give me a studio version

one direction is gonna go on break and they still havent put out a christmas album. 5 years and no christmas album. when they come back they better get their asses in that studio and give me 20 versions of louis singing santa baby

  • Ed: starts Give Me Love
  • Girl: *screams*
  • Ed: can you imagine if the studio album version sounded like that? Featuring a girl howling in the background?
  • Ed: *restarts Give Me Love with periodic squawking*

Requested: by a terrific Anon :)

Request: Hi there!! I love your imagines a lot, can you maybe write one for michael where you get in a fight with him, so you drive away in your car to think and he’s extremely worried? Lot’s of fluff? It’s okay if you don’t want to, thanks anyway!

I actually really liked writing this. I like angst and fluff so here we go! Thank you for the request. ❤❤

Fight after fight. Screaming match after screaming match. Tear soaked pillows and silence. When did this become your relationship? When did the boy you love become your biggest enemy? Was it after he got back from the tour? Before he left? Was it you? Him? It was countless hours of rage and words that were drenched with a poisonous venom that came from the darkest parts of both of you. But it was his last words, the ones he knew would strike you the deepest, the ones he knew would break your heart. That might be the worst part of being in love. That one person who knows everything about you, is also the one who has the most power over you, the power to crush you in the palm of their hand and hang you out to dry.

Running away? Leaving in the middle of a fight just because you can’t handle it? Wow, no wonder your last boyfriend left. He was done with you being the one to get to leave all the time.”

Sure, you had been trying to leave the room but only so the words you two were screaming at each other would stop. But that, those words, had you pausing in the middle of the room as you pivoted on the heels of your feet to face him. His face had dropped, he knew he went too far and he was not proud of it.

Babe,” He breathed but you held up a hand as angry tears filled your eyes.

Don’t talk to me right now or I’ll say something I don’t mean.” Your voice sounded distant even to you and you didn’t miss the way he winced at the emotionless tone. You turned, continuing your previous action of getting out of this house filled with painful words and awkward tension. Your hand had just turned the door handle when a hand slammed onto the wood causing it to stay shut. You kept your eyes adverted from him.

Michael, move your hand.” You hissed but he gave you a measured look as he took in your mental state.

I’m not letting you drive when you’re angry.

You’re not-,” You scoffed, “you’re not letting me? I’m not angry anyway. I’m hurt, there’s a difference so move or I am going to get angry.

I don’t think that’s a good ide-.

MICHAEL.” He jumped at the tone of your voice, followed by a shiver as it dropped to a quiet whisper. “Move.

It had been three hours and you had just gone to the park not even five minutes away from the house but he had called you more than 100 times and you had at least twice as many texts from him and the other boys. You wound up shutting off your phone, tossing it in the passenger seat before climbing out of your car and making your way to the swings and taking purchase on one of the seats.

You spent the entire time swinging, letting the cool air and the rush of feeling like flying calm you down. You practically jumped out of your skin when you heard the swing beside you creak. You barely cracked open your eyes but you would recognize that hair anywhere.

“What do you want Michael?”

“I want you to come home with me.”

“Why? I’m just going to leave again aren’t I?”  You wanted to sound angry, you wanted to sound bitter but your voice betrayed your hurt and when you looked over at him, you knew he saw it in your eyes as well.

“You know I didn’t mean that. I just feel like every single time we get in a fight you leave and I wanted you to get angry. I wanted you to get so mad at me that you had to stay if only just to yell at me. It makes me feel like you don’t care if we work it out of not.” He admitted quietly, shuffling his feet along the dirt beneath him. You slowed your swing down until you were simply sitting there staring at him.

“I leave so we won’t fight.”

“What?” He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at your words.

“I don’t like screaming at you all the time Michael but it seems like all you want to do is fight with me. I don’t want to say something that we may not be able to come back from.” He frowned at your confession and when he held out his hands to you, you went willingly into his arms. You sat sideways in his lap as he pushed the swing gently in a rocking motion that had you feeling relaxed.

“Why didn’t you say that? I am used to having to yell to be heard. I felt like you weren’t listening, but you just didn’t want to argue with me.”

“Why would I want to argue with you? I love you Mike. I want to spend time learning more things about you and falling in love with you over and over again, not fighting about stupid things that we can’t remember the next day.” You pushed your cold nose against his neck and you felt him swallow the lump of emotion building in his throat as tears brimmed his eyes. “You don’t have to yell at me to get me to see you’re hurting. I see it Michael, even if you don’t want me to. Don’t take it out on me, come and talk to me. I’ll listen. I won’t push you away for having feelings. I won’t push you away for being sad or mad, I want to know. We’re in a relationship. We shouldn’t have to hide things from each other.” He pulled you in impossibly tighter as he pressed multiple kisses to the top of your head and along your cheeks as you let out giggles as his slight stubble rubbed against your jaw.

“I love you. More than I’ve ever loved anyone, you know that right?” He smiled into your skin as a smirk formed on your lips.

“More than Calum?” You laughed as he gave you a less than amused look.

“I don’t love Calum.”

“I thought we just talked about sharing our feelings.”

“I take it back. I don’t love you anymore.” You laughed as he held you tighter as he began to swing higher and still manage to kiss your face.

“Don’t let me fall!” You let out a shriek as you felt yourself shift on his lap.

“I’ll always catch you.” He promised, lips meeting as you both smiled into it. And he kept his promise as you both slipped and he somehow managed to twist your bodies so you landed on top of him instead of under him. He let out a loud oomph as you both stared at each other in shock before erupting in loud laughter that filled the quiet night around you.

“How did you even manage to spin us like that?” He grinned up at you.

“Tonight I’m a superhero.”

“Not until you give me a studio version of that song you’re not.”

I may be a little salty that we don’t have a studio version of Superhero still… so. I hope you liked it! Love you guys! :)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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Give Me Love (Studio Edit) | Demi Lovato

I know that I don’t normally post from soundcloud, but with this one I had to. Another amazing edit from radio-ddlovato. Check it out & support! 

(ps- e-mail me & I can send you the mp3. not sure if mediafire will let me put it up there, so i’ll just send it instead. tbh, it was the best decision i made to download it.)  

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