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My only Dresden Files endgame ship is Marcone getting away with Anduriel’s coin. Give me this. Give me this vanilla mortal cunning sonovabitch surviving the series that will kill wizards, fae, and vampires, angels and demons and gods and Outsiders. Give me faux amiably evil x faux amiably evil. Give me the endless struggle of good and evil that will never stop, not ever - but maybe there’s incremental progress in this man being slightly less evil than the last man to hold that coin and make that willing partnership (I like to think Marcone will keep his scruples about children, which Nic never had.) Give me everyone leveled up beyond belief, fighting all those wizards, fae, vampires, angels, demons, gods and Outsiders - and still, in the very end it boils cyclically down to the weary private detective and the slick mob boss. Don’t even show it - just have everyone exhausted together, the world saved, then someone looks around and is like, “Hey, where’d Marcone go?” and Harry’s eyes light on the conspicuously empty place on the table where Anduriel’s coin had been sitting with absolutely nobody touching it. “Well, fuck,” he says, the last line of dialogue of the series.

The Signs by Their Biblical Angels
  • Aries: Machidiel ("fullness of God," governing Angel of March, also referred to as Prince Machidiel)
  • Taurus: Asmodel (once a chief of the order of cherubim, now the demon of punishment)
  • Gemini: Ambriel (a prince of the order of the thrones, chief officer of the 12th hour of night, name from the Hebrew charm "kamea" for warding off evil)
  • Cancer: Muriel (from Greek "myrrh," one of the rulers of the order of dominations, invoked from the south, can give the invocant a magic carpet, serves under Veguaniel)
  • Leo: Verchiel (one of the rulers of the order of powers, governor of the sun)
  • Virgo: Hamaliel (one of the rulers of the order of virtues)
  • Libra: Zuriel ("my rock is God," Prince of the order of principalities, one of the 70 childbed amulet Angels, curer of stupidity of man)OR Uriel ("fire of God," ranked variously as presider over Hades, seraphim, cherub, etc., destroyer of the hosts of Sennacherib, can be invoked by those born in September)
  • Scorpio: Barbiel (a prince of the order of virtues and order of archangels, serves in the underworld as one of the 7 Electors)
  • Sagittarius: Advachiel (aka Adnachiel, alternates with Phaleg as Angel ruler of Angels)
  • Capricorn: Hanael (aka Haniel, "glory or grace of God" of "he who sees God," chief of the orders of principalities, virtues, and innocents, is invoked as an amulet against evil)
  • Aquarius: Cambiel (an Angel of the 9th hour) OR Gabriel ("God is my strength," angel of resurrection, mercy, annunciation, death, vengeance, revelation, Prince of the 1st heaven, said to sit on the left-hand side of God)
  • Pisces: Barchiel (aka Barakiel, "lightning of God," one of the 7 archangels, Prince of the 2nd heaven and order of confessors, dominion over lightning, invoked to bring success to games of chance)
  • *NOTE- These are NOT full biographies. If you're interested in more info about the angels listed, or other angels, you can talk to me or do research of your own. Also, this is just meant to be a fun post by a girl who's into theology. Let's not debate over religion! Finally, I did not reference ceremonial magic in any of these descriptions. Thank you!*


  • Pi Phi Gives You Wings
  • Calling All Angels  
  • You Had Me At Halo
  • Follow Your Arrow Wherever it Points
  • Angels Lookin’ Fine In Silver Blue & Wine
  • Pick the Phinest
  • Chosen by the Wine & Blue
  • You OΠly Live Φnce
  • AΠgels Have MΦre Fun
  • With Brave Wings She Flies ΠΒΦ
  • Sisters Bound in Wine & Blue, ΠΒΦ is Love, Friendships are True
  • Three Letters, Two Wings, One Arrow
  • From HeaveΠ With LΦve
  • ΠΒΦ Makes My ♥ Go Boom Boom
  • Light on the Silver Blue, Heavy on the Wine
  • Only the Best Can Fly With Pi Phi
  • May There Always Be an Angel By Your Side
  • Sisters Are Angels Who Lift You Up When Your Wings Forget How To Fly
  • Hey Hey What Do You Say? Shoot for the Arrow Everyday
  • Keepin’ It Angelic Since 1867
  • Easy on the Blue, Heavy on the Wine
  • Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly, Pi Beta Phi
  • UΠΒΦbound by Gravity, These Angels Can Fly
  • Welcome to Our Heaven

So bitchcallmebucky wrote this piece of amazingness for my prompt: 

civilian!Bucky secretly dating Cap!Steve and getting jealous whenever he sees people on TV fawning over his boyfriend

Bucky had almost mastered the art of tuning out the low hum of the TV by now, after working in the bar for 7 months. He’d gotten real good at drifting away inside his own head while he cleaned glasses to be re-racked, or when he was heaving empty kegs out to the drop-off point.

Tonight however, the show hosts voice catches his attention, “Tonight we have Captain America joining us live! Give him a warm welcome everybody, show our hero some love!”

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!!! AWW OMG!! Rin got me chocolates!!!

aww that is so cute and sweet

i wonder if Len will get me chocolates too? I’ll visit his room next-

wtf why is he scowling at me…?

..are you serious? you’re giving me the hand? what did i DO?


in addition to moaning audios can we make positivity audios a thing? like give me audios of michael saying “i love you”, ashton giving one of his appreciation speeches, calum being cute and luke being the actual angel he is, give me all the sweet and encouraging and soothing 5sos moments as audios, man i just really would love to listen to that before i fall asleep