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🌊 Offerings for Mermaids 🌊

🌊  when contacting mermaids, offerings help begin the conversation, but also assure safety against “drowning”, which can be a metaphysical affect they distribute when unsatisfied with an interaction. 

some suggestions are:

  • shiny items
  • water related herbs that grow on the land
  • a musical offering, such as playing a song
  • singing with/for them
  • a comb
  • anything charged with the energy of the moon
  • a tuft of white fur
  • dove feathers
  • curative tonics
  • avoid offering clothing, but decorative accessories are considered ok. 
  • acts of cleaning up litter

🌊 avoid giving them personal items or telling them your name. like other kinds of fae, a name or personal affect can give them an abnormal amount of power over you. 

🌊 you can always give mermaids sea-related items if you feel they would appreciate them.

🌊 as you build a rapport with a particular mermaid you can bring them requests, though take care it’s nothing that gives them power over them. 

Collecting Herbs for Magical Workings

Plants and herbs are a common ingredient in many forms of magic. Whether you are making incense, stuffing a sachet, or brewing a folk remedy, if you practice long enough, you’re eventually going to have a use for them. When that’s the case, you’ll want to use the best possible ingredient.

While store bought herbs will do in a pinch, I prefer to harvest my own. This way: you can be confident of freshness, you can establish a relationship with the donor plant, and you can harvest with intent, contributing to the power of the destined spell. Your spell work begins with the gathering of components, so treat the activity with the focus it deserves.

Your Toolkit

The first thing you will need is a cutting tool. Some traditions recommend the use of a sickle-shaped tool with a white handle, called the Boline. Here’s an example of what one looks like:

Personally, I don’t recommend the use of a Boline. Here’s why:

  • They tend to tear the plant instead of cutting it. The jagged edges this leaves behind are more prone to infection, and susceptible to insect attack.
  • They’re conspicuous, and the layman may mistake it for a weapon. Enjoy explaining to a cop that it is a “special knife for witchcraft”.
  • They require considerable care to keep sharp

If your beliefs don’t specifically demand the Boline, I instead recommend a pair of garden pruning shears with white handles. They are affordable, inconspicuous, and designed to do as little damage as possible to the plant.

Once you’ve chosen your knife, you should consecrate it. It should never be used for any purpose other than the harvesting of plants. When it isn’t in use, store it near your altar.

Next, you’ll need something to carry your herbs in. I use a large linen hip bag with an over the shoulder strap. You’ll also need some twine or string to divide the herbs you’ve collected, and a “harvest journal” so you can take note of the location of plants you find.

Finally, you need an offering to thank them for their gift. In magic, there is nothing without sacrifice. In the store, you pay with money. In nature, you can pay with fertilizer. I generally carry around a re-purposed water or soda bottle filled with fertilizer mix.

Finding Your Herbs

Some of us are lucky to live close to forests or natural fields on public land, but for many it can be a challenge to source wild herbs.

If you live in a city, find out if there are any nature trails or reserves in your area, then check what their policies are. You can also search for vacant lots, or neighbors with a green thumb. Make sure to ask before helping yourself! Sometimes you can find areas beneath power lines where herbs and flowers are allowed to grow freely. Taking plants from those areas is usually allowed.

You should try to avoid harvesting near a road (where the plants will have taken in a lot of pollution), from very small plants, or plants that appear to be sick. You don’t want to eat a sick plant, and you don’t want to kill a plant by taking from it. A good rule of thumb is to never take more than 25% of the plant’s total growth.

Asking Permission

Before you cut the plant, you should take some time to connect with it. Examine it to see if it is healthy. Take your time identifying it. Feel the plant’s energy and let it get to know you. Once you’ve determined that the plant is a good candidate, you should ask its permission to take it.

This process is intuitive. Some believe you should ask aloud, others that you can ask silently, communicating with the plant by focusing your intent. Let the plant know what you want to use it for, and invite it to participate with you. Then, wait a few minutes and listen for a response.

You should get an impression on whether or not it is okay. This could come in the form of a sensation, such as an inviting warmth, or a chill that turns you away. It could just be a sense of satisfaction. Trust yourself and go with what you sense is right. If you feel unsure or anxious, find another plant.


Using your sharp implement, make a clean, angular cut near a joint. This will make it easier for the plant to heal and regrow. You will want to choose a portion of the plant that is not the oldest (dark and woody), and not the youngest (the lightest with the most budding leaves). A good middle-aged branch is best. Be sure to never take more than 25% of the total plant growth.

While you are harvesting the plant, you should focus yourself on the intent of the spell you’re collecting it for. If you’re gathering chamomile for a healing tea, visualize yourself getting well. If you’re casting a money spell, see yourself getting that big cheque! If the goal is a love spell, see yourself with your ideal partner.

No specific goal? If you’re harvesting for general purposes or to replenish your stock, you can focus on the properties of the plant, and enforce your intention that it should lend strength to your work.

Tie the plants that you have collected into a bundle so that they wont get lost in your other herbs when you put them in your carrying bag.

Giving Thanks

Having taken from the plant, you should give thanks for the gift. Tell it that you’re grateful, and assure it that it wont be misused. Then, provide payment!

Pour the fertilizer you brought at the roots of the plant. If you stumbled upon the plant accidentally and don’t have your fertilizer with you, make some other form of offering. Traditionally, a small coin at the base of the plant can show your willingness to give. Don’t litter! The scrap of paper or cloth in your pocket is probably not a suitable offering.

Before you go, spend a moment tending to the plant. Clear debris from around it, untangle it from choking weeds and pluck off any dead matter. Practice respect by leaving it in better condition than it was when you found it!

Storing and Preparing for Use

To use the herbs fresh, simply wash them in cool water and pat them dry. They can be kept lively for a few days by putting them in a vase of water and keeping them in a cool area (if your fridge isn’t too cold, that’ll do nicely).

If you wont be using them within a few days, or want to put them in a sachet, tea or incense, you will probably need to dry them.

Tie a string around the base of a bunch of the washed, dried herbs and suspend them upside down in a warm place with good ventilation. To avoid collecting dust, I like to tie brown paper bags over them. Check them once a week, and take them down when they are dry and brittle, but before they turn to powder beneath your thumb. The length of time they’ll take to dry will vary widely based on your climate and the thickness of the plant.

When they’re dry, keep them in a labeled, airtight container for up to six months.

Use Them!

Record any observations you make while working with the herb along with it’s location in your harvest journal. If the plant is particularly fragrant or effective, write it down so you know to go back! If it doesn’t work well for you, make note of that, too.

And that is how you harvest herbs for magic! Happy Crafting!


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What's wrong with dog breeders? (Please don't answer in a rude way, I just really don't know and I've never really heard about them so that's why I'm asking)

First of all, there are millions of healthy dogs being euthanized in shelters yearly because people would prefer to buy a pedigree dog or a puppy from a breeder. Furthermore, reckless breeding can lead to deformities and health issues in dogs that come from breeders. Additionally, breeding is cruel no matter what the breeder says. It’s cruel to force a dog to give birth to litter of puppy after litter of puppy. When you buy from a breeder instead of rescue from a shelter, you’re essentially euthanizing a healthy dog in the shelter to free up space for the next one.

If the dog pound we got Louie from wasn’t closing down then he would have been euthanized months before we got him. He was there for three months and not one person asked about him. He’s a playful, gentle, hilarious, affectionate, and smart boy and he came to the shelter as a stray. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dogs in shelters. Just because they aren’t pedigree or a puppy doesn’t make them any less deserving of a family.

Guess what!

Okay, so Mum cat had her babies, there are 6 and a day old.

I love Mum cat and I sat by her all 7 hours of the birthing process and 2 hours after to make sure the babies were alright.

After a scare with the 6th one not breathing, all are doing well.

I went to check on her and the babies this morning, and when I sat down, Mum cat put her babies in my lap and then curled up next to me, I checked them over and thankfully all are doing well.

Mum cat is such a proud and good Mum


Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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@badlydrawn-narancia now that you mention it, there ARE a few of you around. Let’s see….

@squadrancia @pt4narancia @weeklyorangeboi @weekly-narancia @daily-narancia @secret-narancia-friend @notdaily-narancia @dailynarancha @decentlydrawnnarancia and potentially many more.

Hmph. You can strike me off the list of causes. What possible motive would I ever have for making more of you? Why would anyone want this.

Your species probably just gives birth in litters, or something.

So I met this guy the other day

who told me how once he was on this road trip, and he was passing through some little mountain town. Apparently, he gets out of his car to go get dinner at this pub, when out of nowhere this dog, he said it was a beagle or something, runs up and bites him right on the ankle, and then takes off running. An older guy was coming out of the pub and sees what happened, and is like “oh shit! The dog that bit you, did it draw blood?”

And at this point, the guy is freaking out, like, was the dog rabid or something?

The old man looks at him gravely and tells him no, it’s worse. He’s cursed. Anyone he bites is doomed to itch constantly. The guy actually starts laughing now, he says “okay, you really had me going there!”

And the old man looks him dead in the eye and says “Don’t leave town tonight. At sundown it’ll start.”

Anyway, so the guy leaves town anyway because this is clearly a crock of crap. But as he’s checking into his hotel a few hours down the road, sure enough he starts itching. And itching. And itching. No way this is a curse, he says.

But it doesn’t go away. He tries showering, he tries oatmeal baths, he eventually even shaves his entire body but nothing works. Even doctors can’t find anything wrong with him.

After months of non stop itching with no relief, he finally decides to go back to the town where he got bit.

He finds the old man at the pub, who says he wondered when he’d be back. Last time this happened the victim was back in a week.

“Last time?”

“Oh, sure, that old mongrel is a mean one alright. But you’re in luck, he’s been knocking up the fine lady dogs of this town left and right.”

The guy asks, “why does that make me lucky?”

Turns out, the old man tells him, he has to go find which litter of puppies the cursed beagle sired. So he and the old man go around seeing all the puppies in town. “Grab the runt of the litter an’ give it a cuddle” the old man instructs.

The guy is desperate by now and doesn’t even question. He spends several days hugging puppies, but to no avail.

Then one morning, reading a paper at the local diner, he turns the page with one hand while itching his neck with the other, and sees a classified ad for puppies who were found, abandoned outside the animal shelter the next town over.

He and the old man drive out to meet the pups. They’re a squirmy bumch, but clearly half beagle. The guy grabs for the nearest one, but the old man stops him. You need the runt, he says.

The man looks the littlest ball of pudge, suddenly apprehensive. “We don’t have to hurt it, do we?”

“Hurt it?! Yer gonna adopt it, sonny.” The old man cackles.

So the guy takes the tiniest puppy, picks him up, and rubs his face into the fur.

Miraculously, the itch is gone! He shouts and laughs for sheer joy! Itching relieved, suddenly he wants a scientific explanation. Why did that work?

“Simple.” Said the old man. “The best cure is the little heir of the dog that bit ya.”

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A queen gives birth to a litter that includes one particularily small kit. However, the queen isn't very good with words, so rather than thinking "whoa that is one small kit, I'll name her Smallkit", she thinks "well, this kit is less big than the others, I'll name her Lesskit". As Lesskit grows up and becomes Lesspaw, she becomes a medicine cat apprentice, and eventually, a medicine cat. She receives the name Lessbean

A lovely lessbean…

The Stables (SamRowena)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @spnabobingo , @kinktober2017 , @thebunkerofletters inktober challenge
Prompt(s) Filled(Kink|Ink|ABO): size difference | Victorian | SamRowena
Ship: Sam/Rowena
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: smut, het, omega!rowena, alpha!sam, victorian era, knotting, anal sex, bareback, anal fingering
Summary: Rowena’s got a crush on the stable groom.
Word Count: 2245

“I’ve heard he’s hung like a horse.”

“More like a moose,” Rowena murmured, sharing a laugh with Cleo as they watched the MacLeod estate’s stable groom, Sam Winchester, cross the yard. He was carrying a large pail of water and a large bag of feed as if they weighed nothing, muscles rippling on his back as he moved.

He spotted the ladies and politely bowed his head, a pink rising to his cheeks at his state of undress.

The ladies laughed once more and Rowena squeezed Cleo’s hand. “Shall we move indoors? This heat is something awful.”

“I don’t think it’s the heat putting that color into your cheeks, ma’am.”

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Imagine that your biggest wish has been to be pregnant

Imagine that your biggest wish has been to be pregnant and experience labor and birth. You have tried many times with the help of medicine and science, but to no avail. You finally decide to take your chances with the supernatural.

After much research, you come upon a book that has instructions and incantations about how to summon multiple types of demons. The very day you are able to collect the book and all of the items necessary, you summon a demon that focuses on fulfilling wishes.

When you explain to the demon that it has been your one and only lifelong wish to be filled with life and experience the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth, the demon agrees to grant your wish, but only on their terms. The demon then vanishes without a trace.

A few weeks pass, and you begin to lose hope of your wish coming true, but one night, the demon comes to you and takes you to their realm. The demon told you that you would be stuck in this new realm for all eternity. It was a part of their conditions on granting your wish. The other condition was that you would be the demon’s personal breeder.

Within a few months, you were bursting with dozens more of the demon’s offspring after giving birth to a litter of 50 demon spawn during your first week long birth.

You couldn’t wait until you could labor and give birth to this new litter.

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What would UT/UF Sans and US/SF papyrus do if they were petsitting Thier s/os cat while they were out of town only or the cat to steal Thier hoodie and give birth to a litter of kittens on it

(I think i heard somewhere that cat’s search for a fitting spot to get their kittens way before giving borth to them. I wonder if that’s true or not….I honestly heard that in Star Trek, so it’s a 50/50 chance that it’s true :’) )

UT Sans: Ah…uhm…wow. Kittens. That’s weirdly cute and gross at the same time. And seems like he needs a new hoodie. “man…you gotta be kitten me.” Non of the kittens is very amused by that.

UF Sans: Oh come on! Why on his jacket of all places!? Wel, at least the kittens look pretty cute. But he won’t clean up that mess. And he will fight tooth and claw over his jacket, nobody takes that from him.

US Papyrus: He only put the stpid thing down for a minute while changing into a comfier top and bam it’s gone. He searches trough the entire house until he stumbles over your cat lying curled around some still wet kittens…rigth…rigth on his hoodie. He sighs amused, at least it cam to good use.

SF Papyrus: He threw his jacket into a corner the moment he entered the house, it was way to warm in here. And he was to lazy to properly hang it on a hook. Well, and now it was gone. His own fault for leaving it lie around in a heap. He suddenly hears multiple meows. Wait….you only had one cat..Oh. He walks to the source of the meows, finding a nest made out of his jacket, coverd in kittens. Man, he already misses his jacket. But those cute balls of fur need it more then him now.

home is where the cats are

Written for the prompt: “Hey honey…did you seriously adopt another kitten?”

Also available on ao3

Keith is immediately off balance when he enters the house and there’s no Shiro. It’s not unusual for Shiro to be out, and it’s not like he greets Keith at the door usually. But the house lights are on, and the living room and kitchen are empty.  He walks slowly to the bedroom, and when he’s not there either Keith removes his jacket, carefully hanging it up in the closet, and then resumes his search for Shiro.

“Babe.” He calls out, before adding somewhat superfluously, “you home?”

“I’m in the bathroom.” The voice replies, the sound muffled, blocked by more than just the distance between them.

Shiro can’t be having a shower, Keith’s brain supplies helpfully.

If he were showering, the exhaust fan would be on, and besides, Keith would have heard the shower running as soon as he entered the house if that were the case.

He could have finished his shower, and still be in the bathroom, possibly shaving, but again the fan would have probably been on.

He clasps his fingers on the bathroom door handle, twisting it and pushing the door open carefully and slowly, just in case Shiro is standing within the doors opening range.

The door only gives the normal amount of resistance, and when Keith has it open, he looks into the room to find Shiro fully clothed, sitting on the tiled floor.

“Shut the door.” Shiro instructs him. Keith feels himself completing the action before he’s even considered not doing it, the click of the latch echoing in the small room before he even considers why Shiro asked him to close it, why the door would even need to be closed.

Keith can feel the confusion tugging at his face, reflecting the turmoil inside him. Something is still off. He doesn’t know what, but he can feel it, tugging at his edges. He hates the feeling, too many years spent with no idea what was going on, so many years spent trying to make sure he has the whole picture, that when he gets stuck back here again, it grates at him.

“Come here.” Shiro says, taking pity on Keith, and reaching out for him, wrapping his large hand easily around Keith’s wrist, the fingers easily reaching around. Shiro tugs, and Keith does as he always does, and follows Shiro, letting himself be pulled down, he falls to kneel in front of Shiro.

Shiro pulls at his wrist again, tugging him further in, his other hand pushing at Keith’s shoulder, until he’s been rearranged, tucked into Shiro’s side. Shiro lets go of his wrist to wrap his arm around Keith’s shoulder, pulling him in tighter.

“How was your day babe?”

Keith feels the frown on his face, his brow furrowing. It’s a distraction, Keith thinks. There’s something going on, he hasn’t worked it out yet.

“Fine.” He answers, and it’s true, it was fine, there’s nothing overly important, or outstanding, but he’d usually elaborate, tell Shiro about his day, about the drills he ran, complain about some of the students, or something. Instead he’s focusing his attention on the room, casting his eyes around the small room.

Now that he can look, he spots the outlier in the room almost immediately.

“Shiro.” He says, trying to keep his voice calm, but that in itself is probably a giveaway, as much as any other tone he could have taken. “What is that?”

He’s looking in the direction of the item, and really, the room isn’t large enough that there’s much he could be talking about, but he’s not surprised when Shiro says: “What?”

His voice is tongue in cheek, it’s obvious he’s playing with Keith, dodging the subject, but Keith indulges him anyway.

“Is that a kitty litter in the corner?”

“Oh that.” Shiro says, and his tone is light. “Yeah it is.”

“And what’s it doing in here?” Keith pushes the subject.

“It’s for the cat in here Keith.” Keith can almost hear the grin on Shiro’s face, he’s sure if he turned his face up to look, he’d see the lift at the edge of Shiro’s lips. “You can’t have a cat in here without giving them a litter tray.”

“Why is there a cat in here, Shiro?” Keith asks. The silence is telling, as is the presence of a new cat food tray, positioned in the corner by the bathroom unit.

He changes tack, “Hey honey –“ his voice lighter and a little teasing as he says the words, “–did you seriously adopt another kitten?”

Shiro’s head drops down, burying into Keith’s hair. “Maybe.”

Keith’s thoughts rush ahead. A kitten. Another cat. They aren’t even allowed the two they have. Mika and Basco have to go stay with Hunk when they have inspections, and he doesn’t mind but still.

What if the kitten doesn’t get along with Mika and Basco. What if they end up having those screaming fights that he’s only ever heard of before.

He can feel his breath starting to race, speeding up along with his thoughts, but then Shiro squeezes his arm, the hard press of the fingers dragging him out and away from his thoughts.

He looks up, dragged from his thoughts, and his attention is grabbed by a flash of movement. And his head turns to bring the movement into focus.

What he sees is a small black kitten, just edging out from under the bathroom unit.

The kitten is tiny, it looks too small really to be away from its mother, and Keith knows, immediately, that this is why Shiro brought the kitten home with him. Shiro can never resist a stray.

Keith should know.

The kitten is inching out, slowly, and Keith stays stock-still, even settling his breathing, as if that might make a difference. But the kitten is still making its way out, and Keith doesn’t want to interrupt its movement. The kitten approaches Shiro and Keith, and Keith figures it’s probably approaching Shiro, heading to the person who rescued it from whatever fate and hardships it would have faced. When it walks past Keith to sniff his own boots, it takes every bit of control not to flinch away.

He’s rewarded by the kitten walking even closer, making his way up Keith’s legs, eventually stepping onto them, climbing up on its own wobbly little legs, and eventually, surprisingly, the kitten makes its way into Keith’s lap. The kitten sniffs Keith’s pants, padding its little paws against the material, before turning around a few times, and settling down in his lap.

Only then does Keith breath properly again, taking a deep mouthful of air, while also being careful to make sure doesn’t shift too much, doesn’t disrupt the kitten.

“I think she likes you.” Shiro says the words into his hair, before placing a kiss there. He wraps his other arm around Keith, embracing him fully into a hug.

“Yeah.” Keith agrees softly. “Does she have a name?”

“No, I thought we could name her together.”

“Oh.” Keith thinks about that. Mika and Basco already had names when they got them, passed on from a couple who had moved away and couldn’t take them. It was a nice thought that this kitten would be theirs, right from the start. “Thank you.” He says, a little belatedly, when he feels like he should say something.

“So you’re not mad then?” Shiro asks.

“Nah,” Keith replies, “but if she makes a mess you’re cleaning it up.”

“That’s fair.” Shiro huffs. “That’s an entirely reasonable request. I love you.”

“I love her.” Keith responds. And Shiro huffs a laugh into his hair. Keith lets the silence go, just long enough that it feels like that might be all he’s saying, before he adds. “And I love you.”

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By AllyinthekeyofX

Dialogue only for @xfficchallenges

They are driving.  It’s in-car dialogue and dialogue isn’t my strong point but I tried!  Thanks as always to @guitargirl48 for being my fic rock and telling me it wasn’t too crap.


“Hey Scully, you want to play a game?….eye spy? Make the trip pass faster.”

“Mulder, in case it hasn’t registered through your layers of obsessional focus - the same obsessional focus that dragged me out of bed at 4am on a  precious saturday morning to go haring half way across the country on what will probably be yet another wild goose chase, I should probably point out that it is still dark outside”

“There are lots of things we could see in the dark Scully.”

“lots of things YOU could see in the dark Mulder.  I on the other hand just want to sit here and try to persuade my body that it’s still under the influence of restful slumber.”

“Do I take that as a no?”


“Yes no or yes yes?”


“Yes you want to play a game or no you want me to shut the hell up?”

“Mulder you don’t have to shut the hell up.  I kind of like it when you talk..”

“You do?”

“Yeah.  The sound of your voice puts me to sleep.”


“I didn’t mean it like that.”


“Mulder are you sulking?”


“You are.  You’re sulking because I won’t play a game…..oh for fuck sake. Will you stop it?”

“Stop what?  I’m not doing anything..”

“You’re doing that thing with your face…that kicked puppy thing.”

“Kicked puppy thing?  Scully you’re delusional.”

“No.  I’m not at all.  Every time you don’t get your own way you pull this face….”

“Awww Scully you look kind of cute all wrinkled up like a baby armadillo”

“Eyes on the road Mulder, right now.”

“You were the one who told me to look at your face….your armadillo face…your cute wrinkled armadillo face…hey Scully did you know that armadillos are genetically predisposed to only giving birth to quadruplets?  Pretty cool huh?”

“Amazing.  I’ve been waiting my whole life to unlock the secrets of armadillo procreation.  Thanks for that.”

“Ok, how about this one.  Horses lack the ability to breathe through their mouths.”

“I know.”

“You know?”



“Mulder I just know.  I don’t know how I know.  How the hell do you know that armadillos only give birth to litters of four?…sometimes we just know pointless bits of information and our brains store it for no other reason than to annoy our FBI partners at 5am on a saturday morning.”

“No information is pointless Scully.”

“Yeah well, I’ll grant you that all information has a certain relevance to someone, but it’s all relative as to how much weight we allot to any given subject.  For example, did you know that brain freeze is actually an accepted medical condition?”

“Brain freeze?  As in eating ice- cream- too- fast brain freeze?”

“Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia; commonly known as brain freeze”

“I love it when you talk medical Scully.  Okay, did you know that comparative to body mass, a barnacle has the largest penis known in nature?”

“You just made that up.”

“No I swear it’s absolutely true. Why do you think lady barnacles always look so happy?”

 “Hmmm okay, well did you know the ‘dot’ over the top of the letter j is called a tittle?”

“Not bad Scully.  But yes I did and I’m never adverse to a nice tittle.”

“Mulder that was terrible even by your standards.  Ask me another.”

“Another what?”

“Another pointless fact question.”

“I thought you wanted to sleep? Okay, pointless fact about sleep.  Did you know that before the introduction of colour television, only around 15% of people dreamed in colour?  Now it’s more like 82%  I mean how weird is that?  It’s like The Wizard of Oz….everything in black and white and then suddenly there it is - a technicolour landscape laid out for the taking.  Makes me wonder if our dreams are somehow subconscious links to our viewing habits.  That if I watched nothing but cookery shows I would dream in smell-a-vision….it’s a whole new spin on waking up and smelling the coffee….in fact on the subject of coffee, I could use some caffeine right about now.  What say we pull over at the next………oh.”

(Whispered) “Hey Scully, did you know that sea otters hold hands when one is sleeping to ensure they never drift away from each other?…..”


Wednesday Hyena - Crocuta crocuta Edition

The Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) is the largest member of the family Hyaenidae, and is also known as the laughing hyena due to its unique vocalizations. They are the most common large carnivore in Africa, although its origins indicate that it might have evolved in Asia and was found throughout three continents until the late Pleistocene (Asia, Africa and Europe). In traditional African folklore it is usually seen very negatively, being a symbol of gluttony, stupidity and greed - this influenced Western perception of the Spotted Hyena as well, and conservationists believe that this lingering negative perception has an impact on how much people care about its continued survival as a species, both in the wild and in captivity.

The Spotted Hyena has a powerful build, with thick muscles in its neck and forelegs. Their rump is rounded, which is a defensive adaptation - it prevents attackers who come from behind from getting a good grip. They can measure up to 65 inches (165 cm) in body length, with a short 14-inch (35 cm) tail. Females are slightly larger than males, with the hyenas in Zambia weighing the most. Some of the largest Spotted Hyenas ever measured weighed 200 pounds (90 kg), though more average-sized adults are closer to 153 pound (70 kg). Their coats vary in color from grayish-brown to yellowish-brown, sometimes being so dark as to seem almost black. The pattern of spots on the coats is unique to each individual.

Spotted Hyenas live in clans with complex social structures. Clan size can be as large as 80 individuals, but group size is dependent on habitat and main sources of prey - clans of the Serengeti are smaller, because their prey is migratory and they need to keep up. Clans of Ngorongoro Crater are larger, because their main sources of prey tend to stay in one place. Clans have a matriarchal structure, where even the lowest-ranking female will outrank the highest-ranking male. Females tend to stay with the clan of their birth, while males will break off to join new clans at about 2.5 years of age. Remarkably, the social structure is closer to that of baboons or macaques than it is to that of other large social predators. This is evidenced by their awareness of clan members of individuals, and how they use information about their own social status and the status of others to make decisions. Also, status is not determined by size or aggression, but by complex networks of allies.

Female Spotted Hyenas are the only known mammalian species to lack an external vaginal opening. Instead, the labia have fused together to form a pseudo-scrotum, and the clitoris is large, and positioned and shaped like a penis. It is capable of becoming erect. The pseudo-penis contains a urogenital canal, through which urination, copulation and giving birth are all accomplished. This genital configuration also means that rape is physically impossible. Females mate promiscuously, forming no permanent pair bonds (similar to the behavior of big cats). They tend to favor younger males, regardless of how old they themselves are, and passive males are more successful in enticing females to mate than aggressive males are. After a 110-day gestation period, the females will give birth to a litter of two cubs - only occasionally will there be three. Spotted Hyena cubs are among the largest offspring relative to the size of their mother, and cubs are aggressive toward each other. Siblicide is thought to account for 25% of all cub deaths within their first month of life.

Males take no part in the raising of offspring. Spotted Hyena clans exhibit social denning behavior, and depending on the size of the clan, will have a large central den structure or several smaller dens, which were typically dens that had been dug by warthogs and other animals. Dens are used as an anti-predator device to protect cubs while they’re young. Cubs will dug much of the deeper tunnel structures, at a size which prevents even the adult hyenas of their clan from being able to reach them.

Spotted Hyenas are extremely intelligent. Studies comparing them to chimpanzees have found that Spotted Hyenas perform better at cooperative problem-solving tests, and evidence strongly suggests that primate and hyena intelligence evolved convergently. It is believed that Spotted Hyenas, while being opportunistic hunters and scavengers, will plan to hunt particular species in advance. They also engage in deceptive behaviors, such as a female sounding the general alarm call to disrupt an in-clan attack on her cubs, or a hyena sounding the alarm call to distract the others from a morsel of food they’ve just acquired.

Space Puppy

Another fic for @platonicvldweek and decided to combine today’s theme of Injury/Healing with the tread of wanting to give Shiro a dog.

I’m a huge dog lover.  I had to do this.

Title: Space Puppy

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Rating: G

Characters: Shiro, Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Coran and Allura

Summary:  Shiro always did love dogs, so when he finds one injured he can’t just leave it alone.

The base was abandoned, at least it should be.  They had infiltrated the rundown Galra checkpoint hoping to find some information in the database.  According to the lions’ scanners, the place was utterly deserted.

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Guys. GUYS.  I am so coloring this tomorrow! So this is another piece for the Omega!verse Hijackrabbit.  (In my head they give birth to litters) So Hiccup gave birth to three of those little piglets and Jack gave birth to two.  All of them were fathered by Aster of course. :D 

I had so much fun drawing those little ones

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The 2ps are petsitting Thier s/os dog while Thier out of town it's going well then out of nowhere the dog runs to Thier room jumps on Thier bed and proceeds to give birth to a litter of puppies?!..,.........ON THIER BED

2p France: Your lucky he loves you. And the dog grew on him a bit. But he is freaking out about all the blood and what he should do exactly.

2p America: Its not the first time this has happened, just the first time on your bed. But he knows what to do.

2p Canada: He’s annoyed about the bed but is happy to have PUPPIESSSSSSS.

2p England: He’s screaming, calling you, trying to figure out what he should do, searching up animals hospitals, and he’s crying.

2p China: He’s like “What the fuck mate?”

2p Russia: He’s just staring at the dog and he says to it like a person “Really? You could have given me a warning.”

2p Italy: Italian curse words for eternity.

2p Germany: He’s so happy!!! First thing he does after all the puppies are cleans up and safe is call you and shout “BABE!!! IM A DADDY!!!!”

2p Japan: He looks in the room, and backs out reallllll slow.

2p Prussia: He doesn’t know what to do and hep this poor boi.

2p Romano: This is why he doesn’t like animals plain and simple.

2p Spain: He’s had pets give birth before. He’s cool fam. When you get home he’s motherly af.