give me all the babies in the world

i honestly could not give a shit if someone thinks i’m pretentious for enjoying what david lynch does and be able to give it meaning to myself. david lynch’s work has always been a personal thing for me to enjoy. i honestly couldnt give a fuck if people think people who understand his work are just kidding themselves. I enjoy the world that david lynch sets out for me, i want to sink my teeth into this show and take it all in. If i understand it in my way just let me be, just let people enjoy david lynch’s work without being such a dick about it, if people don’t like it then go away, disappear. David lynch doesn’t make this for everyone, if you hate that you don’t understand it or feel like some of it is unnecessary you don’t have to watch it and you don’t have to come at other folks who do like it. 

My favorite lyrics from Divide
  • just my two cents
  • Eraser: I wish that love was a currency and the whole world was wealthy
  • Castle on the Hill: I had my first kiss on a Friday Night, I don't reckon I did it right // these people raised me and I can't wait to go home
  • Dive: Don't call me baby unless you mean it // I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than ten thousand rocks on the lake
  • Shape of You: Your love was handmade for somebody like me
  • Perfect: Now I know I have met an angel in person and she looks perfect
  • Galway Girl: I swear I'm gonna put you in a song that I write about a galway girl and a perfect night // She took me inside to finish some doritos and another bottle of wine
  • Happier: But I guess you look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'd feel it too
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • New man: Still lookin' at your instagram and I'll be creepin' a lil, I'll be tryin' not to double tap from way back cause I know that's where the trouble's at
  • What Do I Know: Just remember that life is more than fitting in your jeans, it's love, understanding, and positivity
  • How Would You Feel: In the summer, as the lilacs blew, blood flows deeper than a river every moment I spend with you
  • Supermarket Flowers: A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved // A life with love is a life that's been lived
  • Barcelona: We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: I tell myself in every way I won't be doing this again and tomorrow's a brand new day
  • Nancy Mulligan: Never had I seen such beauty before the second I saw her, Nancy was my yellow rose
  • Save Myself: Before I save someone else, I've got to save myself
what’s in your bag: james potter

James: *never leaves his house without something that would scream “Gryffindor”*

James: Oh look, a biscuit! *takes a bite*

James …or not?

James: A note I wrote for Lily but well…she didn’t even look at it so-

James: One day me and Pads went swimming in the Great Lake and found some of these - still waiting for our babies to come into this world ♥

James: Pete gave me this for birthday, how cool is that?

James: Oooh Sirius Black’s most prized possession - eyeliner, that guy can’t step out of the dorm without this thing. Maybe I should give it back to him? I don’t think so.

James: Chocolate. Probably Moony’s?

James: I don’t remember, but it’s all good, we’re like brothers - “everything mine is yours, and yours mine”, right?

James: …once I fell on my face and Lily gave me this. It’s a muggle bandaid, she said.

(ooc: tagging my bae sirius @asktheblacksheep and future gf @son-0f-a-snitch lily to do the thing if you want)

teddy lupin

Praise Kink

In which Harry is incredibly nervous and y/n knows just how to calm him down.

A/N: WELL I did it. Barely.  I managed to get this finished before Harry’s single dropped so that I’ll be able to freak out in peace tonight.  I hope you enjoy because this is… kinda filthy.  LOVE YA BUY SIGN OF THE TIMES ON ITUNES!

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Where do Mimic's come from?

We had just managed to defeat a Mimic when my good friend and i got into this conversation with a new member to our party. A very 'innocent’ person really, and a very annoyed DM in the end.

Damien (innocent person (bard) “You know, i was always thinking. Where do Mimics come from?”
Rogue (me) Well, when a mommy mimic wants a baby, she starts eating all of the treasure she can.

Warlock (David) and then she settles in a cave to let the gems form a baby inside of her.

Me: like a clam with a pearl.

David: and when the pearl is formed, ‘mommy’ mimic births the baby mimic.

me: and when the baby mimic sees the world for the first time, it looks up to it’s mommy and the world around itself in awe.

David: Seeing her baby hungry, ‘mommy mimic’ then feeds her baby to give it strength to survive.

me: Having eaten more gold and gems than she needs, she throws up a bunch of it into the baby mimic’s mouth, giving it the needed substance to survive without her.

David: Like with birds.


me: We are answering a question asked from one member to another in character.

Dave: yah!

me: you know my character can’t pass up a moment like this to go off like that.

Dave: and i don’t know either so i just went along with it.

DM:…alright, no more mimics…so no more 'epic’ items.
me and David: AWWW!!!! Common! That is just mean!

note she either forgot the next day we played, or just did not care.






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are there soulmate aus that you guys really like or think is worth looking at


spring day by Bangtanbananas [YoonMin, rated E, 70k]

Never Let Me Go by mindheist [TaeKook, rated E, 28k]

the lost seasons (i try to restore them) by sugastruck [NamGi, rated G, 12k]

tonight, we’ll defy the stars (hello my old heart) by fifty-one sunsets (idyleski) [VMin, rated G, 22k]

Freesia by mintsoda [TaeKook, rated E, 25k]

Breaking a Soul Bond by Dangerouslove [TaeKook, rated E, 17k]

Sneeze once; I hate you. Sneeze twice; we’re doomed. by illusorycorrelation [YoonKook, rated T, 13k]

we’re making our own history (cause we’re a page turner) by wolfsbanez [YoonSeok, rated G, 7k]

to the truth that you’re denying by sunsmiles [NamSeok, rated T, 21k] (MUST READ!!!!!!!!)

Cerulean and Malachite by TheHalesNyx [YoonKook, rated E, 16k]

Give Me A Chance by VanillaIceBaby [YoonMin, rated T, 18k]

give me thirty days (to fall in love with you) by kstorms [YoonMin, rated T, 9.7k]

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby by witheredleaf (micooled) [YoonKook, rated T, 31k]

The World by RoseFangedLion [TaeGi, rated T, 35k]

pick me up, buttercup by vppa [TaeKook, rated G, 9k]

drive to the stars by inkingbrushes [YoonSeok, rated T, 13k]

Will you be my Forever? by flywithtaetae (kimtaehyungs) [TaeKook, rated M, 15k]

Midnight Dreamers by ghuns [YoonMin, rated T, 14k]

stay with me forever (or maybe just for now) by featherlightice [TaeGi, rated T, 6k]

♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ I love all of these ♥‿♥

-Admin Nana

Okay, march 22

The day of infamy. There are going to be hundreds, if not thousands, of posts saying how much they miss MCR and how much they want them to get back together, and I get it. This band saved my life. (Well the people in the band but…) They made me feel less alone in my feelings and outlooks. I would cry if they got back together, but I’m not going to write about that. They broke up because they needed to. Gerard was at the end of his rope and couldn’t take it any longer. He was starving himself, and resorting to booze and drugs to get through shows. Now look at him. Happy, healthy, and writing comics. He would never be like that if the band didn’t break. Also Frank. He is happy, healthy, and still making music. Touring the world with his band. His music helps many people, including me. Ray and Mikey are happy and healthy. Mikey even has a baby on the way! (Give it up for him. Signing up for a child, that takes courage) So guys, this post was just saying, as Gerard put it-
“My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band – it is an idea.”
The guys are doing what makes them happy and carrying MCR with them as they do so. This day will be sad, most of us will probably cry, but remember, the guys are happy. And that’s what really matters.
-Charlie March 22, 2017


I wanted to do another Warcraft ‘fashion’ piece, and with all this hot weather I just have to do a troll lady. Blizzard I’m just saying: Give me more tropical troll wear.

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omg what episodes of iasip have had heavy flirting between the two??? I haven't watched in so long

hoo boy this ended up being a little longer than expected! disclaimer: i wrote this all from memory, and by no means is it an exhaustive list!

Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join A Cult; dennis tells mac “you’ve been looking so great lately, so sexy”

Franks Back in Business; dennis directs “don’t you want to get off with me? i want you to get off with me” to mac

The Gang Solves the Mortgage Crisis; dennis asks mac “can you do that for me, baby boy?” (side note: dennis also calls mac “baby boy” in The Gang Hits the Road) + this episode blessed us with Hugh Honey and Vic Vinegar

Mac and Dennis Break Up (deleted scene); dennis tells mac that he has “beautiful lips”

The Gang Dines Out; dennis serenades mac with a rendition of wind beneath my wings + dennis gives a speech about mac and how “the world is a safer place when he’s around”

Dennis Gets Divorced; “you’re my boytoy!” “i’m your boytoy!”

Flowers for Charlie; dennis tells mac that “it’s all about seduction” and turns on you’re the inspiration by chicago, and then they both begin swaying towards each other with mac about to lean in before they’re interrupted by dee

The Gang Gets Held Hostage; mac says “i love you” to dennis

The Gang Recycles Their Trash; mac tries to kiss dennis

bonus: some other iconic macdennis moments

Macs Banging the Waitress; “dennis has great thighs” + mac booping dennis’ nose to wake him up

The Gang Dances Their Asses Off; mac mimes the act of fellatio on dennis

The Gang Gets Quarantined; dennis proves that he can go from “flaccid to erect at a moments notice” by looking mac up and down + the fact that mac has seen him do that before

Mac and Dennis Break Up; all of it

The Nightman Cometh Live; the entirety of the “it’s just two men sharing the night..” scene

Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens; the shot gun scene

Mac and Dennis: Manhunters; dennis gets mac to feel his nipples (lmao)

Mac and Dennis Move To The Suburbs; dennis buys mac a dog and mac decides to name it dennis jr and “raise him like he was our own son” + mac tells dennis “everything i do, i do for you”

Hero or Hate Crime; dennis softly tells mac “just come on out of the closet, you’ll feel better” + dennis persuades the rest of the gang to leave mac to just be happy on the day he came out

amendment: i cannot believe that i managed to forget paddy’s thong and “i’m wearing them because i want to turn you on” from Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens! thank you to @macelhenneys for your tags that reminded me 



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Dad, what are your thoughts on awkward sugar daddy Yuuri " I-didn't-mean-to-do-this-I-just-wanted-to-give-him-socks-and-play-with-his-hair" Katsuki and smitten sugar baby Victor "I'm -not-even-in-it-for-the-money-he-treats-me-right-loves-poodles-and-needs-to-be-protected" Nikiforov?

do you mean what are my thoughts on HEIR TO THE KATSUKI HOTEL FORTUNE yuuri katsuki, who is so bad at hitting on victor nikiforov that victor nikiforov thinks that he has to sell his body for a sponsorship??? 

yuuri keeps taking him out for dinner and travels all over the world to see him in competition and is always so surprised when victor takes time out of his crazy schedule to be with him!! yuuri doesn’t mind sliding his limitless credit card over a handful of boutique counters in several different countries after taking victor out shopping, because victor loves fashion, and yuuri loves victor and the things victor loves.  yuuri maybe thinks that he and victor are dating eventually, because these are dates, right?? victor could always say NO, but he never says no, and maybe it’s because for once in yuuri katsuki’s dumb awful lonely rich kid life, someone likes him back. and it’s not like the only reason that victor is doing these things is because Katsuki Hotels is a global chain and one of the biggest ISU sponsors that keeps a roof over victor’s head.  yuuri stays out of those negotiations and lets his father do the talking while he awkwardly stands next to the ficus in ballroom banquets drinking champagne.  he doesn’t even know why victor talks to him! 

(and victor would be doing these things anyway, because he loves yuuri despite himself, and even if yuuri doesn’t really see victor as a person, he’s good at pretending in the moment long enough for victor not to feel used up and torn apart every time until after when he wakes up alone in a Katsuki Hotel presidential suite.)

You know the wondertrev kiss scene

I have a feeling they didn’t you know, fuck or anything. I think they just laid there in the bed, Steve telling Diana about all the little things that happen in the human world, like rain, and babys everywhere. And maybe there were little quick kisses, whenever Diana said something adorable and longer drawn out ones every so often. And then Steve probably watch Diana drift off to sleep, think he would give her the world if she ever wanted it. He probably knew, it would last long, not during a war. So he wanted to just be with her for as long as he could . Before. Their. Time. Ran. Out. Help me I am not ok I just wanted them to be happy.



ENTJ-  You scare me. You are such and incredible leader, how do you do that?? But also I hate authority and feel a need to disagree with you at every turn because you’re so bossy. You’re not as cool as you think you are, but you’re almost as cool as you think you are and that’s pretty damn cool. Be my friend.

ENTP- Fuckin’ chill out you memelord. You’re either coasting through life or putting WAY to much effort into shit. You’re a bit of a narcissistic fuck but you’re still my favourite type (*coughs*). You’re too excitable and too much of a dick and you’re personality doesn’t make sense. Stop being mean to you’re friends. Learn to be more comfortable with emotions, it’ll be important later on in life. Be the friend that can cheer others up with jokes when they don’t really wanna talk about what’s wrong.

INTJ- You’re cool, you get shit done and you’re a bit of a supervillian. What’s not to love? You’re a rare bird. There aren’t many of you out there, but you are important. If you weren’t here, who else would the ENFP’s annoy? You’re a behind the scenes leader most of the time, pulling the strings from a safe (and smart distance) but you aren’t afraid to get you’re hands dirty. You’re good at shit.But don’t forget, you’re not superhuman. Remember other people have these pesky things called emotions, be wary of them STILL i want you to be proud of you’re inherent assholeness.

INTP-  Mad scientist. I’m constantly searching for your approval because of my unresolved daddy issues and it freaks me out. Yes, you are a daddy. Some of you have your heads shoved up a little too far in you’re own arse. Just because you’re introverted and intuitive and darn cold, does not make you better than others honey. Basically, you’re a condescending shit. But hey I still put you on this weird pedestal, so we’re both guilty. You’re the genius on tv shows that isn’t diagnosed but falls on the aspergers spectrum somewhere.


ENFJ-  Baby, I worship the ground you walk on. You are so cool, calm and controlled while still being awesome, enthusiastic and excitable. Don’t be my friend, date me. But stop trying to fix everything. Think about yourself a lil okay buddy, and use logic sometimes too. Actually scratch all that, you’re perfect, I love you.

ENFP-  You are a beautiful, annoying bastard. You’re too nice and I don’t feel comfortable making mean jokes at your expense (because you’d probably take it seriously and cry yourself to sleep), but you have effortless charm. Stop thinking about the individual and start thinking about the bigger picture, you’re not realistic. Be my friend, but not like close friend, y'know.

INFP-  Hello, the human equivalent of tumblr. Fuck. People either love you or hate you. I don’t know where I fall on that scale tbh. Sometimes you’re just a little too much honey, I’m not sensitive enough for you. Other times you are too precious for this world and I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and protect you. I am strangely attracted to you despite how awkward you probably think you are. You have a lot of knowledge in that head of yours. Be that person I have a weird co-dependant relationship with, that really isn’t healthy but I can’t exactly live without you and I’m not sure why.

INFJ- Ah INFJ, I haven’t met many of you but BOY, are the ones I know pretentious. You’re one of the least common MBTI type, and you probably know and take pride in this. You’re good at reading people, I know, but you can just talk to me instead of analyse from a distance bud. You’re ultimately very cool and creative, a little bit of a know it all but it’s justified. You’re a sweet bundle of joy and I love you. Be my best friend. You’re good at being a friend. Really good.


ESFP-  I like you a lot kid, you remind me of a younger me. We shouldn’t get along but I love/envy you. You’re caring and you have a great childlike spirit. Make some art and ramble to me some more. I seriously appreciate you so much. You bring me back down to  the ‘now’ with you’re crazy impulsive attitude and caring demeanour. Just learn to listen to me a lil more when I tell you you’re thinking with you’re heart instead of you’re brain again. You do it a lot, buddy. Be my lover.

ESTP-  You’re cool man. You’re Ferris Bueler. You’re a salesman that’s constantly selling me on your personality. Look we get it, you’re good with one liners and you’re athletic and everyone loves you, but also hey, think about others you little sociopathic flirt. Also, sometimes people really DO know more than you, I know! Crazy. Be my Idol.

ISFP-  You probably reaallly like music. Chill out buddy, I don’t know much about you but you seem stressed and too fierce for ur adorable demeanour. I know you are your own individual beautiful creative person, you don’t need to tell me. People DO care about you, i know sometimes you doubt that, but you got this life in the bad. You’ll probably never grow out of your angsty teen years tbh but it’s okay, find yourself an ISFJ and you’ll be okay.

ISTP-  So you’re just as cool but less attainable, loner ESTP. You’re in control of your own everything but also out of control and mildly self destructive? Be the mysterious kid I rarely talk to, but everytime I do I fall in love with you a little bit.


ESFJ-  Hey there soldier. In the best case scenario, you’re cutie Monica Geller, that’s a lil anal and mildly manipulative but really! very! sweet!. In the worst case scenario you are literally my worst nightmare. Your the squad’s glue tho. Sometimes you offer a cool third perspective, but you over simplify things and don’t try to understand my crazy theories and that’s annoying. Learn to get over yourself a lil, stop playing the victim buddy and compromise. Be my friend in a few years when you learn to self reflect better.

ESTJ-  You’re a manipulative bitch. You’re so judgemental, you’re Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls. You’re pretty cool. Even more of a rampant psycho than ENTJ. I don’t like you all that much (and something tells me you don’t really care) but I respect you a LOT. Stay a safe distance away from me and please don’t judge me. You’re too savage.

ISFJ-  Hey my emo saviour. You understand everybody and nobody truly understands you. You’re the reliable Colin Firth that the world of Bridget Jones’s run to after their crazy escapades with Hugh Grant. Just remember to have standards baby, and don’t accept everyone that runs into you’re arms. You’re worth more than what most people are willing to give. Be my favourite sweet emotional little kid brother (even if you are female.)

ISTJ-  You say 'interesting’ a lot. If life were a tv show, you’d be a sassy little hate muffin that tumblr idolised that everyone would remark didnt get enough screen time. You’re all business and sometimes you should let down that gaurd fam :) Think about people a little bit more bud. I respect you. I’ll be your friend! But it will probably take three years to build up our relationship and it will probably be accidental, but im here for u anyway.


PART ONE! read before this part! 

WARNING(S): Smut af kinda sex scene, dont read if you have virgin eyes lmao just kidding x Archie Andrews being everything I want in my life. KINDA SHORT PORN FORGIVE ME 

I loved how he loves my lips, how he couldn’t get enogh of me. I loved the way he kissed, as if he was savouring every part of me. As if he couldn’t live without tasting my skin. I loved the way he expressed his longing and hunger with his eyes. 

My heart belonged to him, but I wanted to belong to him an him to me completely. 

“Make me yours, Archie” 

He pulled me back, gazing down at me with a question in his eyes. 

“Make love to me.” 

His nostrils flared, eyes dilating. 

“Are you sure?” 

I placed a gentle kiss on his neck, reasuring him. “Please.” 

“God. You’re going to fucking ruin me,” he groaned 

I cupped his face with my palms, marveling at the beauty of his features before pressing my lips to his. 
Tentatively, I caressed his lips with my tognue, and a groan escaped his chest as he positioned himself on top of me, taking over the kiss. 

He was in charge and we both knew it. 

He was the teacher and I was his student. 

His hans palmed my breasts, stroking and caressing possessively, all the while his mouth was feasting on my mouth, my neck, the skin above my breasts. 

His hand slid down my ribs, my stomach, my hip, and between my legs, but he never stopped kissing me. 

And then his finger was there, petting and making circles. I pulled my mouth away from his as I let out a loud moan, my head falling back against the pillow. 

“So beautiful. So mine. Come for me, baby. Come all over my hand.” 

My fingers dug into his skin as I bowed off the bed, pleading with him to please give me relief. His mouth swallowed my cries as I came apart. 

Dimly, I was aware of him getting up. I heard the loud snbap of a drawer, the rustle of clothes and the crinkling of plastic before he was back on top of me. “

“Babe. Look at me. Eyes on me.” 

I blinked up at him, till floating in the pleasure hazed world he had put me in. I noticed the tight skin around mouth, the way he gritted his teeth as if he was in pain, the lust and love in his eyes as he gazed down at me. 

“I love you. I will love no one but you,” he whispered before he entered me. 

I lost my breath as I felt unwelcome pain pierced my pleasure hezed world. 
I closed my eyes tightly, fighting the urge to push him off me. I felt full, ripped apart. 

“Babe, are you okay? I’m sorry, love. The pain will go away soon.” 

The fear in his tone made me open my eyes. His hand caressed the side of my face as he gazed at me with worry, and I melted. 

“Talk to me, love,” he murmured, kissing my lips, my cheeks, my nose. 

He started to licking on my bottom lip, sucking it in his mouth. I felt his hand petting me down there causing a now familiar pull once again. 

I moved my hips experimentally, and I discovered that the pain was fading away, replaced by an inexplicable pleasure that spreed between my legs and shot up my spine. I bit my lip, closing my eyes tightly as I moaned. 

“Y/N, damn. I can’t… Please, don’t move, baby.” 

Archie placed his hand on my hip when i tried to move, silently commanding me to stay still. 

“Its okay, Archie. It feels… good.” 


I nodded. And then he was moving–languorously, slowly, painstakingly. I was panting, my breath loud and fast as he moved inside me. 

“Take everything– my body, my heart, my soul. Take them. They’re yours,” he rasped. 

He began to move in and out faster, groaning out his plesure, mouth parted, eyes half closed, head thrown back in reckless abandon. 

All I could do was wrap my legs tighter around him, my fingernails digging into his back as his thrust became wild and fenzied. 

“Oh Jesus. Oh fuck.” 

Archie’s mouth latched onto my neck, sucking hard as he palmed my ass, grinding inside me so hard and so deep I came apart with a scream. 

“I love you. God, I love you so much. I love you so fucking much,” he groaned in time with his movements. I felt him drive deep one last time before he cried out my name and released. 



fall out boy starters & prompts

take this to your grave 

  • “You were the last good thing about this part of town.”
  • “I’m coasting on potential, towards a wall, at a hundred miles an hour.”
  • “I believed every single lie you said.”
  • “With every breath, I wish your body will be broken.”
  • “And when it all goes to hell, will you be able to tell me sorry with a straight face?”
  • “Boys/girls like you try too hard to look not quite as desperate.”

from under the cork tree 

  • “I got your love letters, corrected the grammar and sent them back.”
  • “It’s true romance is dead, I shot it in the chest then in the head.”
  • “We’re only liars, but we’re the best.”
  • “Turn off the lights and turn off the shyness.”
  • “Your makeup stains my pillowcase, like I’ll never be the same.”
  • “I don’t want to forget how your voice sounds.”
  • “I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me.”
  • “Am I more than you bargained for?”
  • “Isn’t it messed up how I’m just dying to be him/her/them?“
  • “Nothing comes as easy as you.”
  • “And I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses. I took a shot and didn’t even come close.”
  • “I’m sleeping my way out of this one with anyone who will lie down.”
  • “I keep telling myself I’m not the desperate type.”
  • “It’s just a matter of time until we’re all found out.”
  • “The best part of ‘believe’ is the ‘lie’.”
  • “You’re the only place that feels like home.
  • “I got arrogance down to a science.” 
  • “I don’t blame you for being you, but you can’t blame me for hating it.”
  • “I left my conscience pressed between the pages of the Bible in the drawer.”

infinity on high 

  • “I can take your problems away with a nod and a wave of my hand.”
  • “We/I don’t fight fair.”
  • “Don’t pretend you ever forgot about me.”
  • “We’re/I’m the new face of failure, prettier and younger but not any better off.”
  • “I thought I loved you. It was just how you looked in the light.”
  • “I want these words to make things right. But it’s the wrongs that make the words come to life.”
  • “He/she/they taste like you, only sweeter.”
  • “I’m the only one who’s gonna get away with making excuses today.”
  •  “You’re appealing to emotions that I simply do not have.”
  • “The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you.”
  • “I’m a preacher sweating in the pews for the salvation I’m bringing you.”
  • “I am God’s gift but why would he bless me with, such wit without a conscience equipped?”

save rock and roll 

  • "I’m just dreaming of tearing you apart.”
  • “My childhood spat back out the monster that you see.”
  • “I don’t know where I’m going, but I don’t think I’m coming home.”
  • “Fuck you, you can go cry me an ocean, and leave me be.”
  • “This is the road to ruin.”
  • “Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name.”
  • “I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday.”
  • “Letting people down is my thing, baby.”
  • “If I spilled my guts, the world would never look at you the same way.”
  • “I’m here to give you all my love so I can watch your face as I take it all away.”
  • “May the bridges I have burned light my way back home.”
  • “I could just die laughing on your spiral of shame.”

american beauty / american psycho 

  • "I didn’t come for a fight but I will fight till the end.”
  • “ I can’t stop ‘til the whole world knows my name.”
  • “Until you die for me, as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you.”
  • “I’m not passive but aggressive.”
  • “All those people in those old photographs I’ve seen are dead.”
  • “May nothing but death do us part.”
  • “The blood of a lamb is worth two lions.”


  • “Say my name and his/hers/theirs in the same breath. I dare you to say they taste the same.”
  • “Oh, I will die without the attention!”
  • “If home is where the heart is than we’re all just fucked.”
  • “Sometimes I wanna quit this all…”
  • “I wanna scream ‘I love you’ from the top of my lungs.”
  • “I will never believe in anything again.” / “We will never believe again.”
  • “I’m only here to crash a life, it was never alright from the start.”
  • “You’re not the first or the last but you’re possibly the prettiest.”
Whistle (Smut) Shawn Mendes

A/N: This took me like a solid 3 days to write. I hope you guys like it! More to come soon!
Word Count: 1,265
Triggers: Swearing

The trees zoom past as Shawn and I drive the back roads to my house. Our hands are intertwined on the centre console of his jeep and the windows are rolled all the way down, in order to feel the breeze blow across our sunburnt cheeks. Shawn for once, allowed me to be in control of the music, so my phone is plugged into the auxiliary cord and my whole library’s on shuffle. Currently, Ed Sheeran’s Little Bird is playing and Shawn is softly singing along.

“I love how we can do this. Windows down, music blasting, not a care in the world,” I say turning down the music and looking at Shawn to give him a loving smile.

“I know, we can’t do this in Toronto, or even Pickering. Too many people will recognize us,” he says agreeing. “I love doing this. I love being able to drive with the windows down, the sun in our faces and the music blasting. But most of all, I love being able to do it with you. I feel like sometimes, this is the only personal time we get. I know it’s not; I just feel sometimes we just need to drive. You and me against the world, baby.”

“I love you,” I say to him and bring our hands up, so I can kiss the back of his.

“Do you love me enough to blow my whistle?” Shawn asks me laughing. The opening to Flo-Rida’s Whistle coming through the speakers.

I don’t even think of the double meaning of his question, when I respond laughing, “Yeah, I love you enough to blow your whistle.”

“Wait, are you serious?” Shawn asks turning down the music completely, before looking at me with his eyebrows raised.

“Wait, you actually meant-” I trailed off, looking at him with a bewildered expression.

“Yeah, I mean? I could go for one?” He says more like a question.

“Shawn, we’re driving,” I say. Not actually believing we are having this conversation right now.

“So? I could pull over. Or” he says, dragging out the ‘r’, “I could unbutton my pants just enough for you.” He tries to reason with me.

“I could bite you!” I say to him with conviction.

“I don’t think you will, baby. You’re too good with your mouth,” Shawn says smirking.

I can’t actually believe I am considering giving him a blow job right now. I mean, someone could see us. It’s unlikely, but I’m still conscious of the fact we are still driving on a road.

“Pull over,” I demand, “please.”

Shawn’s eyes light up with excitement and he steers the jeep to the right before coming to a complete stop and putting it in park. The only thing being heard is the right turn signal.

“Unzip your pants.” Shawn’s fingers leave the steering wheel before fumbling with the button and the zipper on his jeans. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this right now,” I mumble.

“Neither can I, to be honest,” Shawn confesses. “I mean, I’ve always wanted road head, but I’ve never really thought about it. We usually always have someone with us.”

I ponder the words I’m thinking before letting them slip past my lips, “I’ve always wanted to give you road head. Leaning over, and knowing that I have you at my mercy.” My cheeks turn red at my dirty confession. Shawn’s eyes go wide with shock and my words instantly make him hard.

“But, but. Why didn’t you say anything before?” He stutters.

“I dunno, I mean. It never came up?” I question. “Now quit talking, and start driving.”

“Wait-” Shawn starts, before I cut him off.

“Shawn, if you say wait one more time,” I threaten.

“You want me to drive?” He questions me.

“Yes, more exciting for both of us.” I say, smirking while doing so.

By the time Shawn shuts up, he’s driving again and I’m level with his crotch. I slowly trail my finger along his length. He’s hard enough for me to just take him in my mouth, but I want to tease him first. I lean my head down to slowly start mouthing kisses over his boxer briefs, just enough for him to feel my warm breath and soft lips. Underneath where my hand is resting on his thigh, I feel him tense.

“Baby,” he whines. “Don’t tease me please.”

I hum to myself, enjoying the fact that he’s squirming for me to do something. Painstakingly slow, I delicately bring his boxers down, just enough that his boner slaps up against his t-shirt. His tip is already pink and swollen. I take him in my hand, and Shawn draws in a breath. I smirk, knowing I have him completely at my mercy. I slowly start pumping my hand up and down, twisting every now and then. I look up to the left, to look at Shawn’s face. His teeth are sunken so deep into his bottom lip, I’m surprised he hasn’t broken the skin. I then trail my eyes across his arms to his hands, that are clenching the steering wheel so tight, his knuckles have turned white. I turn my head back to my hand. I figured he’s had enough, so I lean forward and gently suck on the tip. Shawn tenses, and let’s out a sound of shock and pleasure. I slowly slide my lips down his shaft, my hand wrapping around what I couldn’t fit, before coming all the way back up. I release him with a ‘pop’ of my lips, before I proceed to this a couple more times just to let him know, that I’m still teasing. I can tell he’s getting a little frustrated by the way his hand has found the back of my neck. His fingers curled around the back, and his thumb rubbing circles where my neck and jaw meet.

“Can you just-” Shawn stops short and moans unexpectedly, when I take him in my mouth, and suck hard.

I start bobbing my head up and down and rotating my hand around him vigorously. The only thing being heard is the wind and Shawn’s low moans, as we continue to drive. I continue to blow him like that for a few more minutes. Eventually, I feel Shawn’s thigh start to tense, and I know he’s close.

“’M close,” Shawn breathes, a low moan following his words. As I go to take more of him in my mouth, we hit a bump. The force from the tires hitting the pothole, cause Shawn’s hips to rise, and for him to accidentally go all the way down my throat. Essentially, allowing me to deepthroat him. From the new sensation of being deeper in my throat, Shawn cums. I continue to suck him for a few more seconds, until I know he’s rode out his high. I proceed to pull off of him, and tuck him away back in his boxers, and pants.

As soon as my back hits the front of the passenger seat, Shawn immediately pulls over.

“Fuck, baby! I didn’t even see the pothole. Fuck, I’m sorry! Are you okay?” Shawn asks me frantically. The fact that I’ve never deepthroated him before causing his concern.

I shrug my shoulders, “I’m fine. It didn’t hurt.”

“Are you sure?” He asks, the concern pooling in his eyes.

“Yes Shawn,” I respond.

“As long as you’re okay,” he mumbles then leans over to kiss me. I hum some sort of agreement against his lips.

“At least we know I can deepthroat now,” I say to him laughing.