give me drama

i love when drama leads are always “this person is rude and loud, and unlike anyone i’ve ever met before. what is this strange feeling?” like, that’s attraction buddy and you’re gonna be so fucking in love with this person in like 5 episodes 

We all know Even gives Isak cheek kisses basically 24/7 now, how could he not? But there are also times - not as often as the other way around of course - where Isak gives Even some. 

  • One time when they sit at their new IKEA table in their kitchen, Isak going over his flashcards and Even engrossed in a film project. Isak can’t help but look over and scan his eyes over Even’s face.
    Brows furrowd, slighlty chewing on his full bottom lip - the epidome of concentration. It’s impossible for Isak not to lean over and press a quick kiss to Even’s cheek. Not letting himself be distracted by this, Even continues his work, even if a huge grin appears on his face. 

  • One time when they take a bath together in the small tub of their flat (”This was the last time! We’re both too huge for this shit, Even!”) and Even doesn’t style his hair afterwards. Just lets it dry and look as if he just casually took a stroll through a freaking tornado.
    Isak’s heart clenches because Even just looks so cozy with his soft hair. So when Even is sitting down on their couch, switiching through channels, Isak bends over the backrest, burries his hands in that blond mess and places two hard kisses on his cheek. 

  • One time when they stand together with the boys in the schoolyard, Magnus yet again excitedly talking about some trip he wants them all to take together with Vilde and the girls. Even feels bit down that day, but he still tries to listen and to smile at the right parts of the conversation. But beneath it, Isak can see his exhaustion.
    The bell rings and before they have to go off in different directions, Isak puts his arm around Even’s middle, nuzzling their noses together. After he hears Even inhale audibly he moves to the side of Even’s face, letting his lips linger there. No rushed quick kiss, but saying I’m here with his touch.

  • One time when Isak is sitting on the stone fence in front of a house of some third year. The party is long from over and the music is pumping loud even out here. Even stands between his legs, which are wrapped around his boy, aswell as his arms.
    He isn’t drunk (well, maybe he’s a little drunk) but Even is so close and warm and comfortable and hot, ok? Really hot. So he tightens the grip around Even, who lets out a little chuckle, face crinkly when smiling down at him. 

    “You alright there, Baby Monkey?” he asks, voice deep and soft. One of his hands finding its way in Isak’s hair while the other one stays on his thigh. Isak nods and a wide, tipsy smile spreads over his face.
    To be completely fair, he doesn’t just kiss Even’s cheek here. But it is definetly in the mix as he leans forward the little remaining distance and smooches Even all over his face. 

some stuff that would be cool in the next animal crossing:

having your other characters be active in the town while you play on your main (see them walking/fishing/talking to villagers, etc..)

being able to take pictures with villagers (think of the Sims 4 camera skill) and frame the pics

placing public works projects the way you place furniture in ACHHD

l o n g e r h a i r s t y l e s

official gyroid section in the museum!!!

being able to play the live version of KK’s songs in your house

a path building system that’s something more developed than placing patterns on the ground one by one

mean villagers that you really have to work hard to get to like you/having to work harder for friendships in general

you know how sometimes a villager is like “oooh I heard _____ and _____ were together on the beach” I want those things to be REAL. i want DRAMA. give me the hot gossip

being able to go in the river

placing villager houses (obviously)

bring back notes in a bottle, have them be something that you can receive from random players all over the world

seeing NPCs around the town when their shop is closed



Bo Gum watching himself act… Lol!! His facial expressions are perfection.

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice
金剛山寿一 (???)
ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice (CV: ???)

*NSFW, headphones advised! ( • ᴗ • ) ✨

Release Date: May 26th, 2017.

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice 2
金剛山寿一 (???)
ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice 2

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice 2 (CV: ???)

*NSFW, headphones advised!  ( ≖‿≖ )

Release Date: May 26th, 2017.