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give me a clintasha wing!au where everyone has wings but only certain people can see them (like, you have to be level 10 friend to be able to see my wings type shit) and everyone kind of assumes what someone’s wings are going to look like based on their personality - it’s not something you ever say out loud but it’s 100% something that everyone does. 

Everyone kind of assumes that Clint will have these scrappy little wings, probably shorter and brown or speckled. Bent feathers all over the place and all that jazz. On the other hand, Natasha’s wings are widely supposed to be jet-black and gorgeous. Long tertiary feathers that shine blue-purple in the sunlight and strong enough to kill a man (obviously).

And after Clint and Natasha have been partners for a good long time, after they’ve saved each other more times than either of them is willing to admit, Clint shows her his wings. And they’re just breathtaking. White and pure and huge. They get in the way sometimes, but they’re just so Clint and Natasha can’t believe that she ever thought that they would look any different.

It takes Natasha longer to reveal hers because she’s always held her secrets closer to the chest, but when she finally does, they’re a mangled disaster. The feathers used to be white, once, but now they’re oil-spotted and limp. Small and sad and an absolute mess. “This is what happens when you’ve got as much red in your ledger as I have,” Natasha says, expecting Clint to flinch away. Instead he takes her into her arms and that’s the first time that they kiss, his enormous wings enveloping all of her.

It takes years, and neither of them every really say anything but they both notice, but eventually Natasha’s wings start to heal.

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Taken For a Fool 9

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I honestly felt like I complete bitch after my actions in the restaurant last weekend and kept questioning if it was worth hurting Pietro if it meant hurting myself in the process too. I know that this was only during the course of a few days but damn, what about him caused me to open up to him so quickly?

“Oh look, it’s your boy.” Bucky teases with a smirk looking over my shoulder.

I followed his gaze to Pietro who was walking into the library with his sister at his side, who gave me a cold look I knew that I deserved.

Bucky, Steve, Darcy, Sam and I were in the library being tutored by Bruce for our Biology exam coming up. The library was fairly packed, as everyone was getting ready for exams.

“What’s he doing?” Steve asks, perplexed as he sees Pietro stand on top of one of the tables.

“Can I get everyone’s attention for a minute?” He asks, his Sokovian accent thickening as he calls out.

His sister pulls on his hand to get him off but he pulls his hand away.

“I’ve realized that I’ve hurt many girls on this campus for my own selfish needs. I’ve used some of you girls and treated you horribly afterward without a thought. It took having someone showing me just how horrible it felt for me to open my eyes and I guess what I want to say is that I apologize. I’m sorry for making you feel as though you’re just a toy to me. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you. And Y/N, I’d like to have another chance with you now as a changed man.” Pietro proclaims, causing the whole library floor to look at me.

“Say yes!” A girl yells out.

“Yeah! Give him another chance!” Another girl yells out.

I was quickly reminded of a cheesy 80’s teen movie as more and more people shouted out for me to give him another chance.

“Okay! Yes, I’ll give you another chance Maximoff.” I tell him.

He smiles and runs over to me while people cheer.



Pietro’s POV

“Wow, could you be any cheesier Maximoff?” Clint teases me.

“Hey, it worked right? I can’t believe that she actually fell for it too. I guess the bet isn’t off quite yet.” I smirk, proud of my grand plan.

Not only would I win this bet, but get to continue having mind-blowing sex while doing it.

“Don’t you think that was a bit cruel though? You’re only further proving her point.” Clint scratches the back of his neck.

“I could change!” I defend.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Clint laughs.

“You will. But for now get out of my room, I gotta get ready for my date with Y/N.” I push Clint out my door before finding a tight, blue long-sleeved shirt and some jeans.


“You don’t think he really changed do you? And why for you?” Darcy paces back and forth.

I look at her, cocking a brow.

“What do you mean why would he change for me? I did what you wanted and you’re with Sam now. Can’t you just be supportive of me now?” I ask growing angry, but wondering where this side of her was coming from.

“I’m just making sure you don’t get hurt. But if you don’t want to listen to me, go for it.” She storms out of my room.

Instead of going after her, I finish my makeup and walk outside to where Pietro was waiting outside his car…with flowers.  

“Hey beautiful.” He greets, kissing my cheek and hands me the bouquet of roses.

“Um hey.” I look at the roses suspiciously.

Since when is he the type of guy to give a girl flowers?

“It’s too much isn’t it? I knew it’d be but Wanda insisted that I get you flowers.” He rambles on.

“No, it’s fine! I like them. It just took me by surprise is all.” I assure him.

“Okay, good. Then let’s go.” He opens my door for me and I slide in.

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DOGGIE AU PART 3 (mainly because I have no impulse-control. Ever.)

  • “What the ever loving hell is this.”
    Borky and Stebe look up at Sam’s voice from where they were digging the third hole. They bark in excitement and run to him even if they’re a bit miffed they couldn’t surprise him with Hole Number 4 which would’ve been the Best.
    “Nat! Why didn’t you do anything?!”
    Natasha looks up from her magazine.
    “You rick-rolled me, Wilson. Nobody rick-rolls me.”
  • “And then!”
    Clint takes Stebe’s head between his hands.
    “And then she asked me out on a date!”
    Stebe whines at Clint’s high pitched voice and sticks his head between the couch cushions. Clint pats him and apologizes.
    “Of course I said yes. After she blew up the building.”
  • Stebe does. Not. Like. Cats. Especially that Devil of Mrs Wittgers.
    Nat sighs as she climbs the tree for the third time this week to get him.
  • Borky growls. This evil creature will not get the best of him. He growls again, louder, and doesn’t break eye contact. He will win.
    “Sam, Borky is scaring Butterblossom.”
    Wanda snags up her bunny and coos at it soothingly.
    “Borky, down.”
    Did that malicious fiend just smirk at him???
  • Sam loves it that Borky is so affectionate. Trying to climb up onto his lap and wanting cuddles. Licking his chin and burrowing into his chest like a medium sized ball of fluff. Or just lying curled up on his chest and snoring softly.
    What he doesn’t love so much is the farting. In his face.
  • Stebe is running after a laughing Steve through garden, both golden and radiant in the sunlight. Borky whines longingly from where he’s lying in Bucky’s lap. Bucky pets him.
    “I get it, pal. I get it.”
  • Sam pats his own shoulder. He’s a genius. Borky takes to the ball in a matter of seconds, nosing it through the living room and yipping happily when it lets out a squeak.
  • Sam is an idiot. He puts a pillow over his head as Borky, proud of his new toy, pads up and down the bed, ball between his jaws, squeaking with every step. Squeak, squeak, squeak.
  • Clint rubs his arms as he’s waiting for the coffee machine. He wishes Nat would turn up the heating but alas. Stebe pads up to him, dropping something at his feet. Clint grins and scratches his ears.

    “Clint, why are you wearing my dressing gown.”
    “It’s a gift from Stebe. It’s mine now.”
  • First a blanket for Sam. Then a pillow. He noses the TV remote to his human friend, gets Blanket and climbs into Sam’s lap. Sam smiles down at him wetly and hugs Borky to his chest.
    “Thank you.”
  • Stebe barks and lies down, paws over his snout, before getting up and shuddering. Borky is silent for a second, then barks in agreement.
    “What do you think they’re talking about?”
    “Probably your meatloaf. What did you even put in there?”
    Nat slaps Sam’s arm none too gently.
  • Fan is Borky’s new Bestest Friend. Sam agrees and lies down behind Borky. This heat wave can suck it.
  • Stebe Loves laundry day, he thinks as he snuggles deeper into the freshly dried and warm clothes. Natasha does not.
  • “No.”
    “But think of the possibilities! You would match!”
    “Tony, I forbid you from making wings for Borky.”
  • The first time Stebe saw T'Challa in costume he jumped straight into Natasha’s arms.
  • Borky on the other hand padded up to him, sat on his hind legs, and pawed at the air in a clear sign of “Pick me up and give me cuddles.”
    Stebe doesn’t understand this kind of reckless behavior at all.
  • So Stebe and Nat like to go parachuting.
  • Nat does not expect this when she opens the text. It’s a picture of Borky in a corner, miserably looking over his shoulder and into the camera. There’s a sign leaning against his back. “I’ve been put in Time Out until I learn to respect the sanctity of Sam’s potted plants.”

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Nat and bucky are exes but they're still friends. Bucky meets her somewhere when she's with clint, he assumes they are dating and invite them to a "double date" with steve. Natasha accepts bc shes too damn proud to say that she hasnt dated anyone since james and clint is just too confused to say no. Turns out bucky and steve are getting married and they ask her to be their maid of honor, so now she and clint have to pretend they're in love till the cerimony. What she doesnt know is that (1/2)

(2/2) clint wont have to pretend that much. A+points if you put lots of angst and a unplanned pregnancy at the end bc im a sucker for those (kidding. Just the angst is good. No babbies unless u rly need to)

this one deserves a 30 chapter progression with the slowest burn you’ve ever seen in your life but unfortunately there’s only so much i can do when i’m still blasting my way through prompts that have been in my inbox since october so i hope these 1600 words will suffice. 

(fic is under the cut because it’s LONG)

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