People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted


Ziam night in.

More teacups

I’ve always loved what they do and have been a good audience for them. I don’t look at the monitor, I’m really paying attention to what they’re doing on the set, just as an audience member. My filmmaking style is very tactile. I do a lot of close-ups and actors feel a concentration from the camera, as well as from me, on what they’re doing. On Dunkirk, we spent weeks with Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy on this tiny boat with a huge IMAX camera right up in their faces. I had to warn them that IMAX cameras get very loud, but I had to be that close because I’m interested in the minutiae of the performances, trying to capture the layers of all that in a form that’s readable for the audience. Actors recognize that I don’t have the slightest bit of ego or expectation when it comes to performance. I’m not trying to control or puppeteer; I’m trying to give them the space to do something that excites me. If it’s not quite right, I’m trying to help them.
—  Christopher Nolan on his filmmaking style with “regulars” Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy and the Dunkirk cast (the Playboy interview)

Christopher Nolan talking about DUNKIRK, Tom as Bane and Farrier, the “unofficial Nolan stock company” (inc. Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy), and more in Playboy USA (Jul-Aug 2017 issue). You can read the full interview here:  Some highlights:

PLAYBOY: Tom Hardy plays a Spitfire plane pilot, and his scenes are solo, airborne and sometimes with an oxygen mask covering the bottom half of his face. Having gotten so much blowback from audiences complaining that they couldn’t understand much of Hardy’s dialogue as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, let alone the complaints you got about sound effects and music drowning out the dialogue in Interstellar, are you risking an encore?

NOLAN: It’s always interesting when people take you on about technical issues. It’s completely fair, but people don’t know what goes into the process. Armchair technicians don’t understand that, whether it’s The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar or Dunkirk, I’ve spent eight months listening to every sound, balancing everything incredibly carefully and precisely, modulating it and listening to it in different theaters. […].With Tom on The Dark Knight Rises—I mean, he’s such an extraordinary actor. We spent a lot of time talking about it. He put a lot of work into it, and what he did was fascinating. I had him try a more moderate version of what we were shooting. It didn’t work. The voice is inextricably linked with the character, which for someone whose face you don’t see and whose mouth you don’t see move is pretty amazing. To this day on the dub stage we do that voice all the time.

PLAYBOY: Hardy’s aerial scenes in the Spitfire should, especially for audiences who see Dunkirk in IMAX, pack a punch.

NOLAN: The Spitfire is the most magnificent machine ever built. I got to fly in a two-seater version, and the power in that—there’s just a grin on your face from takeoff to landing. There’s a very immersive quality to the way we’ve done the flying sequences. To be able to give audiences that experience, we needed to have special lenses built, we needed all kinds of technical things to happen. We’ve done things nobody has ever done before, taking actors up in a real plane and shooting real cockpit shots in a large-film format. It was a huge ambition for the film, and my team really pulled it off.

PLAYBOY: Some of the Dunkirk actors seem to be part of some unofficial Christopher Nolan stock company, including Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. On previous movies you’ve worked several times with Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What’s the dynamic between you and actors?

NOLAN: I’ve always loved what they do and have been a good audience for them. I don’t look at a monitor. I’m really paying attention to what they’re doing on the set, just as an audience member. My filmmaking style is very tactile. I do a lot of close-ups, and actors feel a concentration from the camera, as well as from me, on what they’re doing. On Dunkirk, we spent weeks with Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy on this tiny boat with a huge IMAX camera right up in their faces. I had to warn them that IMAX cameras get very loud, but I had to be that close because I’m interested in the minutiae of the performances, trying to capture the layers of all that in a form that’s readable for the audience. Actors recognize that I don’t have the slightest bit of ego or expectation when it comes to performance. I’m not trying to control or puppeteer; I’m trying to give them the space to do something that excites me. If it’s not quite right, I’m trying to help them.


{ five’s company // ch. 20 }

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“Do you need anything, sugar?” Herc asked you, calling you over the phone. You balanced your phone between your shoulder and your ear, trying to listen to him over the business of the office. “I know you were feeling sick this morning. Did you still go in for work?”

Your pregnancy had been up and down. Some mornings were a little tougher than the others. Laf assured you that it was all normal. Everything he had suggested had helped so you felt okay enough to come in.

“Yeah. I’ll rest when I get home.” You mumbled sheepishly. “Hey,“ You almost hung up, but then you remembered. “Can you get ice cream on the way home? And those pretzels I like?“ 

Herc chuckled, double checking to make sure he had his keys. "Course. John and Alex will be home a little later, but Laf will be home, okay?" 

“Mkay.” You hummed. Hercules smiled a little. You must have been a little busy. Your sentences were getting shorter. 

He was pleasantly surprised when you said, "Hey, I love you, Herc." 

He smiled, felt his heart warm up a little. "I love you too. Call the studio if you need me. See you later." 

“Bye, love.”

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!!! How is this possible asdfjkgjdh ;;0;; It’s only been a month since I became active here and became MM trash

Thank you for all your support!! I’m so happy because I honestly never thought I’d get this far ♥ Also – we definitely have to do that art giveaway hhh this is such a milestone for me :D I’ll continue planning about it lololol *v*

Please give me a bit more time to reply to messages! As I’ve said before, please state so in your ask if you need a quick reply and don’t go on anon ;;v;;

Thank you so much!!! I hope to continue making more art for you ♥ Your support makes my hobbies a million times infinitely better ✨ I loveee youuu all – you’re all so special to me!!!

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Squirrelflight is a she-cat from the series Warrior Cats. She's the daughter of Thunderclan's leader named Firestar. In the second arc, there was a prophecy and she had to go on a quest with some cats to find a new home for the clans. She falls in love with a cat named Brambleclaw and they have kits who aren't actually their kits (this is the third arc) but they're actually the kits of her sister who wasn't suppose to have kits. It's pretty confusing so you can just look at her wiki page?!

oh man, this is fantastic. Thank you all, friends! I really enjoy hearing people tell their understandings of stories, honestly, since it gives it a more personal perspective or something?? campfire vibes.

I honestly have a million questions here but I don’t want to be obnoxious to the wc community I am just very enthusiastic about this all

@projectray12 @ajolote-mexicano

ok but when i first heard blue diamond speak it put me off in the best way possible. it reminded me of movies i watched as a kid, where the villain was kind of creepily calm and whispery and then would YELL and the voice would become mangled and the face would distort and it would give me all the night terrors

and i just.

it couldve been really cool, but nope.

A week or two ago (has it really been that long?), @rattonic posted an incredible space bodypaint. Since then, I’ve been working on this painting of the design. Its still a WIP - hence the lack of stars, but here’s a snippet of the full piece! (Click for details)

Be sure to check out the original photos and design!

It would be great if I wake up tomorrow morning and YOI season 2 were announced on the event tonight

It would be great if I wake up tomorrow morning and YOI season 2 were announced on the event tonight.

I’m really excited for the event, So Please, please, please, give me something to be excited about!

The round up number of fans that will be there for this event are not bad at all. I estimated at least 2000 fans will come for the live viewing at 12 different spots, and extra 300 for the main event. Two thousands and more fans are enough to announce second season!

Although I know that it’s (im)possible. It’s only been two months since season 1 ends, so the YOI marketing team are focusing more on small events and merchandising. Things that will return the cost of production and bring food on the table.

Still I’m excited about tonight’s event :)


Happy Anniversary Yuri On Ice!!!!! \(^o^)/🎉
Thank you for giving me something to be so passionate about and to get excited for.
I never thought I’d get this invested in this series, but here I am reading fanfictions, doujinshis, and looking at gorgeous fanart everyday! :3
I’m so attached to this story and characters. Yuuri overcoming his anxiety and getting back on the ice after feeling like a failure is so inspiring to so many of us. He’s such a loveable and strong character. His relationship with Victor, Yurio, and everyone else is so important and makes me so happy!
I’ll never get tired of this series and I’m so excited for more content in the future.
Thank you Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei for making such a beautiful series that’s made me laugh, cry, and get excited and giddy.
Happy Anniversary Yuuri and Victor ⛸❄️
We call everything on the ice ‘love’

Derby Day seems as fitting as any to announce I purchased my next partner. 

It’s been a pretty crazy year so far. I got married. I went on a globetrotting honeymoon with my new husband. I completed one of my biggest projects to-date in my career. I also lost my heart horse.

So many highs and lows.

I miss my mare terribly. I think of her always, every day. For a while I tried not to. I hid the pictures I had of her and banned myself from rewatching our old videos on YouTube. I scrolled really fast past her face when having to revisit older posts on my blog and social media streams. I just couldn’t look at her and be grateful yet.

So when my barn owner called me the week of my wedding and told me about a horse she had for sale, I tried to push that away too. It’s too soon, I kept telling myself. I had been back to the barn a handful of times since she passed. I cried every time with my people there. I’d sat on a few borrowed horses. I cried through my rides in the saddle. Nothing, it seemed, was making the grief easier to handle.

So I got married. I went on my honeymoon. I was happy for the distraction of family and friends and new beginnings. Then the excitement died down and I struggled to find the pace in life I was used to. There was a gaping hole where my mare had been. I didn’t know what to do with all the free time I had now that I didn’t have a horse to care for.

Somehow I still ended up at the barn.

And that’s when I met him. He was gangly but tall and sturdy. He had thicker legs than I’d ever seen on a thoroughbred before. He had no manners and he cribbed. He knew nothing and looked like a mangy fool. My barn owner told me this was Mikey, the horse she mentioned before, a  a 17.1 hand American Thoroughbred gelding by Street Boss.

He was so wildly opposite of my mare. He’s goofy and affectionate. Oddly enough, he’s very mellow under saddle. I bought him to be my next partner.

 I find myself crying often when I ride him. Sometimes I feel guilty for enjoying the ride on him and just his company in general. But I like that he gives me something productive and exciting to think about.

It’s easier to look at the photos and watch the videos I have of my mare and I now and remember the wonderful memories we shared together. Buying a horse to fill the void of the old one isn’t the answer. I know that. But Mikey is helping me move on. He’s reminding me why I love these animals as much as I do. And he’s encouraging me dream again.

Welcome to the family big guy. ❤️ 

Happy happy happy birthday to the loveliest and most amazing guy out there :) happy birthday to the one who makes me so happy no matter what, to the one who deserves endless amounts of love and happiness! Thank you for always being so genuine and such an incredible, kind and sweet friend. Thank you for always being there for the ones you care about and thank you for never ever giving up! 
Keep working harder than everyone else, keep fighting to achieve your goals, keep showing everyone how awesome you truly are, keep smiling, have fun, live fast, enjoy the love people give you and never stop being the way that you are!!!
You give me something to look forward to, something to be happy and excited about, something to be happy about, you make me feel a bit better when there’s nothing to be happy about and for that I’m grateful. 
You are brave and beautiful, I hope to see you smiling and full of life once again very very very soon! You inspire me and I love you oh so very MUCH! There’s so much to love about you and honestly I can’t imagine myself ever getting tired of all those little things that make you so unique. You are incredible and special and you’ll always have a place in my heart! 
Happy birthday, Eren ♡

@taylorswift I love you to the moon, Tay.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this new era. This year has probably been the hardest I’ve ever had to live through. I don’t want to get into details, but I just have to say that your new album couldn’t come at a better time. You’re my light in the darkness. You’re giving me something to look forward to and get excited about and smile about and you have no idea how much I need that right now.

I love you forever, T. Praying I can come see you soon.
xoxo Juli

on second thought I probably should’ve looked up how to do lineless before I tried it 

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Why has this past year been difficult for you mentally?

I basically lost my faith in Christians. Not necessarily Christianity itself, but I stepped outside of my bubble and off my foundation of the Christian church as it was pretty much a landslide after that. It’s when I became an activist and when I started to ask hard questions (in the church) that people started to alienate me. I got frustrated that no one from the church I was going to (or the Christian church at large, generally speaking) was standing up against civil injustices. Where was the church when indigenous people and activists alike being tortured at Standing Rock? Where was the church when it seemed liked every day, another person was massacred for their skin colour? Where was the church when the world needed the love and grace and compassion and selflessness that Jesus professed and commanded of the people?

If they were part of the church I went to, then these Christians were singing sensationalist worship songs about creating a place for miracles, listening to sermons that exuded white Christian complacency, and “just praying about” the issues the world was facing and failing to get active and serve and show up in their community. Prayer is great but it’s nothing if you don’t act on it. You need to stand by your wishes. Your prayers. But time after time after time after time of encouraging and trying to engage and talk to these people, eventually they just alienated me. They cut me off.

I tried to go back once, the Sunday after the attack of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. Not to take away from the significance of her actions or life, but we all know that the US pays a lot more attention and freaks out when a white person is murdered. I went to the same church, was and was immediately separated and taken aside by the pastor. He praised my activist spirit but told me that he can’t preach about the issues that concern me because “it’ll go way over [the congregation’s heads]”. The sermon he gave that day was about women submitting to their husbands. I haven’t gone back since.

I’m sorry, I’m still hurt and angry about this. It’s just, the friendships and community I had for years dropped off the face of the earth when I challenged them to be accountable for the commandments of God for his people. Like… I’m literally reciting the bible in context and still people resist. I don’t think it’s because they think I’m lying, I think it’s because they don’t want to let go of their comfort. My friend put it this way: “They don’t want to face themselves.” I think that sums it up nicely.

So yeah, it’s been really difficult, because not only have I lost an entire community and my foundation here in this city, I’ve also had some struggles with the exclusionary attitude of Christianity. I don’t think that people are going to hell for being gay. I don’t think hell is even a real thing; like many things in the Bible, I believe that as this is manmade, it’s entirely possible for hell to be a human construct created to ensue fear and encourage rule-following of whomever is in control.

I got to a point where I would hear myself answer something about Christianity but I my inner voice questioned whether or not that was true. It was unnerving and terrifying to be honest. But I think I’m getting to a place where I’m accepting that this is part of my journey and this molting and transforming is going to be impactful in all the right ways; this is happening for a reason, and I need to rest in this change and find grace and grit in it and through it.

It just feels so lonely. That’s why I asked people if they had gone from being Christian to maybe not following that anymore. I personally have become more of a universalist than anything. In general, we really will never know, so it’s best to be loving and kind and compassionate and hope for the best. Put your faith where you will, but don’t be exclusionary, and definitely don’t bash anything especially if you don’t know anything about it. Love people, find gratitude and spread kindness and selflessness.

Maybe to someone who isn’t religious this could sound like a lot of hullabaloo about nothing, but this was my life for the longest time. And now it’s like my world was flipped on its head. I’m trying to figure out life without much community. It’s hard, sometimes really hard. But I’d rather walk alone in this journey and be true to myself and my exploration than be surrounded by people who only support me and befriend me if I share the same religion and same views within a religion as they do.

So we’ll see how this goes. I’m sure I’ll keep Tumblr updated. Right now I’m reading the Bhagavad Gita and soon the Ramayana. I’ve read teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and that resounds with me just as tantra does. I’m playing with the idea that there is one God who goes by many names, for different cultures and different people. I want to learn more about other spiritualities before I cement that idea in, if cementing is something I ever end up doing. I’m fine with being wrong, I just want to explore what I can because it actually gives me peace and excitement to learn something new, and to try and gather a glimpse of the world through someone else’s eyes.



After working on this on and off since, what, March? I’m happy to finally announce my fun, thrilling, and exciting RPG Maker side project that gives me something simpler to work on while learning Unity for Andromi. Its working title is

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

That’s right! Instead of letting SLHRPG’s status as a fangame that Hasbro doesn’t approve of force it into obscurity forever, I’m doing what I always said I would do: replacing all the copyrighted characters with original ones, giving me more creative freedom both on this game and with potential future projects involving these characters. And while I’m at it, I’m expanding and improving upon every aspect of the game. A refined story, improved graphics, a bit more player choice, new areas to explore, the works

And these are the game’s new main protagonists:

Melody is a kindhearted trans fox who lives out in the woods. She recently became a paladin so that she could keep her girlfriend healed while out on dangerous adventures, but she’s worried that her anxieties will keep her from being as helpful as she’d like. She’s just gotta try and stay positive. Melody’s doing her best, okay?

Allison is an adventurous and strong rabbit who’s dating Melody. She just wants to fight monsters and hang out with her girlfriend. She can be a little overbearing, and people say she loves the sound of her own voice, but she’s always reliable when it counts. She also depends on Melody a lot more than she’d like to admit

Claire is a trans cow and the leader of the bunch. She has extensive knowledge of witchcraft–possibly too much for her own good. In spite of her sometimes intimidating know-it-all persona, she’s trying to prove she’s a good friend. Unfortunately, building dangerous, monster-filled dungeons to test her friends’ skills doesn’t really help her case

The game will be releasing sometime in 2016 2017, and until then I’ll post regular updates on my blog in the #SLARPG tag

Gone: Chapter 8

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Life got in the way. This chapter is a bit longer to compensate for that.

Please let me know if you like it, if you’re still reading this. It’s been hard to get motivated lately. I’ll appreciate all the feedback.

Also thanks to my girl @allenting for the sign idea and all the idea bouncing in general. And to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for also bouncing ideas with me. You guys are awesome!

Also I’m so sorry, it just simply won’t let me tag some people :( I don’t know what’s going on guys!

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THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! I’m currently on my way to my hometown for the long weekend and I’m so so excited! Something that use to really give me anxiety was traveling because I didn’t have any control over the types of food that would be available or if I had access to a gym. I would bring everything that I would eat in a day for however long I was staying, I would refuse to eat out or eat the food that was made especially for me because I was so consumed with the thoughts that their food might be “tainted”. I worried about eating too much fat and not enough protein, I would never really fully enjoy myself on my vacations because I was so restrictive and wanted to eat 100% pure all the time. Sure you can eat cautiously, but food and life is meant to be enjoyed and it’s amazing the feeling you get when you do the things scare you the most. Don’t be afraid to do the things you love and love your life the way you wanna live it because the only person stopping you is yourself. I can tell you that I am such a happier person now than ever before because I do things that used to and still do scare me!