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Kayswiss does Commissions! (warning: long post)

Hey y’all, Kayswiss here! I’m opening up commissions to help pay for college and help my folks with bills.

I’m can’t apply for jobs mainly because my parents rather I focus on school than on work, and I also do not have a car so driving to work would… Be impossible for me. At the same time we’ve hit a large rough patch of gross grass coming into 2017 (we recently payed off a mortgage for my grandparents’ house and for those who don’t know PAYING OFF A MORTGAGE IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD). 

Click the “keep reading” section because it further explains my recent situation & frustrations with one particular family member.

Other than that, here are the prices, terms & conditions, and what I can draw.

Will do

OCs, Fan OCs, and characters from fandoms

Animals; reptiles, mammals, fish, birds- you name it I’ll draw it


Will not

Anything NSFW/Fetishes/Smut; Mostly want it to be SFW

Hate Art

Intense Violence or Gore

Extreme complex designs (ex: Machines)

Terms & Conditions

  • When commissioning me, please provide me image reference(s) before submitting a payment. If your reference is just a description you will be charged more.
  • If you have any questions about your commission or need to provide me addition information (like how you want it to look, references, poses, etc.) you can contact me at or on my tumblr @kayswiss-mist via Submit.
  • When I start your commission I will notify you via your email or tumblr. You can also request the commission’s progress when I start it at least up to 3 times; giving your opinion on any additional details, change of the look, etc. After the 3 times are up you can no longer request to see it until the final product is done.
  • If you’d like to cancel your commission tell me ASAP, do not put it off until last minute while I’m in the process of finalizing the artwork. Please be 10000% certain before proceeding.
  • If there is a specific date you’d like a commission to be finished at, please tell me in the notes of the payment or in an email. The date must be in reasonable time; at least 5 days to a week and a half at minimum for me to do it in. I’m still busy in real life, so sometimes I’m unable to draw for some days due to the amount of work I’m doing.
  • The finished product will be watermarked and posted on my tumblr blog (kayswiss-mist) and my instagram (kayswiss.mist); it is for personal use only. DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. It is not to be used for profit or commercial use. If you want to edit or change your commission (like make it into an icon), it is allowed… but credit me! I cannot stress this enough, but if I so much as find that reposted somewhere else and has the watermark on or off… I’m going to report it to have it taken down.
  • If I made a mistake somewhere in the commission (like colored something incorrectly) I will fix it free of charge. I have a tendency to mix up layers so that’s on me, not the commissioner. However, if there are any major changes needed after the commission (like add in something that wasn’t initially stated) that will be charged more. Like just a dollar or so, not by much.

Method of Payment

I accept money by Google Wallet and now PayPal officially. After I calculate the price for the commission DO NOT SEND ME THE MONEY SOON AFTER! I will request it from you, that way we both don’t get in trouble with the paper work.

How you can pay me via Google Wallet you can find instructions on their FAQ. It’s a little easier in my opinion but it only works if you have an American Bank account or debit card.

*Note: If you are not satisfied with the product you will receive up to a 40% refund of the product. Money wasn’t the only thing used in making the artwork MY TIME IS JUST AS VALUABLE, so I hope you’ll understand.

You have up to a 5 business day period to contact me about a refund after me showing you the final product. So it goes like this:

Payment > Work on Product > Client gets Product > Refund Request within 5 Days

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