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It’s me, wearin’ a mix of @rainbowjesustino ’s and my dad’s clothes for a theme wee for the graduating students at my school (the theme was “wardrobe swap“)

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please give us a sdr2 version of the underwear fight with hinata instead the world needs it

Naegi Version here

Friendship Underwear Post-Island Mode AU

There are questions better left unasked.

“So is anyone going to explain to me why they gave me their underwear or what?“

But Hinata just had to ask one of those questions.

The whole room erupted in chaos.

Followed by the great war of who Hinata’s best friend truly is.

“Soul friend! Say it isn’t so! I’m your bestest, right?” Souda cried and then there were literal tears in his eyes as he asked, “Wait does that mean you got Sonia’s too?!”

“Yes, Hinata did in fact receive mine. It is proof that he has agreed to return to my country as a hero.” Sonia clarified as she stuck out her hand with authority. “So we must cease this fighting at once! He already has promised me his companionship.”

“Fufufu!” Gundam diabolically laughed and then bellowed, “Fools! Your shallow pacts mean nothing to him for he has already pledged his allegiance to the Tanaka Empire! He is bound by contract to serve under me!!”

“Back off, fuckers!” Kuzuryuu angrily yelled and then smirked smugly. “This guy here already swore to me. Got that? He’s already a part of the Kuzuryuu clan so you can all just go home and suck it!”

“It seems you are more capable than you appeared to be.” Pekoyama calmly commented. “Perhaps with my young master’s permission, we may still continue where we left off.”

“You got everyone’s? EVERYONE’S??” Teruteru huffed excitedly with a more intense nosebleed than usual. “Tell me all about it! I’ll feed you the finest things in life if you give me all the finest details of those clothes!”

“I’m going to stop you right there.” Koizumi interjected and then glared at Hinata. “And as for you, Hinata! I can’t believe you went on an… on an… underwear collecting spree! Have you no shame as a man! Honestly, I thought you were different. Ah, but it’s not like I like you or anyting, okay!”

“Um, I’m okay with sh-sharing but only if y-y-you’re okay with that!” Mikan stammered and then timidly asked, “W-We’re stil f-f-friends right?”

“Nobody asked for your opinion, pig-barf!” Saionji yelled at her and then turned to him teary-eyed. “You said you’d watch my show. You promised me not these bimbos. You’re gonna choose me, right?”

“AHAHAHAHA!” Nidai laughed boisterously. “Look at you getting along with everyone! But don’t forget you’re training with me!”

“Yeah, Hajimeme!” Akane seconded with a holler. “You still gotta fight me!”

“There will be no such intense activities for Hinata.” Twogami smoothly intervened. “He already has his plans filled with helping me.”

“BUT! BUT! BUUUUUT!” Ibuki wailed as she jumped and skipped around. “Hinatater-tots is going to be a rockstar with Ibuki! We’ll be so great at it, they’ll call us rockets instead!!”

“Ah, look at you getting flocked with hope!” Komaeda laughed merrily. “You truly are the most hope-filled person I’ve ever met, how lucky of me!”

From behind a monitor screen even Nanami chipped in, “Hinata, please don’t forget about me. You still have lots to teach me.”

And thus, the war on who Hinata’s best friend is raged on.

“So? What do you have to say for yourself?” They finally asked him after minutes, almost an hour, of fruitless arguments. They’ve been fighting over him this whole time and they weren’t getting anywhere so it was time for the guy in question to answer it once and for all.

Except Hinata wasn’t even in the room anymore.

He started this war and he bailed out on them.

“After him!” They ran out and hounded him.

Somewhere, very very far away, Hinata escaped to the only person who could help him. He went to hide with Naegi.

“What have I done?” Hinata asked himself in horror.

Naegi empathetically patted his shoulder with a small tired smile, “Just give them yours and they’ll be pacified with that.”

Maybe if he just gave away 15 pairs of his own boxers then they’d shut up.