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Dear Lady Blanche: I recently came from the Grove to one of your human taverns and heard about the sex. I wish to experience the sex, and seen as the people in the tavern said you must had it with half of Divinity's Reach, I figured you must be the best at it. So I was wondering if you'd let me join your harem to learn of the sex and become as good at it as you. I hope to hear from you soon so we can get started. Yours, Sapling on the streets, tossing salad in the sheets.

Dear Tossing Salad,

First off, what is this nonsense you heard of me having a harem? I demand names! I will pay extremely well for any names you give me. It is utter fiction, I tell you!

But my dear, I don’t quite know how to tell you this but… you are a plant. Humans are flesh, yes? So you see, you simply must not try to copulate with any humans. Its very VERY wrong, you see. If i hear such debauchery is happening, I will go straight to the Ministry Guard and report it for indecency!

Oh yes, in case you didn’t know… the Seraph are incompetent and only the Ministry Guard are of any use these days. Ask anyone.

Hoping you get arrested,


I never posted these handsome boys here before, but they’re from an original novel Echoes, which my friend @suggestivescribe has written and published!! It’s up for sale here on Amazon :D

If you’re into well executed vampire lore, LGBT rep, and twining plots where you legitimately love every character for a multitude of reasons, I think you guys’ll dig this <3 Pls spread it around if you can!!

Ghibli tears.

(Edit: i posted this late at night and i wasn’t very happy with how it looked. It’s fixed now!)

I’m tired of “Warrior Cultures” in fiction. Give me construction worker cultures, lawyer cultures, firefighter cultures, accountant cultures, etc.

If you’re gonna have fictional cultures revolving around a single profession, at least be original about it.

Fan Fiction in Translation

You guys, I have a favour to ask. Some of you know that I’m doing a research project on the translation of fan fiction as part of my masters in translation studies. For those of you who don’t know, my thesis is based on studying examples of translated fics, so as to determine whether fic translation is a genre of translation in its own right (much the same way as fic is a literary genre in its own right). Of course, the key part here is the examples, and that’s where the favour comes in: I really need fics which been translated from English to German or from German to English (I have to use German examples due to the constraints of a scholarship) so if you guys happen to know of any fics like that, could you please send me a link? I would also really appreciate it if people could spread this around a bit, because I’d like a wide variety of examples. Any fandom, any ship, anything that you happen to have come across in with that language pairing, please send it to me. Thanks!

four years | tom holland

a/n: i wrote this with no idea in mind of what i was writing. this is poor quality and im so sorry for waiting to post and to have it be something like this. it doesn’t even really make sense but like, feel free to reblog lol. ALSO PLEASE SEND REQUESTS BC IM SO STUMPED RN, I NEED IDEAS.


pairing”: tomxreader

word count: 593

warnings: swearing

status: unedited.

“That’ll be eight dollars, please,” you say with a smile, taking the money from the customer’s hand. The woman smiles and takes her takeaway cup of coffee, leaving the café. You look down at the small, rough sketch you drew into the notepad in front of you while waiting for the guy that just walked in to come up to the counter.


Your eyes snap up to the boy in front of you, and you accidentally drop the pen. You barely hear it hit the counter. Tom Holland. Thomas fucking Holland.

You feel your hands grip the side of the wood, a small smile growing on your lips.

“Hey, Tom,” you say quietly. “It’s uh—it’s been a while?”

Tom nods and visibly swallows. “Yeah! A few years… Uh, how have—how have you been?” He still stumbles over his words.

You nod. “I’ve been good. And you?”

Tom doesn’t say anything. He nods, though, so you guess he’s been alright. He’s definitely been alright, he plays Spider-Man. He’s friends with all of these famous actors and actresses, and you’re here serving coffee to people you don’t even know.

You remain silent as he orders a drink, and you start making it. Oh, God. You really wish you had to make drinks in a back room, because now he’s staring at you. He won’t stop staring.

“Why do you work here?” Tom asks quietly, his eyes moving down to look at your hands.

You hold back the scoff that’s trying to force its way out of your mouth and put a lid on the to go cup. “Not all of us can get famous and rich, Tom,” you reply. “Four dollars.”

Tom hands the money over but doesn’t leave. He doesn’t take his drink. “I know, I know we can’t all get ‘famous’. I’m extremely lucky, but—why are you working at a café? You could do so much better than this?”

“I’m twenty-one years old, Tom. I’m at University. I’m poor. I’m struggling to pay my bills. I need a job.”

Tom frowns. He still hasn’t touched his drink. “Listen—”

“No, Tom. I don’t know how many times I have to say your name in such a way that screams ‘fuck off’, but please fuck off. I’m mad at you still, okay? What you did—that was not okay at all. You didn’t even say goodbye.”

Tom goes to reply, a look of desperation in his eyes. “B—”

“You didn’t say goodbye, Tom. You left me alone here. You told me you’d see me in a week and look at you now! Accidentally walking into a café that I work in four years later. I loved you, Tom. I really did. I was heartbroken, I thought you went missing but then I was told that you had a job and you didn’t know when you’d be back? I was told by someone else, too. I wasn’t even told by you. Just leave, please. You have your drink, I’ve done my job, I suggest you get back to yours.”

Tom picks up his drink but doesn’t turn around. “Can I at least get your number?”

You squeeze the wood on the counter again. “Why?”

He frowns, fiddling with the paper wrapped about the cup. “I’d like to take you out sometime?” he offers.

You sigh and shake your head. “I have a boyfriend now. It’s been four years, I was destined to move on sometime. But hey, come say hi in another few years, we’ll see how I’m doing then.”

me, every day for the rest of my life: izombie gave us a hetero platonic relationship so incredibly close and powerful that they would literally do anything for each other and can say to each other “I love you” while knowing without a doubt nothing about it is romantic, and show no shame or embarrassment about this commitment

okay I have a question for anti-Otayuri people…

I’ve noticed that some of you ship Mila and Sara

Why is that ship okay, but Otayuri is not?

I know Mila is 18. But Sara is 22.

The girls have been skating competitively for years. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve probably known each other since before Mila was 18. Especially because they seem pretty close in the show. They’ve probably been friends for at least a few years, since Mila started skating in the senior division with Sara. Perhaps since Mila was 15/16 and Sara was 19/20.

Yall seem to have a problem with people aging up Otayuri. Or with them waiting for Yurio to turn 18. Like yall argue that Otabek would still be a predator for “waiting” because that would mean he had romantic/sexual intentions with Yurio from the start or something.

But Sara and Mila probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. Why is it okay to ship them just because Mila is 18 now? When they probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. So going by your logic, why is Sara not a predator as well for “waiting” for Mila to turn 18?

Like this is a legit question, I don’t understand your logic, please explain?

Anyone want to give me that Langst???

•Don’t care what the relationship is (klance,shance,hance,etc)

•Don’t care what it is
(Fic,art,music,stories, headcanons)

•Just want some good langst.

•Homesick Lance
•Lances Insecurities

Please just give me anything

Reading a fanfic summary:

Person A: * needs fake significant other*
Person B: *is super in love with A*
Author: “what could go wrong? What could go right?”
Me: “literally everything”
Me: *grabby hands* 🤗

San Diego is ways away from Hawkins. That’s all Max can think her first day unpacking box after box, load after load. Kind of a crappy looking town but for some reason gives her a freaky sense of peace, she can’t place it. Instead of raging traffic, its creepy silence, late night yelling and music and commotion is replaced with crickets; crickets, she’d never actually heard them herself.

Its better than living with that asshole, she still mentally winces at the bruise on her arm from the intense pulling and violent yanking from the man she reluctantly calls her father. Mom made the right choice moving us.

But then she stomps to her seat after introducing herself to the admittedly cool looking teacher Mr. Clarke in the expectantly dull looking Indiana classroom with eight eyes following her intentively. Weirdos.

Next thing she knows she’s sitting with the same weirdos at lunch, the goof with the hat and the other dork with the nice clothes laughing at like every damn thing she says. Dustin and Lucas. Geeks, but comforting to be around.

She learns that the small one, Will, isn’t what he seems, she can relate to his anguish, one shitty dad to another. She feels the weird need to protect him, but has a feeling one day he really won’t need it. He’ll be confident enough to love exactly who he is; he should.

Mike, the quiet one, remains a mystery to her, but solving those has always been her favorite thing to do. Something tells her though, he’ll open up when he wants to, she wont have to pry it out of the gloomy dope, not right now at least.

Hawkins is ways away from San Diego. But something tells Max she was meant to be here.

Feminist Fiction Masterpost

People expressed interest in a book recommendation master post of feminist fiction, as there is obviously a lack of such, for those of us tired of reading the same misogynist bullshit. I’ve compiled a list of the fiction I’ve read, you might not agree with my assessment - if so, please excuse me.


Tortall-universe by Tamora Pierce

Beka Cooper

Alanna of Trebond

Keladry of Mindelan

Veralidaine Sarrasri

Alienne of Pirate’s swoop

Emelan-universe by Tamora Pierce

The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan



Age of the Five T

rilogy by Trudi Canavan

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Enchanted Forest Chronicles

(Not really fantasy, mostly a fairytale and geared towards kids but awesome anyway)

Hidden Sea Tales by A.M Dellamonica

(Books 2 and 3 have yet to be published.)

 Damar-series by Robin McKinley

Exiles-series by Melanie Rawn

The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E, Feist

Crown Of Stars-series by Kate Elliot

Fairy Tales by Mercedes Lackey

Doran-series by Monica Furlong

Santa Olivia-series by Jacqueline Carey

Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony

Lives of the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice

Cherub-series by Robert Muchamore

(Despite the main protaganist being a boy, then a later a guy,not to mention an asshole - there is amazing female characters, who often beat him for being an ass (also just generally)and it is made obvious that his behaviour is not okay in any way. Also, gay and poc characters!)

Angels Unlimited by Annie Dalton

(Mostly for girls and teenagers, but fuck if I didn’t adore this.Read it first time as a fourth grader or something, thinking of re-reading it.)

Castings by Pamela Freeman

The Orphan’s Tales by Catherynne M. Valente

The Graceling Realm by Kristin Cashore

The Sevenwaters-series by Juliet Marillier

Keeper Chronicles

The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson

The Chanters of Tremaris by Kate Constable

The Guild Hunter-series by Nalini Singh

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Katriona-series by Lene Kaaberbøl

The Books of Pellinor by Allison Croggon

Stand Alone Stories

Science Fiction

Earthseed-series by Octavia Butler(Black woman!)

Xenogenesis-series by Octavia Butler

Patternmaster-series by Octavia

Stand-alone novels by Octavia Butler 

Hainish Cycle-series by Ursula K. Le Guin

(All following books are stand-alone, but exist in the same universe)

Great Alta-series

Stand alone


The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Millenium by Stieg Larsson

Stand alone


Sisterhood by Ann Brashares

Stand Alone Stories