give me a piggyback ride

  • Roadhog: ...
  • Efi: (stares)
  • Roadhog: ...
  • Efi: (stares harder)
  • Roadhog: ...You need somethin' kid?
  • Efi: You're tall.
  • Roadhog: Wow, thanks for the revelation.
  • Both: ...
  • Efi: Can you give me a piggyback ride?
  • Roadhog: ...
  • Efi: (gives a soul crushing look of impossible denial)
  • Roadhog: ...Ugh, just hold on tight.
  • Efi: Yay! Piggyback ride!
  • Junkrat: Yay! Piggyback ride!
  • Roadhog: Jamison, go fuck yourself.
  • Efi: What's a "fuck"?
  • Both: ...
  • Junkrat: ...It's a type of candy.
  • Efi: Is it good? I wanna fuck!
  • Mercy: What on God's green earth did she just say!?
  • Roadhog: ...I wanna duck.
  • Junkrat: Nice save, mate.

Breaking News: Local Troubled Teen™ Sprains His Ankle, Then Is Carried By Fellow Troubled Teen™ And They Both Hate It

99 Problems (2/?)

         Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts

                                                   Chapter 2

Johnny doesn’t ask any questions, just holds you hand as the elevator descends. As soon as you’re both out in the cool New York air, your demeanor shifts from gloomy to devious. You turn, sending Johnny a smirk.

“Let’s get this party started, Sparky!“ You excitedly say as you approach is motorcycle. He chuckles, following you and hands you a helmet. You slip it over your head and speed off.

  Johnny takes you to the bar you both usually go to when you have a night out, Night Owl. You always laugh at the lame name but the bar is always fun with him. As you head in, you notice it’s more busy than usual. You eye the bodies on the dance floor, watching the way they move together so sexually. Jesus, do they know they are in public? Johnny pulls you towards the bar, starting your night off with five shots of Tequila.

   Drinks keep showing up in front of you, either from guys sending them over or Johnny being a little shit and telling the bartender to keep them coming. Damn it, Storm. Before you know it, you completely bypass the tipsy stage and land right in the drunk zone. The bar keeps filling with people, pushing you closer to Johnny. He slides his arm around your waist keeping you anchored at his side so he doesn’t lose you in the crowd. As you both down another shot, the song switches to something familiar. You can’t remember the name but the beat grabs your attention. You turn to Johnny, trailing your hand over his chest. He raises his eyebrow at you but doesn’t stop your antics.

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“What do you say Storm, you up for a dance?” He laughs, grabbing your hand and guiding you through the crowd to the center of the dance floor. He pulls your body against his, leaving no space. You gasp as your chest pushes against his as his hands grip your waist. You both begin moving to the music, your bodies moving in sync with each other. You whirl your body around, pressing your back to his chest. You think you hear a moan from him but you ignore it, starting to grind your ass against him to the music. His grip tightens on your hips and he moves his mouth to your ear, sending chills down your spine when he grazes it.

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“I didn’t know you liked dancing, babe,” he says into your ear. You lean your head back against his shoulder and place your hand over one of his at your waist, pushing you against him harder. You can feel his clearly hard dick pressing into your ass and this time the moan comes from you. You dance against him for a few songs until you’re both over heated.

He leads you back to the bar and orders the both of you waters as you check your phone, not believing how late it is.

“Johnny, it’s 2am already!” you tell him as he hands you your water. He sends you a smirk then downs his water.

“You ready to get out of here, princess?” You roll your eyes at the pet name.

“Yeah, let’s go.” You head out, but when the cold air hits you both you realize how drunk you are. There’s no way Johnny can drive a motorcycle now.

“Alright, let’s find a cab,” you sigh, but he grabs your hand stopping you.

“Orrrrrrrr we can walk back my place and just stay there tonight.” He points his thumb over his shoulder and you can see the Baxter building (Home of the Fantastic 4) within walking distance.

“Fine, but you’re giving me a piggyback ride, human douche.” Your tone is nothing but playful. Johnny crouches down and you jump onto his back. He starts walking towards his building as you rest your head against his.

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“You know, when we get home you can have a different kind of ride.” You giggle then flick his ear.

“Behave yourself, Storm. Or I’m going to stay with Ben, ” you threaten. Johnny scoffs and mumbles to himself. His and Ben’s relationship is a bit rocky. No pun intended. He teases Ben about being ‘The Thing’ and his orange, stoney appearance constantly. Their friendship consists of pranks, arguments, and sometimes loving moments. You get along with the entire team: Ben, Sue Storm-Richards, and Reed Richards. They’re just like a slightly altered version of your Avenger family.

When you guys finally get up to his floor, he sets you down. You both go straight to his room, exhaustion from the night setting in. He goes in his draws, flinging a pair of flannel pants and a black t-shirt at you. He grabs clothes for himself and stays facing away from you to change. You blush when he takes off his shirt, quickly turning to give him the same privacy he gave you. You begin changing, pulling his shirt over your head, and as you go to step into the pants you hear a long whistle come from behind you. You snap your head up, catching Johnny’s eyes trailing over you panty-clad ass.

“So that’s what was pressing against me… can’t say I imagined anything less perfect.” You blush and pull up the pants and flick him off. You both fall into his bed, moaning as your bodies hit the mattress. He shuts his lights off and turns his body away from you. As you’re about to fall asleep, his voice startles you.

“Aren’t you going to be the big spoon?” You laugh but move you body to his. You wrap your arms around his waist, curving your body flush against his.

“Goodnight, princess,” you whisper. He begins to reply but you nuzzle your face into his back and pass out.

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  When you both wake up the next morning, you go to the bar to retrieve his bike and he takes you back to the tower. You leave him with a kiss on the cheek before walking towards the doors. You hear footsteps nearing you and familiar voices appear with them. They would be getting back at the same damn time. What did I do to deserve this? Bucky, Steve and Sam join you while you’re waiting for the elevator. You look to all of them, taking in their sweaty, hot as hell appearance. Damn it Y/n, stop it. You’re mad at him, stop ogling his sweaty, beautiful body. You shake out of your mind when the elevator dings and you all file in. You stay towards the front as they stand behind you.

“Walk of Shame, Y/n?” Sam playfully asks as he pokes your side.

“Don’t be jealous Sammy, I still have enough attention for you babe.” You send him a wink, causing him to blush. Bucky smiles, watching the interaction, but Steve just glares at your clothes.

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“Besides, can’t be a walk of shame if nothing scandalous happened, Wilson.” The elevator dings on your floor and you walk out of the elevator and straight to your room. You flop into your bed, thoughts of Steve swirling around. A knock on your door saves you from your own mind.

“It’s open,” you say, leaning up on your elbows. Wanda enters, still in her pajamas.

"Did you just get home?” she asks as she lays next to you.

“Yeah, I ended up crashing at Johnny’s last night. It was closer the bar we went to.”

“So that man, Johnny Storm, is he your boyfriend?” she questions hesitantly. You snort at her assumption.

“No, he’s just a friend. I was going to introduce you but I just - I needed to get out of here last night…“

"I understand, but aren’t you going to at least talk to Steve. Y/n, he-”

“Kissed another woman after telling me he loves me. I don’t care what he has to say Wanda, he actions say everything.” You both go silent, neither of you know what to say now.

“You up for breakfast?” she breaks the silence.

“Hell yeah! I’m going to change real quick then let’s go make some waffles!” You leap out of your bed and switch Johnny’s pajamas for your own. You tug on your pajama shorts and your usual sleep shirt. It was a navy blue Brooklyn shirt Steve gave to you a while ago. You sigh, grabbing Wanda’s hand and dragging her to the kitchen. You both shuffle around, grabbing all the ingredients for waffles. You have FRIDAY play music and you both start dancing as you cook. You end up with four giant plates stacked with waffles.

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“FRIDAY, alert the team there is waffle please.” The AI does as you ask and soon the kitchen is buzzing with conversation between the team. You all sit around the table eating and laughing. You hear the elevator door ding.

“Honey, I’m home!” Johnny? You abandon your waffles and meet him halfway.

“What are you doing here?”

“Maybe I missed you.” You fake gag at him. He laughs then pulls your phone from his pocket and hands it to you.

“Figured this wouldn’t be any good to you from my apartment.” How did I forget my phone? You wrap your arms around his shoulders in a tight hug.

“You’re a lifesaver, Johnny. I don’t care what your sister says about you,” you joke. He rolls his eyes, but before he can make a retort you ask if he wants to join you for breakfast.

“No, my sister needs me to try out a theory Reed has about my powers. I just didn’t want you to be phoneless.”

  “Don’t set anyone on fire this time, alright?” you warn, remembering the last time he was testing his flames with Reed. Before you sit down, a hand swats your ass. And not just any hand, a burning hand.

 “Ow! Damn it, Johnny! That the third pair of shorts!” You fan the smoke from his handprint seared into your shorts. Johnny is already running out of the kitchen but you chuck a waffle at his head, successfully (but barely) hitting the back of his head.

“Bye guys!” he yells from the elevator. You roll your eyes and sit back down. When you look up, all eyes are on you. Questioning looks and smirks are all you see.

“You and Hot Head, huh?” Clint asks as he stuffs a waffle In his mouth.

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“It’s not like that. Johnny just - he’s a good friend. What was I supposed to do? You all left. I’m way too needy and Tony wasn’t giving me enough attention.” you shrug, receiving laughs from them. Steve looks slightly relieved, making you angry. What right does he have? Shouldn’t he be screwing Sharon by now? Wanda shoots you a glare as she hears your thoughts. You send her a ‘whoops’ face. You volunteer to do dishes, so as everyone leaves you begin gathering the plates.

“Let me help.” Captain Manners always trying to help a damsel. You roll your eyes at the offer.

“I’m a big girl, I think I can handle doing the dishes alone, Steve.”

“I’m not saying you can’t, I’m saying you don’t have to.” You sigh, dropping the plates angrily into the sink.

“Steve, just stop. Stop doing whatever you’re trying to do.” You lean yourself against the counter across from him.

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He pinches the bridge of his nose. “Just let me explain Y/n, it’s not-”

“You don’t need to. I wasn’t your girlfriend, you can kiss whoever you want Rogers. I’m not your fucking keeper,” you spit out. He moves forward, caging you between his arms and the counter. Your eyes go wide as you look to his.

"How are you so fucking hard headed!?”

“It’s a gift, really.” you sass back. You see a mischievous look flash in his eyes. Oh boy, what is he up to?

  “Fine, you said I could kiss whoever I want?” You raise your eyebrow at him, not understanding what his angle is. His hand moves to cradle your cheek, pulling your face closer to his. For a second, you let the feeling of missing him get the best of you but then you snap out of it. As his lips are about to touch yours, you place both hands on his chest and push him back.

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“Are you fucking kidding me?” His mouth opens but you aren’t about to listen to his shit.

 "You really are something else, Steve Rogers. You think after telling me you love me and kissing someone else, you can just waltz back in here, kiss me and everything will be alright?“ you yell. You didn’t notice Bucky and Sam re-enter the kitchen.


“No! Fuck you, Steve. You were my best friend. I was content with being just that. You’re the one that told me you love me, you’re the one that kissed me, you’re the one that chose to kiss Sharon Fucking Carter. Not only did you just lose my respect, but you lost our friendship.” You storm past Bucky and Sam.

“I hope she was worth it!” you yell over your shoulder.

  You stay in your room for most of the afternoon, the mornings events on repeat in your head. You called Johnny right after leaving Steve in the kitchen and told him what happened. He offered to set Steve’s motorcycle on fire, but you declined (even though you both knew you wanted to say yes). Now you’re just staring at your ceiling, debating what to do with the rest of the day. FRIDAY’s voice appears, making you squeal from the shock.

“Agent Y/n, your presence is being requested in the communal kitchen in five minutes for a team meeting.” A meeting in the kitchen? What’s the point in having a conference/meeting room, Stark? Whatever.

“FRIDAY, what is the meeting concerning?” “I’m not at liberty to say but Secretary Ross will be attending.” Ross. Oh this is going to be a blast.

  Since the events resulting from the Accords, you’ve been itching to get your hands on Ross. The man chased after an innocent man, imprisoned your friends, and while containing them he mistreated them, mainly Wanda. Anger swims through your body at the thought of Wanda being restrained and, from what you hear, muzzled for awhile. You get up, changing out of your pajamas into your usual ripped jeans and a tee. You grab one of your throwing knives from your drawer and hide it in your back pocket. Never know what can happen.

  You leave your room and head to the kitchen ready to rip Ross apart. You enter the kitchen, keeping your face emotionless, and see the rest of the team is already present. Everyone seems tense which is understandable.

“Alright, now that everyone’s here, let’s get started!” Tony says, clapping his hands together. Ross steps forward now, a stern look on his features

. “You’re probably wondering why I wanted to meet in the kitchen. I wanted a less… stressful mood and the conference room didn’t seem to give that.” You roll your eyes but continue listening. “I’m here to discuss the return of the team. Since you’re in the states now you have rules to follow.” He pulls out a few papers and places his glasses on.

“Rule number one: Barnes is not to attend missions alone. We cannot risk him compromising a mission if something triggers his…other personality.” He is really going to single Bucky out? This sounds like a different form of Accords. You release a dry laugh, pulling his eyes to yours. As you go to open your mouth, it seems Steve beats you to it.

“Even after everything, after proving Bucky is innocent, you have the nerve to make rules against him?” You can tell by his tone and the way his hands are fisted at his side that he’s barely containing his anger. And the show begins. Get him, Rogers.

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  “He’s a risk, Rogers. Anything could set him off. You’re biased when it comes to this, don’t you think?” Ross argues, pulling another laugh from you.

 "Is something funny, Agent?“ You smile.

"You think Steve is bias then what about me? I don’t even know him.” You look to Bucky, then continue, “You have to nerve to single out Barnes after he was wrongly accused in the first place? His mind was cleared of the trigger words, so what’s the problem? He is a war hero and a victim. We should be helping him, not singling him out and excluding him. That rule is such bull sh-”

“Y/n-” Steves captain voice sends chills through you. Fuck, I love when he uses that voice. Damn it, focus. How is he managing to stay level headed? I don’t even fucking know Barnes and I’m about to explode for him. You send Steve a look silently telling him now isn’t the time to hold back.

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He appears to get your message, his posture gets even straighter as he confronts Ross. “She’s right, you’re making it sound like the tiniest thing is going to set him off. The doctors worked incredibly hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. The chances of him slipping are barely higher than any of ours. So why don’t you take these rules and rethink them before you step into our home and demand such offensive things, Secretary,” Steve says, holding Ross’s attention. 

  You move, standing next to Steve, arms crossed over your chest. Even though you are still sticking to what you said earlier about the friendship being gone, you have to stick by him to protect Bucky.

  “You heard the Captain. Pack your papers up, the doors that way.” You point in the direction of the elevators. Ross seems to snap.

 "Control your girlfriend, Rogers, before she gets herself into trouble.” He turns to glare at you. “Do I need to remind you that you didn’t sign the Accords either, Y/n? You should have been thrown in jail with the rest of them.“ That’s it, gloves are off. You slam your hands against the table,

 "What are you going to do Ross, put me in restraints and muzzle me like you did to Wanda? Or let your guards throw me around like they did to Sam? These rules are shit. Who are you make these? I don’t see you out there risking your ass to save the world, so why don’t you take your rules and shove them up your ass."  You turn to leave but Ross starts up again.

"They broke the law, they deserved to be there. Being heroes doesn’t exclude you from following laws. Restraining Miss Maximoff was a necessary precaution, she is a danger-” You whip yourself around, throwing your knife and embedding it the wall next to Ross’s head. Everyone’s eyes are wide. Steve is behind you within seconds, his arm around your waist pulling you back. You glance over your team, taking in the tears in Wanda’s eyes and what you think to be a look of gratefulness on Bucky’s face.

 “Calm down, don’t give him the satisfaction, Doll.”  Steve says, is lips close to your ear. You feel his grip tightening like he knows you’re going to lunge. You know the action wasn’t meant to be so intimate, it was suppose to stop you killing Ross; but Steve made it seem a lot more than that. You feel him move closer to your ear again, but you shoulders tense at the action and you push out of his grip. Because that didn’t feel weird. His words calm you, but not enough.

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“I’m not going to warn you again. Take your papers and get out,” you growl. Ross leaves the papers on the table but moves to leave.

“This isn’t over,” he threatens as he passes you. You’re damn right this isn’t over.


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The Party

Daveed Diggs x Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

This is a part of the Small Thing to Two Giants series

Note: Guys, I’ve missed this series so much and I am so happy to be back writing it! I hope you enjoy!

Warning: drinking, swearing

Word Count:1,050

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When the boys mentioned that the Hamilton cast was having a party that night at a bar near the theatre you couldn’t help but groan internally. You’d had a long, exhausting day at work, coupled with a headache that just wouldn’t leave you alone and all you wanted to do at home that night was cuddle up with your two favorite guys and sleep.

At first, you thought about just telling them you’d stay home, but they looked too excited to just let loose and have a good time with their friends and knowing them if you wanted to stay home then they would too.

“I told you she’d look good in that dress,” Daveed says to Oak as you make your way out of the bathroom.

You hadn’t put a lot of effort into your appearance tonight, after throwing on the black dress the boys had bought for you, touching up your make-up, adding some lipstick and pulling your hair up into a messy bun you were ready to go.

“I never said it wouldn’t look good” Oak comments as you slip into a pair of flats, way too tired to deal with heels tonight.

“Yes, it looks great can we go now?” you ask, unable to keep the impatience from your voice.

“What’s wrong babe?” Oak asks, wrapping his arms around you allowing you to rest your head against him.

“Nothing I’m just tired. I’ll okay once we get there” You assure him. He presses a kiss to the top of your head as the three of you head for the front door.

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anonymous asked:

hi! may i request a friends to lovers scenario where you and jeonghan are best friends and he accidentally confesses to you? thank you so much! ♡♡

- you and jeonghan have been best friends since the third grade
- there was this competition in your school that had to be done in pairs and apparently, the winners would get a prize
- prizes are cool so you decided to sign up and you ended up being paired with jeonghan
- it was an obstacle race where you had to be hand-cuffed together because you had to work as a team and not leave your partner behind
- jeonghan was surprisingly really fast, but there was you….. who was clearly not very athletic….
- you started apologizing and crying while running, and seeing you all gross and sweaty made jeonghan laugh because HOW CUTE LOL
- he asked “ok this is really bad, but….. you want to win first place?” and you said “how? there’s no way we can win because of me…..”
- you were the last team so there wasn’t anyone behind you, and jeonghan slowed his pace so that the people in front of you were out of sight
- when they were, he turned to you and said “…..i know a shortcut.”
- and that’s how you met swindler jeonghan and won first place
- the prize ended up being something stupid like a rice cooker….. but you don’t care because HEY YOU GUYS WON LOL
- years later, you’re still best friends and you still don’t know how he can always get away with cheating
- and you still don’t understand how you fell in love with a swindler
- you think it started around high school and it took so much time for you to admit it because you thought that the only love you felt was friendly love
- until seungcheol made you realize it’s so much more than that
- now in uni, the semester’s over and after weeks of studying for your finals…..
- your teacher finally puts up the grades and you’re so happy to see that you aced all your classes!!
- seungcheol and jeonghan decide to treat you to korean bbq to celebrate
- but guess what? jeonghan decided to order soju
- seungcheol says “no. do you even know how annoying you get when you drink??”
- jeonghan replies “hey don’t be such a downer, (name) did well on their finals!! and after weeks of crying and yelling at us….. this is also for me and seungcheol, who had to deal with all that”
- you say “i’m sorry BUT YOU KNOW HOW I GET WHEN I’M STRESSED”
- when the soju gets to the table, you reach out for a shot glass, but seungcheol slaps your hand away
- you scream “ow!! what was that for??” and he says “i have to leave early, so you have to stay sober to get this sloth home”
- jeonghan says “so i’m going to be drinking alone??” and seungcheol says “i’m going to be drinking too, i’ll just get like joshua and jihoon to pick me up LOL”
- you say “then i can do that too!!” but seungcheol says “no you can’t. someone needs to carry him home.”
- you ask “what the heck, why does it have to be me?? what do you have to leave so early for??”
- seungcheol shrugs “i have work tomorrow.” and you say “you’re not going to feel well when you wake up after drinking.”
- but seungcheol just ignores you and toasts with jeonghan as you roll your eyes
- you three start off eating bbq, but when seungcheol and jeonghan start drinking, it’s chaos
- you try to hide your face shamefully as people start looking over at your table
- seungcheol and jeonghan are singing off-tune to a bunch of different songs by popular groups and even went as far as to get up from their seats to dance to pick me from produce 101
- you’re awkwardly there…. caught in the middle…. trying to finish your food
- before seungcheol can order a third bottle of soju, joshua and jihoon walk into the restaurant to pick him up
- jihoon looks at you and scolds “you actually let him drink??” and you say “HEY as if that guy listens to me when he’s sober”
- you ask “can you take jeonghan home too??” and they both look like at each other then back at you and say “uhhh it’s better if you do”
- before you can ask anything, they rush out the door (not without accidentally making seungcheol slam into the door on their way out smh)
- you sit there feeling so betrayed because why does it have to be you who has to take jeonghan home?? he and seungcheol share an apartment??
- you roll your eyes when you hear the clinking of a glass
- when you turn your head, you see jeonghan raising a shot of soju saying “one more!!” but then he faceplants on the table
- jeonghan….. is done for….
- you slap your forehead and you swear you can see some people around you sigh in relief to see that all the noise your table caused has finally died down
- while trying to get jeonghan’s arm around your shoulder, he pulls you closer to him and you find yourself staring into his eyes
- you blush at how close you are to him, so you move your head back and say “jeonghan, get up. we have to go now”
- he says “seungcheol.” and with a straight-face, you say “i’m not seungcheol.”
- jeonghan laughs “yes you are….. we always drink together!!!”
- you roll your eyes and play along, saying “ok fine. what do you want, jeonghan?”
- “carry me.”
- and that’s how you find yourself giving jeonghan a piggyback ride
- your face expresses disbelief as you mutter to yourself “shouldn’t it be the other way around…..” but jeonghan just rests his head against your shoulder while you carry him towards his apartment
- he then says “hey seungcheol….” and you’re like omg do you really still think i’m seungcheol
- but you just answer “yes, jeonghan?”
- he continues “this is a dumb question but…..”
- he’s silent for a while, until the words finally come out of his mouth
- “how do i tell (name) i like them?”
- you stop in your tracks and your mouth falls open when his words finally sink in
- you quietly ask “you…. like (name)?”
- jeonghan says “you already know i do…. i don’t know if i should tell them…..”
- this gets you to think for a while because you like him back, but it’s just….. you don’t know if he’s just messing with you and you don’t want to get hurt
- you stay quiet for the rest of the walk
- you take the keys out of jeonghan’s pocket, and open the door to his and seungcheol’s apartment
- you place him on the couch and drape a blanket over him before leaving, your heart still beating in your chest
- the whole walk home, you just keep replaying his words over and over
- the next morning, jeonghan wakes up to a bit of a headache and he sits upright, holding the sides of his head
- seungcheol walks into the room and greets “good morning. had too many drinks last night?”
- jeonghan says “apparently…. i’m guessing you helped me back here? you know, you could’ve put me in my bed—”
- seungcheol raises an eyebrow and says “i didn’t take you home?”
- jeonghan says “what are you talking about? you did. i think….. you even gave me a piggyback ride? it’s still kind of blurry, but—”
- seungcheol says “joshua and jihoon picked me up early…. (name) probably took you home.”
- jeonghan’s eyes widen as he says “WHO…. TOOK ME HOME?” and when seungcheol repeats himself, everything comes flashing back to him
- jeonghan screams “I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU???” and seungcheol says “WHAT’S WRONG? WHAT DID YOU DO?”
- jeonghan runs a hand through his hair and says “i…. i think i confessed.”
- seungcheol’s mouth falls open and he says “you didn’t.”
- jeonghan nods “i think i did….” and seungcheol says “that’s…. not good because (name) is on their way right now…..”
- you’re standing outside seungcheol and jeonghan’s apartment door, and you gulp before lifting up your hand and knocking on it
- you needed this confession cleared up right away
- the door opens to reveal seungcheol grinning down at you, and he greets you “good morning” before moving aside to let you in
- you walk into the living room to see jeonghan calmly standing near the couch, when he’s actually panicking on the inside because that was NOT how he was planning on confessing to you
- seungcheol says he has to leave because of his shift, and that leaves you and jeonghan all alone
- but before he leaves, you fail to see the smirk on his face
- see, it was all planned because seungcheol, and even joshua and jihoon know that jeonghan always asks “how do i tell (name) i like them?” when he drinks
- when seungcheol closes the door, you walk over to jeonghan and awkwardly say “good morning” and says “good morning” but silence follows
- jeonghan knows he can always act like he doesn’t remember, but if it’s already been revealed…. then he might as well just confess
- you begin “jeonghan, you probably don’t remember, but last night, i took you home and…”
- jeonghan says “i do like you.”
- you look up at him with red cheeks because you definitely weren’t expecting him to be so straight-forward
- he continues “there’s no use in hiding it now…. so…. i just want you to know that i do. i always have.”
- you look at him with a shocked expression on your face, but it slowly fades into a smile and you tell him “that’s…. something i’ve been waiting to hear from you for a while now.”
- jeonghan’s eyes widen at your words and no words come out of his mouth because he can’t believe you feel the same way
- you take a step closer and laugh “hey, i just said i like you too. a kiss would be nice.”
- jeonghan laughs as he brushes a lock of hair out of your face, and you both share your first kiss

thank you for your request!! ^^

Let’s Leave The Dancing Fools In Peace

Marvel (Guardians of the Galaxy) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Peter Quill+ Gamora, Rocket Racoon & Groot

Warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing

Request: “One-shot : can you write something based on “ imagine getting with Peter ”, make it fun please?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,461

A/N: coming from someone who has never touched alcohol i really hope this one shot was okay because i’m pretty sure it’s far from accurate when it comes to being drunk. the related gif imagine is here [x], enjoy !

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Fuck It

Note: Got really carried away with this one because…I mean it’s Daveed. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Request: Could you do a request for Daveed where the reader is part of the ensemble and they’re really close but Daveed likes her? Thanks!

Word Count: 2269+

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: None. Language.

Originally posted by dailydaveeddiggs

The applause roared from around you as you bowed with your cast mates at the end of your first show of the day. You truly loved your job. Being a part of the ensemble in Hamilton was a dream come true.

As you walked off stage, you heard a familiar voice call out from behind you.

“Yo, Y/N, wait up!”

You paused and turned around to see your best friend jogging to catch up to you.

“What do you want?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“What, I can’t talk to my favorite girl after a show?” Daveed asked with a grin.

“Not when she wants to change out of her costume.” You said, turning to walk to your dressing room, knowing that he’d follow.

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anonymous asked:

Could u write a fic where Juggie and Betty go hiking, Betty injures her leg and Juggie has to take care of her and carry her back to campground to get help?

This is a lot flufflier than I think you were looking for, but I still hope you like it!

A/N: Pop culture references used in this fic are listed under the cut

“Juggie, I can walk on my own you don’t have to - ow!”

Betty clutched her leg in pain, leaning into Jughead as they clumsily made their way past dozens of sycamore trees and fallen branches.

“Easy now,” Jughead told her, gently wrapping his arm around her waist as he guided her to a nearby stump and slowly lowered her onto it. “Even Cheryl Strayed knew when she needed to take a break and let herself heal.”

“But if we stop now we’ll never make it back before dark,” Betty pointed out, shrugging her backpack off her shoulders and letting it slide to the wet ground.

“You have a point,” Jughead admitted, swinging his own pack around his body and rummaging through it to find the ankle brace he kept in his emergency first-aide kit. “Alone in a forest at night - we all know how well that worked out for those film students in the Blair Witch Project.”

“Great, so it’s settled,” Betty declared, standing from the stump on her good foot and pointing in the direction of the worn path in front of them. “You let me lead us back down the trail and we get back home before we become witch food.”

“Bets, you’re hurt,” Jughead reminded her, gently pushing her back onto the stump and squatting down to her level. “Your hand’s all scraped up and your ankle is swollen - I mean come on, golf balls aren’t even that round!”

“Then what do you suggest, Jughead, because right now our options are looking pretty limited,” Betty sighed, lifting her foot and removing her boot to let Jughead wrap the brace around her injured ankle.

“Hop on,” Jughead suggested, gesturing to his backpack-less back and bending over so that she could easily climb on.

“You’re kidding, right?” Betty scoffed, slipping her shoe into her bag and standing up to face Jughead.

“Does this look like the face of someone who kids?” Jughead raised a challenging eyebrow at her and shoved his bag in her direction. “Plus, that movie gave me nightmares for months, I don’t mess around with creepy dark forests and menacing witches.”

“Juggie, it’s like three more miles to the end of the trail, are you sure you can even hold me that long?”

“I’m insulted by your lack of faith in my buff masculine strength, Betty Cooper,” Jughead told her, a look of mock-offense washing over his expression as he held out his hand to help her hobble over to him.

“Hey, I’m just looking out for you,” Betty informed him. “I don’t want you to pass out before we get back - I mean, that wouldn’t do either of us any good now would it?”

“Yeah, well, I’m just looking out for you so would you please just let me give you a piggyback ride before I’m forced to use my stern voice?”

“Your stern voice?” Betty smirked, her face lighting up as she let her mind drift to thoughts of what that might sound like. “Wait, now I kind of want to hear it do you think you could-”

“Betty!” Jughead protested, gesturing impatiently for her to make up her mind and hop onto his back.

“Sorry, okay,” Betty muttered, scooping Jughead’s bag into her hands and positioning herself to climb onto his back. “Thanks, Juggie.”

“We carry each other through everything, Bets, no matter what,” Jughead reminded her, glancing back to smile in her direction as he took a few steps down the trail. “It’s you and me against the world, remember?”

“Always,” Betty whispered into his hair, smiling to herself as Jughead took off down the trail, nearly tripping over a fallen branch as they hiked their way back home. “You do know where we’re going right?”

“In a philosophical sense, yes, in a literal sense - well I guess we’ll find out!”

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Strawberry Jam

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: “It’s your fucking birthday, and all of our lovely friends are coming here just for you. Please come out here and get ready now!”

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

A/N: This is a repost. The read more option wasn’t functional on the previous post of this and it was driving me nuts.

“Come on, you gotta get out of the bathroom, doll,” Enzo pleads with me from the other side of the door.

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not like that

A/N Finally! I’ve finally gotten something written and posted. Not a request, but I hope you guys enjoy it! (: I’m sorry in advance.

Summary: You accidentally confess to Peter.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“I love you.”

It hung in the air between the two of you, as everything around you seemed to quiet to complete silence. You were looking wide-eyed into Peter’s surprised expression. Your fingers itched to cover your mouth, pretend you hadn’t just blurted that out while Peter sat at your desk, doing his homework.

“Uh, I l-love you, too,” Peter said nervously, chuckling awkwardly. His hand tapped his pencil against the desk and his leg was shaking.

You decided to own up to it and sat up on your bed, facing him completely, You knew your face was red, but you didn’t care.

“No, I mean,” you huffed, running a hand through your hair while your heart pounded quickly in your chest. “I mean that I’m in love with you.”

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Missing Shiro
  • Keith: I once saw Shiro without eyeliner and it was like looking into another dimension
  • Lance: one time Shiro called me 'buddo' and 'pal' in the same sentence, I think he was trying to connect with me
  • Pidge: Shiro gives me free piggyback rides, he's literally my Dad 2.0
  • Hunk: Yea I'm pretty sure Shiro has patted my head and said 'Good job son'
  • All: *collective sad sigh*

anonymous asked:

"Just let me give you a piggyback ride! I really want to! Please baby" with Kara

Originally posted by melbenoists

“You know people call me ‘The Girl of Steel’, right?”

Kara raised an eyebrow at you as you stubbornly turned your back to her and squatted down.

“Y/N, I don’t want to hurt you-”

“Just let me give you a piggyback ride!  I’ve been working out and I really want to.  Please, baby?”

“God, you’re drunk,” Kara sighed in amusement and reluctantly climbed onto your back.

“Alex, get Maggie!  I wanna race!”

imagine both of rigby’s daughters hitting puberty when they’re like 11 and he just kind of sits back and watches as they grow to be twice his height 

they have to bend down to hug him

when they get cold he’s like “here have my jacket” and they’re like “no dad your jacket is too small for me now”

he goes “here come on i’ll give you a piggyback ride for old time’s sake!” and they’re like “dad you can’t be serious”

he is forced to ask them to reach stuff for him off of the top shelf

he is forever secretly jealous of his quite large little girls but also kind of proud in a weird way

-Lift- (Lafayette x Reader)


Prompt List

@tulogako Edited it once again!

-please request, its your once in a lifetime to gett your wildest imagine become a story man-

You were in no doubt, short. Being only 5'1, and  your boyfriend standing 6'2.You were practically a mouse next to him. 

 The massive height difference doesn’t change the way how you feel with each other. 

But people say otherwise.

 'You’re too small for him’

 'Isn’t he kinda embarrassed to be dating someone that small?‘ 

People didn’t bother lowering their voices, you always hear them. Your hold on Lafayette’s hand tighten in response.

You thought that Lafayette doesn’t hear nor notice it.

But clearly, he did. 

 He noticed how uncomfortable and fidgety you get when you walk around the park, city, mall etc… 

 He would notice your face would scrunch up into a frustrated yet gloomy face, his heart would shatter every time he saw that face.

He’s your boyfriend, he should protect you from any harm, but being beside him was hurting you, it was going to be a problem. 

 Every time you were hearing bad things about you height, in which he also hears. He would instantly lift you up to his back and give you a piggyback ride.

 You were always caught off-guard by your boyfriend’s antic but every time he did it, it was always good timing. 

You would laugh until you were at tears, a laugh that Lafayette will never get tired of hearing. 

You sat in a bench with Lafayette’s arm over your shoulder, eating ice cream.

It was silent, but it was a good kind of silent. It was peaceful, enjoying each others company was enough for the both of you.

You thought of all the piggyback rides he always give you and why it seems to be in good timing when he did it. 

“Mon cher,is there something on your mind?" 

You heard your boyfriend’s accent cut you off your train of thought. 

 "Well…you seem to always give me piggyback rides in public, and every time you do so, it was always in great timing." 

You confessed to him. You found your ice cream interesting all of a sudden. 

"Ange, I hear them too you know." 

 He does? How? You always thought he didn’t. 

 Lafayette sighs at the sight of your confused face.

"How they insult your height, how am I not embarrassed, all those things, whatever more they say is not true. Every time you hear those insults, your face just turns down. I don’t want you to be unhappy, and as your boyfriend I am more than willing to always make you happy.”

You looked up at him and smiled in which Lafayette smiled back as well. 

 "I… I really appreciate that, I really do. Thank you so much Lafayette.“ 

Lafayette smiled at your response.

After you both finished your ice creams. You walk back to your apartment hand in hand. 

 Both of you heard the mumbles again. 

 Lafayette looked at you. 

 You were still smiling beside him.

He had done a really great job. 

anonymous asked:

oh oh oh!! what about an au where you're in a long distance relationship with soldier 76? any ideas about how that might go?

I love how much love this old boy is getting. A precious good boy indeed. Enjoy! ^-^


  • LDR relationships make it much easier for him to get close to someone quicker, as well not to be so stressed and defensive and worried about everything
  • He sends you messages all the time
  • If you’re in way different time zones, not only does he send good morning/night messages during his night and say; he pays attention to your patterns until he figured out when you usually get up and go to bed, then send them at those times too
  • Internet dates
  • You guys will stream movies and video chat while watching, or set up your own little candlelit dinners at home and video chat your dinner (you cute dorks)
  • He stays up as long as he physically can during these just to be with you
  • He wants to be the last to fall asleep
  • He usually isn’t though
  • At some point (probably on a special occasion like your birthday or Christmas) he’ll just randomly message you like
  • “Hey I’m at the airport come say hi :P”
  • and then you’re just like
  • “o-o” “wat” “????”
  • “i” “i am here”
  • You get your ass out of your house as fast as humanly possible
  • Depending on the differing time zones, he might show up a day early or a day later than he’d plan
  • He’s all excited about all his plans and when you tell him, he sulks like a kicked puppy
  • You promise to cancel any plans you had for that day and do all those plans he has in mind anyway
  • He gets all happy again
  • The first time you meet in person, he acts like an actual nerdy teenage boy
  • Can’t handle himself
  • Might cry
  • All blushy and touchy
  • Is always touching you the entire time you hang out
  • Like this is real???? Oh my god???? They’re so perfect???? I mean i knew they were perfect but now i’m actually touching them and they are p e r f e c t???
  • Offers you his jacket
  • Tries to be overly gentlemanly and you finally have to confront him and tell him to stop being weird because you know that’s not how he acts
  • Like sweetheart we do actually know each other
  • So cut the shit and give me a piggyback ride to get lunch my steed
  • He eventually does calm down and go back to being himself
  • When he has to leave again for the first time he does actually cry
  • Promises to video chat as soon as he gets home and swears he’ll be back again
  • He lives up to both of those promises