give me my book i'm sorry

I miss you, I don’t have a best friend anymore, sure I have close friends, but no one is there like we were for each other. I hope you miss me too.
—  give me a call

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Do you have any w|w book recommendations? I too would like to hide in them forever because television is so fucking sad. I'm sorry for being a bother and thank you!

you’re not bothering me at all i love recommending femslash books!

it’s time i updated the last list i made anyway so i’ll give you all of my favorites and you can pick according to your taste i only guarantee that all of these have happy endings for the pairings :)



mystery/crime with lesbian romance:


  • juliet takes a breath by gabby rivera: young latina lesbian from the bronx tries to figure herself out while interning with the author of her favorite feminist book
  • after the fall by robin summers: wonderful badasses falling in love and finding hope and happiness in a post-apocalyptic world (cw: rape, homophobia)
  • in the company of women by kate christie: historical, about the women’s army corps during world war II, centered around two of them who fall in love
  • courtship by carsen taite: political/legal drama about a powerful campaign manager and the brilliant woman she’s in charge of appointing as the first female chief justice of the US supreme court

let me know if you read any of these and enjoy it i love hearing back from people who read the books i recommended!


☆ Victor “Vitya” Nikiforov // age 15 彡

↳ Kubo Exhibition 

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Reigen 'I'm not paid enough for this and I never will be' Arataka. Reigen 'Oh my god do I have to give The Talk to both of my employees' Arataka. Reigen 'Goes to the library and gets the most EMBARASSING puberty and medical books possible with detailed pictures' Arataka. Reigen 'If I'm gonna educate them then I might as well gather the rest' Arataka. Reigen 'Sex Ed for anxious and troubled Espers' Arataka. Reigen 'I need a vacation froM MY LIFE' Arataka

poor fucking guy but sorry one sec this ask inspired me to draw this thing

this is how any sorta sex ed talk would go imo

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Hi Cassie! Hope you're doing well! Personally I can't because the emotion and hype for LoS is consuming me! However, my question is the following: How did the necromantic spell to revive Annabel end up in a children book? Maybe I've missed it while reading LM and I'm sorry if I did, but didn't the Unseelie King give the spell only to Malcolm? How did it spread out and became a part of Lady Midnight's tale? Thank you! Lots of love!

It’s mentioned in Lady Midnight that the rhyme about the Blackthorns was well known in Faerie—well enough known that it was used to tease Mark at faerie revels:

“…You cannot imagine they would show mercy to a half Shadowhunter boy.” His lip curled. “They even had a rhyme they would mock me with.”

“A rhyme?” Cristina held up a hand. “Never mind, you do not need to tell it to me, not if you don’t wish to.”

“I no longer care,” Mark said. “It was an odd bit of doggerel. First the flame and then the flood, in the end it’s Blackthorn blood.”

Cristina sat up straight. “What?”

“They claimed it meant Blackthorn blood was destructive, like flood or fire. That whoever made up the rhyme was saying Blackthorns were bad luck. Not that it matters. It’s just a bit of nonsense.”

The rhyme made its way from Unseelie Court (we have no idea whether the King told Malcolm in private or in court, or which of his courtiers might have knew and talked) into Faerie, and then gradually became a part of faerie folklore. This was probably wise of the King: hiding the truth in legend and stories is one of the best ways to conceal it.

Over the years, bits of that folklore seeped out into the realm of Faerie and into Shadowhunter tales, probably because Annabel was a Shadowhunter and the rhyme involved a Shadowhunter family in a way that most faerie folklore doesn’t. And remember it isn’t as if Malcolm kept his mouth entirely shut: he told Edgar Allan Poe!

That’s all I’m going to say for now, because you’ll learn more about Blackthorn family history, Malcolm’s desire for revenge, and the Unseelie King in Lord of Shadows!

Malec Watching Step Up 2
  • Magnus: "So what do you want to watch my darling?"
  • Alec: "What about that sequal to that step up movie."
  • Magnus: *twitching hand nervously.* "Okay, anything for you Alexander."
  • Alec later: "Whose this dancing guy, he looks an awful lot like you Magnus."
  • Alec: "No that's definitely you! Just without makeup!"
  • Magnus: "What are you talking about? I-it looks n-nothing like me!"
  • Alec: *gives the look.*
  • Magnus: "Okay so maybe I did a few movies in my lifetime, sometimes things get dull is all."

Do you remember why you fell in love with me? You said I was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. You said you couldn’t let me get away, you just had to get to know me.
Do you remember the way you felt the first time I looked into your eyes? You said you loved the way my eyes sparkled.
Do you remember what it was like the first time I held your hand? You said you felt a tingly sensation travel through your entire body.
Do you remember the first time I kissed you? You said you never wanted anyone else to kiss you again.
Do you remember the first time I said ‘I love you?’ You said that you loved me from the moment you first saw me.

Do you remember? Because I remember everything. I remember the first time I told you I was mentally ill. You told me it was nothing that we couldn’t get through…

Do you remember the first time you saw me have a panic attack? You held me close and calmed me down.
Do you remember the first time I asked you if you could hear the voices too? You looked at me strange and said you didn’t hear anything.
Do you remember the first time I started detaching from you? You asked me why I was being so cold.
Do you remember the first time I pushed you away when you tried to touch me? You were trying to understand what you did wrong.
Do you remember the first time I made you cry? You asked me how I could be so heartless.
Do you remember the first time you saw me sit and stare at the wall and you couldn’t get me to move? You were beginning to wonder if this was all a mistake…

I know it’s not easy loving a person with mental illness. But, it’s not easy being a person with mental illness. Every time I detach from you, all I want to do is be in your arms. But I can’t. And I can’t really explain why. Every time I hurt you, it hurts me too. Just, please don’t give up on me.
Whenever you feel like you can’t take anymore, please remember why you fell in love with me.
Whenever I’m sitting and staring at the wall, unable to move, please remember the way you I first looked into your eyes.
Whenever I push you away and tell you not to touch me, please remember the way you felt the first time I ever held your hand.
Whenever I’m yelling nonsense and saying things I don’t really mean, please remember the first time I ever kissed you, and how amazing it made you feel.
Whenever you’re trying to get me to talk, and it seems I’m unable to speak, please remember the sound of my voice the first time I ever said ‘I love you.’
Because I still love you. I’ve always loved you. And I will always love you.

—  Please remember me, even when it seems like I don’t remember you…
Mom I never told you how much it scared me when it rained.
You would put a bucket under all of the leaks and act like it wasn’t a big deal.
But to me it was terrifying.
Mom I never told you how one day the rain never stopped.
It was when grandma died.
I finally understood the phrase “when it rains it pours”
And mom I never told you that it poured for the next 4 years.
I’m not proud of the things I did, to stifle the pain.
I’m not proud of the amount of times I thought about just ending it all together.
Mom I never told you how I used to look in the mirror and cry.
I didn’t want you to think it was your fault,
You did your best to make me feel beautiful
But I struggle with it to this day.
Mom I never told you how I let boys treat me.
How I thought so little of myself,
And how I let them do and say whatever they wanted to me.
Mom I never told you how much it hurt to live,
How I forced myself to breathe because that was the only thing that meant I was still alive.
That meant I could still see you laugh, and smile.
Mom I never told you how much you meant to me.
How you were the bucket in my storm.
How you unknowingly held me up so I could piece myself back together.
How you didn’t just give me life but you helped me hold on to it.
Mom I never told you,
I never told you how you saved me.
—  Mom, I never told you… / SM
You’re happy. And it’s not with me. And I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to give me some time to learn how to be okay with that.
—  from an unfinished story #783

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thank you for answering all my asks! you're a gem and your au gives me life! i was wondering how the daddies would react to one of their babies getting hospitalized like we know how the kids reacted to keith's hospitalization after the car accident but how would the daddies react to one of the kids getting a more severe injury and needing to be hospitalized and/or operated on (sorry i'm reading sad hcs rn and thought of this 😭)

[The Voltron Family] Keith had little Pidge sleeping on top of him while he was reading a book on the sofa. It was her nap time and she loved sleeping on her Daddy Keith’s chest. Keith would constantly steal kisses from the sleeping baby girl because, gods, he loved his new daughter a lot and Pidge was just the cutest little 3 year old. He wouldn’t ask for anyone else. Shiro was at the hospital while Lance and Hunk were playing in the living room. 

Keith: *soft voice* Hunk, baby?
Hunk: *looks up* Yes, Daddy?
Keith: Do you think you could get Daddy some water? I can’t exactly get up with your little sister sleeping on top of me. 
Hunk: *smiles* Okay! *turns to Lance* Don’t cheat! I’ll be right back.
Lance: *salutes Hunk* Aye, aye, captain!
Hunk: *leaves the room to go to the kitchen*
Keith: Lance, don’t.
Lance: *looks at Keith* I wasn’t!! I was just looking at Hunk’s side! I was counting how many pieces he’s got left so I can do checkmate.
Keith: *hums in amusement* I got my eye on you, Captain.
Lance: *crosses arms* *pouts* I never win this game.
Keith: *smiles* I can teach you chess if you want to beat Hunk that much.
Lance: *perks up* Really?! You’ll do that, Daddy Keith?
Keith: I would, buddy. 

Hunk comes back with Keith’s water and Keith was going to adjust himself when he felt that Pidge was breathing rapidly. He noticed that she was sweating and was really really cold. Keith started to panic.

Keith: *pats Pidge’s cheeks* Baby girl. Wake up. Wake up.
Hunk: *panics* Daddy Keith what’s happening?
Keith: Your sister’s not waking up. Pidge, baby. Baby, wake up for Daddy, please? *wipes Pidge’s sweat*
Lance: *gets up and joins them* What’s wrong?
Keith: Lance, can you get me my phone?! *points at the coffee table*
Lance: *runs to get it and hands it over Keith*
Keith: Speed dial Daddy Shiro. Press 1.
Lance: *nods* *presses* *hands it to Hunk* You answer it!
Hunk: Okay! *places phone beside his ear*
Keith: Sweetheart. Please, please wake up. *continues tapping Pidge*
Pidge: *groans* D-Da—
Keith: *relieved* Baby, it’s me. Daddy Keith.
Pidge: *coughs* *closes eyes*
Keith: No, no no. Stay awake for me, sweetheart. *turns to Hunk* Did your Daddy Shiro answer already?
Hunk: *eyes widens* Yes! *presses phone to Keith’s ears*
Keith: Shiro?!
Shiro: Keith? What’s wrong? Why do you sound—
Keith: Something’s wrong with Pidge!
Shiro: What? Tell me her current status. *panics*
Keith: She won’t wake up for too long and she’s breathing rapidly and she feels really really cold. Shiro, I don’t know what to do! *panic attack*
Shiro: Keith, calm down. Calm down for me, love.
Keith: What if she’s going to die? *eyes widens*
Shiro: She won’t die. No, baby, don’t think of bad stuff. I want you to stay calm and gather everyone to the car. I want you to drive as quickly—and calmly—as you can to the hospital, okay? Breathe with me, baby. 
Keith: *starts to calm down* Okay, okay.
Shiro: I got you.
Keith: Yeah but I don’t got Pidge! *starts panicking again*
Shiro: Keith. Keith, baby. Car.
Keith: *nods* *turns to Lance and Hunk* Get in the car both of you!

They reached the hospital and Shiro was there by the entrance to accompany them. Keith was almost in tears while she was cradling Pidge in his arms. They brought her to the Emergency Room and Hunk and Lance were holding Keith’s hands to calm him down. After what felt like forever to Keith, Shiro came back to take them to Pidge’s room. Keith could see his baby girl with tubes connecting to her and he couldn’t handle it. Hunk and Lance went to Pidge’s bed and held her hand and started talking quietly to her even if she wasn’t awake. 

Keith: *grips onto Shiro’s lab coat* What happened?
Shiro: It was pneumonia. *smiles sadly*
Keith: Oh god. Pneumonia. Shiro. People die from that! *panics*
Shiro: I know. But Pidge didn’t so… *hugs Keith* You did good, Keith. 
Keith: *starts sobbing* I didn’t. I panicked. I… *mumbles*
Shiro: *starts rubbing Keith’s back* Hey, it’s okay. You called me and that’s good. You got here just in time before it got worse. *kisses Keith’s forehead*
Keith: I don’t know what I’ll do if I lost her. We just got her a few months ago. I’m awful. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a parent. 
Shiro: No, no. Don’t say that, Keith. You never would’ve known this would happen to her.
Keith: But I could’ve prevented it. I’m a horrible father! What if she starts hating me, Shiro??
Shiro: *shakes his head* She would never.
Keith: You don’t know that. *whispers weakly*
Pidge: D-Daddy *coughs* K-Keith?
Keith: *surprised* *turns head to Pidge’s direction* *quickly goes to her side* *brushes her hair away from her face* Yeah, sweetheart? *cups her face and rubs her cheek* Daddy’s here.
Pidge: *smiles weakly* *nuzzles Keith’s hand* 
Shiro: *smiles fondly at the scene in front of him*

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Hi! I'm writing a book setted in ancient India. My main character is deaf. Can you give me some tips of how to write a deaf character? And which narration do you think is better fot this situation: 1 ou 3 person? [english isn't my fist language, sorry for any mistake]

Hello!  I’m really not qualified to give advice on this one, as I’m not an expert or a member of the deaf community.  I will be gaining more experience in the future, as I will be researching to write a deaf character for one of my upcoming novels, but at the time it’s still somewhat lacking.

So in the meanwhile:

Here is an Absolute Write thread on writing deaf dialogue.

Here is a short masterpost on writing deaf characters.

Here is a post on writing dialogue with signing characters.

Here is a respected (deaf) author’s advice on writing deaf characters.

And here is one more post on writing dialogue between deaf characters.

Yes, it’s a lot, but I find it’s helpful to explore as many different perspectives as possible when doing research.  In any case, best of luck and happy writing!  <3 


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As good as your art is, you give me the impression of a big sellout. All you post nowadays is your art for sale, and while I appreciate that money is needed, I'm tired of having my dashboard fill up with everything related to your shops. Unfollowed.

I spent the last two months doing commissions to earn money to donate to my friend that got diagnosed with cancer and have been too exhausted and depressed to draw anything outside of it aside from the book project I already started for my shop, so sorry about that!!!!!!!! If I wanted to be a proper big sellout, don’t you think I’d make merch for a more popular pairing or a bigger series?? Anyway, bye anon!!

A couple of weeks ago, I figured out why it is that I can’t bring my mouth to let go of the words “Are you okay?” when you need me to. It’s not because I don’t care and not because I don’t want to be here for you, but it’s because this is how I’ve been taught to approach the situation. As far back into my childhood as I can remember, when someone was having a bad day, we stay away from them, give them space–my family isn’t fuzzy and warm, and never had been. So now when people seem to need that space, I give it to them. But I think you don’t always need space. Maybe sometimes you want me to be there next to you. Maybe sometimes you just want a hug. Maybe sometimes you just want me to hold your hand. I’m sorry for all of the times when I wasn’t there to do that. But know that I’m trying to learn how to.
—  My love. 🖤
I’m sorry..
I’m sorry I don’t treat you with the love and respect that you deserve. I truly do love you so much but jealousy is a ugly monster they said and honestly they aren’t lying. I’m sorry that I say things I don’t mean without thinking before I speak, which I should but impulsiveness has always been my thing as you know. I’m sorry that I’m bad at love when you always give me the greatest kind of love.
I’m sorry that this list can go on forever because I’ve done so many things wrong.
—  an endless list of sorrys

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I wanna learn about all this Caesar stuff you post about where do I start learning what books should I read sorry I'm stupid

Hey, nonny!! It’s totally okay, friend.  

My first big intro to this stuff was actually Shakespeare’s play, wherein it’s dramatized, but then made my way into some historical sources.  I feel like getting into a cool fictionalization or two first, then learning the history, is a cool way to get invested, so I’ll give some recs for both, pic some from column A, some from column B or just from either, no rules.

MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH you are always free to message me, anon or not, and I WILL YELL WITH YOU, I AM A GEEK FOR THIS STUFF


  • Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare* - my intro.  a really good production was recorded and is available here.  Or you can read it (even for free on opensourceshakespeare).  Based on Plutarch
  • The Ides of March by Thornton Wilder* - a novel told in letters.  It’s a little dense, but also I like it.
  • The October Horse - Colleen McCullogh - I have beef with McCullough and don’t love her, but I have friends who do!  And she does have a really nice scope.
  • Dictator by Robert Harris - he has a trilogy of Rome books, but this one is set during Caesar’s dictatorship
  • HBO’s Rome* - this one is widely inaccurate on some levels, in that it has a problem of pacing and erasing Important Women (Porcia and Fulvia especially), but the acting and OH GOD THE SET AND COSTUME DESIGN are all really really good.  James Purefoy as Antony, Tobias Menzies as Brutus, and David Bamber as Cicero fuckin BRING IT.
  • Ummmmmm if you ever want I can link some p good fanfiction


  • Plutarch’s Lives* - specifically of Brutus,* Mark Antony, and Caesar.  The best part of Plutarch is you can find him for free online, either through Perseus, or some other free academic hosting.  Plutarch is readable and interesting as fuck, and gives me emotions.
  • Brutus: Caesar’s Assassin by Kirsty Corrigan - a Brutus bio I’ve been reading and enjoying.  It’s a little dry, but I like it.
  • Caesar: Life of a Colossus by Anthony Goldsworthy - Golsworthy is pretty smart and readable IMO
  • Mark Antony: A Life by Patricia Southern - I haven’t read it in ENTIRETY but my gf has shown me lots and I adore it
  • Lucan’s Civil Wars - another one you can get for free that will mostly give backstory from BEFORE the Julius Caesar stuff, but I’ll include it because I like it.
  • Appian’s Civil War - I don’t love Appian, but he has some Stuff on it.
  • Cassius Dio’s works on the matter - Dio, like Appian and Plutarch both, is a later writer, but still has merit!
  • If you come off anon I can send you some nice PDF’s I got off of JSTOR.

* Starred my personal faves

But really, friend. You’re not stupid, and we all get into stuff somewhere. Followers, feel free to add on!


for the lovely Barzah



  • Hermione: Did you just take away the bride's book on her wedding day?
  • Ginny: Oh oh, is this your wedding day? I'm sorry! Couldn't tell, because you're acting like its any other Sunday morning, and it's not!
  • Hermione: Ginny, if you're waiting for me to suddenly turn into the bridezilla, you can just give up, that's not me.
  • Ginny: Fine, maybe we should just act like this wedding's no big deal, and you know what? I don't feel like wearing my bridesmaid's dress.
  • Hermione: Great! I mean it's just a wedding. Who cares what people wear?
  • [In Another Room]
  • Blaise: [shows Draco the hundredth suit that day] SAY YES TO THIS SUIT!!!
  • Draco: [crying] I can't. I can't!
  • [Blaise frustratingly throws the suit on to the floor into the large pile of rejects]