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Greenie, give me your rant about why nintendo never goes for the explicit zelink ending (explicit as them holding hands or kissing, not something nsfw)

Alrighty then. HERE I GO! THIS is going to be LONG. LOL

I believe it’s because Nintendo (and by Nintendo I mean Miyamoto and Aonuma, after all they kinda have the last say in the LoZ games LOL) are fully convinced that it’s us, the players, that join the dots, which is why they don’t feel the need to go all the way.

Not to mention, that they’re old conservative japanese men and like to keep romance… more like in the background/shadows (???) and focus more on the gameplay and stuff. I mean, after all, the games are not romance oriented specifically.

BUT! they have included moments between this two. 


We know something happened at the end of Link’s Adventure behind that curtain

And Zelda (at the end of oracle of ages) gave Link a kiss. A kiss that both of them quite enjoyed. 

*with hearts and all hahaha so cute!* 

With recent games, for example skyward sword, Aonuma expressed his doubts in regards of this scene:

At first he wasn’t so sure, but after some talks, he decided that it was ok to include it. I remember him saying something along the lines “are we really taking this lovey-dovey route for this game”?  and at the end, he was truly happy that they included this scene in the game (and I’m sure zelink fans around the world also felt the same way). 

We all know how this game ends. Zelda asking Link what he wants to do and he  just smiles at her. I think it’s obvious which was his answer hehe… After all, he fought with his life, in order to be with her again. My take is that Nintendo felt they’ve done enough for us to understand, that they went from best friends to lovers.

Also, in other games such a Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass, their interactions are quite adorable. Personally, I LOVE Spirit Tracks. You can be with Zelda for almost 99% of the game…. and you really get to know her. You can also control her (and she’s a badass with that Phantom armor!) 

But, what I love the most is how innocent and pure their bond is. Once Zelda regains her body, she hugs Link and his reaction is so adorable ;A; 

He blushes hehe (he also blushed when he first met her btw). 

And once they defeated the baddies., they hold hands while watching Anjean go to heaven. In fact, the camera makes a close up of their hands:

A part of me, feels that Nintendo’s intention is to keep it fresh. Like, the implications that there’s something going on between them are there. They exist. Link and Zelda are not a crack pairing. Nintendo has provided enough canon material in the games for us, like I mentioned earlier, to join the dots

For example, in  Skyward Sword and if you explore Link’s room and check his desk you’ll notice that he sculpts wooden statures. He has one unfinished bird on his desk with a hammer and chisel and a couple statues on his furniture. And also, if you go to Zelda’s room you’ll notice that SHE’S the only character he has given his work to, because she has a statue of a loftwing in her room. There are no other characters in the game that have this statues. I even visited everyone is Skyloft to be sure. 

That’s Nintendo’s subtle way of telling us that there’s something special going on between them.

Do I want to see them kiss? HEL YEAH I DO!!!,  but I would lie if I said that I do not appreciate details  such as this one, that strengthen their relationship. 

t’s just like Zelda’s diary in breath of the wild. To be honest, at first I felt dissapointed that Link was so serious all the time. But after reading her diary and watching all the memories in order… I felt that I finally was able to understand his character a bit more, thanks to what she said about him. 

He isn’t a guy whose gonna blush over something. He’s pretty good at hidding his emotions because, people always had high expectations of him… So, the only way he found to keep people happy, was by keeping all his fears to himself. In fact, it’s pretty interesting  what the stupid guy whose wandering outside Gerudo town tells you (after you get the sand and snow boots from him).  He says that Link is a cold and calcuating person and he adds, that he’s also actually quite strong. I couldn’t agree more with that guy.

I mean, being LIKE THAT is pretty much what saved both him and Zelda from Calamity Ganon first attack. He didn’t let the sorrow of the death of his friend (Daruk, Mipha, Urbosa and Revali) get the best of him…. Or to watch Hyrule’s Kingdom get destroyed in a blink of an eye.

His main focus was to protect what’s important for him to the point of giving his life… And he did.  He died protecting her. 

And what truly touches my heart is that, he always believed in her. Even when they were running away from all those guardians, his top priority was to keep her safe. He never saw her just as a “weapon” to seal Ganon away (kinda like the King did)… He always saw her as what she was. Even Impa tells us that, Link became Zelda’s comfort during the times she wasn’t capable of using her power. 

So… In conclusion. Even if I’m dying to see a kiss between them… A wedding and for them to give me granchildren (LOL)… I’m happy with what we have of them. They’re not the typical ship and for me, that’s what makes them so special. 

Hopefully we’ll see them kiss again ;A; Nintendo plz understand

Anti’s Cheer Up Idea

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters

Summary: Mark Dark Jack and Anti live together. The two originals come back hurt and it’s up to the alternates to cheer em up! [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC

]I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I AM SHIT AT TITLES


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Personal Body Guard

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Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Minho x Reader

Warning: Bullying

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Heyy :) if you have time and wouldn’t mind could I have a reader insert for Minho from the maze runner, something along the lines of you being the new shy girl greenie and him defending you from the some of the gladers and if possible could it be cute and fluffy but you can change it if you think something else would work better. Don’t worry if you don’t want to do it though :D xxx

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Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 2]


Part 2/20 of  Subject A0: In The Glade. [prev] [next]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N : Just wanted to say thanks to the lovely responses I’ve been getting from all of you for my writing! It’s been literal years since I have written and this is honestly so much fun. This blog has only been up three(?) days, and I’m glad to say I’ve already made some new friends! Anyway, hope you keep enjoying these imagines! Don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’m open to doing requests!

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Maze Runner Preferences - You are a Keeper/He’s the Greenie

You are a Keeper - He’s the greenie

Alby (Just pretend he’s not the first Glader):
Surprised you furrow your eyebrows as Newt comes into the room. “So, Greenie - I mean Alby. That’s (Y/N), the Keeper of the Glade. Something like a leader”, the boy introduces you to the Greenie. Laughing for a brief moment you shake your head, “We talked about that leader thing. We have to stick together to survive. There is no leader, Newt.” He crosses his arms in front of his chest, “However.”
“I’m sure you have a job to do, right? I take care of him”, Newt leaves the room without a further word. Alby takes his chance to look around in the room interested. “You keep everything together?”, he asks you curious. You tilt your head a little bit, “Yes, I guess so. Most of the boys would have killed each other already. You know our rules, right?”
“Yes, Newt told me the rules. They are really good”, Alby agrees nodding. “Thank you… Alby, you seem like you think strategically. Would you like to help me to keep the Glade together?”, you snap him out of his thoughts as he looks through the papers on the table. “I thought Newt is the Second in Command.”
You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh, “Yeah, but I like the way you look at things. The most of the boys were scared as hell at their first day in the Glade.” Alby gives you a slight smile, “I would love to help you.”

“(Y/N)! Have you seen the Greenie?”, Newt asks you almost yelling through the entire Glade. Furrowing your eyebrows you lower your hand with the hammer. “I don’t know. Do you have lost him like a puppy?”, you try to hold back the grin on your lips. The Second in Command crosses his arms in front of his chest sighing. “Really? How can you be that sassy? He could be in the Maze!”
Matching to his words a blond haired boy appears from the Deadheads. “I guess that’s your Greenie, right?”, you point at him to catch Newt’s attention. The Glader turns around nodding in agreement. “So Gally, (Y/N). (Y/N), Gally”, Newt introduces you to him, “Could you watch him? Alby needs my help.”
Sighing you wave your hand to dismiss the Second in Command. “Can I help you?”, he seems to be a little bit nervous. You understand it, because you know how hard is the first day in the Glade. “Sure, grab one of the hammers.” To be honest you are sure he’s going to hurt himself.
“Let me give you a little tip, Greenie. After all these time as the Keeper of the Builder I know how much a hammer on your fingers hurts”, you grab his hand before he gets injured. “Can I be a Builder?”, Gally wants to know. “If you don’t hurt yourself. Sure”, you agree laughing.

“Hey, (Y/N)”, you hear Alby’s voice yelling your name. “You know what you have to do”, the Runner in front of you just nods, then he leaves you alone. Sighing you turn around to the leader just to see another boy by his side. “Oh, is this the Greenie?”, a smile appears on your lips.
The dark-skinned boy nods in agreement, “Yes, and he has a special wish. Right, Greenie?” Now really curious you cross your arms in front of your chest. “I want to be a Runner”, the Greenie says his first words finally, but you weren’t expecting this. You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh, “Oh, really? Why?”
“Because I’m really fast and want to see what’s out in the Maze”, the boy explains confident. Alby next to him starts to grin like a little boy knowing you already too well. “Wow, you are really confident…. Yeah, I don’t think you are going to be a Runner”, you shake your head slowly to emphasize your statement. The Greenie stares at you shocked, “What? Why? I thought he’s the leader.”
“Look, shuck face. I’m the Keeper of the Runners and decide who’s going to be a Runner. Reduce your shucking confidence. Maybe I’ll think about your wish”, you pat his shoulder smiling, before you leave them alone. “That was actually a good conversation, Greenie”, Alby comments the situation.

“Who’s that?”, the Greenie asks Alby next to him curious and points at you. “That’s (Y/N). The Keeper of the Med-Jacks. She is our only girl in the Glade”, the leader tells him your name. Newt can’t take his eyes off you for some reason. “What is she doing?”, he wants to know interested.
Alby rolls his eyes as he drags the Greenie to you without a word. “(Y/N) - Newt. Couldn’t take his eyes off you. He’s all yours now”, the dark-skinned boy winks at you playfully. A sigh escapes your mouth, while you cross your arms in front of your chest. “I have a job to do, Alby!”, you try to stop him, but he leaves you two alone grinning.
“I’m sorry for the problems. I just wanted to know what you are doing”, Newt rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “Sorry for being rude. It was a really rough day. Right, Gally?”, you look at the boy next to you slightly smiling. The Builder just rolls his eyes, before he goes back to his work.
“He hit his fingers a dozen time today. Come on, Newt. I show you the Med-Jack hut. The most visited place after Frypan’s kitchen”, you make a joke to cheer up the situation. The Greenie chuckles for a brief moment, “Great, that would be bloody awesome!”

“Bad day, Minho. Really bad day”, you say as the two of you leave the Maze for this day. The Runner starts to laugh which annoys you more than anything. Sighing you roll your eyes, then suddenly an unknown boy catches your attention. Apparently the Greenie for this month, because he’s with Alby.
The boy points at you and Minho not taking his eyes off you two. “Ah, the Greenie takes an interest in us”, the sass pants next to you comments grinning. “You are just annoying as hell today, shank”, you make your way to Alby and the Greenie. “(Y/N), good to see you. I think our Greenie wants to be a Runner like you and Minho”, Alby explains right away.
Not really surprised you cross your arms over your chest, “Really? You have no idea what’s out there, right?” He opens his mouth to say something, but a certain Runner joins the conversation without permission. “That shank has a death wish!” You exchange a glance with Alby who notices your bad mood.
“Isn’t the Map Room waiting for you?”, the dark-skinned boy sides with you. Minho lets out a sigh as he leaves you alone. “I’m glad you are the Keeper of the Runners not him. He’s driving me insane lately”, Alby rolls his eyes. “Back to your death wish, Greenie. Give yourself a little bit time in the Glade. Probably till you hear a Griever for the first time.”

Maze- A maze runner x reader fanfic part 2

We have made 60 followers!!!! I’m so incredibly happy about this and just want to say thank you to all of you <3 you guys are the baes. 

Part one     Part three  Part four   Part five  Part six  Part seven  Part eight

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Scout - Newt Imagine

request from anonymous, I hope you like it!

‘Hey, wake up Greenie.’  

Those were the first words I heard as I began to wake; my head was heavy with hours of inflicted sleep, and my eyes could barely open, fluttering as if they were being pulled shut again. I tried to lift my body, but my limbs felt heavy and sore; just attempting to rise sent my muscles into a frenzy of sharp aching.

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“Rule number twenty-nine” Newt imagine

Request: Can you write an imagine for me if you’re not busy? Cuddling with Newt. Not even sexy, just cuddles

Warnings: none, it’s entirely cute (◠‿◠✿)

A/N: So I’ve never really wrote anything cuddly before and since English isn't my native language I’m not quite sure that I delivered everything well. I hope it’s alright to read:)

28 rules of The Glade are running back and forth in your mind as if they’re playing football with all your other thoughts. Twenty-eight rules.

You’re pretty sure you’ll never be able to forget this day. It’s now pinned in your damaged memory as the worst beginning ever.

First you woke up in a dark elevator and spent seems like hours in it. Panic. Fear. Tears. Confusion. The weird feeling of something important slowly drifting away from you.

Then it became worse. You arrived in this place they call The Glade. Half of a hundred boys eyeing you as if you’re a freak. A total lack of information and engrossing fear. No one to trust.

How did you even manage to appear in this kind of situation?

You’re now curled up in the sleeping bag they gave you, tears streaming down your cheeks. You don’t want to be here. No one answers your questions. You don’t know what is going on.

It’s just too much to handle for one day.

You do your best to control your sobs cause everyone around you is asleep.

A twig snap echoes in the air and your body tenses up in anticipation. You glance around quickly, not hoping to find out who’s awake, really, but trying to find anything that could serve as a weapon.

Although your past is a big black foggy mess right now, you’re for some reason sure that you’ve never been the aggressive kind of person. Even if you’d manage to find anything that’d be helpful in self-defense, you’d never overcome any of the boys living here.

You’re still sobbing uncontrollably and that probably gives you away to anyone who’s out there. There’s no way they don’t know you’re awake and the thought of someone trying to talk to you again makes you want to cry even harder.

“You alright, love?” you hear a voice right behind your back, literally a few inches away from your head and your body jolts in surprise.

“Sorry, I didn’t wanna scare you” the same voice says and you gasp at how close it sounds.

How didn’t you realize someone’s bent over you with this kind of tiny gap between your heads??

“I’m fine” you say, turning around to face Newt’s eyes.

You knew it was him. You’d know his voice among thousands of other noises. He has an odd sounding accent and his voice has a habit to crack in the middle of his talking.

He is the one who helped you out of the elevator hence he was the one you hit in the face first. The memory of him backtracking with his hands stretched out in defense makes you want to giggle and you, to your surprise, realize you stopped sobbing.

“You don’t seem to be fine though” he notes, sitting down on the grass and crossing his legs under his weight.

“I told you I’m fine. What’re you even doing here at this hour?” you say, annoyed.

“I always check on Greenies. Very few of ‘em endure the first night over here”

You roll your eyes “Wow, you’re suddenly so nice. I don’t need no one checking on me, I, for the last time, repeat – I’m totally fine, okay” teardrops troop right above the bottom row of your eyelashes again and you do your best to fight them back.

“Look, y/n, I know it’s confusin’ and scary. But believe me, we’re all your friends. You can trust us”

“Newt” you cry out his name louder than you expected with wet track of dribbles gliding down your face “I woke up in the middle of nowhere without any possible hint on who the hell I am or why did I deserve this, I’m stuck in between dozens of boys who all treat me like shit because apparently I’m a ‘greenie’, no one deigns to give me answers, I’m scared to the freaking edge, I can trust no one! Tell me about how confusing and scary it is!” you break down in sobs, covering your face with your hands so he wouldn’t see you like this.

It’s too dark anyway actually but with your eyes adjusted to the night you indeed can see properly through the dark.

“y/n” he sighs reaching his hand out to you but you back away immediately.

“Do not touch me”

“Okay” he says, doing the same move he did earlier in the morning, stopping his hands in front of him in defense.

With squinted eyes you notice a warm smile on his face and the genuine expression of friendliness in each his movement makes you want to believe you can trust him

If you were to find friends over here, Newt would probably be the very first on the list.

But you’ve decided sternly that you’re not going to communicate with anyone. You’ll run away somewhere, you’re not quite sure where yet, escape this place and these boys.

You put incredible amount of effort in calming down but tears insistently struggle their way out.

“Please don’t cry” he says, putting his hand on your shoulder.

You want to warn him about touching you again but the way his tips squeeze your shoulder lightly sends a wave of soothing reassurance through you.

He is a friend. You suddenly know that. You know you can trust him without hesitation. It’s weird how a simple touch can make you realize things.

Seeing that your weeping softened, he suddenly decides to risk, pulling you closer by the grappled shoulder and locking you in a tight, tight hug.

Without even realizing what’s going on, you find yourself wrapping your arms around his back. This is exactly what you needed right now. You needed someone to just simply pay attention to you and assure you that everything is okay.

You breathe out heavily into the fabric of his shirt, trying to make it not look like a sob and he speaks up at the movement.

“It’s quite a late hour but you know I don’t really feel sleepy. How ‘bout we have a chat?”

You freeze in uncertainty for a moment then say “Okay” praying that you’re not committing a grad mistake, agreeing to this.

“Great” he laughs, clapping his hands “I volunteer to be the one who deigns to give you answers. Go on, ask away whilst I’m kind”

For a split second you stare at him, your mind refuses to let the thought of finally coming out of complete disinformation sink in.

“Did you fall asleep?” he suddenly asks pulling you out of the petrifaction and making realize how long you went silent for.

“No” you say briefly, taking a long breath to win a few more seconds of thinking. “Newt, can I trust you?” you ask the very first question that pops up in your mind. If you’re going to have him tell you about everything, you need to make sure he is the right person. 

It doesn’t matter how much your inner voice assures you he’s sincere, you just need him to pronounce that himself.

You suddenly feel him leaning down to lay without letting go of you, a cold airflow forming around your bodies at the sudden movement. You have to follow him down and now you’re both in your sleeping bag which is surprisingly that large to fit you in.

“You decide, love. If I was you, I’d hit me in between the thighs and run” the boy giggles, getting comfy in horizontal position as you turn your back to him and nuzzle up to his front, feeling his hands gently resting on your stomach.

Wait what the hell did just happen? How did you even appear in this pose? You were supposed to not make friends, you remind yourself constantly.

“Why are we here?” you finally start using your opportunity of asking questions to the second in command.

Shivers run all along your spine as he speaks, his lips practically touching your nape. His hot breath hits your neck and you have a weird sensation that you’re feeling his accent right inside of your brain.

“I’ve already told you this one. We don’t know. Some of us spent here more than two years but we don’t bloody know more than you do, y/n” you tense up as his hand starts rubbing circles on your stomach.

Another weird memory suddenly pops up in your mind. You’re more than sure that you’ve never really liked anybody touching you. People would always lean in for a kiss when you met them, they’d always tap on your back to get your attention or poke your shoulder in laughter. You hated that. You even remember hating your mum trying to tickle your belly when you were young.

It’s just unpleasant. You don’t enjoy that.

Weird, profoundly weird how you didn’t stop Newt off rubbing your stomach in soothing circles. For the first time in your entire existence you actually rejoice someone’s touch on your skin. He wasn’t even touching your skin directly, the rough fabric of your top separates his hand from your bareness.

It just feels really, really comforting. You want to close your eyes and fall asleep in his arms whilst this sudden flow of calmness took over you.

But no, questions, you need to use this chance, right.

“How come I’m the first girl over here?”

“No idea” he answers simply and you feel his shoulders rise up and down in a shrug.

You ask a few more questions that concerned you the most. Now you know for sure that The Glade is your second home at present, you’re nowise allowed out into the maze, you’ll have to choose a job and work and what’s the worst, you have absolutely no freaking idea how long are you stuck here for.

You sigh at how hopeless the sight of the things is. Your legs slowly start to sleep because you have been lying in this pose for a while now and you flip around in his hands quickly now facing his front. Your head immediately buries on his wide chest but before your eyes are closed you notice him smiling warmly.

“Newt?” you call in a muted voice.


“Newt how do you stay strong?” you ask unexpectedly.

A few seconds of silence follow your question. He probably didn’t see you trusting him more and more with each second and he was quite surprised at you asking him a question only a friend would ask.

His lips are now pressed against the top of your head but he doesn’t kiss it. He just leans on you to make sure you’re comfortable enough.

“Bein’ strong and pretendin’ to be that are different things” he says making you frown.

What does that mean?

“I’m not the tough kinda girl, Newt. I don’t think I can cope with all of this” you confess and he gasps at his now wet shirt contacting his body.

“Don’t cry, y/n” he says squeezing your body. “Please”

“I’m not” you say with another row of tears running down your face.

His hand reaches up to your chin, making you look him in the eye. As you obey, you see him still smiling at you “Rule number seven. You don’t lie to your second in command”

You nod at his words with a light chuckle. “I keep forgetting you’re a bigwig over here”

“Oh yes I am” he laughs “trust me you don’t wanna break our rules b’cos my punishments are rough”

“Yeah sure, said the boy who agreed to stay up all night and comfort a stupid new girl” you reply without hiding sarcasm. 

“Hey” his eyebrows furrow “Rule number twenty-nine. You don’t call y/n stupid. Ever. Or I will personally punch you in that pretty face”

You laugh again at his words.

How does he manage to calm you down each and every time. It happened like three times now during the night.

“Do you think you could work in the Garden with me?” he asks to start up another topic.

You yawn before bringing yourself to reply “No offense Newt. Your job is boring”

He comments something back but you don’t catch that. Your mind is now dazed as the heavy sheet of sleep slowly but surely wraps its length around you.

“Y/n?” you listen him call.

You smile at the sound of his voice, nuzzling up close to him and placing a small kiss on his chest.

You hear his heartbeat go fast at your sudden gesture.

“Y/n” he calls again, earning another kiss.

“Y/n!” he desperately tries again and you finally speak up “you’re going to have to sleep over here tonight cause I’m not letting you go, no way”

What he does or says to that remains a question to you cause you’re now almost fully trapped in sleep. The last thing running through your mind before you fall into darkness is that maybe everything is not as bad as it seems when you have a friend by your side.

Moreover a friend who’d make up rules like twenty-ninth for you.

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