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Peter Parker x Reader

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A/N: writing this on my phone so some typos may have gone unedited. Also, I’m not sure if this should be a series…give me advice people!! :) Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is the love of my life, just saying 

 Warnings: some cursing 

 Breaking down the events, you’d come to the conclusion your best friend was angry with you.  As much as it hurt, there were some things that had to be accepted in the world. He didn’t seem to want to talk about it, however. He was quiet during school and never really talked to you after hours. 

Your mother encouraged you, over dinner, to call him, text him, or even randomly appear at his doorstep. That way, she explained, he couldn’t avoid you. “As fun as that sounds,” you mumbled, stirring your pasta around your fork, “I’m not really sure he wants to talk to me.” 

 “What makes you think that?” she pondered. You stared at her. “Have you been listening to me? Actually, don’t answer that,” you quickly said. 

She sighed. “[Y/n], honey, you’ve got to talk to him eventually. He’s your best friend, sweetie, and if you don’t, you’ll regret it.”  

 You had sulked into your bedroom soon after, not bothering to finish homework. Your phone stared at you from your nightstand, practically jumping up and down to grab your attention. Seconds later, it had miraculously jumped into your hand, through no fault of your own. You bit your lip as you typed:  

 Conversation with Tiger Lily (AKA Peter)

 [Y/n]: Hey. Can we have a serious conversation? 

 Peter: When you say serious do you mean should I call you or bring ice cream?

[Y/n]: No, sorta in between I guess… 

 Peter: What is it?! You know I hate suspense  

[Y/n]: Are you mad at me or something? 

 Peter: [Y/N] WHAT THE  


 [Y/n]: Okay. A lie, but okay. 

 Peter: [Y/n], I would never be angry with you. Being completely serious now

 [Y/n]: You would tell me if something was up, right? 

 Peter:Of course :) Lately, it’s just been a bit rough. I didn’t realize I was taking it out on you by ignoring you.  

 [Y/n]: Just as long as you’re not upset with me then [Y/n]: I realize that actually sounds a bit needy 

 [Y/n]: Let’s ignore that 

 Peter: It didn’t sound needy, don’t worry 

 Peter: Listen, I’m super sorry Peter: Wanna hang out tomorrow??? 

 [Y/n]: Will there be poptarts free of charge

 Peter: If by charge you mean hugs then no, actually

 [Y/n]: Lit 

 Peter: Lit 

Walking to his apartment felt familiar. Warm. Fuzzy. Things with Peter had gone back to normal immediately after your conversation the night before. You’d greeted each other at school like nothing had even happened (though he did apologize every few hours, to re-establish he wasn’t a “total asshole of a friend” despite you insisting he wasn’t).  “You’re kidding,” he laughed. “I’m not!” The legitimate humour in his eyes made you feel fluttery. You missed him. 

 Stop, you warned yourself. 

This entire time you’d been thinking he was angry with you, you realized you thought of him more than just a friend. The war between your heart and your brain was painful. As much as you wanted to admit to Peter how you felt, you knew that it would ruin everything. The chance he liked you back was low. Besides, you’d seen the way he looked at Liz Allen, the most popular girl in school. “Alright, May isn’t home,” Peter was saying as you two strolled into the kitchen. “So that means we can have whatever we want.”

 “Order?” You suggested. “Pizza?” 

 “Predictable and no,” you said. “Sushi?” Peter scoffed. “Typical for a girl in New York. Chinese?”

“Eh, alright,” you agreed, jumping onto his couch. “I’m going to take a shower,” he told you. “You can order whenever. May took her laptop so use the one in my room,” Peter said with a sweet smile before heading off. 

 As reluctant as you were to move from the comfortable spot, the rumble in your belly told you to hurry. You kicked off your shoes and walked to his room, opening the door and smiling to yourself. It was such a Peter room. Not surprisingly. You logged onto the desktop computer and opened a Google tab. Your hand absentmindedly clicked on food selections, your eye trailing off to the corner of the screen and focusing on the reflection . You turned your head, looking at the ceiling of his room. 

 You’d known he had a small storage space in his room but you’d never seen anything in it before. A strip of red fabric stuck out. Without thinking, you pulled the string down and the contents poured on you. You let out a small shriek when you saw it. “He’s-he’s-!” You held the red and blue suit in your hands, knees and legs shaking. You threw the fabric back into Peter’s storage of fucking craziness and shut it, running a hand through your hair. “Hey, uh, I have to go!” You called, rushing out of the house. It didn’t occur to you you’d left your shoes. 

 Your phone buzzed in your pocket as you quickly walked to your apartment. It was worried texts from Peter, asking why you’d left so abruptly. You couldn’t even say anything besides"Oh, don’t worry,“ because that was the only thing that came to mind. Peter Parker knew you were lying so when he called, you were tempted to throw your phone in a sewer. Maybe it wasn’t true, you told yourself as you fumbled with your keys. Maybe he was just super into cosplay. "Who am I kidding?” You moaned as you kicked open your door. 

“Mom! Are you home yet?” No reply. You ram to your room, shutting and locking the door. The likeliness that Peter was, in fact, Spider Man didn’t seem possible at all. Out of everyone in the city, the probability of it being your best friend seemed impossible! 

 Although…it did make sense a bit. His suddenly leaving, not talking to you, showing up with cuts on his face and hands. He told you it was Flash at first, and you ended up being suspended for two weeks for punching the senior in the face and ripping out a patch of his blond hair. Since then, Peter didn’t tell you what had happened. 

 You collapsed onto your bed, staring at the ceiling fan twirl around. “Am I in love with spider man?”

weird shit i still don’t get

loki around me is extremely gleeful of christmas decorations and music and such. it fills him with so much joy. he wants all the glittery garbage and fake snow covered plastic plants. he loves this time all the way through november first to when january really starts rolling 


just me???? 

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Ohhh im so glad you do kamigami no asobi! Its so rare. Do you have any hcs of how Balder,Loki, Tsukito, and Thoth would be as fathers?

I still don’t know why this fandom isn’t any bigger.  It’s was such a cute show.


  • the “fun” dad – no rules, not much disciplinary action, lots of sweets and ice cream
  • they always have fun with “Uncle” Loki and their dad when the red head comes to visit (huge tickle wars and pillow fights and the like)
  • is incredibly affectionate with his children

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  • has recruited his children from the time they can walk to get involved in his pranks
  • he doesn’t have a lot of rules, but the ones he does have are expected to be followed to the letter
  • if these kids figure out a way to follow the rules to the letter and still get what they want, he knows that he’s done his job as father

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  • Is very calm – like nothing gets him angry, he does get disappointed though – and geeeeeez, disappointed Tsukito hurts their kids more than him getting angry and yelling
  • always incredibly patient with them – these kids don’t actually really try do anything bad, because it just feels wrong, he’s so patient and explains everything to them
  • he’s not incredibly affectionate – but there’s never any doubt that he cares for them; it’s shown in how he reads to them every night, that he’s right there helping them with any homework

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  • all of his children somehow manage to end up becoming the most sarcastic little shits (no one knows how it happened)
  • despite this, they are the most obedient bunch of kids every – not one toe is ever out of line
  • and behind closed doors, there’s jokes and puns; there’s stupid history jokes (they’re all nerds there), and wresting and teasing (and he ruffles their hair and there’s fist bumps) …but this only happens when no one else sees

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My to do list:


  1. Friends - Bucky Barnes      ( Are we just friends? )
  2. Fluff Tony Stark     (Just date already)
  3. Purple Haze - Steve Rogers      (Purple Haze)
  4. Blue (song by Troye Sivan) - Steve Rogers   (Purple Haze)
  5. The Punisher  to try out
  6. Age of Ultron - Natasha Romanoff/Steve Rogers     (Always Helping
  7. Crown - Loki (part 1)
  8. Nemo - Natasha Romanoff    (Nemo)
  9. Young and beautiful - Tony Stark


  1. Wake Up Call Final Part
  2. Thighs of Betrayal Part 4      (Part 4)
  3. This is How We’ll Dance Part 5      (Part 5)
  4. Blame Me Part 6        (Part 6)
  5. Famous Last Words part 2 

Most requested for second part :

  1. Cry Me a River (Sebastian Stan)      (Part 2)
  2. Interview… Date? (Sebastian Stan)   (Part 2)
  3. Highway (Sebastian Stan)
  4. What we’re gonna do now (Bucky Barnes)
  5. I fuckin love you (Chris Hemsworth)      (Part 2)
  6. Empty (Bucky Barnes)     (Part 2)
  7. Protected (Steve Rogers/Clint Barton)
  8. Dark Paradise (Pietro Maximoff)

YAS! YAS YAS YAS! They either give me Loki wearing a dress or they give me Lady Loki! I NEED IT! PLEASE, DEVS, WE NEED GENDERFLUID LOKI!

  • Me: *sees Ragnarok rumors all over dash*
  • Me: *sticks head in sand like an ostrich*
  • Me: Rumors? What rumors? Boy, it sure is a shame we haven't heard anything about Thor 3 yet. Ah well, that way it'll be a surprise.

Give me Fandral and Loki friendship.

Give me pre-Thor Loki having a massive fallout with his brother and sulking outside on a bench in the gardens. And Fandral comes to sit beside him. He doesn’t bring it up, he just sits silently in Loki’s presence, because he knows Loki never likes to talk about it. 

Give me Fandral trying to mediate between them later when he can tell Loki’s ready.

Give me Fandral losing a duel to some asshole, and later Loki pulls some sort of revenge prank. Maybe humiliating the guy in public so Fandral can see, and winking at Fandral while it happens–because no one will ever know who did it except them.

Give me Fandral trying to hook up with some high class ladies. And Loki using his status as a prince to lure them in long enough for Fandral to get his charm working. Give me Fandral covering for Loki’s occasional moodiness so that neither end up on the receiving end of a (well-deserved) slap.

Give me gay!Loki wanting to come out to somebody, but not to his family, and definitely not to his brother. Give me bisexual!Fandral figuring it out and bringing up the subject authentically. Give me them experimenting? ;) (Pls.)

Give me stoner!Fandral always offering Loki his weed, and Loki always refuses–until that one time he doesn’t. Now they get high together and wreak havoc! (In their stoned-out minds, of course.)

Give me Fandral and Loki pulling pranks together.

Give me Fandral and Loki pulling pranks on Thor.

Give me Fandral and Loki chilling out at the training grounds admiring Thor’s body, because Fandral is definitely not judgmental enough to call Loki on the incest. After all, Thor is way too damn hot to worry about shit like that.

Give me Thor asking Fandral if Loki’s doing okay because Loki won’t ever answer honestly.

Give me Loki asking Thor what gift to get Fandral for some celebration because he has no idea what the typical Asgardian blond swordsman would even want. (He’s terrible and grumpy about gifts, but Fandral’s too precious.)

Give me depressed!Loki disappearing into his room for ages on end, and the first one to come knocking is Fandral. Give me Fandral inviting him to some sort of gathering or whatever to get him up and moving, but in a natural, calculated way instead of the pushiness Thor might inflict (poor souls XD).

Give me banter lasting hours into the night that’s little more than a show of wit and cleverness, while the rest of their friends lie passed out, drunk, on the couches.

Give me Loki doubting their friendship every second of the day.

Give me Fandral doing these little, almost unnoticeable things that remind Loki everything is fine between them.

Give me Loki telling Fandral his deepest, darkest secrets.

Give me Fandral telling his own in return.

Give me Fandral being the only one besides Frigga to visit Loki in the dungeons. Give me Loki, angry and hostile, ready to unleash his bitterness, but then Fandral pulls up a chair and sits with him in amiable silence … because he knows Loki never likes to talk about it.