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when the trailer aired, people who ship j0hnlock were sure sherlock said 'i love you' to john because they analyzed his tone, timbre, etc, and were confident the words were real, but now that it's revealed those words were for molly, everyone's backtracking! why? don't you find it a bit hypocritical?

oh god asfodfijsdfo Pal idk who you’re following, but when the trailer came out people came to one of two conclusions: that it was to john, or that it was fake odfhsiodfso Which, ended up being the case. It wasn’t a confession, it was forced out of him, give me a break. 

People who thought he’d be saying it to John only thought so because within the narrative?? That’s the only real love confession from Sherlock to someone that would make any sense. The fact that in context, it still was awful only solidifies that argument. I haven’t seen anyone “backtracking”

“hypocritical” lol please

as if there aren’t actually people out there who act like the “sherl*lly kiss” was a real thing and didn’t happen in anderson’s head…….#Yikes


Jiu Jitsu Lesson: Part 1

OMG… How many countries did Shin Min Ah save? She gets to do shows like this and then go home to Kim Woo Bin? If you called me jealous, you’d be wrong. I’m beyond that… Lol! 

Please come home part 2

Please come home 2

It’s finally today, the day that swazz comes home, I’m so excited, i couldn’t sleep the night before and I just want to see him. He kept his promise of staying in touch, we face timed almost every night, there was one instant when he’s gone and partied, but still her fact ones me the next morning. And now he was coming home.

I was so excited I kept calling skate to se where they were, I wanted to surprise swazz by being there right when the bus got here. Skate had said he would help me, and told me where they would be showing up. So that’s where i found myself, waiting to see my bestfriend.

When he got off the bus, he immediately got on his phone before putting it up to his ear. I smiled looking down at my phone and answering it.

“Hey swazz, what’s up?” I ask nonchalantly.

“The bus just arrived where are you?”

“The bus, oh gosh today’s the day you come home right?” I ask stifling a smile when I see him frown.

He looks at his phone before placing it back to his ear.

“You forgot?” He asks puzzled.

“Of course not!” I yell, this time running towards him, when he sees me he drops his bags and opens his arms.

I launch myself into them, wrapping my legs around his waist and burrowing my face into his neck, breathing in deeply.

“I missed you so much” I whimper as he holds me tighter.

“God I missed you too baby girl” he whispers back.

“Awe you guys are so cute” we hear Derek squeal as I pull my face away from swazz’s neck.

“Shut up” I growl flipping him off.

Which in all just causes him to laugh harder before blowing me a kiss and getting back on his phone.

Swazz still holds me, though he releases me, only to pick up his bags before his arms are wrapped around me again.

“Where’s the car?”

“Um it should be waiting for us since Tommy come to pick you up as well” I whisper.

“Okay princess” he laughs before he starts walking towards the way I’d came.

~ ~ ~

“Are you guys ever going to come out of there?! Swazz you’re my best friend what the hell” I hear my brother whining through my door.

True to his word, John hasn’t left my side, and has allowed me to lock him up in my room, and we are currently binge watching leverage.

I’m laying on his chest and his arms are wrapped loosely around me,his cheek resting against the top of my head. At this moment one of his hands has crept under my shirt and he’s drawing might gentle designs against my skin. I pray he doesn’t feel or hear my increased heart rate.

“Tommy, there’s a bro out tonight, we’ll hang then.” Swazz laughs.

“Yeah you guys can hang then for now leave us alone” I yell.

I hear him grumble before not saying anything, just the sound of his footsteps as he walks away from my room.

I play with swazz’s shirt, fiddling with it as he continues to draw patterns on my skin.

“You know I was really worried about you, I still can’t believe those security people from Webster hall.”

“Aye I’m fine lil ma, I’m glad you didn’t come with, it would’ve been dangerous for you” he sighs pulling me closer.

“I’m just glad you’re home” I whisper back snuggling into him while giving him a slow kiss on his neck.

Before looking up into his eyes, he’s already looking down at me, when I bite my bottom lip, looking at his kissable lips. He throws his head back groaning.

“You’re killing me ma”

Hope you enjoyed 💕 lol

I love y'all but they aren’t gonna kiss in e1 lol if they do then s4 would be the last because that gives them way too much time to resolve their issues. Plus e2 with Sherlock looked rough and the beard? That says to me Gay Anguish. They’re gonna kiss in e3, probably in the last half hour, after they finally confess their feelings, and then shit’s gonna hit the fan and John will probably almost die/get seriously injured and Sherlock will be in HELLA PAIN because either he didn’t get to say everything or he DID get to say everything and the hope of a bright future was ripped away from him (for now).