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I know I always say my favourite character is Alix, but the truth is my actual ACTUAL SECRET FAVOURITE CHARACTER has no name, about 0.1 seconds screentime, and is probably long dead

*me, banging on the doors of Nickelodeon, clutching copies of the original TMNT comics*: “HEY FUCKWADS! ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE APRIL A BLACK WOMAN AGAIN OR WHAT?! COWARDS!!!”

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talk about their friendship :) it's a bit banal tho

Oh trust me my dear anon this won’t be boring!

First i want to start with the fact that kihyun and wonho are the longest trainee since they arrived in starship before other members,so there is already this long term friendship going on. 

The main important reason why i ship kiho is because of the way they supported each other in no.mercy! Kihyun and Wonho were together since 3rd mission until the very last mission they were always in the same team and from that i noticed how much kihyun took care of wonho as hyung and how much wonho look after kihyun as a dongsaeng! 

When wonho was practicing for his solo mission kihyun came up to him and cheered him before he leave.

I don’t know if you know but they showed 2 sec of kihyun literally sitting on wonho’s thighs while wonho was doing his sit up :)

^^(this is from ep 3 btw if you are curious). I mean you have to be pretty comfortable with each other to be able to do this. (gosh this ss always gives me extreme feels but i should move on)

In no mercy when they go out they were always next to each other and sit next to each other! After they went to k.will concert wonho talked about how he first met kihyun and acted out how kihyun was like when they first met. I found this really sweet and wonho is always teasing kihyun just to make him laugh!. 

this was when wonho was cheering on segyero and when wonho forgot to introduce the segyero team kihyun was there to remind him about it. 

When kihyun was nervous wonho cheered him by saying “show them what a main vocalist can do”. 

hugging after their last mission together.

when wonho’s name was announced as a member of monsta x kihyun willingly put his hand out to hold wonho’s hand probably to show that he is happy and glad and appreciate that after so long they are finally in a team together!

Now that was just short no.mercy friendship kiho that i have in mind rn. after debut,i see fancams where wonho would tease kihyun and tickle him. there was a show champion backstage video where wonho said he wasn’t sure how his performance turn out well and kihyun told him he did well and in the same video they were sweating and wonho wiped kihyun’s neck with a tissue and etc.

On kihyun’s birthday last year they had a fansign and mind you kihyun have his own jacket on and wonho gave his jacket to kihyun to show that he care. action speaks more than words right?

so kihyun ended up with  two jackets 

there is a fancam where shownu accidentally hit kihyun’s lips with his elbow during a fansign and wonho came screaming at shownu for hurting  him and asked kihyun if he was bleeding. 

These little moments where they take special care of each other and how they always support each other is what makes me love kiho so much as an otp and i love their friendship so much i can’t explain it in words. They are not touchy obvious otpbut they stay a distance from each other while supporting each other and i just have a weak heart for them two being sweet to each other.  

WOW ok this is longer than i expected but i shall stop here. Please appreciate kiho and their friendship :)


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

PSA for Requesters

I take pride in my work. I love making my art and I love making that art for other people.

But there have been some people who have just REALLY ticked me off.

I will not call anyone out on this, but if you think this post is about you, it probably is.

1. Reblog the art you request. Likes are just the *seen* notification. It’s depressing.


3. Giving away other people’s art as gifts, even if the piece was made for you specifically, is stealing and it’s wrong.

4. Some artists are stuck in an awkward phase where the only people who are giving them the attention they need for their work are the slave drivers like the ones mentioned above and they can’t say “no” to them because without their requests, they may never get noticed in the art world as a professional artist who gets an income of some sort.

I know I’ll be stepping on some toes with this post, but I have had enough. This is MY ART and what you are asking of me is UNFAIR. If you don’t like it just remember that I am not an art producing machine in your computer. I am a human being who has a life and would like to pay the bills.

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ɢɪʟɢᴀᴍᴇꜱʜ : ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴀᴅᴇᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀ

ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀꜱᴇʟꜰ ᴡᴏʀᴛʜʏ ᴏꜰ ᴍʏ ᴍᴀɴᴛʟᴇ?

…ᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ɪᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢʟᴇᴀɴ?

Sugar Sweet | 3 | (M)

word count: 5.1k

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

a/n: there’s no actual smut in this chapter, just lots of talk about it along with seriously suggestive things, but it’ll be in the next one! thank you so much for the support and love for SS so far!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

part 1 | part 2 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7


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9 Things Couples Do - Jim Kirk

Summary: People do funny, stupid, cute, and sad things when they’re in love.

Warnings: language, a bit fluffy

A/N: everyone, i love jim kirk. i hope this is as good as it was in my head and better than i actually think its mediocre ass turned out (i am sick, though, so who knows). it’s such a long fic, y’all.


Jim assumed your favorite ice cream flavor was strawberry and you didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Especially not when he was looking at you in the way he was.

Impacted by the width and intensity of his smile, his eyes were narrowed and illuminated. He looked softer that way— less authoritative, less like the Captain Kirk the crew served under— he looked like the Jim you’d fallen for.

When the girl behind the counter looked at you with an eyebrow raised in question, you gave her a half-shrug you made sure was hidden from Jim. “Just one scoop, please.”

“One?” Jim asked, turning a little to look at you. He snorted and rolled the blue eyes that could have lit up the entire old-school San Francisco parlor. “Baby. And here I thought you had a gut of steel.”

“It’s not polite to comment on what metal you think makes-up the gut of your significant other.”

He snorted again, his fingertips shoving you with a force your weakened legs didn’t have the strength to withstand. He caught you before you could stumble a few inches to the right, immediately clasping his hand in yours. “Still tired from the…” he cleared his throat, “walk?”

The girl behind the counter giggled loud enough to force your teeth into your tongue, your cheeks and the tops of your ears burning instantly. You squeezed Jim’s hand so a wince left his lips and he snatched it back from yours. “I’m tired from the actual walk here. It’s uphill. And I do have a gut of steel— a roomy gut of steel, roomier than yours.”

Jim titled his head and took his gaze from yours to meet that of the girl busying herself with your strawberry ice cream and Jim’s chocolate with peanut butter swirled throughout. He smiled at her. “Did that sound like a challenge to you? Did you hear me being challenged by the person that is supposed to love me, to uplift me?”

“I do love you,” you mumbled before you looked at the girl and took the cone she offered you. “He’s dramatic— excuse him, please.”

You looked down at the already melting pink mess, then back up at Jim. You quirked a single eyebrow. “But let’s say I was challenging you— that I’m betting you my gut’s roomier than yours. What’s that entail?”

“Whoever finishes the most ice cream in twenty minutes.”

“That’s a long ass time, Jim. We just had dinner—”

Ten minutes. No cones, just cups and spoons— cones take too long to finish.”

“The usual stakes or do you wanna modify them?”

“The usual stakes,” he said with a single nod. He was smirking so openly and cockily. It bugged you.

“We’ll tip you generously,” you told the girl who was now staring at the two of you with eyes the size and shape of saucers. “You just have to keep up, okay? Two servings ahead of us each time just to be safe. No stopping even when I look like my brain has frozen itself into a coma.”

Jim clapped his hands together. “This is what you trained for!”

“I-I haven’t really trained,” she said. She sounded nervous— a wise girl to be nervous, you thought.

You and Jim looked at one another, shrugged, and beckoned her to begin scooping.

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Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 2)

Masterlist can be found (here) 

A/N: Make sure to check out Werewolf! Kang Daniel (Part 1) so you can understand most of the context or you will be confused  & I love this moodboard so much ????
Warning: Prepare for a hella wild ride of emotions y’all 

“I want you to be my morning so I can be your night.”

  • You were basically still puzzled at the wolf cause bro you have been living the same neighbourhood for the last 20 years
  • The only time you came across wolves was when you watched ‘Twilight’
  • You told Daniel about the incident as you were still weirded out by it 
  • His expressions seemed a bit strange but you just assumed he was concerned about your safety
  • okay Daniel was freaking out cause he wasn’t sure if he realized it was him and he still didn’t know how to tell you about his other side
  • But Sungwoo had advised him that it was best to just drop hints
  • Daniel took it literally
  • He deadass made you do a netflix marathon on 'Teen Wolf’ with him;;;;;
  • While you were watching it, he low-key kept trying to check for your reaction when the main character transformed into a wolf by averting his gaze while seating his gummy bears
  • But you had a blank expression on throughout the show since you had previously watched it
  • You honestly couldn’t say no to your boyfriend’s suggestion since you had been picking the last 5 movies or series when it was movie night
  • He couldn’t judge from your expression cause ??? so another day just went by LOL
  • It has already month since you last encounter the wolf and it was the last thing on your mind
  • That was until Daniel became sick
  • He had been looking pale when you two went out for a date yesterday so you told him to rest and you will come visit him
  • It was actually one of the aftereffects of the pull and full moon as his wolf side was becoming stronger
  • If a mate has not acknowledged the other yet, they are unable to recover quicker which leads the wolf side to be stronger
  • The pull also makes the wolf side of a werewolf crave for their mate even more and will make it want to dominate the mate so it could acknowledge its presence
  • This is because when mates have accepted each other, they will become stronger and wolves take pride in their strength
  • Daniel became dizzier as he had to constantly tame his wolf side to ensure that he could stay in his human form while he was with you
  • He nodded but told you not to visit him as he was scared to pass it to you and he had 10 other boys to take care of him
  • More like e was really scared that his wolf side might just appear suddenly and god know how would you react to it
  • However the next day, you were anxious as he had not text you at all and for some reason, you couldn’t reach the other boys
  • They were out for a run except for Guanlin who had extra classes
  • The boys left Daniel at home alone since werewolves usually just need a full day of rest with no disturbance and they will be up in no time
  • You decided to get some food and head to his house since you know where they hide the spare key
  • As you entered, you realized no one was at home as it was silent which was an unusual occurrence for a place with 11 boys
  • You knock on Daniel’s door with the porridge and medicine in your hand
  • When there wasn’t anyone to greet you, you opened the door yourself and saw  him asleep his bed
  • You wanted to get his temperature so you sat on his bed and laid your hand on his forehead
  • That’s when you saw his wolf ears and you were wondering if Sungwoo had put them in as a joke when he was asleep
  • You took a few photos for future blackmailing purpose lmao
  • But let’s be real here, you were still wondering how does your boyfriend even look this good while he was sick
  • You decided to just leave it there after you had a good laugh over how freaking adorable he looked with them
  • You treaded your fingers into his hair and that’s when you accidentally tugged at the ears
  • He woke up immediately since his ears were extremely sensitive to touch
  • You realized that his ears weren’t those hair bands you did get at amusement parks but they were very much real
  • You literally jumped out of his bed and went W T F ???
  • There were folktales of people who were part mythical creature you heard when you were a child but experiencing it at first hand was a whole new story
  • “Fuck, I can explain.”
  • His ear and tail immediately disappeared as that sudden shock had made him stronger for a short period of time
  • He immediately stood up and tried to hold you back
  • But you turned your heels and sprinted out of the house
  • Ignoring Guanlin who had greeted you who was playing a video game
  • Moments later, Guanlin saw Daniel coming down with the most crushed expression on his face
  • His eyes were close to tearing up and he gnawed his bottom lip so hard that blood seemed to be seeping out
  • “What the hell - JISUNG HYUNG!”
  • Guanlin yelled out as he immediately went to the white wolf side and pulling him to the couch
  • Daniel immediately collapsed on the couch as he still had a fever and the sudden change of events did not help
  • He passed out and the other boys who ad came back moments after you left became incredibly worried
  • Jisung stepped in and said that it was just him being sick since Daniel wasn’t showing any sign of being rejected
  • On the other hand, you were running in fear to your apartment
  • You had so many questions wanting to be answered but yet you didn’t know if you even dared to approach him
  • Sure it looked cute on him but what in the world was that;;;;
  • A day later when Daniel had recovered, he just rushed to your place
  • When you opened the door for him, it broke his heart when you gazed at him warily as if he was something dangerous and foreign
  • It was strange for him to sit opposite of you rather than next to you in the couch and had his head on our thighs as a pillow
  • He explained about mates, werewolves, the pull and just everything you needed to know
  • “I … I don’t think I can do this right now. Just give me more time to think about it.”
  • The mate thing was just messing with your head, there was just so many things for you to process that you weren’t even sure that the decision right now would be right
  • He sighed as he had expected this reaction and was thankful that you still haven’t rejected him even after knowing the commitment of being mates
  • Days went by of you not having any contact with him
  • But you knew that he was keeping an eye on you as you could spot a white wolf wandering near the bookstore and your apartment
  • Just like it had been your guardian angel the first time, it seemed to be fond of taking its role again
  • While you told him to gave you time, you acted like you didn’t notice the wolf as you were worried Daniel will stop being there
  • One day, while walking back from work, you left some food on the pathway and motion for the wolf to eat it as you saw how he had been waiting for you all day as you had to skip lunch to clear the book store’s storage room
  • Daniel trudged towards the food and ate it hungrily
  • You smiled fondly and was prepared to throw it the plate which contained the food when you saw it coming at you
  • It’s mouth had a bright red ball in it as it cautiously approached you and dropped it near your feet
  • As if Daniel wanted to show you that this white wolf was more than a dangerous creature as you took the red ball in your hand and threw it somewhere else
  • Moments later it came back and you were engaged in playing catch with you before the sky started darkening and it growled at your apartment’s direction as if wanting you to go home
  • While you accepted the wolf, it was still hard to establish the connection that the white wolf you saw was the same person as Daniel
  • Just a week later when you made your decision
  • You were coming back from grocery shopping when a tall boy with sapphire red hair slung his hand on your shoulder
  • You tried to push his hand off you but he was far stronger as he slammed you against a wall in the alleyway and gave you a smirk
  • Before he could mutter a word, Daniel pushed him away and that boy laid on the ground as he touched the fresh scratch on his cheekbones
  • “Get your filthy hands on her, Im Youngmin.”
  • “So we are on real name basis now huh? How friendly Kang Euigeon.”
  • “Don’t touch my girl! Aren’t you aware this is our territory?”
  • Youngmin chuckled bringing a glare from Daniel as he pointed to you again
  • “Yours? Don’t make me laugh, she hasn’t even accepted you yet judging from her scent. Of course, I’m just paying a visit to my cousins from faraway.”
  • Your eyes widen when you saw the two boys in front of you turned into a rusty brown wolf and a white wolf respectively
  • This was when it really hit you that yes, they were werewolves as they pounced at each other, teeth-baring sharply
  • You muttered a curse as you sprinted back home while sending a text to the Wanna One boys that Daniel was in danger
  • You didn’t feel too assure as you became increasingly worried as you slammed your door shut until Woojin texted back that his hyungs were already there to help
  • He was outside of your door as he told you to listen to him for the last time
  • He apologized to you and telling you to move as far as you could to start afresh
  • He didn’t want to put you in danger and mentioned that you could just reject him
  • After all, you being far away from him would just lea to his wolf side to be out of control and he would rather be dead like the rest of his predecessor
  • He was worried that other packs might kidnap you to blackmail since he was the white wolf everyone was after
  • He told you that he will slip in enough money to your bank account once he reaches home and that he loves you and hopes you will never forget that
  • You opened the door as fast as you could and looked at him in the eye as you gather your thoughts
  • You then cupped his face and kissed him as you were sure of decision
  • You realize how much you love him when you were so worried when he was fighting with Youngmin
  • How you were silently praying that he will make it out alive and that all you wanted was to just see him again
  • Whether it was 'the pull’ like he mentioned, but the sheer thought of him leaving you sliced through your heart
  • “I’m not going anywhere with you …. I’m going to say this every single day when we are together but I love you. I promise that I always will.”
  • “So does that mean you are going to be my mate?”
  • “Do you even need to ask?”
  • Daniel had the biggest smile on as he just lifted you up and spun you around until you complained you were dizzy
  • But moments later, he lifted you into your place and closed the door with his feet as he gently laid you on your bed
  • Your face was matching his as you were both scarlet red after you whispered to him that if he really wanted the other wolves, he should get you two to have the same scent or whatever the werewolves like to call it;;;;;
  • Which only means one thing, yup I will leave it up to your imagination 
  • So yeah after that, Daniel actually made ramen for you
  • Which you laughed out loud cause he made you the hello kitty ramen your friend had given you as a souvenir from Japan
  • “Wow the big bad wolf likes Hello Kitty???”
  • He grumbled at you for being such a bad mate for judging his love for cats but you just chuckled and fed him more ramen
  • You kissed him on the cheek as you told your mate to forgive you
  • He went !!! and made you say the ‘m’ word again cause he honestly still couldn’t believe such a beautiful human like you had accepted him
  • Mate was such a foreign word to you yet somehow you liked the way it rolled on your tongue
  • You knew Kang Daniel could be anything and you honestly wouldn’t care
  • After all, you loved him even more when you realize all these things about him
  • You guys don’t really go out for dates but more of a netflix & pizza sort of couple
  • Especially when he was going through the heat, you are literally glued to him
  • Peppering him with kisses even if he didn’t experience a lot of discomforts anymore
  • Matching Cross Earrings !!!
  • Since it was an accessory where it wouldn’t break when he transformed unlike necklaces or rings
  • Yours was on your left ears and he wore his on his right
  • He likes to braid your hair
  • Much like how you like to thread your fingers across his fur when he becomes a wolf
  • He turns to the cutest pup when you are with him as he wags his tail and just has his tongue out
  • What intimidation ???  
  • He loves it so much when you pet his head and just stroke his fur in general
  • His eyes are literally closed and he has a look of pure bliss
  • He rewards you with an extremely steamy hot make-out session with him after that at the kitchen counter (that went from 0 to 100 real quick hjjkl)
  • Because he’s a werewolf, his sense of smell is heightened and a lot of sharper than the average human
  • Hence he loves it when your scent is drenched with his since it shows that you belong to him and vice versa
  • Which is why he literally has the urge to kiss the hell out of you whenever you are in one of his sweaters
  • Or even better when you are only wearing his t-shirt and nothing else
  • He knows you are the right one when you get so worried when he transforms
  • You are always looking out for him in case there are hunters or anyone dangerous
  • But he will always just lick your hand in assurance that he will be okay and runs into the forest
  • You get amused whenever he comes back with flowers in his mouth
  • Like it’s the CUTEST thing you have ever seen
  • Cause he looks so S O F T
  • He will nuzzle your hand whenever you thanked him for the flowers or compliment his fur
  • Which results in him just giving you lots of kisses once he transforms back
  • He will do anything to protect you cause you weren’t just his mate; you were his everything
  • Lots and lots of cuddles
  • He is the best thing to cuddle with in the winter with thick comforters and hot chocolate since he radiates heat
  • His body temperature is higher than usual so you just feel so cozy and warm when you are next to him
  • Whenever you try to step out the bed, he will just pull you in again and wrapped you in a hug and whispered in your ear
  • “I sleep so much better with you next to me so don’t leave.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)