give love everyday

Find someone....
  • Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss you.
  • Someone who knows you aren’t perfect but treats you as if you’re.
  • Someone who’s bigger fear is losing you.
  • One who gives their heart completely.
  • Someone who says I love you and means it.
  • Last but not least find someone who wakes you up everyday and falls for you all over again.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH ! We reach the 2K Fans ! OMG it’s amazing all the support and love your giving me everyday ! thank you so much for everything guys,  thanks for letting me share all that crazy stuff about marvel ! I don’t have words to describe this feeling but I’m just like Loki right now. It’s just that 2k fans are so much for me and I never expect this, but now that it happens I’m just …. just, thanks. 

—Avengers Memes 

Until one has loved an animal,
a part of ones soul remains unawakened.
—  Anatole France

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This will sound so weird but there is this one kid in the year below me. He's from Mexico and came to my school two years ago and he lives with a host mother who lives ages away from the school. It just so happens that I live exactly between the school/were most of his friends live and his home, and I can't explain how this happened but since around 6 months he frequently comes to my house unannounced, at literally any time of the day (or night) and just sleeps here. It's usually that he

doesn’t want to take the far way home or get up early in the morning for school or needs some rest from his friends, and now around twice a week he just randomly pops up at my door and asks if he can chill. Well usually talk or study or sth for around 30 mins and then he’ll fall asleep in my bed, and we didn’t even really know each other when it first happened. He’s THE chick magnet but really doesn’t notice how everyone is into him, he’s super

sweet and literally everyone gets on with him, so when he first randomly asked if he could sleep at my place for a few hours I just couldn’t say no. He also occasionally brings food and teaches me to play the guitar as a thank you for letting him crash in my bed while I’m watching a series lol. This was kinda long, but now imagine Larry.



“Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”
This book serie really means a lot to us, as well as its characters, we love Neil and Andrew and love to wear them so much, we wanted to make a video for a year now. And we finally did! It tooks us quite a lot of time due to weather problems and some other struggles but it’s finally here! So we’re now really nervous about uploading it.
We really hope you’ll like it and that our vid will do enough justice to AFTG!
Thank you Nora Sakavic for writing such an awesome story and great characters.
Thank you everyone for the support, the comments and love you give us everyday. Those means the world to us, you can’t even imagine. ❤

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Boys taking care of their newborn twin daughters? :3

I mixed these two!


♥Shu: They are tiny… -you handed your babies to him. They started crying the moment Shu touched them with his colds hands- … And noisy…

♥Reiji: I’m really proud of you. To think that you gave birth to my own daughters… I’ll do my best, too.

♥Ayato: Chichinashi, did your body create those two girls for real?! Heh… This is amazing!

♥Kanato: Are these my daughters? Are you really serious? They seem… Cute.

♥Laito: Lookie here~! They look like you, Bitch-chan! They’re so pretty… Oh, that one has my eyes~

♥Subaru: Two… Two girls…? -he was speechless, but he was indeed very happy. You could tell because of his flushed cheeks.-


♥Ruki: You’ve done a great work, Livestock. Now, rest properly. We’ll have a lot of work from now on.

♥Kou: Heheh~ yay! Are they twins? It’s fun how they’re so alike!

♥Yuma: This feels so strange… Are these my daughters for real? Shit, I don’t know what to say…!

♥Azusa: I’m so happy, Eve… I’ll make sure to… Give my love to them… Everyday of my life…


♥Carla: Finally… Our daughters have been born. I feel… Blissful.

♥Shin: Is this really happening?! If things go right, they’ll be the princesses of the demon world.


Happy Family makes for happy Hatakes 

totes did not tear up doing this while listening to this song


‘Kuch log hote hain…jo kahin ke nahin hote.’

Holy heck Pickle is already climbing onto my hand but is still so afraid of everything what is going on with this boy

Hamilton didn’t even willfully climb onto my hand until like two months ago

I am confused

shoutout to all of you :))
  • I love you 
  • You’re cute
  • Your feelings are valid 
  • You’re loved
  • Please drink some water
  • Please eat something 
  • If you’re sad, it’s okay to be sad
  • Doesn’t lessen your value as a person
  • You’re a beautiful human 
  • Please keep breathing 
  • I’m here for you. 
  • Smile, it looks good on you! all candor and transparency…my life is pretty güd rn and worth living !