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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia opening credits featuring Charlie’s Paddy’s Pub song

the fact that still star-crossed keeps getting better and better with every episode makes me so angry because IT’S ALREADY CANCELLED


This is my fave part of the documentary

Isak “we’re not official yet but I’m taking him, my boyfriend, to meet my parents at a Christmas concert. His name is Even by the way (it’s a boy’s name), but we’re not official or anything. I mean yes I posted a picture of him wearing my flannel on my bed, then I wore that same flannel to school the following week, and he hasn’t left my house since Friday but we’re not like official or anything” Valtersen


YourDaftHero - Astray (Red Frame) [Bobby Schmurda - Hot Nigga // Remix]

Not complacent with my placement 
Debating whether I prefer that head or green faces
Escapes and chases, no kings or queen, but aces
Packed by double, better hustle just to get a chance with

Twin brass knuckle bite and stick, a shuffle melee
An ISIS execution just for kicks when on my Pele
Plethora of paydays, Daft brings the dismay
Ixnay on the ugsdray, no need when beats lay slain

A rad rebel with a single cause
Catch the sinners slipping strike lightning clips with no pause
All applause, give me love, fuck the law, I want ‘em all
Blood along the sand, time will tell how long I’ll have to crawl

Scheming thief of always, nice of you to join moi
See my chalice melded from the rings of widow bourgeois
What the fuck you mean eating?
Scrapping dimes for subs while all I do is feast in Eden

Murder she might have written but it’s what I utter
So I never stutter, it’s just sanguine my brother
Get ‘em all, get ‘em all, rip ‘em from each other
No tears for dead pigs, send the badges to their mothers

Maker grant me peace though, this verbal reap is easy mode
A la carte every word, order lines by the nose
Habits with no patterns, lying when I say you matter
Pounds of powder for the headache with those boys whom getting sadder

I don’t reminisce, but the remnants can stay mum like mentions
Fuck your crew with my word pool as the whirl pulls from extendeds
So tempted to blend in, but I stand out, exempted
Cept when I’m feeling courteous to show up and unmend them

Arsenal with the wick lit
You aren’t with it, better get bent
My crown thorny and my hands pinned
I don’t do friends, I just do sins

Fumes flowing, tips toeing 
Hounds out and the boys howling
If you around know how to act
Kawaii Gangs the new wolf pack

And we hotter than some hot boys
Gritty waves of motion when we tuned in to that white noise
Slaughter to leave nada, throw the verses in some lava
While I spit on grave of fathers, sipping on that Fiji water

Ooh Daft so devious, dead tyrant and deviant 
Please her with the word of mouth and then I get to leaving ‘em 
So shout out to taylorswift
Lemme slide through your inbox so I can give you this dick

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang


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Save Sherlock: The Pact of Three and how John and Anderson are partners in crime this time

In Season 3, we are given the titles of The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three and His Last Vow in this order. But the significance of the titles do not end in their respective episodes as we know that Sherlock made his last vow actually in The Sign of Three. I always thought the straightforward order and the expected associations, like the sign of three corresponding, Mary, John and the baby (fake or not) is tricky. And then there is a great meta by loudest-subtext-on-television on issues of triples. In that one, everyone almost has three personalities and mirrors but what I will explain is not the deep subtextual clues like “my husband is three people.” It is the pact of three that relates to ACD canon.

Where do I go from here? As you know from the Kiss meta my mind is a little inter-episodic. The things that you will read from now on is more of a speculation not exactly a complete deduction. Someone might want to reconstruct them in a different manner and the results might be fantastically different.

I have some inklings about some of the loose ends that have stuck in my mind. These loose ends are about the Moriarty clip that was broadcasted and the question of who could be behind it. HereI speculate that “Did you miss me?” was a collaborative work of John, Anderson and as a third party most probably Mycroft or even Janine. In the ACD story The Sign of Four, where we meet Mary, the sign of four symbolizes a secret a pact and a scheme among four characters including Mary’s father who is killed and the whole retrieval of the treasure becomes a failure. I say, what if it is also a scheme on Sherlock?

Why has Anderson become such a central character in this scheme ? He must be more than a ridiculed plot device with his incompetence. He is ruined because of his guilt, he gained full faith in Sherlock after his disappearance and he spent endless hours to get into his mind.  Somehow, he gets things after these two years and he became a trustworthy devotee to Sherlock as we know from the Mycroft’s drug busts scene. Maybe, Mycroft even secretly employed him to follow Sherlock. In this season, Anderson knew Sherlock so well that he could tell where Mary would find him. After two years of studying his mind, he knows his methods now.

Moving on, who else was ruined after Sherlock’s death in the same manner? Can’t go on living mode. John Watson. That’s why Anderson wears a mirror oatmeal colored jumper in Many Happy Returns. Here is my overall reading of the situation from the sentiment perspective. If I were the creators of the show, I would feel that I owed John Watson a closure. What is this closure? The opportunity to save Sherlock Holmes after the first time he did it in ASIP. Sherlock didn’t give John a chance in TRF. The fall is a gap in their trust and absolute loyalty with each other. It is a bend in their timeline and has to be closed. 

They want the mainstream viewers to think that JW is the damsel in distress. Even Magnussen was given a line about this. John is so unimportant that he doesn’t even have a hefty file on him. But like Moriarty underestimating Molly’s role, Magnussen also underestimated John’s power to save Sherlock. These dynamics are very parallel to TRF. The chance that was never given to John in TRF can be given to him this time in HLV. The show can give an opportunity both to Anderson and John Watson to make it up to Sherlock and take a role in bringing him back. This might be the reason why it was foreshadowed with the drug bust scene organized among John, Mycroft and Anderson. From the narrative’s perspective, as a character, Sherlock can not embark upon yet another lonely journey that asks for his selflessness. This ending had to be more than that, not a repetitive sacrifice like we see in TRF. 

What made me further dig into this speculation is the actual sign of 3 we see in the tarmac scene, when Sherlock’s plane takes off. Of course this is a real air field with signage for the runways but what if it is part of the sign of three mystery? What is it is a code for viewers to connect the dots? Let me walk you through it. I will connect the tarmac ending to many moments in the season and mainly through Philip Anderson and John Watson.

For me, the first visible and literal signs of three started in Many Happy Returns. We see Anderson tracking Sherlock through three cities - he has a line about this- and the map clearly shows us that he is approaching from the East, a la East wind mode. While discussing this, he and Lestrade are at the same bar that Lestrade would later see the Moriarty viral on tv. I think this location choice is significant. It is also the same bar they visit on the stag night- could be cost reduction on production end as well. But nevertheless strong parallels to the HLV’s ending.

Then, when Lestrade is outside, he sees a paper that says “ the game is back on” of course foreshadowing Sherlock’s return but also another parallel to the “the game is over” dialogue between John and Sherlock at the tarmac. Lestrade stares at the paper and at the back there is a sign saying “Third Floor Gallery”. All the threes lined in a row.

Then we switch to the TEH. Anderson and Lestrade are in front of the coffee vendor which has three empty cups and three bottles of syrup. All to get our attention to this repetitive pattern saying “Pay attention to Anderson!” In Anderson’s first TRF theory, John was stopped by Derren Brown. Brown readjusts John’s watch and what time do we see on the watch? 3 pm. This is the first connection between Anderson’s creative mind and John Watson. Anderson had worked on crazy details regarding Sherlock’s fall and he is visually limitless in expressing them in charts, collages, theories. These might be handy in creating a one fake “did you miss me” clip later.

(bonus a projected image of a mouth of a tv presenter with Anderson next to it, foreshadowing the Moriarty collage?)

Then we see Sherlock getting a shave while Anderson’s fake skeleton case hits the papers. 

FF to Jack the Ripper Case. The whole issue of east as a direction foreshadowed in this scene again. The clothes of the skeleton received southeast light and we see a compass on the screen. What else is there in the fake Jack the Ripper case? The skeleton is 6 months old and was a burn victim. The same amount of time it takes someone to die on an MI6 mission in Eastern Europe and what John would basically be if he got killed in the bonfire. Another tripartite structure for John, Anderson and SherlockAnd the book’s title is “How I did it?” A fake memoir. Isn’t it what Sherlock does when he tells how he survived the fall in front of Anderson?

Moving on to the HLV, the drugs bust is where we see our schemers together. When Anderson was on a drug bust the last time we saw him in ASIP, what happened next? John saved Sherlock from the cabbie. Why not mirror it then?

There are great metas in the fandom about the whole John - Mary - Sherlock business and on a broad level, I share their view on John not forgiving Mary and Sherlock lying to John. My reading is particularly about the way they handled the Save Sherlock part. After Sherlock shoots Magnussen, John steps in and devises a plan with Mycroft and Anderson. My brain goes back and forth between Mycroft and Janine as the third party. The viral spread of the clip points out to a broadcast but Mycroft could easily have access to that system by himself. Janine’s “I will give your love to John and Mary” and Sherlock’s “Give my love to Mary” make me somehow think of Janine. 

The Moriarty clip is a great way to bring Sherlock back and Mycroft needs accomplices who have their heart in Sherlock and who suffered tremendously from his previous loss. On an emotional reading, somehow, I was never convinced that John was saying goodbye to Sherlock on the tarmac. If he is part of this pact, he knows he will come back and he is acting mostly for Mary. Also, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Moriarty isn’t alive. I just don’t think the viral clip is his work.

Martin Freeman showed more devastation in his expressions when Sherlock proposed to Janine, than when he supposedly said goodbye to Sherlock

“No, we are not naming our daughter after you” is there because he knows that a commemoration or legacy will not be needed. He can’t be so cruel to say “the game is over” to a man who is going for a death mission. Some might argue that he is in denial. I believe he must be trying to give some sort of a comforting signal to Sherlock. He is also approaching him and almost whispering. 

He is waiting for the clip to run. Anderson arranged the whole edited clip, maybe used things from his own repository of Moriarty. If he thought the clip was real, wouldn’t he be shocked like others upon finding out? He is just watching the plane turn back, as expected. After all, it takes John Watson to save one’s life. as Sherlock said in his best man speech.

All these led me to believe that, together they are the sign of three and unlike the failure in the ACD story, they retrieved the treasure, which in this case is Sherlock.