistent praise for jin, power to y’all, and he definitely deserves the praise but he isn’t the only one!! why wont yall even CONSIDER realizing that namjoon… writes lyrics, raps, dances, sings, composes, produces, is a leader… .… .

- another thing, when will everyone stop sleeping on his masterpiece of a mixtape? you all nonstop, ask for yoongi`s mixtape (which we`re all waiting for, seriously) but we already have one, incredible, well produced mixtape out there for us to listen to. and not just in the meantime while we`re waiting for yoongi, but all the time. you can tell that namjoon worked incredibly hard on every song on the mixtape, but yet nobody gives a shit about it past talking about it briefly to keep up stan appearances. there was barely any recognition on march 20, 2016 marking his mixtape’s first birthday but i’ll leave that tea to turn lukewarm for yall

- lastly. where`s the love and appreciation for this song? namjoon is getting opportunities outside of bts for a reason. look at your oppas objectively and maybe you`ll realize that despite every other member being extremely talented, namjoon is also ridiculously fucking talented in multiple areas and it`s no wonder why he`s getting the opportunities that the others aren`t. he consistently puts out good material, whether it`s solo or in bts songs, and he deserves them. but yet i only see people complaining that it`s not their fave getting to do songs for soundtracks, or complaining that it`s not their fave getting solo opportunities yet. there`s a reason for that! it`s because he`s a great lyricist, great rapper, great producer and the best rapper out of the three (this is coming from me, actual full time Yoongi Worshipper.) and that`s not to say that yoongi and hoseok aren`t incredible in their own right, but namjoon has one up on them- he has experience that the both of them don`t and he knows what he`s doing. like.. .he got to feature in a song with YOON MIRAE of all people.. that obviously means something and yet nobody talks about it.

tl;dr at least jin stans wanna do shit for him, protect him, make countless posts regarding the “issue” and that`s all good, but really the issue lies within the under appreciation of namjoon. and if i gotta start the trend of making text posts to make people ~aware~, i will. seokjin having little lines or no acting gig yet doesn`t make him under appreciated, because he`s appreciated by all of his fans.. big hit/bts aren`t out to get him, they aren`t planning his downfall or conspiring against him for him to fail.. he`ll get his time eventually, but there are reasons why he`s not getting that time yet, did you ever think about that? whereas there`s no reason for namjoon to not be receiving praises and love from his own fans right now.

a psa by taeyeon and @pdnamjoon

Mr. & Mrs. Styles Part Two

A/N: I wrote this on my phone and I’m also using my phone to post it. I can’t really edit things right now but when I get hold of a laptop I’ll fix the format and some of the grammar but for now, please bear with me.

Part One

“So you’re currently in quite a lot of magazine headlines lately,” Ellen began to say, “and they all had to do with your previous interview and a certain member of One Direction.” Ellen gave a knowing look and smile while the screen behind us featured a picture of me and Harry from my Instagram post.

I looked at the picture behind us and I grinned in response. “Yeah, there were quite a lot of issue and response regarding the interview,” I replied, nodding and agreeing to Ellen.

“Well, obviously what everyone wants to know is whether you and Harry are dating,” Ellen said, not asking a question but implying she wants an answer about the issue.

“A lot of people have been asking me about that, yeah. They’re all interested and eager to know what’s happening,” I ignored the implied question and just confirmed her statement.

“I’ll go straight to the point then since we’ve dancing around the topic. Are you and Harry Styles dating?” Ellen, done with implying her question, finally asked.

I smiled at her question. “Harry and I,” I began to say before pausing for a few seconds and looked at the audience, grinning, “are good friends.”

The audience let out a groan, disagreeing with my response, and didn’t believe my answer. Ellen immediately questioned my answer, “Are you lying? There’s no way you guys aren’t dating.”
I shook my head and replied, “As surprising it may be for everyone but Harry and I aren’t together.”

“Maybe we should add a ‘yet’ to that,” Ellen teased and I laughed in response, my smile beaming.

“You look happier though,” Ellen commented before adding, “and everyone thinks it’s because someone is making you happy. Honestly, I would love it if you guys are together. You guys look good together.”

“You think so?” I asked and Ellen nodded in reply. “I think so, too,” I added teasingly, which caused the audience to react loudly in agreement.

Ellen laughed at my response and asked, “What’s stopping you guys then?”

“The question is how can you guys be so sure that we feel that way towards each other?” I countered. 

“Do you?” Ellen immediately fired back and I replied, “You tell me, Ellen, after all you guys assumed that we are already together.”

“Well, from what I saw from pictures and interviews, you guys seemed comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s company so I’m assuming that you guys must at least like each other a lot to be in that kind of friendship,” she explained and I smiled at her response.

“Plus have you seen how Harry acts every time an interviewer asks about you? His face just brightens up ten fold,” Ellen added, “Just like how your face lights up when I mention his name.”

My eyes widened to her last revelation. Ellen laughed and said, “You didn’t expect that one, did you?” I shook my head and replied, “I never heard of that but I guess I do.”

“Well I wish everything works out between you guys but for now, we’ll take a break and then play a game,” Ellen ended the topic and we chatted during the break.


@(Y/I/N): This is what you get for falling asleep on me. *A selfie with Harry sleeping with his mouth slightly open beside me while I stuck my tongue out towards the camera*

@Harry_Styles: @(Y/T/N) Out of all the pictures in your phone, why did you have to post that one? x

@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles you want me to post a more embarrassing one then?

@Harry_Styles: @(Y/T/N) No, don’t. I already know which one you’re talking about and you shouldn’t post it.x

@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles I’ll post it if you fall asleep on me again or the next time you make fun of me, Mr. Styles.

@Harry_Styles: @(Y/T/N) Noted, Mrs. Styles. x

@1dZainMalik27: @Harry_Styles and @(Y/T/N) are flirting again and they’re using their pet names #Mr&MrsStyles

@LiamPayno387: It’s pretty obvious that these two are going out and I totally ship it! #Mr&MrsStyles

@(Y/N)love43: They’ve been spending a lot of time together and they seem to enjoy each other’s company so #Mr&MrsStyles I ship it.

@Ziam1d12: #Mr&MrsStyles is trending! So are they together or what?


“Get a room!” Louis, who just entered the room, yelled towards me and Harry. Harry and I were seated in a couch at the backstage of their concert, just talking. They’re waiting for the time for them to perform. Lou called Harry since it’s his turn for makeup and hairstyle.

“I’ll be right back,” Harry said before kissing my cheek. “I’ll wait for you,” I replied, smiling at him. He waved goodbye before he left the room.

Right after Harry left, Zayn sat beside me. “So are you going to tell me anything about what’s happening between you and Harry,” he asked, facing me. Zayn and I became friends when he approached me after one performance. Eventually we became close and we share things with each other and I was not surprised that he’s asking me about me and Harry.

I looked back at Zayn and replied, “I honestly don’t know.” I scrunched my face in annoyance.

“You guys haven’t talked about it at all?” He asked and I shook my head in agreement, “None at all. I don’t even know if he’s interested that way. I mean I know he’s a fan of me and likes me but does he like me ‘cause he idolize me or because he actually has feelings for me, you know?” I let out a sigh and leaned on Zayn, “Do you know anything?”

“I know he does like you and I doubt it’s only because he idolize you but also because he does feel something for you. I’m not Harry though so don’t take my words for it. I would prefer that you guys talk about and settle things out,” he suggested as he hugged me, giving me support.

I just nodded and hoped for the best. Zayn left the topic alone and rather, began taking selfies together.

@(Y/I/N): Look at this guy. How can he still be good looking when he’s supposedly making an ugly face?

@Zaynegirl32: @(Y/T/N) @zaynmalik you guys look so cute and still gorgeous wit those ugly face.

@MrsHoran342: I’m so jealous of @(Y/T/N) right now. She’s so close to all the boys.

@the(Y/N)girl: Stop hating cause she took a selfie with her close friend. Stop jumping into conclusions and start assuming things.

@Malik93wife: Is @(Y/T/N) tryin to steal my man now? Stick to @Harry_Styles.


I was browsing through at the comments and mentions and every now and then, I would scoff and roll my eyes. I didn’t realize Harry was back from his makeup and hairstyling when I said, “What the fuck?”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Someone asked and I looked up, startled, and found Harry looking at me, worried. He then sat beside me and took my phone from me.

@theulitimate1dgirl: @(Y/T/N) bitch, you better back off my boys. I don’t care who you are but you’re ugly and fat

“What the fuck?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows, anger visible in his eyes. “It’s nothing to be bothered about, Harry. I just got caught off guard with the comment since most of them were pretty nice,” I explained, trying to soothe his anger. I took his face with both of my hands and forced him to look at me, “It’s seriously okay, Harry. Don’t beat yourself to it.”

“I know but that was still rude, especially when you’re not doing anything wrong. That’s just mean,” he began to say, anger still lingering in his tone.

I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his left cheek, “I’m fine, you’re fine and we’re fine.” His gaze softened and he nodded, “I’m still sorry about it though. Our fans shouldn’t say those things to you.”

“I’m used to it, Harry. It’s nothing new, really. I just overreacted a little bit about it,” I smiled at him and he smiled back before he engulfed me in a hug.

I hugged back, snuggling to his chest and said, “You’re so comfortable, Haz. I can stay here all day and all night.”

“I would love to stay here and cuddle with you longer but we’re about to go on stage,” Harry whispered to my ear as he noticed the boys were leaving but not before giving him a sign that they have to go.

“I know. Have a great performance out there, okay?” I replied, still not letting go of him. “As long as you’re there I’ll do my best tonight,” Harry let go, causing me to let go as well. We stood up and we walked towards the entrance of the stage, holding hands, where the boys were waiting.

The boys saw our hands together but didn’t comment about it for now. Harry and I parted ways but not before I wished them luck and hugged all of them.


“Wow, look at all these people! You guys have been amazing so far and I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you guys have given us. On behalf of the boys and myself, We’re One Direction and thank you so much for coming out to see us,” Liam finished his gratitude speech by blowing a kiss to the fans.

“So Liam,” Louis began to say as he approached Liam and encircled his arm around Liam’s neck. “Yes, Tommo?” Liam replied. “I’m just wondering why one of our members was late coming out before our performance tonight,” Louis said with a teasing tone before he turned to face the rest of the boys.

Niall laughed while Zayn smirked, looking at Harry’s direction. Liam then responded to Louis, “I think he was distracted earlier. Lou was surprised too ‘cause he didn’t give too much trouble earlier when she was fixing him.”

Niall added, “That’s cause he wanted to go back to his distraction as soon as possible, lads. We all know how eager he was when he learned his distraction is coming.”

“Stop using distraction and just use her name,” Zayn snapped back at them.

Harry just covered his face with his hands while shaking his head, embarrassed by what the boys were saying while you were there watching them.

The fans went crazy with the boy’s revelation and wouldn’t stop screaming.

“So Haz, would you give us some explanation then?” Louis turned directly at Harry.

“First of all, I was not distracted nor have a distraction. I had some company before the show and had to join you guys last minute because I was enjoying my time with the said company,” Harry explained, trying to be clear that there’s nothing to talk much about it.

“First you guys call her a distraction and now a company. I wonder what’s next?” Zayn joked and Liam replied, “Can we say her name?”

“I don’t know, Liam. I think it’s safer if we don’t but I think we all know who we’re talking about here, right everyone?” Louis asked the fans and everyone yelled “Yeah.”

“See, I told you guys they know about it,” Louis said while Harry retorted, “So what’s the next song, Louis?”

“Eager to move on to the next topic aren’t we, Harold?” Louis teased Harry while the rest of the boys laughed at them. Harry glared at Louis and Louis faked a surrender and said, “Fine, the next song is Kiss You.”


@NiallOfficial: How cute is this? *A picture of you and Harry hugging earlier at the backstage.

@LouTesdale: @NiallOfficial that’s just the cutest thing! I wish I was there when that happened.

@1dafZainM: @NiallOfficial is that @Harry_Styles and @(Y/T/N)? Omg. Does this mean they’re officially together?

@MrsStyles0827: I’m somewhat sad he calls someone else my username. #Mr&MrsStyles

@(Y/T/N): @NiallOfficial Of course, we cute.

@MrsHoran342: Is it just me or #Mr&MrsStyles is always trending?

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial That’s a beautiful picture xH

E!: Are Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) getting too cozy?

Billboard: Two big names in pop music together?

TMZ: Breaking News: Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are dating!

Sugarscape: Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are totally dating and we’re excited for it!

One Direction member, Niall Horan, recently posted an Instagram picture of Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) in a rather intimate hug. It was a couple of months back when the boys revealed that they have a crush on the said popstar and actress and that Harry is the one who has the biggest crush. One Direction and (Y/N) then appeared together in Chatty Man with Alan Carr where things between Harry and (Y/N) started to spice up. After the two interview, many said that the two clicked and started spending as much time as possible together. The two were often seen out together and (Y/N) even posted a couple of their selfies together on Instagram.

In the most recent concert of One Direction, when Niall’s picture was taken, (Y/N) attended the concert for support and during the concert, the rest of the boys teased their bandmate Harry about (Y/N). The boys revealed that Harry was almost late to the stage because he was preoccupied with (Y/N). Harry defended that he was just merely enjoying his time with (Y/N) while throughout this conversation between the boys, they never mentioned (Y/N)’s name but did imply that they were talking about her. 

These events led to even more people questioning whether or not they are going out after (Y/N) denied the accusation a couple of days back in her interview with Ellen Degeneres. The fans from both sides were split into two. Some supports the couple while others were unsure or dislikes the idea.

All we know here in Sugarscape is that they’re the cutest couple and we support them wholeheartedly.

"Girls/Girls/Boys" Michael/4 (Imagine)
Michael: “So are you excited for the awards show tomorrow?” the interviewer questioned
“Of course I am! I’m’ so happy I even get to be there!” you smiled.

You were a well known singer and was nominated for multiple awards afor the awards nights tomorrow.

“Great!” The interviewer replied. “So, (y/n) we heard a certain someone has a little crush on you” she giggled.
“And who’s that?” you smiled, intrigued,
“Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer” she cooed.
“Aw that’s cute” you laughed. You wondered if he knew that guys weren’t exactly your type.
“Well” the interviewer continued “he’s going to be at the awards nights tomorrow so we’ll see what happens” she winked “anyway thank you so much for your time and we’ll see you tomorrow night!” “Thank you for having me, it’s been a pleasure” you smiled at her.
                                                     ———— “Smile for the camera (Y/N)”

“Over here!” “Is it true you’re dating Michael Clifford” That was all you were hearing as you stood on the aisle, posing for photos. You answered some fan questions but ignored all the rumors being thrown left and right at you. You made your way to your designated table and sat down and looked at the people seated with you. There were still four empty spots. You started taking multiple selfies with Jack Barakat and struck up a conversation with George Daniel. Your conversation was interrupted by a ruckus near the front door. “NO! Calum please don’t take the seat next to her,” “ASHTON I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU SHOW HER THAT PHOTO OF ME” You could see four boys running straight at your table and to be honest you were a little frightened. You recognized them as 5 Seconds of Summer and before you knew it, you witnessed Michael and Calum competing for the spot next to you. Michael ended up taking Calum’s phone and throwing it two tables down leaving him no choice but to retrieve it. “Hey (y/n),” Michael smiled attempting to fix his hair. “Hi Michael, seems like you just got into a bit of a fight,” you teased.   “Well yeah, I just really wanted to sit with you tonight,” he said, scratching his neck awkwardly. Calum eventually retrieved his phone but didn’t let Michael get away without showing you all of Michael’s ugly snapchats.                                                        ————- “Well tonight was fun,” you smiled, fixing your dress. “Yeah, I hope we can hand out some more in the future…maybe a date?” Michael suggested with a hopeful look in his eyes. “Oh…Mikey, I’m sorry but you should really know that guys aren’t exactly my type,” you said. “Oh, well that’s okay. We can just hang out as friends,” he smiled.                                                      ————– You and Michael haven’t stopped texting each other since but this boy would not give up on trying to get you on a date with him. It had gotten to the point where he would text you “date me” every 5 minuets or sending you flowers with a note. But then one day, Michael has said something that may had changed your mind about not agreeing to the dates. Maybe you were meant to date each other. Sure he’s a guy but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop liking girls. (A/N): Hi! Sorry it took forever. We haven’t been posting recently cause school is taking over our lived but! we only have three weeks left of school left so we’ll be more active then. We also have a blurb/imagine coming soon so get exciteddddd. We’re also planning a few surprises so hang around and see what we’ve got installed for you guys. Also REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN.