no baby it’s just a bad night i’m absolutely fine: a collaboration between the sainted max and myself


Ziam night in.

More teacups

CAP MEME »  faceless + doctor who (for anon)


After working on this on and off since, what, March? I’m happy to finally announce my fun, thrilling, and exciting RPG Maker side project that gives me something simpler to work on while learning Unity for Andromi. Its working title is

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

That’s right! Instead of letting SLHRPG’s status as a fangame that Hasbro doesn’t approve of force it into obscurity forever, I’m doing what I always said I would do: replacing all the copyrighted characters with original ones, giving me more creative freedom both on this game and with potential future projects involving these characters. And while I’m at it, I’m expanding and improving upon every aspect of the game. A refined story, improved graphics, a bit more player choice, new areas to explore, the works

And these are the game’s new main protagonists:

Melody is a kindhearted trans fox who lives out in the woods. She recently became a paladin so that she could keep her girlfriend healed while out on dangerous adventures, but she’s worried that her anxieties will keep her from being as helpful as she’d like. She’s just gotta try and stay positive. Melody’s doing her best, okay?

Allison is an adventurous and strong rabbit who’s dating Melody. She just wants to fight monsters and hang out with her girlfriend. She can be a little overbearing, and people say she loves the sound of her own voice, but she’s always reliable when it counts. She also depends on Melody a lot more than she’d like to admit

Claire is a trans cow and the leader of the bunch. She has extensive knowledge of witchcraft–possibly too much for her own good. In spite of her sometimes intimidating know-it-all persona, she’s trying to prove she’s a good friend. Unfortunately, building dangerous, monster-filled dungeons to test her friends’ skills doesn’t really help her case

The game will be releasing sometime in 2016, and until then I’ll post regular updates on my blog in the #SLARPG tag

on second thought I probably should’ve looked up how to do lineless before I tried it 

pokemon go things i need

- be able to friend ppl
- be able to trade pokemon
- pokemon amie how cool would that be listen…. i want to pet them
- more trainer appearance options (i need better hair my trainer reminds me of myself in middle school)
- notifications when a pokemon is within range!
- more things to do… i need more things…


All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.
↳ Dishonored ft. Network (best viewed with this piece of music)

Overall it’s incomplete and over a year late for High Chaos Week 2015, but I felt the design itch and thought I’d finish what I started. It was going to be part of a much larger mash-up that maybe one day I might complete, I dunno. 

80s Cyberpunk simply because it’s my favourite thing in the world.


Darkness enveloped him by the time he had left the charred remains of old Wayne Manor. For a time, all he could do was stare; senses ghosting across memories from a lifetime ago, from a life he didn’t even know. How very telling it was, like painting Bruce Wayne to life. It was a breach of privacy, no doubt —— and even while he knew he’d not find the man himself in these ruins, he had ventured there anyway. At least until night came, and the rain began to fall. Already, he had wasted far too much of his time and energy. Luckily Wayne’s current residence was still on the family property somewhere. On the lake, if he recalled correctly ( and assuming his research had been accurate ). With no strength left to fly, it was Into the fields he went; hands hiding under his arms for the warmth his body was sorely lacking, and boots too big for his feet sloshing against mud and grass.

It had felt like forever, this trudge through the storm. Far too much time allowed for anxious thoughts and aching limbs.Every step forward was met with concerned caution, as there was no telling just how the man would react. Attempted murder, and his mother’s savior —- the man was a conundrum. Good feeling or bad, Clark could not shake the importance of finding him. If anyone could help him understand what was happening, it would be the Batman, right?

It was through the trees that Clark had found the lake house. It’s sleek, modern structure rested atop of the water ——- glass walls exposing the lifeless insides. At first, he’d felt instant relief. Finally, he’d found him. The closer he came toward the house however, the more alone he’d felt. A mere stumble at the steps, but he urged forward to reach the door. That’s when he hesitated. Panic insisted, because what if this was all just a mistake? He didn’t know the man, not really. He remembered the ironclad boot at his throat, with that glowing green spear parting his skin. The thought left his skin crawling, and the pit of his stomach churning with regret. The Bat had to be more than his aggression; he’d witnessed it himself, that very night. In battle, he had helped-—–and more importantly, he kept the promise he had made to him. Martha was alive

He swallowed back any indignation ( any fear ), and outstretched a trembling hand to pound once, twice, three times —–upon the door.  Nothing. He should have expected as much, considering who Bruce Wayne really was. The Batman. Wasn’t it his thing to roam the city after dark? 

—–aah, c’mon.dammit.

 Disappointment weighed his shoulders down until, eventually, he let himself drop at the doorway. There was no use trying to make his way back into the city at this time of night, and during this storm no less —— so he’d settle for sitting here to wait, while his body slumped against the exterior. Eventually, he even dozed off.

I would legitimately love a dlc where the inquisitor’s anchor starts acting up again and spreading and everyone has to find a way to stop/remove it

Sooooooo I found my perfect little space collar! ( besides the sakura collar when I don’t want to much color) saw this late Friday night and I knew I had to have it. So this beauty will arrive in a week to so from @kittensplaypenshop . That makes 3 collars and 2 of them in the edgier side of things. I can not wait! This one will probably arrive first and I’m so excited for all of them!
Thank you @kittensplaypenshop , @kittenenchantment , and @delicatekittenshop for creating beautiful things and having something for every kitten/little out there. I’m so excited to receive everything. Its giving me something to look forward to when I have those yucky days at work. Keep up the amazing job!

Update on “Chai wala” aka Arshad Khan (who is from Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa): he was offered a modelling contract!!

Who’s doing something exciting for the fourth? Give me details. I need to know for certain that at least one of you is doing something exciting and isn’t a complete dork.

I wish there was more syfy!5sos. Like, domestic!5sos is fantastic and all, but I’d kill for a story about 5sos stuck in a apocalyptic universe or a supernatural sort of story. Just something different than one of the boys being my boyfriend in university or another fucking coffee shop au. Give me sword fights and lightsaber battles! Give me zombies and werewolves!!! Give me super hero!5sos!!! Just something that is fun and exciting

Okay, it’s like pokemon. If you have a goal - a pokemon to catch, an evolution to reach, a gym to defeat - it makes it easier to keep moving forward. Gives you something to get excited about and look forward to.
—  Me, relating life to Pokémon



Friend: *is excited about something*

Me: *doesn’t give a fuck*

Me: Oh my god really??? THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!

Be excited for people even when you don’t care it’s quick it’s easy and it’s free

Okay. RttE Week; DONE. Inktober; GOIN STRONG (seriously last time I tried Inktober was 2 years ago, I think I did it three days and they were not in a row, but this year I’ve done 8/31 IN A ROW). I have two dragon riders still sitting around to be drawn, and now that RttE week is done I can get back to that (Bee’s is already sketched). I have two HTTYD requests to do (no I didn’t forget/stop taking requests, I’ve just been busy!). I want to get buttons designed for Sister Location and I’m at ¼ animatronics (I want this done today, probs not happening). I’m getting some shit together for a local convention this Friday and I got some new prints ordered, including mini prints of that Cloudjumper I drew on RttEW day one and I can’t wait to get themmmm.