give me all your clothes


“I have been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have access to so many young women and men all over the world, and how so many of you voice your insecurities to me on a weekly basis. I want to take this opportunity to promise to always be a good example of a self-loving, secure, strong, and HEALTHY woman. Now, lets reward our bodies by giving them beautiful clothing!”

Muse (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Not much dialogue, just something sweet and short…

All of Me - John Legend

What will I do without out your smart mouth?
Drawing me and kicking me out
You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding
I can’t pin you down

You watched as he hacked and sliced at the dummy, sword plunging in and out. Every thought of him encasing you in a whole different world. His sarcastic comments ringing in your ears even if the room was silent. You walked away to your shared bedroom, but you weren’t really in the moment. You were too lost in your own thoughts to control what you were doing. It was like your body just knew what to do, pure instinct.

What’s going on in your beautiful mind?
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy
Don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

He walked in, sweat glistening on his body. Eyes trained on you, sketch book in hand the pencil gliding on the paper effortlessly. Drawing every single detail with pure care. It looked like you were in a trance, glassy eyes and everything. He watched you like a puzzle, trying to figure out what was going on in your mind. He wasn’t sure what washed this emotion over, a foreign feeling.

My heads under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out my mind

He laid down at the foot of bed, a small smile gracing his features at the furrow of your eyebrows in concentration. Determination etched on your face.

You drew every detail you could conjure up from memory, every bump, every crease, every nook, every curve, it was pure art in your eyes. It was as if you were drowning in the beauty of it all.

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curve and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

Every scar, every bruise, each and every imperfection. The perfection of it all were the imperfections. Every single thing that drew you in even if in others eyes weren’t worthy of it. You loved
it all, each single detail no matter how small and insufficient. Your mind incorporated it as your life, the anchor keeping you at bay from all the hidden emotions waiting to drag you down under the water.

Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

His eyes trailed down your body, the only clothing you wore was his shirt. That you always told him gave you comfort. His thoughts always of you, practically swarming his head from your smile to your heart beat. Form the crinkles at your eyes when you smiled or all the precious times you both shared.

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood
You’re my downfall and my muse

He crawled next to you laying his head carefully on your shoulder. He smiled at the drawing, it was so realistic. There was no doubt that you weren’t talented.

You smiled at the familiar scent of him, his cologne mixed with a bit of sweat. You watched as he inspected your drawing with a smiled etched on his face. His checks with a hint of blush. You did the last stroke finishing the art work  before you.

“It won’t ever compare to the real thing.” You set the sketchbook and pencil on the nightstand.

“It came close enough.” His eyes finally meeting yours.

“You’re my muse.” You laid your head in the crook of his neck placing a tiny kiss.

“And you, my beloved.”

The Lantern Girl

Give me my clothes back with Conner.
**I do not own the picture

“Conner? Baby? Can you give me a clean towel?”
    You shouted from the shower to your boyfriend,Conner, who happily obliged.
     He entered the small bathroom that was installed to his room; one of the perks of finally having new headquarters.
    “Thank you baby!” You said and blew a kiss to him as you turned the faucet off. "Did you wanna get in?“ You said and grabbed him by his wrist.
  “No baby. I had one before you woke up.”
  You stuck your tongue out to him and wrapped yourself with the enormous towel.
   The bedroom floor was cold as you walked, but you figured it was because it was well, November and the mount Justice was well… a mountain.
   Conner approached you from behind,rubbing the tip of his nose to your wet shoulder.
  “Eww… Conner!” You laughed and stepped away from him.
“What?” He winked at you and laughed too. He approached you again and this time he pulled you in his muscular arms.
   “You should blow-dry your hair, baby. It’s really cold and Nightwing said he won’t be turning up the heater until he’s sure we aren’t gonna blow up.”
  You chuckled as you though of a response but stayed silent instead. Moments like these with Conner were beautiful and so heart warming. Especially when you being the most reckless superhero existing, almost got yourself killed.
   “I think I should make cookies for everyone.” You blurt out.
  “Why is that?” Conner smiled and pulled away from so you could sit on the bed.
   Once positioned next to each other you spoke again.
“Uhmm I… look the new trainer girl… Manhuntress… I think she seems nice. She had a rough time pulling us out of shit on this mission and plus M'gann is not the only one who should cook here. Poor girl, it’s like we have her only for cooking.”
   You noticed Conner shallow hard, while he held you.
   “Are you okay, baby?”
  How could you know? You were new in the team. The Green Lanterns had assigned you to the team for you to find courage, or love, or anything that could make you greater than them, because you had that potential. As Hal Jordan said.
     Conner never ceased to be impressed by you. Your strong will, your skills, your recklessness. He had asked you on a date as soon as he could. He never told you about his past with M'gann and begged her not to tell you too. He was afraid, a wrong move, a wrong manipulation of a serious situation would damage your will. The pureness the Lanterns had seen in you.
“Yeah. I’m fine… M'gann loves to cook (y/n). We’re not forcing her to do anything.”
“Uh huh” you nodded and got up. Slipping away from your towel, leaving yourself completely bare and Conner blushed, you wandered around the room, searching for your clothes.
    “ Con, where are my clothes?”
    “You mean these?” He grinned and looked up, making you look too.
   “Wha-” you only managed to say as he flew to the ceiling and put your clothes to the thick, extra line of iron that was used for hosting the lambs. He landed again and he laughed as he saw your face screwed up in disappointment.
   “Conner give me my clothes back!
“You’ll have to get them all by your self.”
   “Nooo! I can’t.. I can’t fly… Conner… it’s cold” your voice, raised as you spoke jumping, while your whole body jiggled up and down and it made him laugh even more.
   Soon you joined his trail of laughter too.
“Why are you doing this Con?”
    You giggled as he threw you onto the bed and hovered on you, continually pecking every feature of your face.
   “Because.. you almost died on me”
He chuckled and kissed you again, this time deeper and then again and again, not being able to absorb all of your sweetness at once.

  • Me: I'm so cute
  • Me: *lights incense*
  • Me: *dusts room*
  • Me: *puts on classical music*
  • Me: *reblogs aesthetic posts*
  • Me ten minutes later: *liSTENS TO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE*
  • Me: *puts on black clothes*
  • Me: *headbangs*
  • Me: *screaming*
I Am A Selkie On The Sea-Chapter 1


Selkie au Weirdmageddon. Sequel/partner fic to “I Am A Man Upon The Land”

It was cold in the throne room of the Fearamid. Cold and dark, and Ford shivered in the cramped cell he shared with his brother. The luminescent bars trapped them in a tiny bubble of air. Beyond, they could see the ocean and the distant impossible architecture and, far below them, the glowing red X that Bill and all his minions had used to enter the world.

But neither of them were looking. Stan had his head in his hands and Ford stared blankly at the bars in front of him. There had to be some way out. Some solution. But he was so tired and so sore and he couldn’t think. He was surrounded by the sea, which should have been a comfort, but Bill had taken even that away from him.

Then Stan raised his head, reached into his jacket and pulled out Ford’s sealskin. He held it out and Ford snatched it away, clutching it to himself. He’d thought it was lost. He’d thought Bill had—

“Dipper saved this,” said Stan. “He carried it for days. Through everything. Think he’d hoped to give it back to you himself, but—”

Ford curled close around the skin, tight as the spiral of a snail shell. There wasn’t room in the cage to transform. He couldn’t escape. But he had an anchor now. He could breathe.

Stan shook his head. “He’s gonna die. Both the kids. They’re gonna die and it’ll be my fault …”

“No,” said Ford. He was almost surprised to hear his own voice. He moved next to Stan and wrapped the sealskin around both their shoulders, the way the younger twins did when they needed comfort.

“I made the deal with Bill. I caused this. You would have seen right through him.”

Ford pulled out his worn flask—his other anchor—and took a long drink before passing it over.

Stan tipped back the flask. “Fine. We both ruined everything. So what do we do now?”

Ford hung his head. He’d been searching for a better answer, but there was only one thing he could think of. “I’m sorry, Stanley. I have to take his deal.”

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Mafumafu @ Amatsuki’s Clothes (021116)


Mafumafu: “Even though I’ve been exerting all of my effort thinking of what to tweet since the evening, nothing came up even after 4 hours so I’ll upload a photograph. Since I am sun-burnt here, this is probably from last year’s summer.

Even though I’ve taken a liking to these clothes, I’ve experienced the strange phenomenon of “losing my clothes” on the 1st day (of the trip). It’s painful( º﹃º` )”

Amatsuki: “Wait, those clothes are exactly the same as mine, ain’t this the time when you borrowed my necklaceーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Yeesh”

Mafumafu: “I’ll give you the gummy things I’m eating right now so please give me all of your clothes”

Amatsuki: “I’ve weakened so much that I can’t tell if those are actually gummies or not… Alright alright let’s go shop for clothes okay”

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I have school tomorrow and I'm scared!! Could you give me some encouraging words

Save all your cool new clothes for the second or third week, that way when everyone already wears their new clothes for the first week you can slay them when they run out lmao.

Buttttttttttttt go to sleep early so you have enough rest, eat breakfast, start the day off with a positive mindset (try not to have the idea things will be bad), be yourself, remember there are people just as nervous as you too!

Preference #5: Brother's Best Friend

Hope you like it! If you don’t have an older brother sorry, I don’t either my brothers 3 so just pretend you do. Thanks for reading!

Liam: You were currently in your older brothers room trying to find your laptop that your brother decided to take for no apparent reason. You were in the middle of skyping with a friend of yours, when you left to use the bathroom and came back to it gone and you were pissed. You heard the door open from behind as you searched in his closet. “I will kill you if you don’t give me my damn laptop!” you threaten going through all your brothers clothes. “Sorry, love. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” a familiar voice said from behind. You turned around to see Liam, your brothers hot best friend. “Oh, I though you were my brother, he took my laptop.” You mumbled continuing to search around his room. Usually you would be drooling over Liam but now you were too pissed to be staring at his beautiful face. It was no secret you had a crush on Liam, even your brother knew but Liam seemed to only look at you as a friend, which sucked. “I actually know where it is.” he said making you turn to face him. “You do?” You asked feeling relieved. “Yeah, your brother’s using it downstairs, he trying to ask a girl out on skype.” he answered. That makes sense, your brother did have a thing for your friend Melisa.You nodded and headed for the door but Liam stopped you. “Is something wrong?” you ask noticing how nervous he got. “Your brother told me that you liked me. Is that true?” he asked making your heart drop. You were so going to kill your brother, how could he tell Liam that? “Uh…I-I don’t…yes.” You mumbled quietly but loud enough for him to hear. “Ok, thats good.” he smiled confusing you. “So, would you like to go see a movie or something?” he asked making your heart skip a beat, you were too overjoyed with happiness that you just nodded smiling like an idiot. 

Zayn: You were with your older brother in the garage trying to paint something for your art class. You lived in a household full of artists but you on the other hand didn’t care much about it. You weren’t the best painter but your were decent enough. Your brother sighed in frustration as you continued to keep asking stupid questions. “Can you just paint something?” he practically yelled. “I don’t know what to paint, idiot!” You shout back at him. “Just let it flow, paint whatever you feel like painting. Art is never wrong.” he mumbled pulling out more colors. “That’s what you said last time and I got a C.” You rolled your eyes putting the brush down. “Why don’t I help her out.” Zayn chuckled walking into the garage. “Both of you have been arguing for hours and it’s getting annoying. Go inside, I’ll help your sister.” Zayn said to your brother. You were trying not to freak out, you were going to be alone with your brother’s beautiful best friend. “Thanks for saving me.” You joked picking up your brush. “No problem, so what’s the project about?” he asked taking his jacket off. “Well something that represents you.” you answer biting the end of the brush trying to think of something symbolic.“That shouldn’t be so hard. Your brother thinks too deep into things, just think if you were an animal, object, sign and so on, what would you be?” he asked close behind you, making things much easier. You could feel the heat from his body from behind you making you nervous. “I want the painting to look as if it had black paint dripping down on it but I don’t know how to start.” You sigh gripping onto your paintbrush in frustration. “Here,” Zayn mutters grabbing your hand and leading the brush onto the paper. After you got the hang of it he stepped back and let you finish it on your own. Since the painting was simple it took about 30 minutes to finish but Zayn never left. You dropped your brush into the water and smiled at the final outcome. “Good job.” Zayn said giving you a high five. “Couldn’t of done it without you.” You smiled giving him a side hug. “You know the next time you need inspiration, I know a few art studios we could go to.” he smirked looking down at you. “Like a date?” You asked trying not to smile too big. “Yeah, a date.” he winked.

Louis: You were in the store picking up a few things when your brother texted you to buy condoms for him. After 10 minutes of arguing you finally add it to your cart and buy them. When you got home you could tell your parents left already to some work party so it would be only you and your brother. You put the groceries you bought in the kitchen and the rest you brought upstairs to your room. You grabbed the box of condoms and walked over to your brothers room. You opened it to see the back of him so you chucked it at his head. “Here are the condoms!” You shout just as you turn around you bump into your brother. “Move it, jeez.” he rolled his eyes. “Wait, who’s in your room?” You asked feeling guilty you hit someone with a box of condoms. “Louis.” he answers going downstairs. Shit, you just threw a box of condoms at your crush. God, it was bad enough you were known as his best friends little sister now I’m the crazy sister that throws condoms at people. You slowly opened the door to see a very confused Louis. “(Y/N), did you throw a box of condoms at me?” he laughed handing me the box. “I thought you were my brother, sorry.” You apologize biting your bottom lip. “It’s fine,” he chuckled. “Where is he anyways?” You shrug, “Probably downstairs eating all of the food…like usual.” Actually, I’m not.“ Your brother says barging into the room. “Don’t you have like prom dresses to shop for? Oh, wait you still don’t have a date.” your douche of a brother smiled rubbing it in. “Whatever.” You mumbled rolling your eyes. “Y'know, I could uh go w-with you if you want.” Louis offered making both me and my brother look up at him surprisingly. “Really?” your brother asked. “Yeah, if (Y/N) wants to.” Louis shrugged casually. “Yes! I mean yeah…sure.” You say trying to tone own your excitement. Louis smiled at you as you quickly walked out of the room and did a victory dance.

Harry: “Hi, Harry.” You smile opening the door for your brothers best friend. “Oh hey, (Y/N). You look nice to day.” Harry complimented. This wasn’t anything special, Harry was just a genuinely nice guy but you wished it was more. Every time he smiled, laughed or even looked at you, you could feel your heart rate speed up and the butterflies erupt. “Is your brother home?” he asked standing awkwardly by the door. “No but you can sit and wait if you want.” You answer heading back to the kitchen, you could hear Harry follow behind. “What are you making?” Harry asked leaning against the island. “I was thinking cookies since we have so much cookie dough but I have no one to eat them with.” You sigh closing the fridge. “I’ll eat them with you.” Harry said opening the box of cookie dough. “It will be easy. right? We just pop it into the oven and wait, right?” he asked taking a small scoop of cookie dough and plopping it down on the tray. “Didn’t you work at a bakery? Shouldn’t all of this be easy for you?” You ask him ignoring his questions. “Well, I wasn’t a great baker.” he smiled looking up at you. You shake your head and walk over to help Harry with the cookie dough, after 5 minutes of neatly placing them on the tray you both plop them in the oven. You both sit there waiting for them to be done in silence which was more peaceful than awkward. You hear the timer ding and you both hurry over to the oven. “(Y/N) let me do this part. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Harry said putting on the oven mitts and pulling the tray out. “Wow we didn’t burn them.” You say looking at the perfectly baked cookies. “They look so perfect. We’re like their parents I don’t want to eat them.” Harry mumbled looking down at them. “Parents?” You ask looking up at him making him nod. “Yeah, we made them with love.” he said turning his head to look at you. Both of your heads were pretty close making you nervous. “L-Love?” You ask making him smirk. “Yup, our love.” he said making your heart race. “But-” Before you could even finish he crashes his lips onto yours. You both hear the front door open and your brother shouting and instantly pull away. Harry just looked at you with a smile while you were shocked and freaking out. “Are you okay?” Harry whispered. “I’m more than okay.” You blushed. “Who made cookies?” Your brother asked shouting from the living room. Harry quickly gave you a kiss on the cheek before shouting back, “We did!”

Niall: You groan in frustration as your brother and his stupid best friend Niall laugh annoyingly loud. You’ve been trying to read your book since your date cancelled on you last minute but all you could hear was your brother and Niall laughing. Your parents were out of town so your brother decided to bring over Niall, who’s quite the dick. You planned to be out of the house to watch a movie with Derek while Niall was over but Derek said he was coming down with something so you were stuck at home with these two idiots. “Could you watch my sister?” you hear your brother ask from the hallway. “My girlfriend wants to see me.” “Yeah, sure.” you hear Niall answer making you groan. Not even a minute later he barges into your room, “(Y/N)! I’m going to be babysitting you tonight.” he said making you roll you eyes. You put your book down and massage your temples. “I’m not a child.” You say quietly. “Whatever.” Niall mumbled sitting beside your bed. He continued on with his business on the ground while you picked up a different book to read but stealing little glances at him. Yes, he was a jerk to you but he was a very attractive jerk. “Hey, do you wanna get food? I’m starving.” Niall asked standing up and stretching. “Yeah, sure.” You answer grabbing your jacket. Niall decided to take you to some small restaurant near your house. “You know we could just go to Nandos or something.” You mutter behind him trying to catch up. Niall had a habit of leaving you behind. “This was closer and plus it’s great, you don’t have to eat here you can order out.” Niall smiled opening the door for me. You looked around, it was nice well it was until you spot Derek, the boy who asked you out to the movies, with another girl. “Oh, shit.” you curse turning away. Niall turned to look at you, “What’s wrong?” he asked. “See that guy over there? Well, I was supposed to go to the movies with him but he called and said he was getting sick, he lied to me.”  You whisper loud enough for Niall to hear. “Actually can we actually eat here instead?” Niall asked the waiter. Before you could say anything Niall was dragging you over to Derek and his date. “Pretend you don’t see them.” Niall whispered in your ear as he led you to the table beside theirs. Niall sat right next to you with his hands around you pretending to read the menu. “(Y/N)?” Derek asked as he was getting up to leave, both you and Niall turn to look at him. “Oh hey.” You say faking a smile. “What are you doing here?” he questioned looking at Niall. “Well, since you guys cancelled going to the movies I thought it would be nice taking my girlfriend out.” Niall answered for you making you choke on your own spit, you just nodded. Derek awkwardly waved goodbye and walked away. “Okay, lets go.” You say getting up but he pulls you back down. “No I have to be a good boyfriend and finish dinner.” Niall argued making you blush. “You’re not my boyfriend Niall. My brother would kill you.” You sighed. “But you agreed to it.” Niall smirked making you blush even more. “But that’s not how it works.” You say rolling your eyes. “Well, can this be our first date then?” he asked pouting, why was he so adorable? “Fine.” You say making Niall smile. “Finally.” Niall muttered to himself but loud enough for you to hear.

Yeah, this was crappy oh well. If you would like an imagine inbox me your name and the boy you would like or if you have an idea for the next preference go ahead and message me! Everyone go check out for some more prefs. Thanks. 


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Just wanted to share what happened to me. My friend texted me and said she had a dream that I had a penis. I said I had a dream that I got surgery to get rid of my boobs. She said that our dreams were trying to tell us something so I told her that I'm transgender. She said well then give me all your cute clothes and let's go but you some male clothes. It was so cute and I just thought I would share.