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Yes because Taylor’s closest friends and family reacted the way they did to the song because it was her idea. Yeah her publicist didn’t just come out with a statement saying Taylor didn’t even want to endorse the damn song but it was all her idea. Cause that makes sense Kanye.

I wonder if Pearl and Amethyst are even aware that the peace that they feel as Opal goes unrivaled? When they fuse, is it ever This. This is how I want to feel for eternity. Do they know that it’s exclusive to them, grin knowingly at each other after fusing because You felt it too, didn’t you?

And if they do know that it’s only with each other that they feel so finally perfect, do they ever just … silently, endlessly crave it, want to experience a semblance of that balance every minute that they spend hating themselves…?

Do they allow one another to know how they feel when fused, simultaneous Love who you are please because you’re amazing, you’re perfect, I love you swirling amid Opal’s consciousness until its so warm to be her, so wonderful for them to be themselves together

  • Agamemnon:Achilles Pelides... How do I even begin to explain Achilles Pelides?
  • Patroclus:Achilles Pelides is flawless.
  • Automedon:He has two sets of armor and a silver shield made by Hephaestus.
  • Menelaus:I hear his hair's insured for 10,000 drachmas.
  • Ajax:I hear he does chariot Skyros.
  • Nestor:His favorite instrument is the lyre.
  • Odysseus:One time he met Scamander in battle...
  • Diomedes:...and he told him he was strong.
  • Hector:One time he punched me in the was awesome.

and in the end, that’s really what love is all about.

that sneak peek just made me even sadder about Alec’s situation bc here his dad is talking about all the unsanctioned missions he authorized and how he’s disgraced the family name when jace was forcing his hand the entire time like jace better front up I s2g

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Hi! I love your blog! And you seem to know things, and soo lately I've been seeing a lot a hate towards the spn writers and amara and I confused as to why. Did I miss something? Can you help me understand why everyone is hating on them please?

hey, thanks! and ooo…well! on the surface, i think:

  • her hyper-aging and weird intimacy with dean. but this is not meant to make people comfortable, which is why i’m pretty sure people are upset. that just isn’t translating well. but she herself has been set up as an ageless being–the vessel the writers chose for this was just an unsettling choice and really wasn’t set up too well. i think it was good on paper, but the execution didn’t go over well through editing.
  • right now, unfortunately, her only relevance is that she’s interested in dean. her motives aren’t clear, they did show her doing scary stuff, but we’ve seen the boys honestly do worse. so even though she’s the Big Bad this season, she’s sort of just been turned into a relationship interest
  • she’s just disturbing things in a way a bad guy should, but not directly as a bad guy would. and i think that’s because of the low establishment of her character. we really have no development for her, and yet she comes on so strong like we already have a huge history. it hasn’t even been exactly set up that she’s bad, she’s just astronomically angry.

the general consensus seems to be that, if she didn’t come off as an inherently evil love interest that hyper-aged from a baby, and just had one goal to be hell-bent on going after god, that she would be a character that would draw more people in. with the inclusion of lucifer though, and the remaining michael, chuck, and gabriel, i have high hopes for her character. especially if i’m right and cain is alive, just imagine amara confronting dean, cain, and lucifer.

so that’s the general summary of what i’ve seen on my dash! but such as how i’ve given god and gabe deeper, richer histories in my mind, i’ve already done so with amara, so since most of what we’ve seen of her has either been from crowley or dean, i don’t really mind her

Mojave: F------

So. Mojave. I watched that.

As I queued up the movie, I had to stop for a moment to hide my face in my cat’s fur and whisper to the universe, “oh, no.” I’d seen the trailers. I knew what was coming, and I knew it wasn’t good. But I’d seen nothing – seriously, nothing – about the movie on my tumblr dash, so the slim chance still existed that there was a decent movie in there somewhere.

I know otherwise, now. I … I am otherwise. If there is one thing in this world I know to be fundamentally true, it is that this is a horrible, awful, unedited undergrad thesis project of a film, and if it were the first Oscar Isaac movie I ever saw, I wouldn’t further pursue his filmography. There is no decent film here. There is no ANYTHING here. If I had the power to choose any movie Oscar Isaac has ever filmed to land during the Moment he’s had following The Force Awakens, not only would I not choose this movie, I would find a way to quietly set this movie on fire so no one would ever have to know it existed.

But I’m not a wizard, and it does exist, and I recapped it, so let’s go.

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