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A lot of people have misunderstood me – I still allow FB & IG reposts (with proper credit) of my fanarts

FEW exceptions on artworks where I request ‘no reposts’  in the captions (mostly Taemin Han Kid Photo Sets – MM RP accounts however may still use them as long as there is credit; so many people just seem confused with the AU and I don’t really want to cause any more trouble with the fandom ;;v;; ). Please don’t say that I don’t allow reposts at all – there are just a select few that I would rather not have circulated (if you would kindly give me that right).

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Anyway, people can still view my tumblr and IG even if they don’t have accounts so idk what the problem was… ((it’s not like it’s on patreon where you have to pay to see them…))

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It’s ARMY’s bungle JIN
iyaa ~ It’s already my fourth birthday (since) debut
It’s already been four years since I’ve debuted
Up to now I think I’ve remained 20 years old

I met ARMY’s and everything has changed a lot
from looks, personality until mind, so many things have changed

I always want to show ARMY good looks more and more not only BTS’ JIN but human Kim Seokjin too, that is mentally and physically strong

Really what can I offer to thank you
I don’t know how to repay you back
As ARMY has given me such positive strength, I want to be someone to give ARMYs such strength too.

I hope ARMYs had fun due to me
So, please shine brightly for us on our side for a long long time
I hope ARMY and BANGTAN last for a long time!

- I hope we continue to be together for a long time in the future your Jin dream❤

trans; @hobuing | do not repost or crop credit


Here ya go, guys! My two lock screens with my favorite grump quotes. Even though Danny’s really isn’t an original quote from him, it still makes me laugh every time I hear it ;P.

Sorry if they’re not that great. I tried to make it look like those hipster/aesthetic looking pictures, and it didn’t really turn out that way. But if you do like them and you want to use them, that’s perfectly fine.

My name is on both of them and if you repost PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT (Charlotte P.F.)

My first phanart of the year!! 

also it’s 5:50 am and I stayed up all night and I should probably sleep but ain’t nobody got time for that

I’m gonna thank @floweryiero @fairylightphan and other various anons for their prompt (which was pastel!Dan and punk!Phil and another neck kiss I hope I didn’t let you down)

[you can use it as icon/wallpaper/whatever you want as long as you give me credit but please before doing anything different than that message me before ;) thx]

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Laying Tricks (Where the fuck do I put my charms/spells/etc?)

*My information can be used in any witchcraft practice or used as a reference. You do not have to be a believer of voodoo to understand this information. Just note that my knowledge is heavy in voodoo and hoodoo so a lot of what I am going to say comes from this so please give proper respect and credit when using these practices.*

What is a laying trick? Well it is simply where to place a spell or charm to either gain power or cross paths with the person. It is where you put things to “seal the deal.” And trust me, it is important. So I am going to give you so many options that your spells should work every time.

  • Outside the Home: This is usually used when you want to bind something to who lives in the house. Good luck charms or protection charms can be placed in your own yard in order to give you good luck and protection. Simple bad luck charms can be places in the target’s yard to hex them. This is the most common laying trick used as it is usually the easiest. Live somewhere without a yard? Put it under a rug or carpet!
  • Crossroads: Usually when I finish a ritual, I leave all of the remains at a crossroads so that cars will destroy it. This is very normal for a lot of rural magic users. Bad luck charms can also be left at crossroads to be destroyed by oncoming cars. Leave a coin at a crossroad for good luck. You can also make your own crossroad by marking somewhere with an X inside your house and placing it there.
  • Inside of an object or sewn into clothing: Love charms and good luck charms are oftentimes amazing when sewn into clothing or other items. Good dream charms, nightmare hexes, etc can be sewn into the mattress or pillow. This keeps the spell tied to a specific location so it can work its magic.
  • Construction site: It is very common and useful to place charms at construction sites as they tend to last forever or at least a very long time. Businesses or resturaunts are good if you want to attract business, banks are good for money, churches work well for protection, neighborhoods are good for family matters and friendship, courthouses are good to keep the law away, theaters for fame, and the list goes on and on.
  • In food or drink: I must warn that you should not put anything poisonous into someone’s food and please think of allergies. Food and drinks spells are usually good for gaining control over someone. You are controlling what goes into the person’s body and therefore you are in control of them. Use this if you wish to make someone do something you want. Love spells, hexes, etc.
  • A graveyard: Burying things in graveyards is usually used in extreme magic. Black magic, serious curses, etc, call upon the dead and old energy stored there to push the energy into the right direction.
  • Thrown off of somewhere; Wind: Now we get to the elemental stuff! Using the air, throw the charm off of a large building, mountain, etc for so that the air will slowly take the spell where it needs to be. This is for spells that you want to work slowly or at a nice pace. Love spells and small hexes work well with this as it allows things to start slow and gradually become stronger. I usually only use small charms as throwing a bag of odd things off of a building may alarm people. Use a dandelion, sand, oil infused herbs, or bubbles as your charm and blow.
  • Into the fire: Burning a charm can get rid of its effects or power them up, depending on what you are going for. The smoke that comes from burning the charm can either neutralize it or activate it.
  • Water: If you would like to be rid of something or banish anything, send your charm into the ocean or down a stream.
  • Plants: Bury the charm and a seed at the same time or use the seed as the charm by blessing it. As the seed grows, so will your spell.


i will do:

fanart, OC (original character) in manga-anime style only. please check out my art tag to see what i can draw best

i won’t do:

mecha, furries, explicit stuff….in which case i might have to turn down your requests :( my deepest apology :(


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Natural Hair Color Palette 

I really wanted to make a palette for natural hair colors, but I’m over in my head with all of the objects I want to recolor that I wanted to offer the colors for someone who is looking for a palette to recolor with. I don’t play vanilla sims a lot, but I really do like these colors and would love to have more options for when I do play vanilla. So these colors are open for anyone to use, just give me a little bit of credit :) 

If you want to see the colors on some hair, you can check out the hair that I tried the colors on, or you can just download the zip file of photos I took of them. 

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Download Test Hair (requires romantic garden)

Download Example Photos


You know what kills me? Vane is such a hardened pirate and will not be crossed by anyone. But then he looks at Eleanor like he’s found the treasure of the world.” (via emisonrevolution)

CREATED BY matomibotaki

Created for: The Sims 4

MB-My_Bathmat, little fluffy bathmat, to enjoy a relaxing bath a bit more, come in 4 different colors and custom thumbnail, This is an reacolor of an in game existing item, with new texture and colors, created for Sims 4, by matomibotaki.

Creator Notes

Created with Full-Built-Sims 4-Game and latest patch.
Please do not reupload without permission, or claim as your creation, give me credits and a link to my page on TSR,
if you want to use my creations in your house-uploads. Thank you!!!

Only basegame needed.

Credits: EA, Sims4Studio

Short URL:


+ | Bisexual Tracer Icons | +

I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to use for myself, yet I also was too proud of all three to just let them go to waste, so I’m distributing them here for anyone to use freely.

{ If you use one, please link back to me AND reblog, in case anyone else wants to use one, but give credit to Blizzard specifically (these took 0 effort to make, after all). Thank you. }


EXO Wallpapers

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•also give credit!
•please do not re-upload!

Requested by Anon! (I hope this is what you wanted anon! If not just tell me!)

Camila is gay?

Hey little chickens, so Camila is always giving me those weird vibes about her sexuality, her being gay (or bi, more likely lesbian) not only because she is always checking girls but she gives me those vibes. This “theory” was requested, it’s not really a theory or it is? Anyways, I want to show all her gay moments, it’s up to you believe in me (proofs) or not. I made all the gifs so please if you use give me credit, enjoy.

Let’s start when she said ‘’boys suck’’ in a interview, if you want to watch put on youtube search ‘’Fifth Harmony fuse interview’’

Let’s not forget that Camila never says ‘’boy’’ or ‘’girl’’ but she says ‘’person’’ mmm, weird no? Like in this theory ‘’People and not men’’

Moving on I’ll show you more proofs, there’s not much to say.

When she was checking Lauren out…

I did my researchs about checking someone out.

There’s this sexy girl/boy and what do you? Check them out. What do you do to show interest? Smile or bite your lips, well that’s what I do and I’m sure I’m not the only one, I mean… Camila is not even trying to hide it.

Here is the video if you want to watch, 0:39. Another good point is, I never saw Camila showing interest in Austin or even Shawn (can I saw sexual interest? Of course I can) I always see her checking girls out, interviewers mainly. Do you see celebrities doing photoshoots? Mainly woman, they’re always biting something trying to be sexy, they want to draw attention doing it, it’s like flirting with someone.

When you put your fingers in your mouth means: teasing. I had the idea of searching “Signs of being lesbian” just to make sure, let’s take a look.

  • 1) You’ve dated men but none of them can keep your attention, with the exception of your celebrity crushes. 

Camila never showed any interest in Austin like I said before, she doesn’t act the same way when she is with girls. I never saw her biting her lips/fingers or giving him THAT look, excuse me if I’m wrong. ‘’with the exception of your celebrity crushes.‘’ mmm remember when the girls were asked about marrying their celeb crush? Camila didn’t think twice.

Celebrity crush?

  • 2) You have a close friend and you want to be her everything by taking care of her every need and making sure she’s happy and smiling everyday. 

Answer: LAUREN.

It’s obvious that Camila is always making Lauren laugh and being silly next to her.

  • 3) You’ve had to tell yourself, “Being attracted to women is wrong.” 

Camila is always reblogging pictures of boys or things related to boys on her tumblr but her body languague says something different. Trying to convince yourself you’re not gay buddy? She is always neutral, never say “girl or boy” always “people”, really weird. But…

I think I already gave you enough proof, I really think she is gay not bi but gay… for now. It’s up to you believe the obvious, I’m not here to try to expose them, no it’s called THEORIES so I’d like to know your opinions.


Kimo-Chi’s commissions on paypal are now open! 

“Cuteness, Softness, and Smoothness guaranteed!”

So I just got out of school, and I wanted to open commissions since my computer is dying, also it just has 2GB of RAM.

If you commission me, you’ll be helping me to get a new one and continue doing what I love to! <3</p>

Here’s the info: 

> I won’t start the sketch of your commission until you pay at least half of the price.

> You cannot use the drawing as yours on any commercial means, and I still have the right to post said drawings on my gallery.(If you have any reason to make it private, talk with me please.)

>If you are gonna repost it on any other site please give me credits.

>You may explain the relation between all the characters if you want an extra character so it makes it easier for me to draw them.

>If you want explain character personality, it would make it easier for me.

>It will have simple background (Gradient of 2 colors or base color.) since I’m still a begginer on complicated backgrounds.

Style 1:

Complex and extras may be discussed.

-Bust +1 character $3 USD (Character limit: 2)

-Half Body +1 character $5 USD (Character limit: 3)

-Full Body +1 character $7 USD (Character limit: 2)

Style 2:

Complex and extras may be discussed.

-Bust +1 character $4 USD (Character limit: 2)

-Half Body +1 character $7 USD (Character limit: 2)

-Full Body +1 character $10 USD (Character limit: 2)

Pixel Dolls:

Complex and extras may be discussed.

Just bouncing animation.

+1 character $7 USD (Character limit: 3) 

(It may make the picture bigger than 200x200px)

Furaffinity Icon:

No animation.

>Couple icon $7 USD 

>Tri Squad $10 USD

>Squad $15 USD


>Sonic Style



>Anything lewd as long as it has clothes (Lingerie is fine)

>Simple Robots.

>Simple Armor.







>Complicated armor

❤ Any other questions, contact me at ❤

If you can’t afford for a commission please reblog, you’ll be helping me a lot qwq