give me drama


she’s always had someone walking her to and from her classes. 
whether it’s behind her or alongside her, it doesn’t matter; some-
one, she knows, is always there. usually, she ignores roman, as
she so often does, but sometimes she drags him along beside her,
talking all the way. he doesn’t outright ask her about things but
she enjoys telling him all the same, if only because other than her
fathers, there’s no one else to really tell. 

          “and then we were – —”

she stops, looks over at him to make sure he’s still listening, be-
cause he hasn’t given any sign of acknowledgement in a while.
and that look on his face tells her everything she needs to know –
she recognizes it, knows it well. it makes her heart catch in her
throat and lodge there.

          “– – roman?”


Commander Masterpiece


Cordelia is everything

In the last 7 days...

Let’s do another recap!

  • Anne’s icloud is “hacked” and over the course of 4 days a strategic set of approximately 50 pictures “confirming” Hendall 2.0 are “leaked” on Twitter with no repercussions for the hacker or the press who published the pictures
  • The Sun publishes an article saying 1D Media changed it’s corporate shareholder structure in an effort to evade paying taxes
  • Louis & Danielle go to Park City, Utah for a fan photo op that lasted 38 seconds
  • Jay posted a new picture of Louis & Freddie on her private facebook account
  • The picture of Louis & Freddie is “leaked” online and published by numerous press outlets without repercussions 
  • Billboard publishes an article with numerous quotes from Louis only saying Simon is “lovely and kind,” and “one of the first people I told about my son, Freddie,” and Simon was “very patient” with them in the beginning and Simon didn’t put “any pressure on [One Direction]” when they decided to go on a break.
  • In the same article, Simon says Harry is working on an undetermined solo album to be released at an undetermined date in the future and he isn’t sure if One Direction is on a hiatus or broken up

So in the last 7 days, the following things were confirmed or reconfirmed in suspicious/unreliable ways:

  1. Hendall 2.0
  2. Louis loves Freddie, his son
  3. Louis loves Simon Cowell more than anyone else on planet earth
  4. Simon Cowell is a saint and we are awful to say otherwise
  5. Harry is definitely going solo
  6. The band is on a break or broken up, nobody is sure

Me until something fucking gives with this shit show:


hello, im here to explain u a thing.

i am the creator of these

now i have seen my gifs used a lot while yall try and say baekhyun is hurting baby sehun here BUT fear not ive come to dispell these rumors. because thats what they are. rumors because everyone loves to hate baekhyun WOO!!!!

everyone thinks theyre quarreling friends fightin over a lover or somethin smh. YES baekhyun playfully smacked sehun on the side of the head, lightly, but theyre only playing. they do that on stage. frequently i might add, for our entertainment, and even in the mv

u see that?? yes that is a smile. but please sit down im only getting started

what yall are getting ur panties in a twist over: baekhyun “pinching” sehuns neck. do u see what i see? he had his hand fisted in sehuns hoodie, but he also accidentally grabbed a hold of his mic wire as well

now i slowed that gif down a little so u could see what is happening, this contact lasted for LESS than a second i know this for a fact i made these gifs and i watched every single frame


sehun adjusting his hoodie from where baekhyun had grabbed it

sehun adjusting his mic wire, yep thats what he was doing, not “rubbing his neck in pain”

couldnt see it? thats ok!!! im here to help and inform u guys so here ill close up and slow it down some


now stop accusing baekhyun of being abusive to sehun, im not rolling with it. im out


Since it’s not possible to report a user for impersonating someone who is not yourself (believe me, I tried), then there’s another way to shut them down.


They’re pretending to be Jack by making and replying to posts. This is not him.

THIS IS JACK @therealjacksepticeye

Save yourself the effort of berating the impersonator because chances are it’s not gonna work. They want attention- bombarding their askbox with messages is doing exactly what they want. Don’t go onto their blog, don’t check anything. JUST BLOCK THEM.