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by clicking ( here ) you’ll find 500 gif icons of kendall jenner i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d like including redistribution as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.

Lily James Gifs

In this pack you will find 202 HQ GIFS of Lily James as Natasha Rostova in episode 4 of of War and Peace.

All of the gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Feel free to use them as sidebars, reaction gifs or include them in your gif hunts, but don’t forget to give credit!

DO NOT repost them or edit in any way.

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From Canada, With Love

I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely blown away by how many people participated. I’ve found out about so many incredible writers, artists and other talented content creators through this and I can’t wait to see more of what everyone comes up with. I can’t wait to do it all again in a year! I’d also like to say a special thanks to everyone who sent me asks and replies letting me know how much you liked the theme and the backround/header photos, it really means a lot to me. You can always find more at my photography blog @images-of-the-canadian-dream and everything is free to use as long as you give credit. Thanks to Inkstranger for having me on board, I’ve had so much fun! -Lizzie

Headcanon: Drell Noises

The original post has become hard to find/access, so I thought I’d re-make it with the help of someone who could access it! The original post was by another Drell RPer (whose character was quite lovely) but who seems to have left Tumblr.

Flo, if you’re still here, hit me up so I can credit you.

But it was a rather nice collection of sounds, and I might add a few before I’m done. And now: to business, where I’ll paraphrase the original post.

According to the Mass Effect wiki, Drell have a more developed hyoid bone (residing in the throat) than humans. This allows Drell to make a wider variety of sounds than humans, inflate their throats, and gives them that rasp/double-tone to their voice. These added tones give vocal variety that is a part of Drell communication, like how the Elcor use body language and pheromones to add nuance to their communications with each other. It can also be described as another layer to the tone, since they already can change tone/pitch to give more nuanced meaning the way humans do. This is more important in communication with other Drell than with humans (and potentially other races).

Some of these added tones or vocal effects are optional, due to how expressive a Drell wants to be. Most are unconscious and take some practice to suppress. Some are completely involuntary no matter how emotionally controlled a Drell is.

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she could tell there was something off as soon as she had met you. the way you held yourself, the way you spoke. it was obvious something had happened to you since your landing on Earth. many of the original 100 had done things they regretted.

opening up was tough for Luna but with you, she felt like she had to. she needed to see you happy because when you smiled she smiled. she cared about you, and when she cared for someone she protected them.

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) thank you so much to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs, such a lovely person <3 <3 <3

by clicking ( here ) you’ll find 108 gif icons of luke hemmings i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d like including redistribution as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.

“I felt like sometimes she didn’t want me born. I was like Cinderella—even though I was a dude. She blamed me for everything. Maybe it’s because I was ugly, I guess. Girls were all running from me. My brothers were better looking. When I grew older, it was all about money. Mom and I never discussed anything personal. It seemed like she always wanted something from me. One time I called her crying, because I was trying to quit marijuana, and I felt really depressed. She just told me: ‘You’re wasting all that money on weed. You could be giving it to me instead.” She used to cash my student loan checks. One time she even used my social security number to get a credit card, and I didn’t even know until I got the bill. So I detached myself from her. I stopped answering the phone. Then two years ago she called to tell me she had cancer, and she needed an operation, but I didn’t even answer the phone. I thought she was tricking me again. She left a message, it said: ‘Michael, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. I love you. And I know you love me.’ And I just ignored it. And she died. And I’m haunted by that. I’ve been trying to write about my life lately, but I can’t get past my mother. I wish I could just start my story with that phone call. With her saying that she loved me. The only other time I ever felt love from her was when I tried crack cocaine. I was a teenager, and I had been using for a couple weeks, and I went in her room to ask for baking soda. She started crying, and she looked scared, and she said: ‘Michael, why do you need baking soda?’ And I felt love at that moment. And it was so strong that I quit doing crack right then. I never used again. I didn’t go to a program or anything. That’s how strong that feeling was.”

My own expression meme!!!!!

Give me a character and an expression, and I’ll (maybe) draw it! 

…You can mix two expressions for a character if you want too.

(it will just be quick sketches) 

You can use it! (don’t forget to give credits) 


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day while I have a moment of free time so enjoy these Stranger Things valentines and feel free to use them :)

(Btw, I did NOT make these, I just found them on the internet)

Credit: unknown (I just found these on the internet but if you know who made any of these let me know so I can give them credit)

I started making videos of me reacting the the Voltron google page and decided to make it into something.

The ships I did were Klance, Lancelot, Kallura, and Shallura lmk if you want me to do more!!

Some of the pictures I used I couldn’t find the aritst for but I tried my best to give credit!



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Check, Please! // Netflix Original Series Trailer 

its been done a million times but not by me, so 


I know too well how it feels to have your soul split in half

Living on the American side

It does not mean that the struggle has sufficed

We cross the Rio for the hopes of a better life

We break our tongue in half

While all the white kids tell us we sound bad

Our existence is the constant fight of preservation and assimilation

All because I have embraced immigration

Translations have married me

Authenticity has divorced me

I am too white there,

I am too brown here

I am too Mexican here,

I am too American there

At times, I am could not helped to feel shameful

Seeing everyone mock my culture is painful

But, my parents back never failed to break apart

All because they think we can have a better start

I am not only their translator

I am their protector

I am anything they need me to be when there is no translation

And from that, Hispanic kids never take a vacation

I am not from here, nor from there

Mexican-American is the label I wear

-Eva Perez, 9/6/2016


I call this series 

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Transgender people have a 1 in 15 (6.67%) chance of being brutally murdered. Trans women have a 1 in 12 (8.33%) chance. For trans women of color, this chance is 1 in 8 (12.5%). 

The average life expectancy for a transgender person is 25-30 years.

End transphobia.
End transmisogyny.