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With All My Heart (M) // Jackson Wang, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Smut, Vampire!AU, a little fluff towards the end.

Summary: You and Jackson are both Vampires from rival families, but that wasn’t enough to stop the two of you from falling in love with each other. Having to resort to secretly meeting in cheap, remote motel rooms; Jackson doesn’t let that stop him from showing you exactly how much he needs you, in every way imaginable.

|| WARNING: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains biting, squirting and general rough sex. You’ve been warned. ||

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Where the fuck have you been? Just bailed Monica out of jail. She let Carl play bumper cars with a Buick– So, you know Monica spent all the squirrel-fund money? I wouldn’t have even had the cash to bail her out if I didn’t return a bunch of dolls I found in Debbie’s room. The first rule you learn in this house, you hide the goddamn money– For fuck’s sake, she tried to get Ian to enlist.

oriannagod-deactivated20150613  asked:

hey molly i'm having a slow day and i was wondering if you were in the mood to tell another story because literally i have not laughed as hard at anybody else's anecdotes on this entire goddamn site and it would be pretty rad

when i lived in spain, i worked as a “bartender” in madrid. i put “bartender” in quotation marks because my boss fernando trusted me with literally nothing but cleaning glasses and occasionally a CLOSELY SUPERVISED mojito. the bar was called “la chocita sueca,” which basically means “the swedish hut,” but can also, as far as i can tell, mean something VERY DIFFERENT and vERY RUDE.

  • this led to a lot of general confusion from the patrons, who were always wondering whether i (the only super, super white person) was The Swede. 
  • “THIS BAR IS NOT NAMED AFTER ME,” i would shout, trying to be heard above the music and the huge portrait of elvis that hung behind the bar. “I AM LITERALLY JUST HERE TO WASH DISHES AND MAKE TERRIBLE MOJITOS.”
  • “nO.”
  • “VERY SURE.”
  • at which point fernando would sweep in and say soothingly, “shhh, it’s okay. why don’t you go wipe down the vomit on the bar??”
  • rinse. rather. repeat.

anyway, on weeknights when the bar wasn’t busy, fernando always let me come in and talk to him and learn how to make drinks. as someone who hates hard liquor, i was very bad at it. my entire repertoire is a mimosa and a tequila sunrise. in my defense, fernando was aware of this going in. the entire hiring process went:

ME: can i work here?
FERNANDO: do you know how to make alcoholic beverages in exchange for money?
ME: no.
FERNANDO: come on wednesday.

so one day, my roommate bryan takes me out for a delicious fancy dinner, along with his little brother and his little brothers three friends, who were all visiting and sleeping on our floor. on the walk home i noticed that we were going to pass by la chocita (which was about a 5 minute walk from my house). so i separated from bryan and the boys to drop in and say hello to my old friend fernando. 

it’s a tuesday at 9:30p.m. so the bar was naturally empty, and fernando was just chillin’ with the elvis picture and the human-sized statue of liberty replica. 

"maya!!” he said. he called me maya, as did most of my friends in madrid, because it was easier and because i hate the way “molly” sounds when it is breaking up a spanish sentence. “molly” in any language that isn’t english literally sounds like a fart on a first date.

  • “molly” when said in an english sentence: what a cute, rosy-cheeked young lady, probably looking to cuddle a dog and have a good laugh!!

so in i pop, and there is fernando, who immediately sets to telling me all about his son and how handsome he is and how he’s about my age and fernando’s not saying anything but he’s JUST SAYING—

“here, have some of this,” fernando said, and handed me a glass of kalimotxo.

  • 2. get some diet coke.
  • 3. get some ice
  • 4. combine.
  • 5. “WHAT IS HAPPENING????” - your body, horrified and delighted.

“idk, fernando,” i said. “it’s a tuesday? i have class tomorrow?”


i took the drink.

  • “WHAT IS HAPPENING????” - my body, horrified and delighted.

“try this, too,” fernando told me after a moment, pushing a bright green glass in my direction. “it’s new. i’m trying it out.”

“idk, fernando,” i said. “it’s a tuesday? i have class tomorrow?”


i took the drink.

  • “THIS IS DANCING A SAMBA IN MY MOUTH!!” - my actual words to my actual boss.

“wait wait, try this one,” fernando added, now pushing a tiny shot glass toward me with gold-colored liquid and sugar at the bottom.

“idk, fernando,” i said. “it’s a tuesday? my lips are tingly?”


i took the drink.

  • “it tastes like i already regret it!!!” - me, giving the statue of liberty replica a kiss.


“okay,” fernando said, and handed me a bag of bar nuts as big as my torso. it was very heavy. it was a tuesday at about 11p.m. and i opened the bag, dipped my hand in, and shoved a whole handful into my mouth.

  • IN MY DEFENSE: these were the best bar nuts in the world.
  • i stand by that.

“you should go home,” fernando told me, looking suddenly doubtful. “you have class on wednesday.”

“WHO EVER HEARD OF CLASS ON A WEDNESDAY?” i said. “GIVE ME SOME MORE OF THE TINGLY LIPS STUFF.” it was probably hard to hear me around the bar nuts.

fernando, now very alarmed, called me a taxi. i should remind you that my apartment was a five minute walk from the bar, but with my hands full of a full 3-lb bag of bar nuts that i refused to give back and a my fist closed tightly around the neck of a bottle of tinto de verano, there was really no way i was going to make it that far.

“where to?” the taxista asked. i gave him my address. he blinked at me. “that’s… right there,” he said, and pointed.

“yes,” i agreed, taking another mouthful of bar nuts.

“we can see it,” the taxista said.

“yes,” i agreed again. “would you like some bar nuts?”

“….no,” the taxista said, and pulled forward toward my apartment, glancing nervously back at the chipmonked motherfucker doublefisting bar nuts and dessert wine in the back of his cab on a tuesday.


“okay,” the taxista said. “we’re here.”

i don’t remember what happened after that, but in the morning i woke up to the following three surprises:

  1. the tinto de verano was nowhere to be found. nowhere. did i give it to the taxista???? did i leave it on the stairs???? HAD THERE EVER BEEN A BOTTLE AT ALL???? WHO PUT SEVEN LEMONS IN MY FRIDGE?
  2. i was wearing socks on my hands.
  3. i woke up to bryan’s brother and his three friends asking loudly, “why the hell are there nuts everywhere?”

“NO REASON,” i said.

Tom Holland x Reader part 2

 part 1

I don’t want to go home alone

Words; 782

Warnings; Smutty-ish

“Your plan is working, I didn’t tell you to stop.” I whisper, looking at his lips, and back into his eyes, now getting darker and his smirk coming back. He places his hands on my sides, pulling me so that our bodies have no space between.

“We’re both glad that you didn’t.” He says and crashes his lips against mine.

Running my hands through Toms soft curls, I break the kiss to let both of us breathe.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Because if we’re going to keep going, I won’t be able to stop myself.”  He says pressing his forehead against mine. I bit my lip, just the thought of him on top of me was enough of a reason to go on and I give him a small nod, making him rise his eyebrow.

“I need to hear you say it.” He whispers, placing his palm against my cheek.

“Yes Tom, I am more than sure.” I say.

“God you’re so hot.” He says, grabbing my waist and lifting me to sit on the counter. He stands between my legs, his right hand on my thigh and left hand pulling my hair. Tom lowers his head, now kissing the side of my mouth, moving all the way to my neck and below my ear, sucking my skin. I let out a quiet moan, and I hear Tom chuckling against my skin. Both of his hands travel to grab my ass, grabbing it. I realize what he’s doing and I wrap my legs around his waist, now feeling his bulge on me. He lifts me up and I fix my position, “accidentally” grinding against his now growing bulge.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Tom asks between kisses.

“Down the hallway and left.” I answer. Now that he was focusing on finding his way, it was my turn to tease him. I move my hands a little so that I have more space around his neck, now kissing and sucking, leaving small marks behind. Tom groans loudly, then finding the bedroom and walking straight to my bed, placing me down. He lays on top of me, my legs still around him and I pull him lower, closing the space between us. Going back to kissing while Tom grinds against me, I can’t help but moan even louder. He goes to kiss my jaw, then lower and lower, lifting my shirt a little and pulling my trousers down, throwing them on the ground.

“Damn Y/N, did not expect to see you wearing these.” He says, lifting the band of my red lace panties and smacking it against my skin.

“I showed you mine, now you show me yours.” I say, reaching to open his belt and unbuttoning his now very tight looking jeans. Tom goes to stand up and take them off, revealing now even more exited guy in his grey boxers. He also lifts off his shirt, giving me the chance to admire his toned torso. I quickly take off my shirt, while Tom grabs my knees to spread my legs a little, kissing my inner thighs, then my stomach, between my breasts and back to my lips.

“Do you have a condom?” I ask him. He smirks and goes to reach it from his jeans on the floor.

                            “Hi.” Tom says when I finally wake up to sun shining right into my eyes.

“Good morning.” I say as I just stare at Tom. There he is, laying on his side, smiling at me. I feel a bit insecure now, not looking my best after just waking up and having pretty much a literal angel in my bed. I turn my face a bit so that it’s half covered by arm.

“What are you doing?” He laughs and grabs my wrist to place it on the crook of his neck. I don’t say anything, and I still feel the redness rising on my cheeks.

“You’re beautiful.” He says quietly. There is just something so relaxing about Tom. Maybe it’s the kindness in his eyes, the way he stays so calm or that adorable smile on his face. He leans in to give a peck on my lips, leaving me craving for more.

“Come ‘ere.” He says, opening his arms, letting me snuggle against his chest while he pulls the blanket on top of us both. His chin on top of my head and his arms around me, I’ve never felt safer. This is what happiness feels like.

We’re Getting Married

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 7923

Author’s Note: So, I love wedding stuff and I planned one out for a Dylan fic and I basically wrote this in one day! Eh? Hopefully you guys will like it. It’s super cute and smutty! Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me. Pst, she’s amazing.

You can find all the wedding stuff here

12:00 a.m.

I sat at the island in Dylan’s apartment with a glass of water, looking at the engagement ring on my finger, a small smile on my lips. I still can’t believe he asked me to marry him. Dylan and I have been together for over six years and now we’re going to start the next chapter of our lives and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been rummaging through many different wedding venues, trying to figure out where we want our wedding. Dyl said that it doesn’t matter where we have it, as long as I’m there along with our friends and family. I’ve always wanted to get married on the beach, because I absolutely love the ocean. I’ve found a couple of places on the beach that hold weddings and managed to pick one, after thinking it over for hours on end. We had decided for the wedding colors to be aqua and white.

I glanced back at my ring, thinking about that day again, never being able to forget it. It was the best day of my life and Dylan made it feel so romantic.

I walked into the apartment after I got done work, seeing Dylan sitting at the island, scrolling through his phone. I closed the door, grabbing his attention and he smiled, walking over to me, greeting me with a chaste kiss to the lips.

“Hey baby,” Dylan muttered against my lips, giving me a few more kisses before we head into the kitchen, sitting at the island. He takes my hand in his as I tell him about my day and how shitty it had been at work. He stood up, walking behind me as he pressed his thumbs into my shoulder, making me groan out in pleasure, feeling his lips against my bare shoulder. He’s literally the sweetest boyfriend I’ve ever had. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” He whispered into my ear and I lean my head back against his chest, looking up at him upside down.

“Oh really?” I asked, feeling a little excited as he nodded his head, placing a kiss to my forehead. I stand up, resting my hands against his chest as he wraps his arms around my waist. “Can I have a hint?” I questioned, biting my lip as he shook his head, chuckling.

“Nope, now go get ready,” He told me and I walked past him, his hand coming down on my ass playfully. I turned around, my lips parted as he has an adorable smirk on his lips.

“That’ll cost you, O’Brien.” I nibbled on my bottom lip, seeing him step closer to me. He wrapped his arm around my lower back, his large hand squeezing my ass cheek.

“You love it and you know it,” He whispered, growling slightly as my heartbeat picks up. He pulled me into a rough kiss, biting my bottom lip as I let out a moan, gripping his shirt in my hands. He pulled away and both of us were panting, getting a little hot as he leaned his forehead against mine. “We should really get going.” I nodded my head, my eyes closed as I try to calm my heartbeat.

I walked into the bedroom, looking through the closet for a cute but casual outfit, since Dylan’s wearing a flannel with a white t-shirt underneath it, paired with black jeans and his favorite adidas shoes. I pull out a sundress, the same sundress I wore on our first date and a large grin was on my lips. He always told me that he loved me in this dress.

I walked into the living room and Dylan glances up at me before looking back down at his phone, until his eyes moved back onto my figure. I stood there in a strapless sundress, the chest area being a beige color while the skirt is light blue and flowy. I had placed on my gladiator sandals and put on very light makeup.

“W-Wow. You look just as beautiful as you did on our first date. Maybe even more beautiful.” He smiled, walking over to me, his eyes roaming my body. I silently thanked him as I blushed, looking at the ground as his hand lightly intertwined our fingers. “Ready?” He asked and I nodded my head, smiling at him as we walked out of the apartment, hand in hand as we walked downtown, which was five minutes from where we live. We walked into our favorite restaurant, walking up to the host at the podium. “Take out for O’Brien?” The hostess nodded, going into the back as my eyebrows furrowed together, confused why he got take out. I was about to question him when she came back with the food, handing it to Dylan. He thanked her, taking my hand in his again before walking out, leading me towards the memorial park. I saw a picnic blanket placed on the ground, candles lit around it as my heart swells.

“Oh my god, Dylan. This is absolutely adorable. I love this.” I placed a kiss to his cheek as I sat on my knees. He sets some of the food on plates, handing me one of them as we ate in a comfortable silence, looking up at the stars every once in awhile. After we had finished eating, he pulled me off the ground, walking along the pathway that’s near a river, enjoying the sounds of the water. We stopped near the water, my arms wrapped around his waist as I rested my head against his shoulder, standing in silence.

“You know I love you, right?” Dylan asked and I looked up at him, nodding my head. He smiled at me, looking past me, his lips parting slightly. “Woah, look at that,” He said and I turned around, trying to find the thing he was looking at. I turned around, ready to ask him what he was looking at when I noticed that he was on one knee. I let out a soft gasp, covering my mouth with my hand. “Y/N, you’ve always meant so much to me and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you in my life. The more I got to know you throughout the years, I fell more in love with you, even when I thought that it wasn’t possible.” He paused, clearing his throat as I can see tears welling up, the same happening to me as I try to blink the blurriness away. “I was so happy when you agreed to go on our first date that I couldn’t contain my excitement, and that happens before every date we go on. I love you so, so much that I want to start the next chapter of our life together. So, would you do the honor and becoming my wife, Mrs. O’Brien?” He finished and a few tears slid down my cheeks, nodding my head repeatedly.

“Yes, Dylan. Of course,” I cried, laughing a bit as he stood up, sliding the beautiful engagement ring onto my ring finger before bringing me into a kiss. Both his hands rested on my face as he put all the passion into this one kiss. I pulled away, looking at the ring on my finger, a wide smile on my lips as I can feel Dylan’s eyes on me.

“I was really nervous to ask you,” He muttered and I looked up at him, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Why? Baby, we’ve been together for six years. I’ve fallen in love with you so hard. But, I’m glad you didn’t chicken out because I’ve been thinking about you asking me for about a year.” I smiled at him and he pressed a small kiss to my lips.

“I love you.”

I smiled at the memory, getting little glimpses of it every time I look at the ring. A hand laid against my waist making me jump, turning around to see a very tired Dylan. He rubbed his eye, pressing a tired kiss to my head. “How long have you been up, baby?” He mumbled lowly.

“I couldn’t sleep. I get too excited thinking about the wedding, even though it’s months away.” I smiled, his head resting against my shoulder, wrapping his arms around my waist. He looked at the wedding dress catalogue that was placed in front of me, his lips pressed to my shoulder.

“You should try to get a little sleep. You do have a dress appointment tomorrow and our friends don’t need you being grumpy while trying to find a dress,” He chuckled and I closed the book, turning around, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“You’re right.” I smiled and he wrapped one of his arms around my waist, the other placed behind my knees, picking me up bridal style as he walked us to our room, dropping me onto the bed before crawling on top of me. He trailed kisses from the top of my breast up towards my neck. I bite my lip, moving my head to the side, giving him more access as he bit and sucked on the skin under my earlobe. His lips moved up my jawline, pressing a few kisses to my lips.

“You know, if you’re not tired, I could help you get to sleep.” He smirked and I bit my lip, feeling my panties dripping with arousal. I nodded my head and he pressed his lips to mine again before he moved down my body, lying in between my legs. Dylan pressed his thumb against my clit, making my hips buck up, letting out a tiny moan as he looked up at me, continuing to draw figure eights through my panties. I leaned on my elbows, watching him as he pushed my panties to the side, dipping his head down before licking up my pussy, circling his tongue around my clit.

“O-Oh, Dylan,” I moaned out, leaning my head back as my eyes fluttered shut. He licked up my folds a few more times before diving in, poking his tongue through my folds, finding my entrance. His hands gripped my hips as I writhed underneath him, one hand roaming, gripping onto the comforter as my other hand grips onto his hair. His nose nudged my clit as his tongue explored and every once in awhile, he’ll trail back towards my clit, making shapes with his tongue. Moans escaped my lips as he bit down softly, my back arching and I swear at one point he had spelled out his name. Two of his fingers pressed against my entrance as his attention with his tongue stayed on my clit. He slipped his fingers in easily as my arousal has coated my walls and he began pumping his fingers in and out of me. I let out breathy moans as his fingertips brushed against my sweet spot, making me scream out. My walls clenched on his fingers as my orgasm was closing in. Dylan hummed against my clit, pumping his fingers faster as I moved my hips uncontrollably, thrusting my hips all around and he looked up at me, licking his lips.

“Come on, baby. Cum for me. Cum all over my fingers.” He smirked, adding another finger before picking up the pace, his mouth landing on my clit once more as I screamed out, arching my back as both hands gripped the sheets. My toes curled as I began to cum all over his fingers, moaning loudly. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of me slowly, prolonging my orgasm. After my high had died down, I watched Dylan lick his fingers clean before crawling back up towards me, pressing his lips against mine, faintly tasting my juices on his lips. I was panting underneath him, becoming tired as he pressed a kiss to my cheek before sliding off of me, laying in the space next to me.

“You certainly know what you’re doing,” I mumbled, laying on my side, facing him. He chuckled, scooting closer to me, wrapping his arm around my waist, grazing his fingers against my lower back. I nuzzled my head into his neck, closing my eyes as I rest my hands against his chest.

“I know you really well, baby girl. I know everything that gets you off. Now, get some rest, alright?” He whispered and I nodded my head, sleep overcoming as I barely heard Dylan. “I love you so much, Mrs. O’Brien.”

I woke up to the feeling of lips against my shoulder blade and I let out a groan, turning over. I’m almost asleep again when fingers brushed the hair out of my face, and I open my eyes slowly, squinting at the sunlight shining throughout the room. Dylan’s face comes into view, a grin on his lips as he’s fully dress, leaning onto the bed. “Hi, baby,” I mumbled and he smiled, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“Morning, baby girl. How’d you sleep?” He asked, tucking some hair behind my ear. I sat up, rubbing my eyes as I looked towards the clock. 11:21 a.m.

“Like a baby. It seemed that your theory proved to work,” I giggled, running a hand through my hair as I get up, heading into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Once I finished brushing my teeth, I walked back into the bedroom, finding Dylan sitting on the edge of the bed, talking to someone on the phone. I looked at him confused, wondering who it is and he had mouthed “wedding planner” to me. I nodded my head, smiling, excited to see what she’s got for us and I walked over to him, straddling his lap as he glances up me, his eyes widening.

“Ye-Yeah. Y/N’s going shopping for her dress today and she’ll be letting me know when’s she done if you want to meet up after.” He mentioned and I could hear her talking his ear off. I dipped my head into his neck, grazing my lips softly over the skin as his free hand squeezes my hip. He let out “mhm’s” every once in a while as I continued to nip at his skin, grinding my hips a bit to tease him. He’s been on the phone for about fifteen minutes as I watched him, giving him a small smile as I ran my fingers through his hair. When he finally gets off the phone, he kisses my lips, letting out a small moan as his hands roam my waist and hips. My phone rings and I pull away from him, pulling it off of the night stand, seeing Steff calling me.

“Hello?” I answered, Dylan’s lips moving to my neck as the roles had reversed.

“Hey, we’re leaving in about five minutes. We’ll be there in probably ten to fifteen minutes, alright?” She asked and I nodded my head, loving the feeling of his lips against my sweet spot, almost making my moan out. “Y/N?” She asks, making sure I was still there.

“Y-Yeah, I’m here. I mean, yeah, I’ll be ready.” I let out a breathy moan as he bites my skin.

“Alright,” She chuckles, knowing exactly what’s happening, “I’ll let you go be with your man now, but don’t forget, fifteen minutes.” I let out a “yeah” and she hung up. Dylan pulls the phone out of my hand, pressing his lips to mine once more as I ran my hands against his shoulder, trailing them into his hair. His hands move to my ass, squeezing lightly, moving my hips against his semi-hard on.

“F-Fuck, baby,” I muttered, my lips hovering over his as I can feel his breath hit my face. “I-I really need to get ready.” I whispered as he continued to grind against me, his breathing becoming heavier.

“God, I wish we had more time,” He groaned, letting me go and I press a loving kiss to his lips before I get off his lap. I pulled out a pair of leggings and one of his flannels, getting dressed quickly. As I passed him, I noticed he had adjusted himself, watching me.

“If I didn’t have to leave in five minutes,” I leaned in towards his ear, whispering, “I’d totally suck that wonderful cock of yours.” I heard him groan and I smile, kissing his cheek before going back into the bathroom to put some deodorant and perfume on. I quickly put some shoes on, hearing honking outside and I grab my purse off of my dresser, heading towards the door, Dylan trailing behind me. I opened the door, seeing the girls in the car, waving at me and I smile, turning towards Dylan, pressing a loving kiss to his lips. “Goodbye, baby. I’ll see you after the appointment, okay?” I asked and he nodded his head, kissing my lips again.

“Of course. I love you,” He whispered and I smiled, giving him one more kiss.

“I love you too, Dylan.” I give him a tight hug, hearing the girls wolf whistling from behind me and I roll my eyes, laughing. I waved him goodbye, getting into the backseat of Steff’s car, greeting my best friends. We drove to David’s Bridal, everyone clearly excited to find me the perfect dress for our wedding, getting overly excited myself.

After we parked the car, the six of us had walked into David’s Bridal, getting one of the consultant’s attention. She walked up to us, greeting us as I give her a small wave.

“Who’s the bride?” She asked and I raised my hand, smiling widely. She smiled as well, shaking my hand and introducing herself as Amber to us. “And who are these lovely ladies?” Amber asked and I looked back at them.

“We have the maid of honor, Lau and my bridesmaid’s, Steff, Malissa, Bekah, and Cait.” I smiled and she brought us to a couch that has a pedestal in front of it. We all sat down as my attention was brought to her.

“So, what kind of dress are you looking for?” She asked.

“I was thinking a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, but I don’t want it really poofy or extravagant. Simple, but elegant is perfectly fine with me.” I smiled and she brought me along with her, leaving the girls to mingle to themselves.

After trying on about ten dresses, I finally found the one that I truly feel like a bride in. The bodice of the dress has a beautiful pattern with a long skirt that’s not too poofy. It’s absolutely beautiful. Dylan’s going to love this.

“You look absolutely beautiful, Y/N,” Lau mentioned and all the girls hollered, agreeing with her as tears began to pool, looking at myself in the mirror. Amber had put a veil on me, and the tears slid down my cheeks as I let out a small sob, covering my mouth with my hand. All of them had gotten up, bringing me into a group hug as I chuckled. They had taken my measurements and told me that to come back in about a month. The wedding is in two months. It’s creeping around the corner and I can’t wait for the say I can become Mrs. O’Brien.

The girls dropped me off at the house, hollering a goodbye as Steff drove off. I turned around to walk into my apartment, seeing Dylan standing at the doorstep, keys in his hands. He smiled, stalking towards me, wrapping his arms around me, twirling us around. I chuckled, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Did you seriously miss me already?” I asked as he put me down, mushing his soft lips against my cheek.

“I did.” He chuckled, placing his lips near my ear, “I seriously wish you would’ve had more time, I came so, so much earlier.” He smirked and I bit my lip, running my hand down his chest.

“You’re such a tease.” I looked up at him. He leaned down, pressing his lips against mine before intertwining our fingers, leading me to the car.

“Yeah, well you did the same thing to me earlier, so it’s payback.” He smiled and I shook my head, getting into the passenger seat, grabbing his hand. He drove towards the cafe that we’re meeting her, both of us singing together on the way. “Are you excited?” He asked and I looked over at him, smiling widely.

“Of course, baby. You should’ve seen me at the dress appointment. I cried, happy tears of course.” He glanced over at me, rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb.

“You cried?” He repeated and I nodded my head. He bit his lip, a look of concentration on his face before glancing back at me. “D-Did you get a dress?” He questioned and I nodded my head again.

“I did. It’s absolutely beautiful, Dylan,” I told him as he parked the car on the street, both of us getting out of the car, heading into the building. Our wedding planner calls us over, sitting in the booth across from her as his arm is wrapped around my shoulder and I intertwined our fingers

“Hi guys!” She said, excitingly. “Did you find a dress, Y/N?” She asked and I nodded my head, taking out my phone, I pull up a picture, making sure Dylan didn’t see it as I gave her my phone. The smile on her face widened as she closed out of the app, handing it back to me. “It’s absolutely beautiful and it matches the beach perfectly.”

“Oh good.” I smiled, leaning against Dylan as she pulled out her ipad.

“So, I had a designer set up what you wanted for the wedding ceremony and I have a digital view of it if you want to see.” She mentioned, handing us the ipad and I looked at it, falling in love with how it looks. In the drawing there was a bamboo looking archway, aqua curtains tied to the side, leaving triangles of blue in each corner with star fish and sea shells hanging off of it, chairs covered in a white cover with a aqua ribbon on the back of them, a white fabric leading to the altar, rose petals placed along it with star fishes on each side of it, sitting on some seaweed. They also placed handmade palm trees that have star fishes on them throughout the space.

Dylan looked down at me as I kept staring at the venue in front of me, my heart swelling as I picture Dylan and I standing at the end, hand in hand. “I absolutely love it. I can totally see us standing at the end of this, can’t you?” I asked Dylan, looking up at him and he nods his head, pressing a kiss to the side of my head.

“Great! I’ll tell the designer that you want this. Next to discuss is the cake,” She mentioned and grabbed a picture out of the bag, showing it to us. “I told the bakery exactly what you wanted and they came up with this.” The picture showed a three tiered beige cake, patterns at the top of each tier. It’s covered in white and blue seashells, which goes with the theme of the wedding, a seahorse on the top tier, along with flowers and starfish decorated throughout the entire cake.

“It’s perfect,” Dylan mentions and I nod my head in agreement. She smiled widely, taking the picture from us, placing it back in her bag.

“You guys are probably the best couple I’ve planned a wedding for, because you guys know exactly what you want. I think this is all I’m needed for. I heard that your family is going to cook for the wedding?” I nodded my head, giving her a smile.

“Yeah, we’re not having a whole lot of people so my mom had volunteered, along with his mom.” She nodded her head, packing up her stuff.

“Well, that’s it for me. It was an absolute pleasure working with both of you. I wish you a happy marriage.” She smiled before heading out of the cafe.

“Soon to be Mrs. O’Brien,” Dylan muttered, kissing my lips softly.

The wedding was in less than twenty four hours and I haven’t seen Dylan since this morning, since it’s tradition for the bride and groom be away from each other the day and night before the wedding. I looked at our closet, seeing my wedding dress hanging up, a large grin on my lips, playing with the ring on my finger. A knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts, looking towards it seeing the girls standing there. I smiled as the came in, sitting on the bed with me.

“So, how are you feeling? Nervous?” Mal asked me and I nodded my head, biting my lip as I play with my fingers.

“Yeah. I’m just hoping that he doesn’t get cold feet, ya know?” I questioned and they nodded their head.

“Absolutely,” Lau started, patting my hand. “I felt the exact same way when Posey and I were getting married, but you and Dyl are stupidly in love with each other. Everything’s going to be fine.” She smiled and I nodded my head, missing him dearly.

“So, you guys know what order you’re walking down the aisle right?” I asked and everyone nodded their head.

“Y/N, don’t worry about anything but yourself, okay?” Bekah asked and I nodded my head again, giving a small smile. “Good, now get some sleep. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.” The girls bid my goodnight, leaving the room, closing the door behind them and I got under the covers, looking at my phone screen, seeing a picture of Dyl and I from a couple years ago. I smiled at the picture of us standing on the beach, his lips pressed to my cheek as I looked like a chipmunk. I unlocked my phone, dialing Dylan’s number, needing to talk to him.

“Baby?” Dylan asked, worry laced in his voice and I smiled, great to hear his voice. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I-I just miss you,” I muttered, laying against my pillow as I close my eyes, picturing him here with me.

“I miss you too, baby. But, in less than twelve hours, I get to get married to my best friend and lover and I can’t wait,” He mentioned and I smiled widely, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I can’t wait either,” I muttered, my eyes drooping shut as tiredness has washed over me, falling asleep with Dylan still on the phone.

“Baby?” Dylan asked, receiving nothing on my end and he smiled, knowing that I must’ve fallen asleep. It’s something I did when he was away on filming. “I love you, so much. Never forget that.” He mumbled before hanging up the phone, falling asleep himself.

I woke up to the girls barging into my room, yelling and a few of them jumping on my bed, startling me. I placed a hand over my heart, letting out a breath as I chuckle. “You guys really know how to give someone a wake up call.”

“IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!” Mal yelled throughout the house, running into my room. “Y/N, you’re getting married today. Like, oh my god.” She gave me a hug and I return it, smiling widely.

“Alright, we’ve got about three hours until your wedding so we need to get started on your hair.” Cait mentioned and I got up, putting on a robe, sitting in the chair in front of the vanity. Lau left the room to go get ready, along with the other girls as Caitlin stayed behind to work on my hair. Music was blaring throughout the apartment, Cait curling my hair before putting it in a french braid. It had taken about an hour and a half to get my hair to cooperate and the girls helped Cait put the starfish and silver beads in my hair along with a white flower.

“We should just finish getting ready at the venue. There’s a room that I can use in case I almost ran out of time. We’ve got about an hour and a half left and I don’t want to be late,” I mentioned to the girls and they nodded their heads, going to get their stuff as I kept the robe on, zipping the bag of the dress up, carefully bringing it out to the car. All the girls were dressed in their light blue dresses, piling into the car as Mal drove us to the venue. When we arrived, we saw Tyler, Posey, Ryan, and Daniel walking towards the building as they noticed us. They walked over to us, Posey giving Lau a quick kiss to the lips as the others press kisses to their date’s cheeks, leaving Cait out of the loop. I linked our arms together, walking towards the building as my mom had carried my dress in. “Don’t worry Cait, you’ll find someone at the reception, I’m sure of it!” I smiled at her and she returned it.

I had just finished putting the dress on, fitting perfectly as my mom puts on the veil. I look at myself in the long mirror, tears pooling. “I can’t believe it’s finally happening.” I muttered, smiling widely as I wipe the tears from my eyes, being careful not to ruin my makeup.

Dylan had finished getting ready, placing the blue flower on his suit, checking himself out in the mirror as his best man and the groomsmen had came into the room. “How are the nerves, Dyl?” Daniel asked, shoving his hands in his pocket as Dylan rubs his hands together.

“It’s there, but a little died down.” He smiled, wondering what I had looked like. Posey patted him on the back, as they all had a bro hug. Dylan’s mom comes into the room, requesting Dylan’s assistance since the wedding was to start in five minutes. Dylan walked out onto the beach, standing on his side of the altar, his hands becoming sweaty slightly.

“Ready?” The minister asked and Dyl smiled, nodding his head.

Bekah had handed me my bouquet, which is absolutely beautiful. It had blue and white flowers throughout it with sea shells and beads. I grabbed it into my hand as a knock on the door ranged through the room. My dad walked in, giving me a small smile.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded my head as the girls had gone with their dates, getting ready to walk down the aisle. Lau and Posey went first, Cait and Cody went second, Bekah and Daniel went third, then Mal and Ryan, and Steff and Tyler went last. I stood with my dad, our arms linked together as the wedding music had started, signaling us to start walking. We walked slowly down the aisle, feeling everyone’s eyes on me as my eyes stayed on Dylan. His eyes widened as he saw me walking down the aisle, a large grin on his lips as my dad had let go of my arm, letting me step up to where Dylan is, giving my bouquet to Lau.

“You may be seated.” The minister mentioned to our guests, before looking between Dylan and I. “We’re gathered here today to welcome these two into matrimony.” My eyes stayed on Dylan as I drank him in, thinking he looked absolutely handsome in his tuxedo.

“You look beautiful.” He mouthed to me and I blushed, biting my lip.

“Dylan, please repeat after me.” The minister started, before continuing. “I, Dylan, take you, Y/N, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” Dylan had repeated it, his eyes looking into mine the entire time as he held my hands in his. The minister turned to me. “Y/N, please repeat after me.” He repeated. “I, Y/N, take you, Dylan, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” I repeated his words, continuing to look into Dylan’s eyes, smiling widely.

“Do you, Dylan, take Y/N to be your wife?” The minister asked.

“I do.” My heart skipped a beat at his words.

“Do you, Y/N, take Dylan to be your husband?”

“I do.” I whispered, my heart pounding against my chest as we put our wedding rings onto each other’s ring fingers.

“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” He stepped away as Dylan pulled me in, pressing his lips to mine as if he hasn’t seen me in years. Everyone clapped and cheered as I wrapped my arms around his neck, moving my lips against his as his arms wrapped around my waist.

I grabbed my bouquet from Lau as Dylan and I walk down the aisle, everyone else behind me as we walk into the banquet hall for the reception. We had a big entrance as everyone clapped, welcoming the newlyweds and we sat down at the wedding table with the girls on one side and the guys on the other. Someone had clanked their glass and I saw my dad stand up, wanting to say something.

“I just want to say that Dylan, at first I was a little weary of you, but then I noticed how happy you made my daughter and since then, you’ve been like a second son to me and I’m glad to honor you into the family. Make sure you take care of her, alright.” We clapped as he sat back down, Dylan pressing his lips to the side of my head as Posey takes a turn.

“I’ve known Dylan since the first season of Teen Wolf and we are literally brothers from another mother.” I chuckled as he continued, “It was during the second season when he had brought Y/N on set for the first time, telling everyone that she was his girlfriend, and I couldn’t be any happier because I saw how happy she had made him. During the first half of the last season, he mentioned to me that he was going to ask her to marry him and I was shocked, honestly. But, overall, I couldn’t be happier for my brother to find the love of his life. Long live a happy marriage.” Everyone cheered and clapped as Posey sat down. Mal stood up from my group of friends, taking the microphone.

“We’ve known Y/N before she even had met Dylan and when she first mentioned him to us, she was so shy about it. She would blush a lot when she talked about him, about how sweet he was and how good of a kisser he is.” I blushed at the last part, feeling Dylan’s eyes on me and I looked up at him, seeing him smirk down at me. “We all knew that he was good for her, because he made her happier than any other guy she had been with. So, Dylan, you better make her happy or you’ll have five unhappy girls comin’ after your ass.” Mal gave him a stern looked and he looked a little scared before she smiled at him, lighting up the situation. Dylan chuckled, tightening his grip on me.

Everyone had just finished dinner and cake when the music came on, making everyone get out of their chairs, heading towards the dance floor. Dylan held out his hand towards me and I take it, intertwining our fingers as he led me to the dance floor.

“Now if we can join the bride and groom for their first dance,” The DJ mentioned and the song Make You Feel My Love by Adele began playing, Dylan wrapping his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck, leaning our foreheads together.

“I’m so glad I can finally call you Mrs. O’Brien,” Dylan mentioned and I smiled, loving the sound of it coming from his mouth as I looked up at him, pressing our lips together in a quick kiss. I rest my head on his chest, seeing everyone watch us dance in the middle of the room. When the song ended, we continued slow dancing as another slow song came on, watching everyone in the room dance with a significant other. I watched as my friends slow danced with their dates, seeing Caitlin near a corner of the room, talking to two guys, the three of them close together and I shook my head. I saw Lau kiss her husband, Posey, on the lips as they slow danced.

A few hours later of dancing, Dylan told me that we were leaving to go to our honeymoon tonight and I was super excited to see what he has planned. As I grabbed more cake, cause it’s absolutely delicious, I noticed Steff and Tyler sitting by themselves at a table, their lips locked together. I giggled, happy that all my friends are basically getting some. I already saw Mal and Ryan making out near the back door earlier, Daniel had made a move on Bekah when they were dancing, and Cait came to me, telling me she was leaving and I saw her walk out with two guys.

We made our way around, telling everyone goodbye as we were on a schedule. I gathered everyone together as I was going to throw the bouquet. I stood with my back facing the crowd, throwing the bouquet behind me, hearing a bunch of cheers as I turned around, seeing that Steff had caught it. I gave all my girlfriends a hug before giving my parents one. Dylan picked me up bridal style, carrying me out to the car that’s going to drive us to our destination.

The driver told us we were here after sitting in the car for a few hours and both of us got out, seeing a log cabin in front of us, noticing that we’re now in the middle of the woods. I look towards Dylan, seeing him smile at me as we head inside, noticing how gorgeous this log cabin is. I see a hot tub on the patio adjacent of the back door and I walk out of it, seeing the view we had. My lips parted in surprise, looking at the beautiful view of the lake in front of us.

“Dylan, baby, this is absolutely amazing and I want to get into this hot tub right away.” I smiled, as he just undressed outside, down to his boxers before getting in. I bit my lip, admiring his body as I held my finger up, walking inside, into the bedroom, finding silk robes on the bed and I got the dress off, taking off my bra and panties before placing the robe on my body, tieing it.

I walked back outside, Dylan resting his arms against the edge of the hot tub, looking me up and down. I slowly untied the robe, letting it fall off my shoulders, exposing my naked body. His eyes widened, swallowing visibly as I walked into the hot tub, sitting down across from him. I gave him a smirk as his hands disappeared under the water, shimmying as he threw his boxers out of the tub, giving me a wink.

I put my hair up into a bun, standing up before straddling his hips. “Well, Mr. O’Brien, what would you like to do?” I sultry whispered, running my hands up his chest, my lips brushing his as his hands rest against my ass.

“Well, Mrs. O’Brien, there might be one thing that’d be fun,” He muttered, pressing his lips to mine, running my fingers through his hair as I move my lips against his. I ground my hips on his, feeling his cock rub against my exposed pussy. I let out a breathy moan, Dylan spreading my ass as his lips move down my jawline, kissing the spot under my earlobe. He continued pressing his lips down my body, leaving wet kisses between my breasts before moving his mouth to one of my nipples.

“Oh, Dylan,” I moaned, his tongue connecting to my bud, making me shudder as he pulled on it with his teeth, toying with it. He moved to my other nipple, giving it the same amount of attention as I continued to grind my hips, feeling him get harder beneath me. “I wanna suck your cock, baby.” I panted, moving off of him as he sat up on the edge of the hot tub and I got onto my knees in the spot he was sitting, stroking his length slowly. I looked up at him through my lashes before licking up the underside of his cock, trailing my tongue around his tip.

“Oh christ, princess,” He moaned, putting his hand on my bun, gripping it in his hand, watching me. I take him into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down on him as his tip nearly hit the back of my throat. He groaned, tightening his grip on my hair as he thrust his hips up slightly. I hollowed my cheeks on his cock, taking him deeper into my mouth as I took his balls into my hand, massaging them softly. “God, I’ve always loved your pretty mouth on my cock,” He growled, beginning to move my head for me as I gag slightly, not slowing him down. I placed my hands on his thighs as he fucked my mouth, looking up at him, seeing his head leaned back, his mouth parted as small groans escaped his lips. I pulled him out of my mouth, spitting on his tip, stroking it in as I stood up, straddling his hips once again.

“I can’t wait anymore. I need you so badly,” I whimpered, stroking his length through my folds before sinking down on him. I let out a loud moan, Dylan’s cock filling me as his tip hits my cervix. “Jesus, you’ve always been so big,” I breathed out, Dylan’s hand coming down onto my ass, a slapping noise rang through the quiet outdoors.

“Ride my cock, baby,” Dylan moaned, bouncing my hips a little as I began to bounce on his length. I rested my hands on his shoulder as both of us let out little moans, beginning to pump him in and out of me faster, feeling him hit my sweet spot.

“Oh yes, Dylan,” I moaned, leaning my head back as he thrust his hips up as I bounced on him, his cock going deeper into me. His lips attach to my nipple as I tugged on his hair. He drove his hips harder into me, making me scream out as I leaned my head back, releasing my hair from my bun, running my fingers through it as his hands rested on my waist, bouncing me onto him. “I’m gonna cum soon,” I breathlessly moaned and his thrusts became faster and more powerful, one of his hands moving to my clit, intensifying the pleasure.

“Cum for me, princess. Cum all over my big cock,” He growled, increasing his pace as my hands gripped his hair, pressure starting to build in my lower abdomen, my toes curling as my legs begin to twitch, continuing to bounce on him. I arch my back as I hit my peak, cumming all over Dylan’s length, electricity sizzling through my veins and my legs spasm uncontrollably, letting out a scream. My fingers grip his hair tightly, resting my forehead against his shoulder as his deep thrusts become more erratic and faster in pace. I could feel his length swelling inside of me and his mouth attached to my nipple once more before he spilled his cum inside you. He bucked his hip, cumming deep inside me as my pussy milks his cock, riding out both of our highs. Both of us breath heavily as he kept his cock deep inside your pussy. “I love you so much, Y/N.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to my bare shoulder as I continued panting. I slide off of him, sitting on his lap as I feel our cum drip from my folds.

“I love you too, Dylan.” I smiled, pressing a loving kiss to his lips. He wrapped his arms around my thighs, carrying me out of the hot tub and up to our room, laying me on the bed before heading back out to grab our stuff we left out there. I crawled underneath the covers, my eyes growing tired as I heard Dylan come back into the room, slipping under the covers next to me. He pressed a kiss to my forehead, falling asleep in his arms.

I moved my hips, feeling something nuzzling my clit, making me moan. My eyes flutter open, looking around the room, not seeing Dylan anywhere in sight, my eyebrows furrowing together. You felt a hot breath on your core, pulling the comforter up, seeing Dylan laying between my legs, and you twitched when his tongue made contact with your clit. I let out a moan, leaning on my elbows as I throw the blanket off.

“Morning, baby girl,” He muttered before dipping his head back into my folds, his tongue tracing my now wet entrance, my head falling back as he ruthlessly continued his licking. He licked up to your clit, biting down softly on it as I let out a loud moan, laying my back against the mattress, arching it as I reach for something to grab onto.

“O-Oh god. H-How long have you been down there?” I breathlessly asked, looking back down at him as he smirked, pulling his lips off of me.

“Maybe 20 minutes. I can feel you’re close to cumming, aren’t you?” He winked and I bit my lip, nodding my head shyly. His thumb rubbing against your clit as his tongue curled inside of me, making me scream out. It drove me crazy the way he moved and worked his tongue.

“Fuck, baby. I’m cumming!” I moaned loudly, bucking my hips up as he held them down, continuing his attack, his tongue sliding deeper into me before licking up my slit. He bit down gently on my clit as my juices rush out, making me squirt. I let out a gasp, never in my life had I done that and I look down at Dylan, seeing a smug look on his face.

“Well, that’s definitely a first, isn’t it?” He grinned, pressing his thumb to my clit, my hips bucking. He crawled up my body, greeting me with a kiss to the lips. “How’s that for a wake-up call?” He smiled, seeing my juices on his lips and I let out a breathy laugh.

“It was certainly unexpected, that’s for sure. I’ll definitely keep that in mind for a special occasion.” He raised an eyebrow, getting a little excited thinking I’d wake him up with a blow job. I bit my lip, getting out of my bed as I head towards the shower. “You comin’?” I smirked, winking as I walked in, Dylan following close behind, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Mrs. O’Brien, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

I’ll Find My Way Back To You // Part One : Prologue

Request: Something cute and full of fluff where Y/N likes Harry a lot but he’s blind af to see that Y/N loves him and Louis guides her and tells her it’s ok and then they hang out a lot and Y/N falls for Louis but ends up with Harry - @haharryyy

Thank you for requesting this gem. I can already feel that I’m going to love writing this. If you enjoyed reading it or if whether or not you guys want me to continue this, let me know your thoughts HERE. Checkout my masterlist HERE.

Word Count: 2.85K

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Alone - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by stydia-mieczydiamartinski

warning: triggering content.

“Ma’am can you give me any insight on what happened?”
Sweetie, I know you’ve seen a lot tonight, but can you give a description of the man who came in and did this?”
“Any details you didn’t tell us?”

You just kept shaking your head, deputies, FBI Agents, a few reporters that got through the gates and pushed for information.  Somewhere along the line, you gave up on listening, just staring at the bloody carpet in front of you.  Your head still mulling over what just happened as you sat at the bottom of the staircase

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, except for the fact that your parents were home.  Being emissaries for Satomi’s pack, they were often not home for long periods of time.  So today was going to be a fun day together to spend as a family.  You’d rented movies, ordered a pizza, and everyone was settling on the living room.  You’d only been in the kitchen for a few minutes, barely registering that The Mute had come into your house.  You stood frozen frozen, still hidden behind the wall, watching the events, without saying a word, making a noise.  You didn’t even cry.

“Hey! Hey back off!” You heard a familiar voice.  “I know this girl, everyone give her some space!” It yelled again.  Your eyes still trained on the carpet that was once a comfort to sit on, playing dolls on it when you were young.  “Will you all give her some god damn space please!?” The room grew silent, and the figure kneeled in front of your view.  “y/n?” He asked softly, and you looked up, meeting the eyes of the Sheriff.

“Noah-” You croaked, but he shook his head, indicating that you didn’t need to say a word to him.

“I’ve contacted Melissa, and I’m going to take you to her home so you can get some rest, if that’s alright?” You hesitantly nodded your head, unwrapping your arms from around your knees.  Sheriff Stilinski rose to stand, and he held out a hand to you.  Again, you hesitated, trying not to look at the crowd of people still in your home.  You suddenly felt unsafe, and panicked eyes searched for the closest family you had in the room.  The Sheriff squeezed your hand, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, like a shield protecting you as he walked you out the door.

Cameras flashed, questions were hurled, and pens scribbled.  Yells and questions, people asking how you were involved, how you felt about the events that had unfolded, what it was like to be an orphan, even if you were the one who ordered the attack.  Tears splattered on your cheeks while Noah was yelling at them all to leave you alone.  He got you into the backseat of his cruiser as quickly as he could manage.  When he drove off, in a screech of the rubber tire against the cement, you wondered if he was trying to run them over.  But the people quickly migrated away from the angry Sheriff’s car, leaving as they had no use in sticking around if you ween’t going to be answering questions.

The ride to the McCall home was silent, besides your soft whimpering.  You were trying not to cry, crying was embarrassing.  Especially in front of a man who took you in and treated you as family when your parents were busy with their pack.  The Stilinski house, both Noah and Stiles, your best friend might you add, was your safe place.  For anything from a supernatural threat, to a test you were anxious about.  You had your own key in, sometimes you’d be there when Stiles and is father got home, reading a book at the kitchen table, making them dinner, or even fast asleep on the couch.

It was a late Friday night, and Stiles and his father had just gotten home from an away game.  Stiles was both excited and depressed.  He’d finally got to play, but the other team just crushed Beacon Hills.  He blamed it slightly on you not being there.  You were always there for his games, every one, every practice too.  To support Stiles.  Scott too, but mostly Stiles.  You knew how much it meant to him to be somewhat noticed on the team, even if he barely played.  But tonight, you couldn’t go, you had a date with your boyfriend, Josh, and when you found out it was the team’s big away game, you begged him for a reschedule.  But he wouldn’t budge.  You almost cried telling Stiles you couldn’t make it, but he shrugged it off, telling you you deserved time for yourself too.  You hugged for a moment, before you pulled away, and met up with your boyfriend down the hall.  Stiles tried to look away when he’d kissed you, because he didn’t understand why he let himself repeatedly die inside just by watching the simple action, but he did.

Coming into the house, he breathed a sigh of relief, finally home, and finally able to go to bed.

“I’m heading up dad, I’ll see you in the morning” Noah only nodded, equally as worn out from the hardcore cheering he’d done that night.  Usually you were there to keep him company, most of the time with signs or cute little chants and jingles to help cheer the team on.

Stiles jogged up the steps, body sore from all the running, and quite a few body slams that had knocked him to the ground.  He slowed his pace as he neared his door, but before he opened it, he heard quiet cries and whimpers.

Immediately recognizing the sound to be yours, he opened the door slowly, as not to scare you, and gently called your name.

“y/n?” You snuffled, opening your eyes, and squinting to see him in his dark room.  Stiles walked in, closing the door behind him for the sake of privacy.

(not that Sheriff Stilinski cared if you were together in his room anyways)

You were laying on his bed, in a nice blue dress and tights, and heels Stiles knew were new because he’d helped you pick them out on your feet.  He crossed the room and kneeled down in front of you, a hand coming up instinctively to caress your air, pushing wet strands back behind your ear.

“y/n what happened?” He whispered, and you closed your eyes, a few more cries escaping your lips.  “Want me to give you a few minutes?” You nodded, and Stiles did too, wiping your cheeks again before standing.  “I’m gonna change alright?” You nodded, and simply rolled over so he could do so.  Stiles looked at you in concern for a moment, before stripping out of his jersey and shorts, pulling on sweatpants and a tee shirt instead.  He went back to his drawer, and pulled out a flannel, then came over to you.  “y/n” He said softly, and you turned back around.  He held out the flannel for you, and saw your flicker of a smile.

It was your favorite one.

He turned around as you’d done for him, hearing the quiet sound of a zipper, as well as clothes dropping to the floor.

“Okay” You whispered, and he turned to find you were back in bed, only wearing his flannel, which almost covered to your knees.  Stiles gave you a soft smile, before folding up your dress and tights neatly, setting them on his desk, and moving your shoes to sit next to it.

“Can I lay with you?” You nodded, and he got on the bed.  “Are you cold?” You nodded again and Stiles tugged the blankets out from under you, and you both wiggled to get under them.  Once you were comfortable, you took in a deep breath.  “You looked beautiful, I feel as though you’re in the wrong bed tonight” Stiles said, a voice of genuine concern.

“We were supposed to go to that nice Italian place tonight” You said quietly, unable to look Stiles in the eye.  “He was going to pick me up… I was going to look perfect, the whole night was going to be perfect…” You sniffled, and willed yourself not to cry.  Crying was embarrassing.  Stiles moved ever so slightly closer, watching you, and hanging onto every word you said.  “But he was late… and he wasn’t answering his texts” You mumbled.  “So I just drove over to his place, maybe to pick him up, ask what happened I wasn’t really thinking I guess” Stiles nodded.  “He didn’t answer the door when I knocked, and it was unlocked so I just- I just went in-” A few tears spilled out of your eyes and your voice was more of a whimper.  “I don’t know why I followed the trail of clothes upstairs I- I knew what I was going to find I-” 

“Shh…sh..” Stiles cooed, and wrapped string arms around you, holding you tightly as you cried before him, for the first time.

“I didn’t think he’d cheat on me” You cried into his shirt, staining the soft cotton with your tears.  “I don’t know what I did-”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, he did” Stiles told you, nuzzling his nose in your hair as he spoke softly into your ear.  “You didn’t deserve any of it, he’s the idiot who would do such a thing” You didn’t say anything, just held onto Stiles and quietened your cries.  “y/n you are such a bright, and funny, and charismatic, and kind, and beautiful human being, and for you to be treated like that is a cruelty to the world”

You let out a soft laugh at that, one little breath that he knew was just your little giggle that he loved to hear so much.

“There, that’s what I want to hear” Stiles pulled back, and left a long kiss on your forehead.  “You should be laughing.  It makes the flowers bloom in jealousy” You smiled and blushed, then buried your face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you Stiles” You said, and yawned.  “Can I go to sleep?” He nodded, resting his chin on your head and rubbing circles on your back.

“Yeah of course baby” He whispered, feeling overcome with tiredness as well.  “Sleep well” he pulled back, but you tugged on him.

“Please just… just stay and hold me” He smiled at you, sliding up next to you again, and winding his arms around you.  You tucked your head back under his chin, and puffed out a long breath against his skin.

“Goodnight y/n” Stiles whispered int your hair, leaving a few light kisses there that made your stomach flutter.


You stood in the doorway of Melissa’s home, thinking of the first time you spent the night with Stiles in the same bed, as she talked to Noah about the situation.  Your eyes looked around the home you’d been in so many times before, but this time felt different.

“y/n?” Your head snapped up to see Melissa, and she gave you a wary smile.  “Would you like me to take you to the guest room?”

“I got it” You choked meekly, and your hand tightened on the strap of your backpack.  There were a mere three outfits in there, one being pajama shorts and Star Wars tee that didn’t fit Stiles anymore.  You then excused yourself to go up the stairs.  As soon as you got into the spare room, you set your bag down, and slid your back down the door.

“y/n you in there?” You heard Scott knock on the door.

“Yeah” You aired out, knowing full well his werewolf hearing could pick up on it.  

“Can I come in-”

“Not right now” You mumbled, hitting the back of your head against the door as you sighed softly.  

“O-okay just…. if you wanna talk or just.. I don’t have company you know where to find me” You didn’t say anything, knowing your voice would just come out in a broken whimper if you tried.  And after a few moments, you heard Scott walk away.

You tried to sleep, curling up on the bed.  But you ended up just staring wide eyed at the wall across from you, for three hours.

So, you got up, and went downstairs, where you knew Scott was watching tv.  You heard a mix of talking, and you cleared your throat somewhat quietly to gain his attention.  But two pairs of feet jumped off the couch.

Your eyes grew wide and all your emotions came back up as you saw Stiles, staring intently at you.


“y/n” he choked and ran over to you, engulfing you in his arms.

That was when you really let your emotions show, you let yourself break down, into ugly sobs and long painful cries.  Your hands came up under his arms, gripping the back of his shoulders.  Stiles was crying to, and you were both moving around so much as you groped at each other that you fell over, just hugging on the floor.

“You could’ve died, you could’ve died” Stiles mumbled, hands running through your hair, down your back, cupping your face as you cried.  Then quickly his arms encircled your waist, tugging your entire body against his.  “I love you” He whispered into your ear.  “I love you so much” You cried harder, hands flying up to his head, fingers fisting into his hair.

“They’re gone” You sobbed.  “They’re gone they’re gone they’re gone”

“But you’re not” You sniffled. and just buried yourself in him.  “You’re still here” You squeezed your eyes shut tight, hands falling to his face, and his did as well.

“Stiles” You cried quietly, your forehead falling against his chin.  “I-I feel alone I don’t- I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” His thumbs caressed your cheeks, wiping your tears and calming you slightly.  His lips pressed feather lightly to your hairline.

“You’re not alone” He promised.  “Come on, let’s get you upstairs and in some pajamas alright? We can lay and talk like normal, okay?” You nodded, and wrapped your arms around his neck, prompting him to carry you.  “I’ll see you in the morning Scotty” Stiles said, and Scott nodded.

“Take care, I’ll make you guys breakfast” The alpha responded.  Stiles nodded, and carried you up the stairs.  he looked down at you, finding your eyes closed, a silent stream or tears trailing down your cheeks.  But you looked peaceful.

You opened your eyes when you were laid down on the bed, and you looked up at Stiles, who was opening up your backpack.

“Don’t even think about making a crack about going through a woman’s things” He grumbled, and you tried to smile, you did, for him, but you just couldn’t find it in yourself.  He pulled out your shorts, and smiled upon seeing his old tee shirt.  Sure, he’d given it to you, but it made him feel warm to know you kept it.  “Arms up buttercup” You obliged, raising your hands.  “You better have a bra on” Stiles half scolded you, pulling your shirt over your head to reveal you did indeed have a bra one.  (a lacy black one that you wore too casually for Stiles’ liking.  not that he noticed..) He replaced it with the Star Wars shirt while you kicked off your jeans.  You pulled the sorts on yourself, then laid back down.

“Cuddle with me” You demanded in a soft voice that made Stiles want to laugh.  But he didn’t dare to do so.  Instead, e just climbed in next to you, and let you settle into his arms like you usually did.  “Stiles”

“Mm do you want to talk about it?” You shook your head softly.

“No.. no right now it’s- it’s too fresh” He nodded in understanding , and his hands ran up and down your back, eyes never leaving yours, which were staring down at the flower printed sheets.  “I love you know” You whispered, eyes peering up at his from under your lashes.  “I heard you earlier, I didn’t ignore it” Stiles’ lips pulled up a little, and his fingers brushed your hair back neatly

“Trust me when I say I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m sorry” He said, and you shrugged a little.

“I just feel… numb” You said.  “And it’s weird, that it hasn’t really kicked in yet, and I’ve acknowledged that…” You shook your head, but Stiles nodded.

“I understand” He whispered, knuckles still brushing up and down your cheek.  “I just wish you didn’t have to-”

“I know” You cut him off now, and for a split second looked down to his lips.  “I know” You leaned forward just slightly.  “I just want to…can I- can I try something?” Stiles nodded, and her fingers ghosted along his jaw, hands sliding up to cup his cheeks, puling him closer.  Stiles’ hand laid on your waist, pulling you further until your lips met.  

It wasn’t fireworks, no, it was more like a flower blooming for the first time.  All of the passion and love you’d grown to have for Stiles this past year, all poured out into the one soft, and seemingly simple action.  When you parted, you kept your eyes closed, while Stiles stared at you, trying to get a red on what you were feeling.

“Was that okay?” He whispered unsurely, and you nodded.

“Yeah… yeah definitely” Your lashes fluttered open to find Stiles smiling gently at you.  He stroked your cheek before giving you another chaste kiss.

“Good” He hummed.  “Because I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” You frowned slightly, cupping his chin in one hand and bringing his warm vanilla tasting lips back to yours in a longer lasting kiss.

“Let’s promise each other something” You whispered, and he nodded.


“Let’s promise to.. to never do anything alone” Stiles smiled, a calloused hand brushing against your cheek.

“I promise you, y/n l/n, to never let you do, or go through, anything by yourself” He said, and held out a pinky.

“And I promise you, Mieczyslaw Stilinski, to never let you do, or go through, anything by yourself” You responded, and linked your pinkies together on it.

You fell asleep in his arms that night, comforted by his fingers twirling in your hair, and a soft lullaby-like hum he’d make.

And you kept your promise through time.  You went to your parents’ funeral together, hands bound tight.  You went to Prom together, you had movie nights as frequently as possible, you gave him your innocence and he gave you his for the first time.

And when you grew older, your promise would be repeated as your vows to love each other in a long lasting marriage.

And you very well did.

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just an angsty sput of the moment fic.  a requested one will be up tomorrow!

xoxo ~ jordie

‘anything you want’ (bellamy blake au, part iii)

part i, previously

Plot: You can avoid Octavia, and you can avoid Lincoln, but you can’t avoid Bellamy Blake. Since the little argument you two had the previous week, you’ve focused on only one thing: getting everything right for the wedding. You’d made a decision that would affect said wedding, but hadn’t planned on telling anyone else. Bellamy, of course, isn’t just anyone else.

Pairing: Lincoln x Octavia

Warnings: angst LOL

A/N: I know, I know! you guys want some less angsty stuff but I felt like this was necessary, as melodramatic as it might seem. pls let me know what you think because I enjoyed this. i’m sorry it’s short :/ thank you so much for your patience, loves xoxox (!!!!!!!GIFS NOT MINE!!!!!!!)

You’ve been at O’s place for a little over a week and you did your best to actively, politely avoid your hosts. You grabbed breakfast on your way out, made dinner before anyone else was home, still held wedding meetings to keep everyone up to date about the plans.

You tried so hard to forget what Bellamy said, but you had no luck. O was silent as Bellamy was speaking and remained silent following the matter. You’re sure she scolded Bell for what he said, but it still hurt. So you’d made up your mind. You’d decorate and designate and put the whole wedding together, but every time you thought of attending the wedding, you felt sick to your stomach. So you wouldn’t go. You haven’t told Octavia, or anyone, for that matter. She’s getting married and you want her to be happy, you do. Just without you.

Today you’re up a little earlier and you decide to start up breakfast before leaving to pick out some curtains and materials for the venue. You set your purse down on the countertop, quietly making some coffee as you go through the plans before the wedding.

“You’re up early today,” you hear Bellamy’s voice and stand up straight, tensing up on instinct as you’re finally forced to face him.

“Yeah, I’ve got some early appointments today,” you turn to face him, giving him a quick glance before turning back to your phone.

“You’ve had a lot of those lately,” you can almost hear the strain in his voice as he walks a little closer to you.

“I’m sure you’ve had some, too. You’ve got more work to do than me,” you give Bellamy a tight-lipped smile and he clenches his jaw, grabbing your phone out of your hand to give you no choice but to give him attention. “Bellamy, I need that.”

“And we need to work together, Y/N. This wedding has to be perfect, it’s O’s,” he whispers loudly soo as not to wake up the lovebirds.

“And it will be. I send you everything as soon as I check it out so that you have my input and you can, how did you say it, ‘double and triple check’ my work. I understand what this means to O and to Lincoln and to you,” you grab your phone out of his hand and he looks at you, surprised that you mentioned him. “This wedding will go off without a hitch.”

“We can’t be sure of that with you in it,” he scoffs, anger and pain coursing through your veins as you turn to face him.

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“Well then you don’t have to worry, Bellamy. I’m not going to be in the wedding,” you grit your teeth and walk out, leaving the coffee behind as Bellamy walks out after you, grabbing your arm and turning you around to face him.

“What the hell does that mean, Y/N? What do you mean you’re not going to be in the wedding?” Bellamy lets go of you and you keep walking, not wanting to have this conversation in front of O’s place. Bellamy follows you as you quicken your pace, the cold Chicago air nipping your face. “Y/N answer me. What does that mean?”

“It means that I won’t be at the wedding, Bellamy! Are you happy?” You turn to face him as soon as you’re far enough away that the tears running down your face and the breath creating little puffs of fog as you speak don’t disturb Octavia and Lincoln. “I’m doing the work, planning the whole wedding to a T, but I won’t be there.”

“You’re the maid of honor, you have to be there!” Bellamy glares at you, voice growing louder and cheeks getting redder as the wind hits them.

“I can’t be there, Bellamy! I tried to get past it, okay? I tried!” You rapidly wipe the tears that make their way down. “But the silence was deafening. Octavia’s silence was deafening. I know that I’m a fuck up, okay? I know, you know, everyone knows. But I would never, never, let Octavia down, and I thought maybe that’s why she’d asked me to be her maid of honor.”

“That is why she–”

“No, Bellamy. She asked me after Indra said she couldn’t. I know,” your bottom lip trembled and you cursed your habit of crying when the anger became too much to handle. “I’m just gonna finish everything here and leave before the wedding. You’re gonna have to write another speech for Octavia, or I can write it whatever. But you have to give the speech.”

“Y/N, no listen to me. This is madness, you can’t just give up!” Bellamy shakes his head and watches you as you chuckle softly, wiping the sadness off your face.

“I’ve held on for long enough, Bellamy. I’ve been able to move past everything but Octavia and Lincoln staying silent confirmed everything you said. And you weren’t wrong by any means, I just really hoped they would have more faith in me than I had in myself,” you sniffle and give Bellamy a soft smile. “Go back before you freeze your ass off. I’ll send you everything I find.”

“So what? What am I supposed to do with this news?”

“Anything you want.”

Just like that, you turn your back on Bellamy and he’s suddenly transported to that fateful night years ago. He heard you murmur his name in your sleep and managed to escape seconds before you woke up. He knew he screwed up then. And he knew he screwed up even worse this time around.

Late Night || Baekhyun ||

“Oh my god!” I heard through the wall. Rolling my eyes, I put my pillow over my ears to block out the screams and moans coming from the room next to mine.

“Jesus Christ.” I groaned, getting up and throwing on a sweatshirt and sweats over my underwear. Grabbing my ice bucket, I left my room, walking by the room next to me. A girl was screaming her lungs out while the bed was creaking and banging against the wall. This has been going on for the past hour and a half.

“Someone is horny, damn.” Shuffling down the hall slowly, I turned the corner and saw someone useing the ice machine. I sighed and sat down against the wall.

“Hm? Oh sorry, I thought I was the only one up.” The guy said in a sweet voice. He turned around and it took all my might to keep my mouth shut. I was in complete awe at how perfect this man was. His jawline was razor sharp, his eyes were dark brown and his hair was a light red. I felt my heart almost jump out of my chest.

“N-No it’s fine. I’ll just wait here. It’s quieter out here than in my room.” I stated as the guy sat next to me.

“Yeah sorry about that. That’s my friend Sehun. He always brings in some chick when he thinks we performed well.” He explained as I stood up. I felt his eyes on me as I filled my ice bucket.

“So, how old are you? You seem a little young to be on your own in L.A.” He said quietly. I sighed and turned around.

“I’m 19. I’m here visiting family.” Turning back around, I tried to put a dollar in the vending machine but it got spit out.

“Oh? You’re very pretty for your age. Your boyfriend is lucky.” Huffing, I tried to put the dollar back in but it got spit out again.

“Don’t have one.” I replied. Trying one last time, it got spit out a third time. Glaring at the machine, I crossed my arms.

“Really? Why?” I heard the guy get up and come towards me.

“Simple. Guys my age don’t know how treat me.” I looked at the guy as he stepped in front of me and put a dollar in and it got accepted.

“Hmm, seems legit. Now what’s good in this thing?” He asked, looking at the various choices.

“Honsetly, I like the chocolate covered pretzels. But it’s up to you.” Sighing, I sat against the wall again. The guy pressed the buttons A and 2 and bought the chocolate covered pretzels. Sitting next to me, he looked at me and smiled.

“Hi. My name’s Baekhyun, nice to meet you.” My heart skipped a beat as this beautiful man smiled at me. Baekhyun held out the bag of pretzels towards me.

“Yeah. I’m Y/N.” I said quietly, taking a pretzel. We talked for a while, he explained his job and apologized for his friend, Sehun. Pretty soon we were out of pretzels and he had no more money and my dollar didn’t work.

“Well, it’s pretty late. We should probably head back to our rooms.” I stated, stretching up. That’s when I felt a hand on my arm. Turning my head, I felt a pair of lips on mine. My eyes widened but soon I kissed back, the kiss going from sweet to rough in seconds. Soon, Baekhyun had me on my feet, against the wall with his hand down my pants and his lips on mine.

“W-Wait….sh-shouldn’t we go to y-your room?” I moaned out, his lips traveling from my lips to my neck.

“Good idea.” Was all he siad as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We went from wall to wall as he took us to his room, fumbling in his pocket for the key to his room. A few more moans left my mouth as I was soon against his door. Baekhyun opened it and he brought us in, closing it with his foot. Throwing me onto the bed, my sweartshirt and my sweats were ripped off my body, leaving me in just my underwear.

“No bra?” He teased, going to the hem of my underwear and licking from there up my stomach and to my neck, biting my earlobe. My breath hitched and my hands went to his shirt, ripping it off his body reavealing his slightly toned body. Baekhyun kissed my lips roughly with his knee rubbing on my throbbing womanhood. I wanted him and I wanted him now.

“Baekhyun~ Baekhyun please~” I moaned loudly, pushing myself down against his knee. He smiled and looked me in the eyes before giving my lips one more deep kiss before going down to my lower region and pulling down my underwear, leaving me fully naked on the bed. I closed my eyes, waiting for the contact and when it happened it felt amazing. It didn’t take long for me to realize he was eating me out. My hands went right to his red hair and I cried out in pleasure. Waves of pleasure ran though my body as his tongue went deeper and hit my g-spot.

“Fuck! Oh my god Baekhyun~” My grip tightened on his hair as I tugged a little at his hair. I felt him smirk against me while he took his thumb and rubbed it against my clit at a very fast pace.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Baekhyun groaned, getting up and taking off his pants and boxers. I whined at the loss of friction. Baekhyun came up and kissed me sweetly before slowly pushing himself inside me. Tears came to my eyes while I bit his bottom lip lightly, trying to push the pain away.

“You okay?” He mummered into the kiss, his hands on my waist. I nodded slightly and blinked away my tears, moving my hips in a slow, circular motion. Baekhyun groaned and moved to my neck, biting it.

“Move…” I said quietly and he didn’t hesitate to slam into me. I cried out and gripped his back, clawing down it. As my moans got louder, the faster Baekhyun went. The bed started to creak and soon the only sounds were our moans, skin slapping and the bed creaking. 

“I’m close Baekhyun…..” I whimpered, but then we heard a knock on his door. He didn’t stop but he put his hand over my mouth so I didn’t say anything or make any noise.

“Who is it?” He asked in a normal voice. I closed my eyes while Baekhyun went faster.

“Baekhyun hyung? It’s Kai. We’re all going to Chanyeol’s room! You wanna come along?” The voice outside asked. My hips bucked which gave him access to my g-spot and I almost lost it.

“UH, I’m in the shower! I’m gonna go to sleep afterwards! Not gonna make it!” He looked at me and smiled before kissing my quickly.

“OKay hyung. See you tomorrow I guess.” Once we thought he walked away, Baekhyun removed his hand and I started to moan again. Soon I hit my climax which set Baekhyun off. Baekhyun fell beside me and smiled at me.

“How was that?” I looked at him and kissed his lips deeply.

“That was amazing. Wait, how old are you?” I asked, considering he looked about my age.

“25. Why?” My eyes widened.

“You just……you look so young! I thought you were around my age.” I explained, wrapping my arms around his torso.

“So, will I see you in the morning?” He looked at me with pleading eyes as if I was going to leave in the middle of the night while he was sleeping.

“Of course you will. Maybe longer after that if you want.” I whispered to him, kissing him on the lips lightly before lying against him and falling asleep.

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Dean has many obsessions, but his biggest fixation is his car; sometimes that his platonic love for the car is almost morbid. He gave a name to his car! And me? Sometimes I think I’m crazy, why.. I’m jealous of that car! Yes, his Chevy Impala is fantastic, spectacular, a car that I would buy without thinking twice; when Dean drives.. a mix of sensuality and excitement surrounds me. But sometimes it seems that Dean is more interested to the Impala, that to me. And he doesn’t drive it to anyone. Nobody. Not even his brother Sam, has allowed to drive (unless Dean has disappeared, or died). But I have so much desire to drive it, to feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I zip along the streets with Baby, the wind ruffles my hair.
Now, me and Dean we hang out for a long time, I love him, he loves me, we take care of each other. I can’t believe what I’m about to say.. but now he let me get to know Baby.

The bunker is silent; Sam is out to make his usual jogging, Dean and I were at home. Dean is in his room, and when I enter, I see him lying on the bed, with headphones on your ears. He doesn’t notice me, and slowly, I approach the bed, and sit astride Dean. He jumps, opens his eyes and sees me, a dazzling smile appears on his face.
“Hey beautiful.”
I blush, and approach more at my hunter, touching my lips with his. Dean wraps his arms around my waist, and he approached me to him; he lays his lips in the crook of my neck, and begins to torture it with kisses and bites. I close my eyes, enjoying the moment, but then I breath deeply, and I speak to Dean.
“You know, I was wandering in the bunker.. and I was bored to death.”
Dean mutters something while he is still attached to my collarbone.
“So I thought that we can do something together.”
He laughs against my shoulder, and suddenly we turn ourselves on the bed, with Dean over me. He slings over my mouth, and kisses me; his tongue licking my lips, and I give him more access. His hands travelling over my body, but when I feel his hands move under my shirt, I push him away.
“Dean, I don’t want to have sex with you.”
Okay, isn’t exactly; sex with Dean.. is speechless. But right now, I want more. I think.
Dean frowns, and he looks at me confused.
“What do you do then?”
I raise my elbows, and my eyes stare at him. I bite my bottom lip, knowing that Dean becomes crazy when I do it; maybe in this way I can convince him.
“I was thinking that maybe.. you.. can let me drive.”
Dean opens his eyes, and he remains silent; a few seconds later, he falls back on me and kisses me.
“Is it not better sex?” he says; I roll my eyes, and pushing it away from me, I get up from bed.
“Oh come on Dean! We always have sex, I want to drive the Impala! You don’t ever make me do it. Please, please, please!”
Dean grunts, still lying on the bed; I approach him, and I try to say something to convince him.
“If you make me drive.. I will do anything you want, without objection.. for a week.”
Dean opens his eyes and looks at me with a strange smile on his face. I roll my eyes; surely he is thinking about something perverse.
The smile disappears from his face, and rolls his eyes; after rising from bed, Dean approaches me, his gaze is serious and thoughtful.
Dean wrapped his arms around my waist, and sighs.
“Okay, but..” he didn’t finish the sentence, because I jump on him for happiness, and I wrap my legs around his waist. I kissed him, first on the lips, then his cheeks, then on the neck. It seems stupid, but I’m really happy; for him it’s important that car, and the fact that Dean has decided to let me drive, means that he trusts me.
“We can go to the grocery store, the pantry is almost empty. And I buy a pie.” I say, as he and I leave the room and go to the garage. Dean continues staring at me and laughing like an idiot.
“Why do you look at me like that?” I ask him, and Dean approaches me, and wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“I thought you were a little too happy.”
“Seriously? I’m so happy! Baby is like.. your girlfriend for you, and the fact that you decided to let me drive, it’s awesome!”
Arriving near the car, I feel a shiver along my back; I’m so excited! Dean approaches me, and hesitant, hands it to me the keys of the Impala. It’s strange sitting on the driver’s side while Dean sits next to me. Suddenly, I feel anxiety invade my body, and entering the keys in the car, Dean noted my trembling hands. He puts his hand on my knee, and looks at me.
“Hey, don’t worry.”
“It’s just that.. I don’t want to make mistakes. I don’t want to disappoint you.”
He smiles and lays his hand behind my neck, to bring his lips to mine. His kiss calms me down right away, and together we begin to laugh.
“It’ll be okay. And mind you, I love my car, but my only girlfriend is you.”
I blush, and in silence, I nod, more to myself than to Dean. I turn the key, and when I turn on the car, I check a smile to the face. I’m finally to guide Baby.

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You are Mine; Namjoon [Part 1/7 of the Yandere!BTS Series]

Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる),meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as strongly and deeply exhausted, infatuated, moonstruck, head-over-heels, or lovestruck, but in this case used for “lovestruck.”

Summary: A letter from Namjoon, your obsessive ex who can’t seem to move on. He’s only got one thing on his mind, and that’s to get you back, no matter what it takes. 

Word Count: 400 

Genre: Angst, suggestive but not completely smut

Warning: Yandere!AU, Obsessive behavior, stalker mentality, mention of homicide 

A/N: Erm…I guess the term “Yandere” fits Bangtan, especially with “Blood Sweat and Tears” to prove it. Enjoy this fic and please leave suggestions/comments in my ask box!

Before you start reading: I highly advise you to not read this fic if you are sensitive to any of the content in the warning. 

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You probably won't get to this today (for the ides of march) but what about a tsukishima scenario where him and his history nerd gf go on a date to a museum and she's super exited over the Julius Caesar exhibit and he's super excited over the dinosaurs? Overall just really cute??? Thank BB

《I absolutely had to do this for the Ides of March ‘cause I actually am treating it like a holiday. Also, it wasn’t until now did I realize that I referred to him as Kei throughout the entire thing, because in my mind I guess I’m on first name basis with him now, lol. It’s been a while since I’ve written happy Kei and? I liked it? I also learned a bunch of cool new dinosaur facts so props to that》

Tsukishima Kei didn’t quite get why his girlfriend loved the Roman emperors so much. They were all old, narcissistic sadists who, even if they did lead one of the most inarguably powerful empires in history, all seemed to have the temperamental issues of a toddler. The only emperor Kei didn’t have a problem with was Marcus Aurelius, but he was completely disregarded by her. She actually liked the sadists, the numbskulls, the men who made their race horses part of the Roman consul. She adored Caligula, Elagabalus, and this morning, when she rushed over to his house and told him that they absolutely had to go on a date to see the one day Julius Caesar exhibit at the history museum downtown, Kei couldn’t have dreaded his life more. Truth be told, he would’ve slammed the door on her face if it wasn’t for the promise that she’d take him to the dinosaur exhibit and buy him coffee later on.

Although, now that he was at the museum itself, he was glad he accepted the offer.

He had never seen her more excited in her life. The moment Kei admitted that he knew jackshit about the emperors, she practically squealed. He didn’t know why, but she flushed up almost instantaneously, bursting out into a little rant about Quintillus, or whomever. Kei didn’t quite understand why she got so happy, or how, but he did know that he absolutely loved the way she sat on the edge of the driver’s seat, clutching onto the steering wheel just a bit tighter as she got deeper into the one sided conversation, and the neverending smile that grazed upon her lips. He loved it, and if she was already this excited on the car ride there, the museum was going to be one hell of an experience.
“I honestly don’t get why you’re so in love with some old, dead guy, __.” He found himself asking her once she parked in front of the museum. She gave him a soft look, the one that made his heart almost stop in his chest, her cheeks still a bit pink from her spiel, and she clicked her tongue.
“I don’t get why you’re so in love with some old, dead… lizards.”
“Well, I guess I’m not gonna be the only one learning something new today, hm?” He smiled, hurriedly pressing a soft, chase kiss on the corner of her mouth before leaving the car, watching her giggle from the inside. She got out and immediately grabbed his hand, brushing her fingertips against his before she intertwined their fingers.
“We’re gonna see Julius first, right?” She pondered.
“Oh, so you’re on first name basis with Mr. Caesar now, are you?”
“Well, what else am I supposed to call him? It doesn’t matter what I call him, you said it yourself, he’s just an old, dead guy.”
“Oh, so you’re agreeing with me now?”
She paused for a moment, her mouth agape, trying to articulate words to fire back at him. Kei stood on the steps with a victorious smirk, kneeling over to meet her at eye level.
“Did I win this one?”
Kei smiled, staring back at her silently for a moment before pulling her up the steps with him. Kei had always loved this museum, a large, spacey enclosure with a replica of a Mastodon greeting its visitors at the door. A giant Newton’s Cradle display was set off to the corner, giddy children circling around it and throwing around the balls like it was a toy. There was a giant ‘marble sculpture’ of Julius Caesar by the steps, its authentic facade given away by the small code number right underneath his kneecap.
“If the entire exhibit is like that, I’m going to stab myself.” She had joked, sparing it one last glance as she trailed in front of him on the stairs.
“Twenty-three times?”
“Too soon!”
“Oh please, you set yourself up for that one.”
She paused for a moment, reaching the top of the steps, then spun around.
“You’re right, I did.” She giggled, grabbing his hands in hers. “I wanted to see if you’d say it or not.”
Kei rolled his eyes, then willingly followed her into the exhibit nearby. She almost immediately started running her mouth, not only capturing his attention, but a group of kids nearby. He had almost laughed, she had known so much they must’ve thought she worked here, or something. She was oblivious to her little crowd, and every so often she’d look up at him, her eyes crinkled in the corners as she smiled, then continued spewing out more information than the info cards on each poster. There were moments where he had accidently zoned out, lost in the expression of her, subconsciously waving her arms around and clapping at whatever the hell it was that she found so exciting. Kei thought it was adorable, painfully so, that there were moments he had to look away or else he was sure he’d find himself in a heap on the floor. There was a moment that she had stopped, just to admire the armor they had put on display. It wasn’t Julius’, but it was someone’s, an old artifact locked up behind a glass chamber and red ropes. She looked up at it fondly, her fingers tapping mindlessly against the ropes.
“You’re so adorable.” Kei caught her off guard as he whispered into her ear, amused by the small gasp she made from being startled. “I think you’re the only person in the world who could talk about a dead narcissist and still sound sexy.”
She guffawed, covering her mouth and nearly doubling over. Her cheeks flushed red, suddenly, and her grip on his hand became bone crushing.
“Never say that to me again, oh my god.” She managed to strangle out in between giggles. “I think we’re done here, I don’t think I ever wanna look at Julius Caesar again.”
“Dinosaur time?” Kei found himself asking, even though he knew the obvious answer was ‘yes’. She nodded, and it was her turn to follow him around now, and the thought of it made him flush up a bit. He knew he was going to run his mouth, the event was inevitable, and part of him really wished the dinosaur exhibit was closed so he didn’t have to. He wasn’t as comfortable with speaking as she was, the thought of dragging in a small crowd of children like she did set off an anxiety alarm in his head and oh god, his skin was crawling. Although, by the time he reached the exhibit, and there was a small velociraptor to greet him, the anxiety alarm was dismantled, and the useless trivia trigger was set off.
“You know real velociraptors were about the size of a turkey, so this whole model is completely inaccurate?” He began. He felt a bit insecure about all of this, for some odd reason, and when he looked back at her to see her nodding at him with a small smile of reassurance, he felt safe. He sighed and continued, pointing out his favorite dinosaurs and spewing the weirdest facts about each to the point where he actually surprised himself a bit.
“Hey, Kei, are those the Brachiosaurus’?”
“The one on the left is, good girl.” He found himself saying, not even bothering to correct himself with the ‘good girl’ comment, and continuing. “The other one is an Apatosaurus, you can tell the difference, ‘cause Brachiosaurus has longer front legs, see? They belong to the order sauropoda, which were the largest land animals to ever roam earth, so obviously these models aren’t to scale…” He found himself rambling on again, interrupted by her sudden giggling. “What?” He asked, suddenly growing self conscious. This is what he feared, coming off as too annoying, talking too much, but then she leaned up on her tiptoes and gave him a deep kiss on the lips, the anxiety of that melted away, and a whole new fear creeped up on him. Although the dinosaur exhibit was clear, most of the museums visitors flocked in the main attraction for the day, he still could help but flush at the fear of being caught.
“You think I’m cute when I talk?” She muttered through the kiss, “God, you’re the cutest thing ever. I could listen to you talk about dead lizards all day if you let me.”
“Why’d you cut me off, then?”
“‘Cause I wanted to tell you that you looked like the Brachiosaurus up there.”
Kei snorted, eyeing the model quickly before looking back at her.
“Really now? Is that what this is all about?”
She nodded, then pointed at the small, prehistoric bird that was propped beside its leg.
“And that’s me, clinging to you like the small, desperate animal I am.”
“Oh, that’s a Merriam’s Teratorn. Its pretty much the prehistoric equivalent to your modern day vulture. They were pretty badass, so relating to one isn’t that big of a tragedy.”
“Oh my god, is there anything you don’t know, you nerd?” She said fondly, still propped up on her tiptoes as she ran her hands through his hair. He only smirked in reply, looking around the room for people before quickly pecking her lips.
“You should give me twenty two more of those.” She hummed.
“For the Ides of March.”
“Please.” He rolled his eyes, letting her slip down from his arms suddenly. “You’re treating this like it’s an actual holiday.”
“You treated the announcement of “Jurassic World Two” like a holiday, so let me live.” She shrugged. Kei shrugged, muttering a quick, ‘fair point’, before grabbing her hand and pulling her along again.
“You know I love you, right?” He said suddenly, in the middle of admiring a Dilophosaurus pelvis, the most unromantic setting for him to say such a thing.
“Really, I didn’t know that.” She said with sarcasm.
“Oh, quit it. I’m trying to be cute here.”
“While looking at the reproductive tract of a dead lizard?” Kei huffed, looking down at her from the corner of his eye.
“I’ll take it. I’d rather it be that than Julius’ stab wounds.”

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YAY YOUR ASK BOX IS OPEN okay um could i have a romantic scenario w/ tyl!gokudera's associate being kidnapped by someone from a rival mafia and him going to rescue her, with her reaction being that she's surprised that he did?

~You and I think alike, Anon. I’ve had this scenario in my head before! I hope you like it! XD

-admin Adelheid


There was no other word for it.

Even as you look into the smirking face of the current threat to the Vongola and the traitor who had sold you out the word burned like poison in your mind. Your cover as a double agent was blown and there was no escape. All you could do now is wait for your imminent torture at the hands of these animals who will soon make sure they do everything they can to make you tell them all of what you knew of the Vongola’s secrets as you sat tied to this chair.

“You’ll never get away with this.” You hissed, staring directly into the traitor’s face. “Even if you kill me, the moment they find my body there will be war. The Vongola are not fools. They will smell a traitor is rubbing elbows with them.”

Your handler merely frowned and pushed up his glasses up his nose as he answered. “We just have to make sure your body won’t be found too soon, that’s all. I’ll make sure to report in to headquarters for you in your stead to avoid suspicion. You don’t have to worry.”

You gritted your teeth in frustration and unconsciously your eyes caught a glimpse of the face of the golden wristwatch your would be torturer was wearing. It was past ten and you haven’t reported to the Storm yet. Why the bastard insisted that you report to him personally every night was beyond you since you really did nothing but argue over the phone with him about the dumbest things. But then again after you hang up your realized all the stress that had been building up inside you and all the fear that you had always tried to deny always dissipated after a talk with Gokudera Hayato.


You hoped he didn’t forget to eat dinner again. Ever since you became his personal secretary you had had to drag him out of his desk to eat his meals up until you forced him to let you take care of spying for this enemy Famiglia to gather evidence of their treachery against the Vongola. You were tired of desk work. You wanted to prove you were more than just a pencil pusher. Hayato was such a workaholic sometimes… Still you had to admire how passionate he was about his work.

You had to smile sadly at the wistful fantasies you have sometimes of being his wife. Wearing an apron and nagging him about taking better care of himself.

Yeah right… Like that would ever happen. What would that foul tempered idiotic genius want with a simple minded person like you? His usual type were strip bar girls with big breasts and legs up to their necks who knew what to do with a man. The only thing you were proud of was your sharp tongue and too sharp wit which always chased your dates away.

“Well boys,” the enemy Boss cracked his knuckles as he began wearing his brass knuckles over his fists, his subordinates already leering at her. “We’ll be having fun tonight!”

“I’ll leave you to it then.” Your traitorous handler nodded to the other men politely before turning away. “I’ve got other things to do.”

“You mean like going to hell?”

Everyone gasped and looked up at the voice of the new arrival who was now standing on the landing on top of the cellar stairs where they had locked you up. Your eyes widened at the sight of the same man you had been thinking about with only one question going through your mind.

Am I dreaming…?

He was furious. You can find no other explanation for it. He stared down at you and you met his eyes with yours in amazement. His gaze stared at your bound form and then the smirking men and then the paling traitor on his way up the stairs to get out of the room… And like a lighter being snapped to life his anger exploded.

He didn’t even have to touch any of them. He just hurriedly passed by to get to you and they were all engulfed in his violent, crimson colored Flames. You would have watched them all die but you were too mesmerized by the anger and the fear mixing within the usual peaceful beauty of his celadon green eyes. You didn’t you had ever seen this particular expression on his face before. You wonder if such eyes had ever been turned towards the Decimo…

“You idiot!” he practically exploded while approaching you, completely ignoring the agonized screams of people being burned alive around him. “I knew something was wrong when your stupid handler called me instead of you to report!”

You had no idea what to say. All you could do was stare dumbly at him and watch his chest rise and fall rapidly as though he had run all the way from HQ straight to her side.

Wait a minute…

“Hayato?” you began with a perplexed look on your face. “Have you been nearby all this time? Because it’s only been a couple of hours since my handler reported in, you couldn’t have possibly found me this fast if you’d been in HQ.”

Idiot! Why does that matter?!” he yelled as he burned through your ropes and dragged you out of the chair. “Do you have any idea how close I was to losing my mind looking for you?!”

He surprised you, however, because instead of letting go after you found your feet he picked you up bridal style and sat on the chair you had been on with you placed firmly in his lap. He shocked you even further when he buried his face in your hair and your face was pushed firmly against his chest. Your eyes widened at the rapid beating of his heart.

“Hayato…?” you began carefully, afraid to jump into conclusions. Maybe the enemy drugged you and you were hallucinating all this. It sure was a nice delusion, though. You wish you would never wake up. “I… I don’t think we should―”

“Shut up for once in your goddamn life will you?” he snarled hoarsely into your hair and held you even tighter against him as though you were a lifeline. Your heart began to pound in concert to his own when you realized how bad he was shaking. “No more undercover work, do you understand? No more! Goddamnit, I thought I was going to fucking lose you…”

The words were heartfelt and felt as though they had come from a part of him that was so deep it shook his entire soul. And your feelings resonated with them. So much so that you couldn’t help but clutch at the front of his suit jacket so tightly it almost tore in your hand. You buried your nose in his shirtfront and drowned yourself in the luxurious scent of tobacco, gunpowder and that musky cologne he favored and felt all your bravado melt away as you allowed yourself to realize just how close you were to danger just now.

The both of your just sat there for God knew how long, with him holding you as though his life depended on it. You noticed that the room was now quiet and had begun to smell uncomfortably of cooked meat. It reminded you uneasily that this might just all be an illusion. One that would be too dangerous to indulge yourself in.

“Ummm… Hayato?” you began uncertainly, squirming in his lap a little. You gasped a little when he only help you tighter. “Maybe we should call the cleanup squad now…?”

“Just give me a few more minutes,” he growled quietly as his lips and nose slid off the top of your head and began a trek for your lips. “My legs won’t stop shaking…”

Nathan MacKinnon ft.Sidney Crosby - Bodyguard

Request: Could you possibly write an imagine where Sidney Crosby, who is like a brother to you, finds out you’re dating Nathan MacKinnon?

Warning: Like one bad word? I don’t even know if it’s so bad…

Word Count: 1 719 

Note: I had a little too much ideas for this one. It’a bit long hehe. Enjoy!!! - Vi

Holidays, my favourite time of the year. Not only because I love the snow and the cold but also because it was the only time when our whole family was together. The food my mother makes is the reason why I never achieve my beach body in time for summer. In fact, I never achieve it at all. Plus, I get to see my sister-like and brother-like, Taylor and Sidney Crosby. Also my real bros but I see them way too often. It was the day before Christmas and both the Crosby’s family and mine were reunited in the same house. The « kids » in the living room and the parents in the kitchen, just like the old time. Ryan, my little brother, was arguing with Taylor about the show on tv. Sidney was discussing with Thomas, my older brother, probably about the existence of the aliens. I was biting my fingernails while looking at my phone attentively. When I’m nervous, it’s obvious ( ^-^) and everyone was starting to ask me questions. 

« What are you waiting for? » asked Taylor who finally gave up to Ryan.
I shake my head and just did a small laugh. She put her hand on my forearm to let me know that I could tell her anything. 

« She is waiting for her lover. » My mom suddenly says with a smile on her face. She was only passing by to put some out-of-the-oven cookies on the table for us. She knew that I haven’t told anyone yet besides her. 

« MOM! » I express my discontent loudly and she just ran back to the kitchen. My brothers were also laughing and I threatened them with my eyes. I had to throw pillows and cookies at Thomas so he would at least try to hide the laughter. Taylor helped me to shut Ryan off too. Sidney was just watching us from his spot with a goofy smile on his face. 

« Who is it? » Asked Thomas who was still not back to being serious.

« I’m not telling you, asshole. » I stand up to join my mother and « aunt ». I was trying to enjoy the smell of the food and to escape from my brothers. It has always been this way, I was the only girl and middle child. Thomas would always success to piss me off while Ryan was mocking me. Oh, girl, I can tell you how hard growing up was. But, somehow, I’m also grateful towards them. They always protected me, defended me and comforted me. I remember the first time I was heartbroken, Thomas gave me some tough love and was the one who got me out of that nightmare. Ryan would mock me first, then give me a long speech about life. It’s because of him that I get to do a job that I love. I would also include Sidney, my bodyguard/secret keeper, and Taylor, my best friend, my sister, my future maid of honour who is also the one that shares my secrets with Sidney. I am lucky to have all of them as siblings but not right now. 

The table was set and everyone was starting to take their place on the long table. I sat beside Taylor and her father. The only thing that I could think of was how nervous I felt. My eyes were always looking out hoping that he would come soon. My mother was still putting the rest on the table. When the bell rang, my heart was ready to jump out of my body. My big brother immediately went to open the door then came back with a girl in his arm. It was his longtime girlfriend, Jennie. We all welcomed her and she took a seat beside Thomas. It wasn’t the first time for her to have dinner with the whole family. She lives in the same neighbourhood and went to the same school as the rest of us. I looked at my phone to see if my boyfriend sent a text. 

« Y/N, no smartphone at the table. » My mother warns me and I sigh. 

We finally started to eat. Questions were asked by everyone and the ambiance made me feel nostalgic. I was helping Ryan to cut a piece of turkey for him. 

« I heard that you got a new boyfriend Y/N. How did you meet him? » Troy Crosby asked me with a laugh. 

« I…Uhh…Actually…Uhh…It’s kind of… I don’t know how to say this but um… » I said random word clumsily because I tried really hard to avoid that question. Troy was now trying to calm me down saying that it was fine if I don’t want to say it. I was giving Sidney a look that made him wonder. He ignored it though and took his glass of wine to drink it. 

« It’s Nathan MacKinnon… » My head was low and I hear Sidney choking on the 20 years old pinot noir. 

« You’re dating Nate? How could you not tell me?! » The superstar hockey player asks me still recovering from the shock. 

« I didn’t want to freak you out just like you did. I was also scared that you would tell me to stop seeing him. » I was playing with my food hoping that he would not continue the conversation. 

« I wouldn’t but you have to at least tell me something so important! How did you guys start dating? 

— Last summer, just before the world cup… 

— It’s been more than a year!? » 

Out of the sudden, the doorbell rings. Sidney stands up and goes open the door. I follow him closely. It was indeed my boyfriend, Nathan. He was a bit surprised to see the Penguin’s captain at the door but still gave us a big smile. Then, when no one was expecting it, the older player punch the younger one in the face. I scream and run to Nate. He was still holding his figure and everyone was behind Sidney. 

« What are you doing?! » I yell at him with an angry tone. He touches his red knuckles and waits for my boyfriend to lift his head up. He wasn’t bleeding but I am pretty sure that he would have a big bruise on his cheek. 

« That was for coming late. Your girlfriend was worried to death and I swear that if you ever make her feel this much stress, I’m going to find you and beat the crap out of you MacKinnon. Is it clear? » Sidney tells Nathan who agreed confidently. I smile at my « brother » who was only trying to protect me once again. 

« Now come in the house and take out your coat. It must be really cold out there. We were all waiting for you. » 

The Stanley Cup champion invites his junior in. The whole family seem relieved now and took back their places. Taylor sat farther so Nate could seat with me. I was looking at his face to make sure that he wasn’t more injured. He gives me smile and peck my lips quickly. I feel my face heating up and he smiles even more now. Unfortunately, the scene was watched carefully by my father, my two brothers and the two male Crosby. While the females were happy to see it, the men were more giving Nathan a death look. He laughs nervously and I try to reassure him by taking his hand into mine. 

«  Ryan, take the seat of your sister. Y/N, come and sit with your mother. And it’s an order. » 

I know that I can’t talk back so I change seat with Ryan. Just like I thought it would happen, everyone started to ask the newcomer questions. I was impressed to see him being so confident and happy even when all of the attention was on him. At the end of the dinner, we all helped with the dishes and leftovers. Nathan was still stuck between my way too protective dad and Troy. I watched them with Sidney knowing that the situation was helpless for my boyfriend. 

« Thank you for punching Nate. Even though I didn’t like the fact that you punched him, I’m glad to see you trying to protect me. It’s just nice to know that we can always count on each other. » 

He pats my back. 

« It’s my job and it will always be. I may one day retire from Hockey but never will I retire from protecting you. And anyway, it’s always fun to punch your boyfriends in the face. » 

I slap his arm and he smirks before walking away. When I return my eyes to Nathan, he was already free from my father and I open my arm to give him a hug. He shakes his head and tries to point behind him. My dad was still watching us so I nod and go back to the living room. We say bye to the Crosby who lived two streets away. When Nathan and I are alone in my childhood room, his smile disappears and he lays down on my bed. 

« I think your dad and his best friend already hate me. » 

I lay down beside him and put my arm around his torso. I kiss his jawline. 

« Don’t worry about them. I’m sure that they will love you really soon. And anyway, what’s important is that I found you really brave tonight. I think that you are the only man on earth who would still act so nice after his girlfriend’s brother punched him in the face. » 

He locks his legs around mine and put my head on his chest. 

« I would take anything for you. Let’s just go to sleep, I am so tired after all of the questions. I’m going to get revenge next time on the ice. » 

I look at his face to see if he was joking or not. 

« Nate, you’re kidding, right? » 

Instead of replying, the big man is fake snoring and make me laugh. I put my head back on his chest and we fall asleep just like that in each other’s arms.

Loud Whisperer (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

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(not my gif! credits to owner)

REQUEST: (from anon) If you are still doing requests, can you do one where Y/N and Louis are best friends but Louis secretly has feelings for Y/N and tells Liam that he has feelings for her but she over hears? Sorry I’m really bad at making requests!

My first imagine got a lot of great feedbacks! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry that this one took too long… I kinda fell and hit my bum so I had to rest and do nothing for a few days…

Anyways… Enjoy! Requests are still open. 

Masterlist here (x)



One may ask how I started feeling differently towards Y/N, my best friend. You can try asking, but even I don’t know the answer. All I know is that after that one night, I finally knew…

I fell in love with my best friend.


We were at Y/N’s place for our movie date night.

Before, it was just something that Y/N and I did ever since we were 12. Every Friday, our parents would allow us to sleep over to each other’s house and finish homework together. We’d then eat dinner and watch a few movies until we fall asleep on our sleeping bags laid on the living room floor.

With One Direction, we seldom have the chance to do so. And when we do it, the lads usually tag along with their girlfriends. Luckily today, we had the night to ourselves. It’s been awhile since Y/N and I had our movie date to ourselves. It was a refreshing feeling, to be left alone with her like old times.

“Hope Chinese is ok? I ordered our usual.” Y/N said to me as soon as I get pass the door.

“You actually read my mind. I was just about to ask if you wanted Chinese.” I said, directly making my way to the living room to set up my sleeping bag. As I was about to unzip my sleeping bag, I felt a pang of nausea, making me sit down on the couch. Y/N entered the room, seeing me collapse on the couch.

“Lou? You ok?’ she asked, checking to see if I was ok.

“Gosh Lou! You’re burning up!” she exclaimed.

“I woke up with a headache but thought nothing of it. Didn’t know it’d end up this bad.” I said in all honesty. Y/N sighed.

“Alright. Put your arm around my shoulder. Let’s get you to the bedroom.” She said,

“But what about the movie night?” I asked, the feeling of guilt and a mix of nausea overtaking my body.

“Who cares! Your health is more important.” She explained.

The whole night Y/N took care of me. She wiped sweat off my forehead and rubbed my back when I felt the need to puke. The feeling of her that close from me… it felt comforting, familiar. It was that kind of feeling that made me want it more and more. It was the feeling that I didn’t want to let go.

The next day I woke up with a sleeping Y/N beside me. The first thing that caught my eyes were her lips. My mind immediately thought about how it would’ve felt with mine.

After years of pushing the feeling away, I admitted to myself. I’m in love with my best friend.


Tonight was the first time in months since we’ve had our movie night. Unfortunately, the lads along with their girlfriends tagged along. It was my turn to host, so everyone was now gathered inside the mini theater I had in the house.

“Lou! Could you get more beer and popcorn? We’re all out from here.” Niall shouted from the mini bar inside the theater room. I groaned and stood up.

“And maybe bring in those prawn crisps from the Philippines in your pantry?” Y/N asked with a pouty face.

“No one’s touching my prawn crisps. Eat what’s being served.” I said. Those prawn crisps are my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why, but they’re addicting.

“Please!!!!!” Y/N begged, giving me those pouty eyes and lips once more.

“Ugh! Fine! But just one pack.”

What else can I do… that pouty face got me.

“I’ll go with you, lad.” Liam said.

We went down and got everything we needed. As we were waiting for the popcorn to finish, Liam asked out of the blue, “So, no plans on making a move?”

“A move on who?” I asked.

“You know who.” He said, winking.

“She’s my best friend. What can I do? I can’t lose her.” I said, with a ‘duh’ tone.

“But you do love her right? You’re so whipped.” He said, picking up the beer from the fridge.

“I am, mate. I really am… and I really do. I care for her like no other. She makes me feel special and I hope I can make her feel half as much as she does me.” I said, smiling like an kid who was just given candy.

When we turned around to get back inside the theater, we were surprised to see Y/N by the door, eyes wide open. Nervousness started filling my entire body.

Did she hear us?

“I heard.” Y/N said, reading my mind once again. I was stuttering, trying to come up with an excuse.

But I wasn’t given the chance. I was about to open my mouth to say something when I felt a pair of lips connect to mine.

Y/N’s lips.

And just like how I knew that I love her, I knew that she loved me back.

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silverflint + “You don’t want me."

Silver’s mind is somewhere else. Flint skims his teeth along the raw expanse of his throat, which usually has a noticeable effect on Silver and yes, Silver leans into it as he usually does, but he doesn’t so much as murmur.

Abruptly Flint is fed up. They only have so much time here and so far Silver has barely spoken a word. He removes his hand from its current location, inside Silver’s breeches, and sits back.

Silver blinks slowly and looks at him, “Why’d you stop?” He has the gall to sound plaintively indignant, like Flint had stopped mid-fuck or something.

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Cuddles and Kisses

request:  cute lesbian batsis with gf. just cuddles and kissing. (most sensitive content ever) - @black-end-heart

plot: batsis and her gf just cuddling and being cute 

a/n: due to the sensitive content thing going around on Tumblr I decided to post this

word count: 595

warning(s): I guess in tumblr’s terms its sensitive content but no not really.

key: y/gf/n = your girlfriends name


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Club Confusion Pt. 27 (Page’s Ending Pt. 2)

Page’s Ending Pt. One

A/N: Okay, so, this is gonna be longer than I expected. Aaannnddd, it’s not over yet. P.s. I apologize, Because this chapter kinda sucks. Also, if i’m forgetting to tag you, please let me know.

Word Count: 1,681

Tags: @thegenericluchadora @wrestlingnoob @laziestgirlintheworld @calwitch@villainsqueendom @originalbish98 @sheaxdevitt @kingslayers-angel @vipervenomisgoodforyou @karleedaniels27 @reigns420 @alexahood21 @bolieve-that @i-ship-it-okay @rebelfleur22 @g0lden-sunset @libby-rose-2016 @breakfastwiththesun @baybayforlife @spotofimagines @phenomenal-forearm

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