give me a reason to hate you

                  Vikings; The Great Army sentence meme!

❛ That is my knife ❜
❛ You are crazy! ❜
❛ Father gave me this knife! ❜
❛ I will kill ___  with it. I will kill ___ with ___ knife ❜
❛ That’s enough! ❜
❛ Give it to me!  ❜
❛ We have important decisions to make ❜
❛ As usual you must tell us how to behave! ❜
❛ I wish ____  was here ❜
❛ Hopefully he will be home soon ❜
❛ I’m listening.  Say something .. interesting
❛ That is the message that he wanted me to bring to you ❜
❛ There he is .. the voice of reason. I hate reason ❜
❛ How do we overcome that when we have never attempted anything like that before? ❜
❛ We raise a great army. An army bigger than ever before ❜
❛ In the name of our dead father. In the name of ____  the greatest hero of our country. And in the name of ____ . We declare war on the whole world ❜
❛ When we return,  ___ and I, and our brothers. We will have to avenge our father’s death ❜
❛ You will not be welcomed for what you did to all of us, and I would have to kill you ❜
❛ Will you come with us? ❜
❛ I also have a reason to stay here ❜
❛ I know what your father would have wanted me to do ❜
❛ I do not trust him ❜
❛ You should look to improve your own security ❜
❛ If the Gods don’t protect me, then who can? ❜
❛ It’s good that we have met, ___, we need ambitious men ❜
❛ I still have a bone to pick with you ❜
❛ Why were you silent when I demanded justice from ___ ❜
❛ We have different memories of Mother ❜
❛ He/She had eyes only for you, and for ___. To me she/he was cold and distant ❜
❛ So you feel sorry for yourself? Poor, little ___ ❜
❛ I’m telling you the truth. I have a very good reason not to feel so angry with ___ ❜
❛ What kind of a son are you? ❜
❛ What does it matter what your ___ did to you? He/She was still your ___ ❜
❛ Are you just really sad she can’t breastfeed you anymore? ❜
❛ Whoever would have thought that you two are brothers? ❜
❛ I promise you, we are already well prepared for any incursions into our kingdom ❜
❛ I am not sure you realize the scale of their possible retribution ❜
❛ We are fully prepared ❜
❛ I have no wish or need to be allied to such a degenerate monarch ❜
❛ As for you, ___ , you may enjoy the aridities of heaven without my discomforting presence, and that of every woman whose only crime was a desire to be free ❜
❛ I know what I have to do ❜
❛ Us?  You are no longer a part of us, ___. ❜
❛ What is ‘us’ ___  is changing. Only you won’t accept it ❜
❛ Too much bad blood, ___ ❜
❛ Once a betrayer, always a betrayer ❜
❛ You came back to us. Thank God. Truly, thank God ❜
❛ You will have to be free in order to marry one of us ❜
❛ I can see that you are bored already ❜
❛ One day, you may be King. I hope so with all my heart ❜
❛ You need to drink more wine ❜
❛ Now, you keep saying you understand. But you obviously don’t ❜
❛ Don’t ever let yourself be influenced by other people. Specially people like me. Always have your own thoughts and act on them ❜

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sneak peek

Hey you guys! Since it’s taking me annoyingly long to finish any of my current works, I decided to give you a sneak peek on the class reunion AU I’m writing thanks to @bailci​. Kind of like to give myself a reason to get my shit together and finish this thing god damn it.

Original prompt from @solangeloprompts:

Class Reunion AU. Everyone from their batch knew how much Will Solace and Nico di Angelo hated each other back during high school.

So, when their reunion took place fifteen years later, none of their batchmates ever expected for the two to get along so well with each other much less find out that they’re actually…engaged?

Just what had happened during those fifteen years?

Read my sneak peek under the cut! :)

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I’m so grateful to have met you!! 

Serika: Speaking of, during Oceans 11 we always hung out together.  I was constantly acting like an old man.
Nozomi: (laughs)
Serika: I would be running across the stage (7) stuttering “But I…I…I…!” Hated it (lol).
Nozomi:  That did happen…But Mayu-san (Ranju Tomu) also seemed like a shy person and, for some reason, I became the go-between.
Serika: That’s right.  It was during the Shinjinkouen days.
Nozomi: During the main performance, you and Mayu-san did have a chat without me knowing and had me continue playing the go-between.  Mayu-san didn’t give any sign that anything was different and you didn’t say much either.
Serika: Yes.  She’s just so amazing, I didn’t have the courage to talk to her…But that’s why, when I found out about your troupe transfer during Elisabeth, I was so scared.  I was never good at making friends…
Nozomi: (haha) So that’s why you suddenly got tense. I didn’t know what to do.
Serika: (hahaha)  I don’t know where I would be if we had never met so I’m truly glad we did.  It’s so lonely with you gone…
Nozomi: Really?  I thought you forgot about me (lol).
Serika: Never~  If we bumped into each other in the hallway I would be in high spirits.
Nozomi: Yup, me too.  So what you’re trying to say is since that one person who always cared for you is gone…
Serika: Eh!?  Please continue to care for me~ Jeez.
Nozomi: I will.  Now that that’s all said out loud, what you meant [earlier] was…
Serika: Enough about that!  I was only complaining that I was lonely.  Quote, “lonely.” (after urging from Nozomi-san) Yeees…?
Nozomi: Hahaha!  I didn’t say anything!
Serika: Oh really!! (haha)

*舞台のホリゾンタルの裏 is Japanese stage terminology, anyone?

Okay since tumblr is extremely america-centric we’re only hearing about trump but this post is there for me to freak out about Dutch Trump: 

^^ that guy. Geert Wilders. Far right asshole first class.

The elections are in march 2017 and he is biggest in the polls. Which makes me extremely scared. A few reasons:

  • He wants to go out of the EU, and get rid of the euro (plain bad idea)
  • Extremely islamophobic
  • Wants to ban certain newspapers. Banning ideas: Horrible Sign #1
  • ‘’Do you want more or less morrocans?’’ [crowd chants ‘’less, less, less-’’] (he is being prosecuted for hate speech now, mostly for this and his comments about islam: ‘’cleansing’’ the N of muslims, banning the Koran etc.)
  • Was literally not let into australia to give his speech. Thats how bad he is.
  • Anti-refugee

Can other Dutch people add to this list?

I love that moment where person A and B are about to do something really dangerous and B is all “Remind me again why we’re doing this… and why did I agree to it??”

And A gives a little list of reasons that start with rather inconsequential things like “You like how I flip the pancakes” or “I still haven’t returned the books to the library and if I do this alone I’ll probably die and you’ll have to do it and you hate dealing with the library”

And B is like point… and then A, almost as an afterthought, adds “also you love me and you were the one who insisted on coming with, you ass”

what continues to amaze me about trump supporters is if you ask them to explain why they voted for trump they cant give an answer besides I hated Hillary more. 

And then they cant even explain why they hate Hillary. I asked a kid in my class today who voted for trump (a white middle class college boy) why he didn’t like Hillary and I told him to do it without saying the word email or the word women.

He couldn’t do it. He literally had no reason as to why he voted for Trump besides “he’ll be a better president” and “clinton is a liar”


Not a single trump supporter i’ve ever talked to can explain to me why they voted for trump. Not one. They talk themselves through circles because even they know they don’t have a reason. 

We judged a woman on the merits of her husband and held her to a higher standard then her opponent. The same opponent who trashed every known minority and whose approval rating still went up.Because of this a racist cheeto is now going to be our president. 

We must remain strong and we must remain together. We are alive and we will survive. Maybe it wont be as bad as we expect. We must have hope for a better future because without hope we will fall apart. 

I just had a long discussion with my parents about how basically and given Discworld book would be a better thing to read in school than Lord of The Flies.

Reason number one: all of the same lessons are taught.

In LoTF, the reader is supposed to learn about mob mentality, oppression, and general prejudice, yes? Thud! is a good example of all of this. You’ve got two different groups of people fighting because Reasons, and the main character coming to terms with his own subconscious racism. What a damn good thing to teach high schoolers!

Reason number two: none of them are nearly so depressing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can not think of a single Terry Pratchett book that ends on a bad note. Not one. LoTF was painful for me to read, because all of the characters were making horrible, murderous decisions because… plot??? Boys will be boys?? The base instincts of humanity?? I am the author and everyone else sucks??? 

Reason number three: they are fun to read!

This kind of goes along with the last one, but the fact that Pratchett combines relatable characters and a good sense of humor with real world scenarios (going back to Thud! with the internalized racism) makes the books a joy to read! I have, out of the six books I’ve had to read for school, been indifferent or even hated four of them. I didn’t want to read any of them! I read two books a week for three frippin years! And I didn’t want to read the books they chose! I, just. 

In conclusion: LoTF sucks, Thud! would be a much better choice.

As an educator, I hate the bell curve system, but I really hate teachers who say, “You won’t get an A in my class.” It’s not just because it causes students to begin the semester with a feeling that they will fail the course: it’s because it is the teacher admitting to their own failure to teach. 

We are literally paid to teach a full curriculum. “I don’t give out A’s” to me translates to “I cannot 100% do my job.” There is no reason a good teacher can’t give you an 80-100% understanding of what is in the course. It’s our job to make sure you understand as much as we can. 

A class average of 50 is isn’t a statement of how hard the material is. It’s a statement that the teacher cannot complete 50% of their job.

kyloholic’s masterlist

I thought it would be easier to make my masterlist a post as well, aside from being it a page attached to my blog in case there’s ever an issue to access it! Enjoy :)






Among the many, many reasons I like the idea of Lyra Erso as a rejected Jedi-hopeful relegated to the Jedi Engineering Corps is because it gives her a reason to know Saw Gerrera before the rise of the Empire.

Also, I just like imagining graduate student Lyra being assigned to answer all the inquiry transmissions received by the Corps. Most of them are boring—scientists across the galaxy double-checking their facts, senators or contractors requesting results of geological surveys, the occasional oddball request for treasure maps, or a list of which mineraloids are poisonous if ingested.

But one day, she gets an inquiry from a man on Onderon. And though he’s circumspect about it, it’s very clear to her that he’s talking about making chemical weapons. (The war against the Separatists has been raging for some time now. She’s only surprised it’s taken someone this long to ask.)

She opens a new transmission, and keys out:

Dear Master Gerrera,

Thank you for your inquiry to the Jedi Agricultural Corps, Engineering Division. The official uses of the cyanogen silicate compound known as “Sith’s breath” are limited to the construction of Celegian life support chambers, due to the compound’s extreme toxicity to most carbon-based sentient life. Additionally, the components are difficult to procure, and their synthesization without proper licensure under Galactic Republican Statute 1184.2-4 Aleph constitutes fraudulent business practices and illegal production of a controlled chemical compound.

The Jedi Order must warn you that should you pursue this course of action, it will have no choice but to enforce the law to the fullest extent of its authority.

On an unrelated note, baradium bisulfate is an accessible liquid compound, used frequently in mining. Unlike cyanogen silicate, it does not sublimate at 20°C, but it is highly unstable and a very small amount can do a surprising amount of damage. Several years ago, a careless engineering trainee did not calibrate a suspension field carefully, and leveled a small mountain.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

May the Force be with you,
Lyra Inair, Geological Engineer, Jedi AgriCorps 

She expects that to be the last of it, and so she’s extremely surprised when he replies directly. Less surprised when she realizes he’s asking how one goes about constructing a suspension field. Possibly one that would destabilize with some sort of trigger or timer or maybe on impact…?

And they keep—writing one another. Even after she’s moved off the transmissions desk, to actual geological work. Rocks and weapon mechanics turn to small talk, turn to little details of their lives, turn to the Force and the Republic. He talks about his sister, about the warfront; she complains about the internal politics of the Corps and Galen (though he’s not Galen, yet, he’s just the handsome Republican engineer with cheekbones like sheered silicate). They argue theology, and justice, and violence. She cries for him, when his sister dies. They—are friends. 

Saw is the only one she tells, when she decides to turn her back on the Order. She is in love and Galen has friends in Coruscant, a prestigious job with an engineering guild—

Please do not stop writing me, she begs.

I will be here, Saw writes, if you ever need me.

it’s like you want me to hate you,” she screams at him. “or maybe you just want me pissed. so what is it, what do you want from me? do you want me to leave? do you want me to hate you? what do you want from me because i’m trying so hard and all you keep doing is pushing me away and giving me reasons to not push back!

You can literally list one thousand things to hate about the revival but honestly; complaining about how Luke and Lorelai had communication troubles misses the entire point of that arc. “In 9 years they would have figured it out!!!” Bullshit, in 9 years they would have had up and down moments and Richard’s death would have done exactly what it did: thrown Lorelai into a fearful retreat because she hates being vulnerable and she realizes that she absolutely needs Luke in her life and that he could someday not be there. In 9 years they wouldn’t have magically figured everything out. The magic of the revival is that instead of letting her fear spook her, Lorelai addressed it head on and came out the other side.

In 20 years of marriage they’ll still have communication problems. 9 years of being in a committed relationship made them comfortable, it didn’t cure them of their bad habits.

My Opinion on Pokémon Sun/Moon characters

Protagonist: that’s me but it’s also not me
Professor Kukui: Shirtless dude
Lillie: Precious Cinnamon Roll #1
Hau: Precious Cinnamon Roll #2
Ilima: Fabulousness
Lana: Precious
Mallow: Yes just yes
Kiawe: He’s too serious but I don’t hate him
Sophocles: He doesn’t really care that much
Acerola: Cutest thing ever
Kahuna Hala: Hau’s grandpa
Kahuna Olivia: moar fabulousness
Kahuna Nanu: He needs help
Kahuna Hapu: cute yet serious, I liek it
Gladion: Sinnamon Roll
Plumeria: she needs to change her name
Guzma: hE nEEds To StoP
Lusamine: she exists for one reason and it’s to be hated by me
Wicke: thank you, you are nice
Masked Royal: *see Professor Kukui*
Red: honeymoon w/ blue
Blue: honeymoon w/ red
Mohn: who’s that
Professor Burnet: I like her she’s shirtless guy’s wife
Wally: *yells* DAD CAN I KEEP HIM?!
Cynthia: badass
Molayne: he gives the hints that shirtless guy is the other shirtless guy even tho we kinda already know
Dexio: he was in X & Y w/ john sina he barely even talks


Team Skull Grunts: “…”


“You never visited me in the Silent City. The others all came. Tessa and Jem, Henry and Charlotte. But not you. You are not forgiving, Will.”

“No.” He said it because it was true, and because part of the reason he had never liked Jessamine was that in some ways she reminded him of himself. “Jem is the forgiving one.”

And yet I always liked you better.” Her eyes darted over his face thoughtfully. “Oh, no, not like that. Don’t think it. But the way you hated yourself … I understood that. Jem always wanted to give me a chance, as Charlotte did. But I do not want the gifts of generous hearts. I want to be seen as I am. And because you do not pity me, I know if I ask you to do something, you will do it.”


Fairy Tail Chapter 514 Reaction 

I feel like the only reason why Natsu subconsciously learned all this history was because Zeref tried to bond with tiny Natsu by doing something Zeref loved, learning. Unfortunately Natsu only half listened to his brother’s lectures.

Also I guess Irene was a Virtue Dragon Slayer before she lost it for no reason (Someone give her some lotion, her skin is cracking).

Me: I hate Irene

Me to Me: But you love drawing people transforming into a supernatural element, not to mention you live to draw protags with their parents.

I hate the selfishness, the attention seeking, I hate it all. I know the reasons I get mad are stupid and egotistical, and that’s why when you ask me “what’s wrong?” I can’t get myself to give you the real answer and you can only hear a muttered lie, “nothing”, shame becomes what I feel everytime the thought of telling you crosses my mind, just another reason to stay away from you.
—  If you just knew
  • me: [gives myself insulin]
  • someone: eeew, can you not do that? i hate needles!
  • me: do you actually believe it is reasonable for you to request that i put my own health in danger so you can be spared from a couple seconds of discomfort
  • someone: ...
  • me: my pancreas did not die for this bullshit
I think the worst thing about it was, he didn’t give me a reason to hate him. He just told me he wasn’t in love anymore. Never mean and no malicious words. Just honest sincerity. In some ways I feel like that’s the worst. At least if he did something bad I could be mad and have a reason. But with this, I had no reason at all. And to me, it was the worst of all because you spend all you’re time agonizing over what the hell happened.
—  Chapters from my life

Better Man just proves that people really do just hate on Taylor’s music bc it’s Taylor’s name on the performer credits. If her name isn’t slapped on that front spot, lyrically and musically, people seem to like her style. And that makes me really sad that just bc something is sung by Taylor, so many people automatically jump to hate it without giving the actual music a chance. I understand not liking her voice but you and I know that’s not the reason people dismiss Taylor’s artistry.