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potential unpopular opinion but 99% of the costumes in the new star wars movies are so fuckin ugly, petition for padme’s ghost to show up at some point and fix everyone’s Tragic looks

¼ The LoV (omg, wait, the abbreviation for League of Villains is love? hahhahahaha) have bets with each other on who can get Shinsou to sleep. Dabi bet if they kept him out really late in the cold night city district, he would nod off eventually. Stain’s not too pleased to be IN the city that he hates so much, but he’ll do it for Shinsou.

S:“Feeling tired yet, kid?”


D:“God fucking dammit, forget it. Stain, just knock him out already. I want to GO.”

I live by the Villain AU Headcanon that Stain ended up joining.




REQUEST: Hey! I was wondering if you could write something for Davey? Like maybe you two are celebrating Halloween? (Since it’s October and all) I love your writing! Keep it up :)

SUMMARY: going trick or treating in couples costumes was y/n’s best idea yet

A/N: yall are gonna like this one (i hope)

If there is one thing Y/N loved about Halloween, it is the candy. Her love for candy has no limit – milk chocolate, dark chocolate, candy corn, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate, the list goes on and on.

Davey knows that Y/N loves trick-or-treating. She was always down to dress up, going door to door and asking for candy with a grin, all the adults smiling and secretly wishing they could be as confident as her (and free – the adults had kids and couldn’t go trick-or-treating with them if they were too young or if they were too busy).

So, this year, Davey decided to surprise his best friend (that’s right – best friend) and take her trick-or-treating.

Davey going with Y/N.

Y/N going with Davey.

In a couples costume.

This is going to be fun.

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  • Rin: Vampire with vampire cape. Like. Every year. Sometimes he’s a zombie or a mummy
  • Yukio: Hasn’t dressed up voluntarily since fifth grade but each year Rin drags him somewhere, making him break out his trusty cat tail and ears. 
  • Shiemi: Her and her mom used to make costumes hand made every year, she tries to do something creative each year, this year’s a dragon.
  • Izumo: Loves to do a twisted take on princesses and popular media but this year she’s keeping it mellow and going as Howl from Howl’s moving castle, really skilled at makeup and costume work.
  • Shima: Werewolf 
  • Bon: Werewolf
  • Koneko: Werecat 
    • They’re a werepack 
    • They always coordinate their costumes
  • Nemu: Lilo’s little doll from Lilo and stich, u know the one. The one thats green with button eyes.
  • Shura: Witch! Not even a sexy witch, (though thats on underneath) she wears a full medieval peasants gown and boots with a pointy hat and broom.
  • Lewin: Cowboy
  • Mephisto: He wears his fursuit to parties 

To go along with Kitty Kidman, here’s Casual Beacon-shirt Seb, a completely made-up alternate outfit this time ;D For Linds because I totally forgot I put in my own tags that I’d like to see him in this kinda thing and she brought it to my attention again. Woop, well, here you go :) please enjoy~! These are really entertaining xD

                🎃◦∘ All Hallow’s Eve Sentence Starters ∘◦      
                                                         (pt. 1)

sentence starters vaguely referencing to the All Hallow’s Eve event. tailored purposely to be capable of usage outside the event as a general halloween-themed askbox meme!

The house tour wasn’t THAT scary…
Look ,I’m just here for the trick-or-treating.
I didn’t know they celebrated Halloween here!
❝ Was that…a GHOST? ❞
All this sweet food is giving me a stomachache.
❝ I like your costume! ❞
❝ You know it’s a good party when you can do ballroom dancing on one floor and get your socks spooked off on the next. 
❝ This whole entire place smells like pumpkins and demon summoning. 
❝ So, what are you dressed up as? 
Look at all the candy I got! ❞
❝ You’re just jealous I got the biggest candy stash!
❝ I’m just here for the ballroom dancing and 5-star pumpkin pie. ❞
Let’s go watch a scary movie!
I’d punch one of the ghost. ❞
Isn’t Halloween for children? ❞
❝ Halloween may not be my style but this pumpkin pie sure is. 
This is scary, can we hold hands?
❝ Ah, I love this spooooky cider!
❝ If you don’t give me some candy the pumpkin witch’ll cast a hex on you!!
I heard this place is ACTUALLY haunted!
Happy Halloween~

wow honestly screw my friends, they didnt give me the memo about halloween costumes, they’re all looking hot wearing sexy nurse, gypsy, and superhero costumes and here i am with only an inflatable sumo wrestler costume 


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Okabe what you and other labmem do in this year halloween?

Mayuri somehow succeeded in making me go trick or treating with her. I believe it’s a tradition in America, but it’s not that popular here… so she dragged me all day long in shops that did give candies to costumed customers.

We passed by the shrine and met Rukako there. He was giving candies with his father. Faris had decorated her maid shop under the theme “Vampnyanyan~!” - I’ve understood it was a cute anime or something? Mayuri seemed pretty excited about it and I ended up buying her a plushie of a black cat with a cross on its belly.
Daru was excited too. I won’t repeat what he said here.

I haven’t seen the other Labmems. My Assistant being in America, she may have participated in more festivities than we - maybe she went to a Halloween party in one of the “sexy” costumes Americans seems so fond of?

Hi everyone!

Thought I’d drop by and give y'all a pic of me and the kiddos in our Halloween costumes! And I thought I’d go neutral and go as a witch using clothes I found.

I did my best to make Hiccup’s pirate costume authentic by adding dirt. With Pidge, I tried to get all aspects of her cowgirl costume in tact. And I had fun making Spirou’s vampire costume; it gave me the opportunity to add dark circles under his eyes to give it a more authentic look.

And we’re even trick or treating, to get lots of candy…and hopefully not end up with stomachaches the next day.

Happy Halloween!🎃🎃🎃


More pics of my suit! Photo’s and suit by @birdkingcreations. I can’t wait to give the happy hugs to everyone!!!!! Oh, and glowsticks! Yes, those will be fun too! So happy, so excited! My human (Aka the mod\furry trash\miserable college student @plasmahawk) has finals he needs to study for and a paper to write, so I have to go and comfort him and make sure they don’t cry too much. ^w^ <3 you all!


Can we take a moment to appreciate how different the decorations of the US Star Princess bust can be? 

Photo 1 shows the earliest dresses. They had shorter bodices and smaller ruffle, but a lot of bead fringes. Here as worn by Patti Cohenour (Broadway 1988). 

Photo 2 shows how the bodices has typically looked these last 15 years. More ruffles, often with another colour mixed into it, three horizontal stars, and only a hint of bead fringes. Here as worn by Sarah Bakker (Broadway 2013). 

Photo 3 shows a “more is more” version appearing in the mid 90s. A lot of ruffles, often a lot of puffed sleeves, a lot of stars, and a lot of bead fringe. Needless to say, I adore this version. Here as worn by Susan Owen (US tour 1997). 

Fourth photo shows a rarer version with a lot of bead fringe, a dash of ruffle, and only one big star, placed higher up. This is actually very in sync with the costume design. Here as worn by Mary Michael Patterson (Broadway 2014, but judging from the beading it’s older). 

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Pre serum Steve and a burlesque dancer give me life. I bet she'd show him all the costumes and he'd be so flustered

She’s not even doing it fluster him though, like she just wanted to show him because they’re so sparkly and nice and she doesn’t get people who will listen to her gush about them often and she doesn’t get new costumes very often either.

But Steve, oh boy, Steve is just like… that’s a lot of skin…oh…that…mmm…and part of his brain is saying don’t look because that’s ungentlemanly and inappropriate and another part of him is saying definitely look because Stevie you don’t get this opportunity to look at a half dressed woman in real life very often and another part of him is just itching to draw her and all these costumes because he understands why she likes them so much…but also he appreciates them for a whole different reason as well.

And poor poor Stevie is just bright red from his ears down to his chest and he’s getting chest pains and shit is that an asthma attack coming on? Shit. Shit… and it’s not, it’s just that he’s heavy breathing because fuck…who even cares about minding his language right now? 

You know, I want a Marinette/Adrien kiss just as much as all the other fans (you know, one where they’re kissing because they want to, not because of plot shenanigans), but you know what else I really want?

A Marinette/Adrien hug. 

I mean, they’ve kinda hugged, in these scenes:

But in the first scene, he’s already starting to fade away by the time she starts hugging back. In the second one, she’s also not really hugging back, and then he immediately gets possessed. So neither of them exactly counts, IMO.

I’m talking a real hug, where they’re both fully into it and present in every sense of the word. In costume, out of costume, whatever. Preferably both. Give me all the Marinette/Adrien hugs.

I want to see comfort hugs when one of them is upset and the other one wraps them up in the biggest, most reassuring hug they can manage. I want to see triumphant celebratory hugs when they’ve saved the day. I want to see grateful, relieved “Thank G-d you’re okay, I thought I’d lost you” hugs. I want to see Marinette stroking Adrien’s hair when he’s upset over something his father did and Adrien putting his arm around Marinette when she has a moment of doubt and uncertainty. 

I want to see them just clinging to each other when it seems like everything’s lost. I want sad hugs where they’re crying on each other’s shoulders, and I want happy hugs where Marinette jumps into his arms and Adrien spins her around because they’re sappy dorks like that. I want hugs that are pure friendship when they’re in costume, and hesitant hugs that get slowly more comfortable when they’re in civilian mode. 

And romantic hugs too, absolutely. Hugs that are just a bit more couple-y than they should be, before they actually get together. Full-on couple hugs, later on, with nuzzling into each other’s necks and soft little kisses. Marinette burying her face in Adrien’s shoulder and Adrien kissing the top of Marinette’s head.

Marinette having to reach up on tiptoe to wrap her arms around Adrien’s neck. Adrien reaching down to lift her just a little bit off her feet.

Give me Marinette and Adrien wrapping their arms around each other, and finding all the strength and love and security they need in that embrace.

Just give me all the Marinette/Adrien hugs, okay.


At the start of the month, I asked you all to give me some characters and costumes, and as usual, YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

Happy Halloween, friends! 👻

Sam = secretly good at Halloween
Mona = mains as Lucio
Harlowe = lost track of time this year and didn’t get as much time as she wanted to make her costume… “NEXT YEAR” she says
Esteban = “But Alas, Monstrous Fate”