give me all the strong female characters!

Noragami is actually gold like honestly??? I don’t even consider it an anime/manga anymore. It’s just a story to me.
Everything about Noragami brightens my day and gives me a reason to live:

- Noragami, an underdog story
- powerful female lead
- the trio’s relationship is so strong and supportive
- shinki are people who have a desire to live
- all characters are well developed and easy to be emotionally attached to
- like honestly, I’d kill even for a spin off about Ebisu’s hilarious shinki
- story created by Adachitoka, two amazingly talented women
- the cast of Noragami is extremely heartwarming and have AMAZING chemistry. - the Noragami tumblr fandom is incredibly kind and welcoming; to me, the best fandom on tumblr
- the tumblr fam has some of the best fanfic writers and fanart-ists
- two hella amazing OPs and emotional EDs
- possible season 3
- the Noragami dub is one of the best dubs I’ve ever seen. rare.
- the manga is ongoing (as of now, ch 72), and the quality hasn’t dropped a single bit
- the anime has done an amazing job of adapting Adachitoka’s work
- I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. The artwork/animation and soundtrack. Is insane.

Noragami is something that will live with me forever. Even IF (not when ;-;) it ends, I will forever respect and give thanks to this beautiful story and these characters that have helped me through hard times.

I’m going to be gradually adding more to this list. Adachitoka, I can’t thank you enough.


Summary: When Dean and Y/N find themselves stranded in a motel during a blizzard they entertain themselves with movies. When Y/N picks the horror film Crimson Peak, Dean of course has his doubts. What the two of them weren’t expecting was a reenactment of the sex scene from the film.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Strong sexual content, NSFW, language, oral sex (female receiving), pure smut

Word Count: 3,233

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night Challenge. Jesus I have struggled with this one for months. I literally have to thank @percywinchester27 for giving me some form of inspiration. I love Crimson Peak it’s one of my favorite horror movies. So I uh hope y’all enjoy! (forgive me I’m sleep deprived and getting really sick.)

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You expected a lot of things from this ghoul hunt, like searching through graveyards. Doing that meant that you had to investigate coffins and crawl through family mausoleums. You knew that when you and Dean found the ghouls it was going to be a bloody kill, a head shot was the only way to take them out. So by the time you had found and ganked the sons of bitches you were soaked in ghoul blood. But that’s what came with the job title, you could always anticipate it was going to be dangerous and bloody.

What you didn’t anticipate was for a blizzard to hit on your way back to the motel.

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Can you explain to me why y'all are so happy with that she has bellamy thing? Yikes. Stop making it all about a man. She can't be independent? She needs a man? Of course, if a woman is strong, writers have to give her a male character. So groundbreaking.

Hmmm…..sorry but I’m not sure where you’re coming from. I don’t want to think badly so let’s assume you just hate the idea of a strong woman being in a relationship with a man and this is not related to Clarke’s sexuality.

Everyone has the right to have an opinion. The way I see it, strong female characters should be allowed to fall in love. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re weak or depend on the other person.

Clarke loves Bellamy and Bellamy loves her too. When bellarke finally gets together in a romantic sense, Clarke will still be strong and independent. If you really watched the show you’d know that she has bellamy since s1, they share the leadership role. Just tell me a moment when the narrative doesn’t acknowledge her as leader.  

Can we stop talking about gender for a second? Clarke doesn’t need a man, nobody’s ever said that, but she needs Bellamy.

She doesn’t need him because he’s a strong man, she needs him because he’s her best friend, the one who is there when she’s scared or broken, the one who helps her to bear the burden, the one who would make a joke about his own torture just to make her smile…

The show has pointed out that Clarke needs Bellamy, either through words or gestures. 


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This is not my interpretation, this is canon!!


Whoo! 4/? of this series! Kacchako cosplay! so much fun to do. 

Soul/Maka is another OTP that’s just like…NNNGGG for me hahaha. So much canon material but it never legit set sail. Drove me nuts! Still I love their bond and even though Soul is way more “cool” and mellow than Bakugou, he definitely has his moments of no-fucks-to-give-itude. Maka is such a great protagonist, you don’t get such strong female characters in the spotlight in shonen, she’s so refreshing. 

@lucyrne  I know you love SoMA so this one’s for you! I loved your review on my fic Supernova, it totally blew me away! Thank you so much for your support and your thought-out responses and reactions to my Kacchako stuff! I read all your tags btw i love them! hahaha 

my inukag version is here

my fuugen version is here

and my zutara version is here

next up is meihem! 

FE Warriors Char Likelihood Tiers

Absolute lock:

  • Marth (Duh)
  • Chrom (look at the teaser)
  • Corrin (weapon in teaser)
  • Ryoma (weapon in teaser)
  • Xander (Weapon in teaser)
  • Ike (i mean c’mon)
  • Lucina (Super popular)
  • Tharja (popularity + fanservice)
  • Anna (Series staple)
  • Tiki (Series staple)

Highly likely:

  • Roy (not popular in fe fanbase but has his smash fanbase)
  • Robin (awakening main char arguably)
  • Caeda (og pegasus knight and marth’s wife)
  • Lyn (at least to me she seems to be one of the most iconic female FE chars)
  • Azura (hugely promoted/prominent fates character)
  • Camilla (popularity + fanservice)
  • Takumi (popular but moreso because he’s a popular archer and they’d be all over that)
  • Garon (don’t WANT him to be in but they need a villain plus he’d fit the strong-slow-super-powerful archetype the warriors games have)

Moderately likely: 

  • Owain (has been in two games now and is pretty darn popular)
  • Inigo (same as owain)
  • Severa (same as them though i just want her so bad and you better give me this)
  • Cordelia (pretty popular awakening char, tho Caeda makes her a lot less likely)
  • One of the ninjas from fates to represent the class, probably Kaze
  • Gaius (niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice)
  • Oboro (one of the most popular fates girls and one of the only popular non-pegasus spear users from what i’m aware)

Don’t Do it Please God No

  • Hans
  • Iago
  • Validar
  • Rhajat/Asugi/Caeldori if their original self makes it in
  • Srsly no no no

This is all just my scrub-who’s-only-played-fates-and-awakening worthless opinion but I’d love to see what other people think about character likelihood! Esp those more familiar with the full expanse of games (though my gf has already given me the low-down on this eheh) 

also this list needs more axe users

Something the entire Throne of Glass Fandom can agree on

I know there’s a ton of disagreement about a lot of things in the Throne of Glass series, but I think we can all agree that the ToG ladies are the best part about the books, right? They’ve all been through so much and have scars both mentally and physically but they go out everyday and rise up to whatever’s thrown at them. They don’t take orders, they’re the ones giving the orders and they’re always several steps ahead of our ToG boys. I’m just so thankful that Sarah’s written such strong female characters that make me feel like I can go out and conquer my own demons and achieve my goals no matter what they are.

Stories for all

A school librarian introduces me before I give an assembly. “Girls, you’re in for a real treat. You will love Shannon Hale’s books. Boys, I expect you to behave anyway.”

I’m being interviewed for a newspaper article/blog post/pod cast, etc. They ask, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the crisis in boys’ reading. Boys just aren’t reading as much as girls are. So why don’t you write books for boys?”

Or, “Why do you write strong female characters?” (and never asked “Why do you write strong male characters?”)

At book signings, a mother or grandmother says, “I would buy your books for my kids but I only have boys.”

Or, “My son reads your books too—and he actually likes them!”

Or, a dad says, “No, James, let’s get something else for you. Those are girl books.”

A book festival committee member tells me, “I pitched your name for the keynote but the rest of the committee said ‘what about the boys?’ so we chose a male author instead.”

A mom has me sign some of my books for each of her daughters. Her 10-year-old son lurks in the back. She has extra books that are unsigned so I ask the boy, “Would you like me to sign one to you?” The mom says, “Yeah, Isaac, do you want her to put your name in a girl book?” and the sisters all giggle. Unsurprisingly, Isaac says no.

These sorts of scenarios haven’t happened just once. They have been my norm for the past twelve years. I’ve heard these and many more like them countless times in every state I’ve visited.

In our culture, there are widespread assumptions:

1. Boys aren’t going to like a book that stars a girl. (And so definitely won’t like a book that stars a girl + is written by a woman + is about a PRINCESS, the most girlie of girls).

2. Men’s stories are universal; women’s stories are only for girls.

But the truth is that none of that is truth. In my position, not only have I witnessed hundreds examples of adults teaching boys to be ashamed of and avoid girls’ stories, I’ve also witnessed that boys can and do love stories about girls just as much as about boys, if we let them. For example, I’ve heard this same thing over and over again from teachers who taught Princess Academy: “When I told the class we were going to read PRINCESS ACADEMY the girls went 'Yay!’ and the boys went 'Boo!’ But after we’d read it the boys liked it as much or even more than the girls.”

Most four-year-old boys will read THE PRINCESS IN BLACK without a worry in the world. Most fourth grade boys won’t touch PRINCESS ACADEMY—at least if others are watching. There are exceptions, of course. I’ve noticed that boys who are homeschooled are generally immune. My public-school-attending 11-year-old son’s favorite author is Lisa McMann. He’s currently enjoying Kekla Magoon’s female-led SHADOWS OF SHERWOOD as much as he enjoyed the last book he read: Louis Sachar’s boy-heavy HOLES. But generally in the early elementary years, boys learn to be ashamed to show interest in anything to do with girls. We’ve made them ashamed.

I want to be clear; if there’s a boy who only ever wants to read about other boys, I think that’s fine. But I’ve learned that most kids are less interested in the gender of the main character and more interested in the kind of book—action, humor, fantasy, mystery, etc. In adults’ well-meant and honest desire to help boys find books they’ll love, we often only offer them books about boys. We don’t give them a chance.

Whenever I speak up about this, I am accused of trolling for boy readers when they aren’t my “due.” So let me also be clear: I have a wonderful career. I have amazing readers. I am speaking up not because I’m disgruntled or demand that more boys read my books but because my particular career has put me in a position to observe the gender bias that so many of us have inherited from the previous generations and often unknowingly lug around. I’ve been witnessing and cataloging widespread gender bias and sexism for over a decade. How could I face my kids if I didn’t speak up?

And here’s what I’ve witnessed: “great books for boys” lists, books chosen for read alouds, and assigned reading in high schools and colleges, etc. are overwhelmingly about boys and written by men. Peers (and often adults) mock and shame boys who do read books about girls. Even informed adults tend to qualify recommendations that boys hear very clearly. “Even though this stars a girl, boys will like it too!”

This leads to generations of boys denied the opportunity of learning a profound empathy for girls that can come from reading novels. Leads to a culture where boys feel perfectly fine mocking and booing things many girls like and adults don’t even correct them because “boys will be boys.” Leads to boys and girls believing “girlie” is the gravest insult, that girls are less significant, not worth your time. Leads to girls believing they must work/learn/live “like a man” in order to be successful. Leads to boys growing into men who believe women are there to support their story, expect them to satisfy men’s desires and have none of their own.

The more I talk about this topic, the more I’m amazed at how many people haven’t really thought about it or considered the widespread effect gendered reading causes. I was overwhelmed by the response to a blog post I wrote earlier this year. To carry on this conversation, I’m working with Bloomsbury Children’s Books to create #StoriesForAll. Each day this week we’ll feature new essays on this topic from authors, parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and readers. On twitter, instagram, and tumblr, join us with the #StoriesForAll hashtag to share experiences, photos, book recommendations. Discuss: How deep is the assumption that there are boy books and girl books? Does it matter? What have you witnessed with regards to gendered reading? What damage does gendered reading cause to both girls and boys? What can each of us do to undo the damage and start making a change?

I yearn for that change. For our girls and for our boys.


Shannon Hale is the New York Times bestselling author of over 20 books, including the Ever After High trilogy and the Newbery Honor winner Princess Academy. She co-wrote The Princess in Black series and Rapunzel’s Revenge with her husband, author Dean Hale. They have four children.

Reasons why I love All for the Game

- The lgbt characters’ storylines are more than just their sexuality
- All characters have depth and personality
- The action and cliffhangers that had me awake at night
- It talks about mental illness, self-harm and suicide in a respectful way
- The way it portrays friendship, family and healthy relationships
- Strong female characters
- All problems aren’t solved with just a kiss
- Gives visibility to the matter that boys are also victims of sexual abuse
- Family is more than just blood
- The unconditional support the foxes gave Neil
- Coach “Daddy” Wymack
- Dan “not ashamed and will fuck you up” Wilds
- Matt aka Neil’s mom friend Boyd
- Allison “Don’t get laid where I can hear it” Reynolds
- Renee “cinnamon roll but can actually kill you” Walker
- Nicky “let’s all be gay and happy” Hemmick - Aaron “I could hate you but I don’t care enough” Minyard
- Betsy Bee Dobson
- Abby “I’ve just adopted nine troublemaker children”
- Roland and his padded handcuffs
- Jeremy “let’s all be friends and share some memes”
- Jean “surrounded by idiots” Moreau
- Kevin “Drama Queen” Day
- Neil “I’m fine” Josten
- Andrew “Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you” Minyard
- Midget Minyard
- Mini monster Minyard
- Ma boi Andrew
- Precious little monster
- “Yes or No?”
- “It’s always yes for you” “Don’t ‘always’ me”
- Lots of kisses
- Beautiful love for my beautiful babies
- Everyone deserves to be happy
- Except Riko
- fuck Riko and his fuckin ravens

guys i’m just going to say it again, if you haven’t watched EYEWITNESS yet, go watch it! It’s honestly on of the best shows of 2016, has great and lead LGBTQ characters with a damn good love story, it’s a kick ass crime solving drama, the most amazing strong female characters, it deals with foster care and PTSD and you honestly won’t regret it! So go give it a chance, the show is struggling with views and it honestly deserves all the views it can get!

You can watch it on USA NETWORK on Sundays, 10/9C (or pls just put it on as background noise), buy it on ITUNES or AMAZON!

You won’t regret it, promise!

(if u need any links you can ask me.)

John “let me make this show about Vanessa Ives but give her 5 mins of screentime in its grand finale” Logan

John “this show is a big metaphor for mental illness but lemme make sure main character essentially gives up” Logan

John “I’m all about strong women but I’ll reduce my main protagonist to a femme fatale romantic object and give no closure to the others” Logan

John “Vanessa fought and fought and fought her whole life so she could die like this its what she wanted even though I essentially showed its not what she wanted at all” Logan

John “Let me introduce you to all these new characters who serve no actual purpose other than my own wish fulfillment of their presence” Logan

John “My male characters all deserve humanizing anti-hero archs but my female characters? you don’t need closure for them, right?” Logan

John “I don’t know why you’re all upset, I planned this all along,” Logan 

John “Yes, you watched this woman fight and fight her demons for this disappointing conclusion” Logan


Favorite female characters on TV

Kate Beckett (Castle), Trinity (The Matrix), Selene (Underworld)

It may not seem, at first sight, but these three women have much in common. They are beautiful. They are incredibly strong. They fight for what’s right and for what they believe in no matter what it takes. They never give up even if it appears to be the only option. When they fall in love, they love with all their heart. They are badass, tough and smart but they are not cold. They are simply amazing and they will continue to inspire me forever.

Michael Hirst, the showrunner of Vikings, the feminist: “All the major female characters in the show are different, they’re complex. We don’t use women in the senseless gratuitous way the way that Game of Thrones does. I’m interested in the female characters.” He had already written and shot the deaths of Aslaug and Helga when he stated this. 

So let me get this straight, just cause you don’t treat them like sexual objects, you’re interested in female characters? If they’re complex then why is it they get such horrid writing and get killed off? Why is it that you tend to fall back on tropes and give them little dialogue? Why is it that your idea of brave/strong women are only shieldmaiden considering all other women die? Instead of focusing on the bad’s of Game of Thrones, maybe consider your own faults and don’t prompt yourself as liking female characters cause you clearly don’t.

I don’t understand why katara was stripped of her opinions, heritage, personality, ambition and so many other things in lok. like there are a lot of strong female characters in both atla and lok of all ages (old people too!!?!) so why was katara this exception? was it because she had to be aang’s trophy wife? but that doesn’t explain why she was only a healer in lok, which she was so opposed to learning in the northern water tribe because she was capable of so much more. why was katara this exception bryke give me answers


So, this was not an easy summer for me and my parents, and the last three months were very tough.
Now things are slowly getting better, and we decided to celebrate my birthday something like a month and half later, just because we wanted an excuse to be with all our family and friends.
I decided to give to all our guests a little framed picture, because, you know: nothing reminds you how to fight better than a powerful female character.

Nynaeve al’Meara (Wheel of Time), Arya Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire), Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice).
All with imaginary pets. Except for Nymeria of course.

Stay strong, guys!


Get To Know Me Meme — [9/15] Favorite Female Characters: Galadriel

“She was proud, strong, and self-willed, as were all the descendants of Finwë save Finarfin; and like her brother Finrod, of all her kin the nearest to her heart, she had dreams of far lands and dominions that might be her own to order as she would without tutelage.”


So normally I don’t lobby for tv shows on here, but this show has had such an effect on me and everyone who has watched it that I feel like I need to give it a signal boost. The show I’m talking about is Wynonna Earp, let me start out by saying this show is amazing in every and every single way- the representation is AMAZING, there are two strong female leads, one of which has a female love interest, there’s a strong black male lead character, and for once IT’S ALWAYS THE STRAIGHT WHITE MALES THAT DIE! This show is basically what you’d get if Buffy, Jessica Jones, and Clint Eastwood had a badass, sarcastic, strong, independent, hilarious, amazing, did I mention badass? Lovechild. Or a gender-swapped version of Supernatural, HOW COULD YOU HATE THAT!?
The ratings haven’t been doing well because viewership is low, but THIS is the type of shows we need on television- amazing representation, phenomenal writing, strong female, LGBT, and POC leads, and just AMAZINGNESS all around.
Watch Wynonna Earp on Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!!!

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If fandoms have taught me anything is that a female character can´t fuck up, but if a male one does we all give him ass pats. It´s an undeniable fact there´s a strong bias (particularly from female viewers) that hurt/damaged guys doing mean shit are going to be forgiven over female ones. 

We´ve seen it before. Korra, for one. Now Pearl. Come on guys, let them be flawed, let them fuck up–they are at least growing and trying to fix themselves as people, not just brood for the rest of the season 

Can we all take a moment to remember Rena Goldsmith who was only in one chapter of Crown of Midnight, but had the bravery to stand up against the King of Adarlan in front of his entire court. Who didn’t weep when her and her violinist were taken by his men to be executed. Who recited the names of the people who died by his command even as a sword was coming down on her.

Can we also take a moment to thank Sarah J. Maas for creating such strong female characters, no matter how small their role.

Like- ship Lams! Ship m/m! Write stuff where two men end up together! As a Lams shipper I endorse that whole-heartedly! But I’m so tired of the “The females characters’ only goal in the fic is to cheerlead m/m” trope. I’m sure they think they’re writing strong independent women who don’t need no relationship but the result is shitting all over the Bechdel Test. And on that note, don’t make all your female characters strong independent women who don’t need no relationship. Give them flaws, make them jealous, have them struggle with the fact that their ex is moving on. That’s what human beings do. Not to beat a dead horse but cinnamon rollification is just a prettier way to write static female characters.