give me money to draw this please

 It’s a pixel art sale since I need to make some money & I can do pixel art real quick! Extra characters will still be $3 but that’ll be 2 for price of 1! 


  • Cartoons
  • Anime
  • Your OC’s


  • Furries
  • Animals
  • Mechas
  • Nsfw//

If any of the characters you give me have a complex design the price may vary as well.

If I can’t draw what you’ve requested I’ll let you know! If you have any question don’t be afraid to ask.

More examples of my pixel art here .

I will be accepting payment only on paypal and would like payment before hand.

Please message me at my e-mail:, Skype: greenjawsbeast, or message me here on tumblr’s messaging system

Not intrested in pixel art? Here’s the rest of my commission page & Reddbubble store

Sale ends February 14


Once again it’s vacation time for me so i’m taking commission till the end of december!


-For OC/real life person, must include reference!!

-Background can be discussed, if no background specified, the backgroung will be white or a solid color

-Additional character will cost half of the base price

- My watermark will be put on it, please do not remove it



- Gore

- Mecha


USD and Euros accepted!

To request a commision email me at

Payment by Paypal

My Paypal:

I will start progressing on the commissions only after receiving the payment!

- Please don’t send the money before i give you my confirmation on your commission

-Please try to answer to the mails quickly, I might skip your commission if you respond to me weeks later -just want to add that I had problem with commissioners who responded to me very late and when it was more difficult to me to do their commissions, that’s why i’m adding this “rule”-

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Hey guys! Commissions are back open again, so I figured why not make a quick simple post and make it easier. I’m not offering as much as I used to because I’m focusing more on my personal works but still pinching pennies.

For more information about highly detailed paintings please contact me since I have a variety of styles~!

Sorry It’s really plain usually people just message me and I give them a quote! 

I don’t really have a problem drawing anything really….the only things I wont draw are:

  • incest
  • shotacon/lolicon/pedophilia
  • heavily nsfw things
  • heavy gore
  • anything that dehumanizes or demeans a race,minority, gender,or identity

…that’s about it??? Like I said you can always ask for a quote, time can change depending on style, detail, complexity o3o

I accept money mostly through paypal or venmo and money transfers, but I’m open to other forms of USD payment!!

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 Reblog if you can and to spread the word, trying to get some last minute gifts for the holidays!

I’m opening commissions!

Hey guys! It’s ya boi, Jojo

I want to start making money!

What I will draw:

Ocs, characters from cartoons/animes, jacksepticeye/markiplier, characters from webcomics

What I WON’T draw:

Furry, nsfw, hardcore gory stuff, people irl, backgrounds, animals, food, complex objects

This is my first time opening up commissions so please be patient with me! I will try to do them as soon as possible, but that may be a problem with school and my mental state on some days. Please give me as much details as possible, or else I’ll just draw it how I feel like it.


Portrait: $4

Half body: $8

Full body: $10

Colored: +$1

Shaded: +$1

Extra characters are $2 more!

Please IM me for more details!

where I stand as an artist #againstTrump

Because of the awful events occurring in my country, I feel the need to say this now while I still have a chance of my voice reaching out to people–before inevitable censorship occurs if it hasn’t already.

I know there are many artists out there who might feel powerless in what they do, and I’m no exception. I have my doubts in what I do but I found a bit of clarity I’d like to share.

I never drew because it made me happy. Sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes, it didn’t feel like it was worth it. 

I never drew because it made others happy. I can’t please everyone, and any artist should draw for themselves or what they value, first and foremost–especially if it’s free.

I never drew because I found faith in it giving me a livelihood. If money was what I was after, I’d pursue a different job. Even if art was a job that made ends meet, there is so much to art that is different from any other job, it seems pointless to pursue it for money alone.

I draw…because it is good. 

I draw for the sake of goodness. I draw because it is a good thing to do. 

In a world where people can do evil for the sake of evil–I will use what I do have for the sake of it being good.

Some may question me what any good fan art can bring–or what any good art of fictional characters can bring.

I answer with: the things you do will outlive you.

People who paint with their interests leave a bit of themselves in everything that they do. So in their work, you can always know a little about them. You can learn about what this person may have liked, what they value, how they share, what they love.

Even if you are silenced; even if you are gone. The good that you do will be remembered. 

You will be remembered.

 If your personality, kindheartedness, passion, and hard work is poured into anything that you create–then that will be remembered.

Art is meant to be shared, and what you put into it will be communicated.

So I implore others who are struggling to remember at any time that whatever art goal you have, please remember to keep on drawing.

Because at the end of the day, it is something good.

Draw for good. Because doing good is worth doing, always.



A good amount of people have been asking for commissions so I thought I could give it a go now that I’m on vacations. Also I want to earn my own money ;<;  
I’ll only accept PayPal in USD as payment method.
I will start the drawing after the payment is done.  
I will not draw nsfw (I know that my style is mostly furry but I do not like the furry nsfw, please don’t insist…).
I will draw animals, furries, fancharacters, blood, and bruises, I guess. Ask if you have any question.
If you’re interested, send me an e-mail at and tell me your tumblr user. <3


  • Which commission’s style you are interested.
  • Number of characters.
  • Character reference images, attached to email or linked to directly 

    💖  I will be very grateful if you decide to commission me.  💖
I draw only girls

to people who angry about “ males on-par with child porn and rape”

it’s just tags. Can you understand it? It’s not mean that i hate males or something. I just don’t draw them. (yeah i can draw dicks and musculine girls and i don’t have problems with it.) But please… Calm down. I draw what i want. You can find a lot of people who can draw for you soft and cute or brutal males. They are cool. But, if you wanna help me with money you can easily give me female characters (or just ask me to draw fem version of your male character). I say again, there is nothing wrong that i don’t wanna draw males. It’s my choice. Some people draw monsters, but you don’t tell them “ hey why are you don’t draw humans, are you hate them?????”

Please, girls are beautiful, sapphic couples are amazing, trans girls stole my heart.

About child porn and rape. I put these tags because i know what tumblr and internet is. I know that some people here can ask me to draw it. I will add some other things in that list (like some extreme stuff). 

Please, understand it. If you don’t like it, unfollow my blogs.




$10 (black and white commission)
$18 (colored commission)

(black and white commission)
$35 (colored commission)

$40 (black and white commission)
$45 (colored commission)

$8 (800x800 pixel)



- NO NSFW commissions. (contact me if you have doubts about this point)
- NO hateful, racist or oppressive requests.
- YES, I draw OCs. (send me some references first)
- I accept  USD and Euro currency.
- Paypal only.
- don’t send  money until I inform you that I have accepted your commission!

if you are interested, please contact me with an email at (write “commissions” as email subject) so we can discuss about the commission and i can give you all the information about the payment.
if you are not interested, but you want to help me anyway, please reblog this post… I’ll really appreciate it! ♡


I’ve updated my commissions pricing and I’ll be opening 5 slots for now! If you have any doubts me you can message me on this Tumbr or email me at

What I draw:

  • Ocs (make sure to give me good refs)
  • Fanart
  • Simple robotic parts
  • Detailed clothes
  • Non-explicit nsfw

What I DON’T draw:

  • Furry characters/Anthro
  • Detailed robotic parts/characters
  • Explicit nsfw
  • Gore
  • Some kinks

More info:

  • Payment through Paypal ONLY
  • I will start working on the commission once I receive the payment. If you want, I’ll send you wips to make sure that the commission is what you want
  • Don’t be afraid of sending a lot of references and please be always specific with what you want
  • Simple backgrounds will be free but if you want a complex background the pricing of the commission may be adjusted depending on its complexity
  • Please message me to make sure I can draw what you want. If it’s not on the list but makes me strongly uncomfortable, I won’t draw it
  • No background unless requested otherwise

Thank you, guys!



  • i’ll draw fanart, original characters, etc., i won’t draw anything not safe for work. (nudity is fine, but i won’t draw actual sexual content.)
  • all prices are in USD and are totally negotiable - if you really can’t afford something, let me know and we can work something out! prices might vary based on complexity.
  • all payments are through paypal. paypal has a fee of 2.9%, so that’ll be calculated and added onto the final price.
  • contact me at or shoot me an ask if you’re interested!

thanks so much, and please signal boost this to get the word out!! i’m a college student on my own for buying food & supplies, and commissions are generally my only source of money, so every little bit helps!


I’m starting to take commissions order now so i can all do them during the vacation


-For OC/real life person, must include reference!!

-Background can be discussed, if no background specified, the backgroung will be white or a solid color

-Additional character will cost half of the base price

- My watermark will be put on it, please do not remove it



- Gore

- Mecha


USD and Euros accepted!

To request a commision email me at

Payment by Paypal

My Paypal:

I will start progressing on the commissions only after receiving the payment!

Please don’t send the money before i give you my confirmation on your commission

Reblog are appreciated!

Things currently pissing me off:

1) rude sexist customers at work cursing me out and calling me stupid because we don’t carry a discontinued item at our store what a shock
2) anons telling me I’m not a real artist because I do digital art/people accusing me of filtering/tracing pictures that took me days to draw
3) my laptop breaking right before midterms
4) my mom promising to buy me a laptop since I gave her my laptop savings to pay bills, and then my mom saying she can’t buy my laptop but buying something for herself that costs more than my laptop
5) probably having to just drop out of college at this point because I can’t afford a new laptop and pay tuition and constantly give my mom money because she’s fucking stupid and irresponsible with her money
6) fucking everything someone kill me please



I’ll be opening character commissions, starting now.

Sketch: $5
Black & White: $10
Flat Color: $15
Shading & All: $20

Every additional character adds a fee of $2/5/8/10, depending on complexity of the drawing.
Adding a detailed background is the same price as one additional character.


  • I hold the right to refuse a commission, should I deem it worthy of that.
  • Provide a good reference, as it makes my job a lot easier.
  • No NSFW. You’re asking the wrong person.
  • All transfer of money will happen via PayPal.
  • I will submit the commission to your blog as soon as I am done. Please keep submissions open.
  • I can send you a sketch, so you can see what I am doing with the drawing and give input and/or pointers.
  • I will not submit the finished image until I’ve been paid in full.

You can reach me by sending me an ask here on tumblr, using tumblrs private messaging, or messaging me on Discord via this ID: Putuk#8362

I look forward to taking your money commissions!


That’s right! You read that correctly, I’m accepting commissions!
Money is kinda tight in my family right now and I’ve got things I wanna do. I don’t gotta explain what I need money for, you guys don’t care. You just wanna know about these commissions, right?! :D

Well, before I give you my commission info, please know that under no circumstances will I draw spiders or anything that requires me to reference spiders. There are also some fetishes that I will not draw either but that can be discussed.

Here’s some examples of things I’ve drawn
Nsfw examples

How the commissions will work is you will send me a personal message with what you would like me to draw, once your drawing is done I will send you a link to my paypal. If you’d like to see the progress, I can send pictures of how its going so you can make changes early on (if you need to).

Thank you.

In desperate need of help. Please read! 

As you are aware, I am in college. It’s still my first year and haven’t had the chance to get documentation of my disability. As it stands right now, I don’t have any proof and nor do I have the money or insurance to go to someone to get it. Talking to the student disability service team, they said that I would need to take a psych evaluation so they can give me the proof I need to give to my professors stating that I have reading comprehension issues and dyslexia. Now, I’ve had these issues since I was in 2nd grade. Even since then I haven’t been able to get what I needed. Only classes to “help” which didn’t. Now here I am a college student falling behind and can’t get help from the professors because they don’t care/believe me. I fail quizzes/tests because I’m not fast at reading and/or remember what I read there for resulting in terrible grades. The evaluation is $500… $500 I don’t/won’t have because I don’t have a job anymore and my family filed for bankruptcy.  Please if you could spread the word and help out a little bit I would be forever thankful.

If you wish to donate my Paypal is
If you would like a commission please IM me on here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I’ll do just about anything with provided references. 



       - RULES

-Please email me at to give me your information on what you want drawn. Emailing me is also the only way to get my Paypal info.


-You must provide IMAGE EXAMPLES along with other basic info

-This is first come first serve in terms of payment, meaning, once you pay -FULL PRICE I will begin drawing.

      - What I will/ won’t draw

-No NSFW or anything offensive.

-Any extra character is +$15

-No backgrounds

- I will draw animals

If you see this post, but can’t afford or buy anything at this moment, please still reblog. It’s really tight with money right now, and even just publicity helps.

       Thanks for reading :^))))))))))))

Hello guys! It’s me again. Since it’s pay week and I’m getting my money by the end of the week I’m able to give away 4 digital copy’s of the @supernaturalartbook again. So if there is still someone out there who isn’t able to buy it for themselves please message me your e-mail address. Or if anyone knows of someone who is to shy to ask for a copy themselves please give me there e-mail address and let’s surprise them!

I will do a draw with all the e-mail addresses on Friday so that 4 lucky people will get a copy.

@supernaturalartbook so please don’t close the sale until then, please? ^^

I’m so looking forward to doing this guys. You wouldn’t believe it!


Hi, guys! I’m starting up art commissions!

I’m not making enough money anymore just at work. They cut my hours and I barely make above $200 every 2 weeks. I cannot work full time because I go to school. So if you’re interested please contact me at:

Or please spread the word by reblogging!


What I will draw:

  • fanart
  • OCs (please give reference)
  • furries

What I will NOT draw:

  • nsfw content
  • fetish art
  • NOTPs
  • complicated designs

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (NOTE: I have every right to deny your commission request if it does not meet my standards above, which can be subject to change.)

For more examples, check out my art tag: my-art