give me danger

What we learned about Hux from Aftermath:

We learned that he wept tears of joy as he watched a giant planet-killing beam shoot up into the sky to annihilate a planet that was home to thousands if not millions of retired and disabled war veterans.

Hosnian Prime was a hub of medicine and therapy, where people were transferred to live and build new homes and settlements. 

We learned that he wanted nothing more in his life than to eradicate a government that promoted individualism and the preservation of cultures and heritages. He longed for nothing more than to erase histories, suppress individuality, and homogenize everything into one perfect order.

We got to learn so much about him in this book, because we got to see what it was that the Resistance and the Republic were fighting to protect, and therefore everything that he wants to destroy. 

In other words, we learned that Armitage Hux is a Space Nazi. 


This will always turn me on…


“Give me Danger” from the movie Velvet Goldmine. <3

Give Me Danger
  • Give Me Danger
  • Dangerous Muse
  • Give Me Danger [EP]

Two in a blackened room
my best friend my girl friend in one bedroom.
I found out cause I was bound to.
I can’t believe what you did. I trusted you two.
Now I’m just standing here.
I can’t help but hear the mess you’re into.
My ears burn. My head can’t stop.
I’m turning round, round, round …

“Ut oh,” she said “Is he home early?”
“Who what,” he said. “Now what was that?”
“Oh no. You better run away.
My boyfriend’s back. Your best friend’s back.”
“Ut oh,” she said, “Is he home early?”
“Who what,” he said. “Now what was that?”
“Oh no. You better run away.
My boyfriend’s back. Your best friend’s back.”

It feels so good when we know that our love is wrong
or when we try to go where we don’t belong.
Give me danger. Give me danger.
Danger … Danger … Give me danger.

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a scowl graced his features and golden eyes rolled to the heavens. with his lack of years came people’s disbelief in what he can and can’t do, loras was used to it and he was used to proving them all wrong as well. what, other than my age, means i have less chance than them, exactly?

“The fact that you are outnumbered, perhaps.” Ragnar smirked at the boy, who was a couple of years older than his son, but shared the attitude. He leaned closer to him, as if to give him advice “You have to know when it’s worth the fight and when it’s not.”

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I just saw the new fanpic from yesterday and first of all, Harry's, secondly, his whole face is out of control, he looks so beautiful even at his most casual, and finally, all those rings on his fingers are giving me some dangerous ideas for noon on a weekday. He's just a lot

“He’s just a lot” you just summed it up wow