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Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.

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Hey! Love your edits. I was wondering if you could take us through how you make your edits? And any tips on how to start with editing?

I COULD try and livestream the whole process because one single edit I post is quite literally, a combination of different edits, some parts are even completely redrawn based of canon material and references.

I think the best thing to do is to just show you in rough lines how I created my last edit:

Also seems like the perfect time to post all my wips and bonuses! which isn’t much but… yeah

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like many of you, i really really do wish that throughout these four seasons of skam, we would’ve have gotten to see chris as more than just “the fun girl”. there were opportunities to give her more layers, to make her more complex but it seems like, instead, pretty much all the scenes she’s been involved in, all her interactions with other people, were meant to be seen as funny. and it’s not just because she never got her own season. vilde never got hers either, but she’s still been portrayed as a multi-layered character, with a past and with flaws and insecurities and potential (at least in the first three seasons). don’t get me wrong, i love the fact that chris has such a fun and bubbly personality, but i just find it sad that despite getting to see her through the eyes of three of her close friends, that’s the only side of her we ever got to see, which unfortunately leads us to believe that this is the only side of her that was ever meant exists 

The Madness of Queen Riza

or Why Can’t I stop Obsessing about Episode 19

So I’ve read some great thoughts about FMAB Ep19 and Mustang’s fight with Lust, Al’s protection of Riza and Riza’s reaction. And I’ve loved them all and if you’ve not read them links are below. 

Mustang is, I believe, in total control of his actions.

These could be the eyes of a man losing it to anger and revenge, or they could be the eyes of a man in intense physical pain fighting with all his strength to protect four people he has responsibility for. He’s already underestimated his opponent once, to great cost, and won’t do it again.

During the later fight with, and torture of Envy, Mustang is at the point of total madness.  However when dealing with Lust he is focused on eliminating a threat to himself and his subordinates.  Unlike Envy, who Mustang delights in hurting before even trying to kill them, his attitude to Lust is, “I’ll keep killing you till you’re dead.” He’s just getting the job done.

Al is throughly epic. His understanding of the situation and response is flawless and @egalitarian-nature-blog says is so well. Please read her take on it.

But it’s Riza’s response in all this that really intrigues me. Up till now Riza has always displayed cool and efficient behaviour. Earlier in Episode 19 she berates Mustang when he intervenes in the mission and temporarily disables Gluttony. Hawkeye says that “ matter what happens to us..” he was to have kept his involvement a secret.

At the moment she believes that Lust has killed Mustang she gives up. If Mustang is dead then there is no “mission”, no reason to go on and as she said earlier, it doesn’t matter what happens to her. She is suddenly without purpose and full of despair. Her only action, after realising the impotence of her weapons, is to tell Alphonse to get out of there.

However, when Hawkeye realises her mistake, and that Mustang isn’t dead, she swings to the extreme opposite. But instead of the cool and efficient Hawkeye we usually see, we have a frantic outburst of unthinking, manic action.

Cool efficient Riza would know that by pulling away from Al’s protection and stepping out at this moment she would only hinder her Commanding Officer’s attack. Rational Riza would know that if she puts herself in the line of fire she will only give an advantage to the enemy.  So at this point Riza is far from rational and if anyone is at the point of losing themselves in the madness of the moment it’s Hawkeye.

That’s what makes this scene so compelling for me. It’s probably the only time we see Riza Hawkeye fuelled by raw emotion, unhindered by all the layers of self-control and self-denial she has developed over the years. Perhaps her loss of control in this fight is what gives her the insight to help her Colonel in his moment of madness.

Please check out these posts. They are all very worth reading.

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@sofiakkuma said very good things here.

(Though I kind of disagree, I love any analysis of this 🙂)

@theysangastheyslew​ says some great things in her tags on this post.  (Read her tags!!)

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And a couple of my previous efforts are here and over there.

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Yeesss!! People, we are in season 7. I think by now the audience fully understands the bond that Daryl and Carol have. TPTB did NOT have to show their bond AGAIN just to show they care about one another. Valuable screen-time could have been given to Maggie. Remember her, Gimple? Don't get me started on that, lol. But for some reason, Gimple wanted to add another layer to the caryl story. And we all know what that reason will be. Well, at least most of us do, lol.

Exactly this. If tptb didn’t want so many people shipping Caryl, if they wanted us to give up and see that their bond was nothing more than familial and they’d never grow beyond their platonic relationship - then those Caryl scenes in episode 10 simply would not have existed. Or, they would have looked a lot different. 

To portray a strictly familial bond, all the writers would have needed to do was have Daryl happen upon Carol while he was out. They absolutely would not have needed to go to the extra lengths that they went to, like: having Daryl bring Carol up to Morgan and gush about how she would have saved all their asses and led them to war (showing that she’s on his mind and that he is missing her); creating the whole conflict between Daryl and Richard (it would have been way easier to just not include that whole showdown because it delivered absolutely nothing to the big plot); having Morgan confront Daryl in a way that has been used since forever as a romantic trope - showing a character’s feelings for another character, then having an “outside” character point it out.

Tpbt could have still provided a Caryl scene or two in episode 10 if they just wanted to troll or tell us that the connection is platonic and staying that way. But if that was their goal, there’s no way they would have included all this other stuff that was used for the sole purpose of conveying Daryl’s feelings for Carol, over and over again. 

They also wouldn’t have made those scenes as emotional as they were. If they wanted us to believe that Daryl saw Carol as a family member, then they wouldn’t have shown that he took her leaving very personally, and it broke his heart. They would have shown Daryl to be upset, not so extremely hurt as he was, because what they did show was Daryl being the guy who is heartbroken over the love of his life leaving him. When a character is that hurt over another character leaving, it’s not meant to be seen as “oh he’s upset over his mom/sister/real estate agent leaving him”. You don’t do that

There were so many things packed into that episode that are undeniably romantic tropes:

  • talking about her out of the blue to other people.
  • beating up and threatening someone who wants to harm her.
  • heartbroken that she left.
  • he’s the one exception - the only person she lets in.
  • firelight dinner and emotional talk.
  • telling a huge lie to protect her and her feelings. (also the trope where one character can’t bear to see the other in pain or crying.)
  • walking away and then turning back and hugging her.
  • clinging to each other - in which smelling each other, nuzzling, and Daryl kissing her shoulder a little through her shirt were all involved.)
  • almost calling him back.
  • being called out on your feelings by the very person you were previously talking to when you brought her up out of the blue. 

Everyone knows that these are romantic tropes. That’s just common knowledge, especially for writers. These tropes have been used for years to convey a bond that has romantic potential and underlying romantic feelings - to convey that they are on the road to canon, or taking their relationship to that next level. 

So there’s no way Gimple would have gone through all this trouble, dedicated all that screen time to emphasizing and highlighting the fact that Daryl loves Carol and will put her before everything else, and used all those romantic tropes to do that - just because he wanted to troll. 

Because now it is canon in Daryl’s character that Carol is the most important thing to him in the world, and it was portrayed not in the way that you portray one’s platonic/familial feelings for another character - but in the way that is traditionally used to show romantic, loving, deeper-than-friendship feelings. 

And you don’t do that if you don’t have plans to develop the relationship into something romantic. 


“This is it. All of me. All yours.”

Clark loves Leah. But I believe it’s perfectly human to feel like you’re running on empty when you’ve been rejected by the person you love repeatedly to no fault of your own. It’s perfectly human to want to know where you stand. It’s perfectly human to run out of pieces of yourself to give away.

James and Nadine executed this scene perfectly. James really made me believe in Clark’s struggle to get Leah to admit the truth that they both know: that she loves him. And Nadine, in a very subtle and subdued approach, showed layers of fear, confusion, and love in her quiet moments. It’s a really beautiful scene and it really showed what these two actors are capable of. This show never does rely on hysterics… just very capable actors and a gripping love story.

How to: Color dark scenes (the Echo Cave case)

Since a lot of you requested help for dark scenes, and how to brighten, and color those hard pain in the ass scenes that are the Neverland ones, I decided that instead of releasing my colorings, I would make a quick tutorial on one of the hardest scene imo, the Echo Cave.

You need basic knowledge of Photoshop, how to make gifs, and how to use layers. But It’s not as hard as it looks like and the method is basically the same when it comes to dark scenes, blueish tones.

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Analyzing Ylvis: Little Brothers and Vocal Arrangements

Anyone discussing Ylvis’ music with me has suffered me going on and on about vocal arrangements. It’s easily the facet of their music that I’m most in awe of.  My gospel choir roots have given me really deep appreciation for harmony and vocal arrangements, and Ylvis are MASTERS at this.   

Here’s how obsessed I am with their vocals; I even asked during the 24hr live stream who arranges their vocals. Bård said they both do, and Vegard blew my mind with, “whoever’s closest to the microphone.” Honestly. I would seriously give up a kidney to sing backups on Massachusetts. Not. Even. Kidding.  Who needs two kidneys anyway…

Anyway - back to the music. All of their songs are masterfully arranged. Whether it’s the use of gospel choirs in Massachusetts and Stonehenge, duets with others or with each other (Ka Kan Eg Gi Deg, The Fox, Someone Like Me), background vocals (Jeg Heter Finn, Jan Egeland), layering their own vocals at different pitches (Pressure), using a crowd chant (Massachusetts, Mr. Toot) - it’s all brilliant.

So imagine my interest when an Ylvis song comes on the scene that doesn’t have a single vocal other than the lead. A lead that isn't Bård or Vegard. 

In I Will Never Be A Star, unlike all of Ylvis’ other works, the only vocal you hear in the entire song is Bjarte Ylvisåker’s lead. There’s a delayed echo in certain spots, but that’s it. There aren’t any background vocals, there’s no crowd chanting or responding to his pen trick, no harmonies. Just Bjarte.

Believe it or not, the absence of all other possible vocal layers in this song is actually genius vocal arrangement. Here’s why I think so:

1. It adds to the message of the song.

Bjarte sings briefly about the injustice of not being a part of Ylvis, but mostly sings about the inevitability of it all given that he’s not star material. He can’t dance, he has stage fright, and he wouldn’t know what to do with the song.

You know a great way to top a chorus?  Add background vocals to the next chorus. But according to Bjarte, he doesn’t know that stuff. 

2. It reinforces the mood of the song. 

Background vocals, gospel choirs - those can all be used to elevate, depress, change the mood of a song. Consider Stonehenge, where the gospel choir vocals add to the increasing intensity of Vegard’s frustration about Stonehenge.  Or Jeg Heter Finn, where the background vocals kick in when they realize what his name is and the song automatically sounds happier.

There’s no mood change in this song, because the story that Bjarte’s telling is very matter-of-factual. He’s not going to be a star - that’s pretty much it. He can’t handle the stage and never will. He’ll never work up the nerve to show his pen trick without breaking out in a cold sweat, so he sends everyone to Youtube to learn it instead. There’s no need for background vocals, because the story never changes. The end is no different from the beginning.

3. It keeps the song comedic by adding hilarious context.

Isn’t it funny that Bjarte’s singing about how he has so much to live up to from his big brothers, and that they didn’t ask him, and he’ll never be a star…when the big brothers have essentially let him have this moment all on his own?

We know that Bård and Vegard do most of the vocals on their songs, except for what calls for female voices or choirs. We also know that these guys are bloody brilliant at creatively arranging vocals to make a song sound incredible.

So really, what was stopping them from doing their vocal harmony magic on this one? Letting Bjarte have the spotlight with no interference. (sigh) Not sure which I love most with this, the brofeels or the comedic genius.

My usual disclaimer - I’m aware that this is conjecture, that I’m possibly reading too much into this, that the Ylvisåker brothers will roll their eyes.

But really, isn’t it more fun to imagine that they put this much thought into their work? I will always choose to believe that these guys make calculated choices, and the brilliant results we see in their work is because they know what the hell they’re doing.

And Bjarte - you are totally a star. 

Don’t do this to me.. don’t put these two in a room together, alone in a battered womans shelter with books and posters about abuse around them them, reminding each of them about there painful pasts. 

Don’t have Carol looking so haunted like this..

And have Daryl looking so damn tired, but TRYING and showing concern.

While they have a conversation when they are both raw and avoiding the real issue.

About something Carol dosen’t want to be right about..

And after that conversation please don’t have Carol lay down next to a confused, exhausted and unsure Daryl..

Give us a scene like this, so fraught with raw emotion and a very large amount USt and then do this as well..

Tease us with this beauty and all the scenes that followed (including the heartbreaker that happened right after. Don’t show all of this  to us, put these two in a bed together and then just let it sit for a whole damn year (our time) giving us nothing to follow all this lovilness  to chew on and get all our hopes up. 

And do nothing with it..

Because if you are just teasing us so help me god I won’t forgive you for it  showrunners. I mean this. 

But since I’m a positive person I’m going to say that I don’t think these thing are for nothing. Even I have to wait forever I believe in this. I mean the above scene was just so beautiful in so many ways, with so many layers of physical and emotional closeness with each other. The whole episode was that for me. Showed everything I love about this relationship in one beautiful 60 minute span.

These two actors and wonderful writers have helped to creat this wonderful relationship that goes deeper than your normal ‘boy meets girl’ ship so please oh  please.. oh PLEASE don’t ruin this for us..

(gifs not mine credit to makers)