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This is a little something that me and @iblamebighit will be working on together for a long time to come. 

the title of this story is : 

BTS ‘Supernatural’ Dating Sim. 

now i am going to go ahead and answer any questions you may have.

  • Yes this will be a dating sim. theres ways of working around it with links and such. 
  • yes this is supernatural. that means bts are monsters and such. 
  • This is a reader x whoever you chose (the choice will be pretty clear)
  • all you have to do in order to read correctly is to click the bold answer that you want to chose. you’ll be linked there automatically unless that part of the story has not been updated yet. 

(if there are anymore questions you would like to ask pls click here)

anyway here is a little taste on the readers story and eventually we will all see how it is played out <3

BTS X Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Dating sim,

Warnings: Strong Language

It’s been years… Years since i have seen his face, heard his voice… But here I was; standing in front of the man that i call ‘father’. For so long i believed that humans were the only things on this planet. That we were the only things that could, walk, talk, and function in a community. But i was wrong…

Apparently monsters have been living among us for years… They have the same names, voices, eyes, smiles… just like humans… But they were never put in schools for us ‘mere mortal’ beings… See; the man in front of me has been a part of one, of these things’ schools for years… the years he hasn’t been home to raise me…

Before coming here i imagined the things schools to look like how they’re explained in movies, books and tv shows. I imagined the school to be crawling with moss and debris… For the roofs to peak at a tip so high that birds circled around it… I expected a deathly smell to just radiate from it as we entered the grounds. But i was wrong…

The school looked like every other high school… Small ceilings… a couple of floors… and the typical flag pole stationed out front. Honestly kinda looked like an elementary school.

This is Telecom?” I questioned staring up at my ‘father’.

The man i thought i have forgotten about looked down at me and smiled. My heart warming at the smile i remembered from before this hellish school… the Smile i remember from when i tripped on my shoelace and fell head first into the play sand in the backyard…The smile that had become distorted after months of neglect, all become clearer again.

“You sound surprised.” He spoke through that radiating smile.

“Well…-.” I paused taking in my surroundings as he lead me through the front door. Senses immediately setting fire as i breathed in the clean air… There has to be some difference… I swallowed hard as he placed his hand on my back instructing me to walk into the office with him. “Is this really Telecom?”

“Yes (y/n).” He laughed making my eyes widened to the warm sound i haven’t heard in forever. I wanted that deep chuckle to be on loop… For the chuckle to wipe away every covered sob my mother went through when he left…  “What did you expect?” He chuckled again sending my mind on a course of emotions. 

“…For things to be different…” I say through thin lips as i tore my stare from him; trying to focus on anything but my sour feelings for him. “What’s this?” i questioned looking at the strangely placed bookshelf in his office.

“It’s a bookshelf…” He said patronizingly, like he was making sure i understood every syllable that left his lips. My fingers danced over the spines as i stepped towards them; dust collecting along the edges of the shelf. “Fine… You figured it out.” My father said with a sigh making me turn around with my dust covered fingers hanging in the air. “If you pull the fourth book on the shelf there, it opens up to the real telecom; stone hallways and everything.”


Admin z~ Im really excited for this sim. i know it will take a lot of work and patience but i believe in the end you will all love it as much as i do. <3 

Admin E: So this is our official announcement, wooo🎉 I hope you will enjoy this as much as we are writing this… like seriously we are like 5 year olds omg… Please give us loads of love, support and patience for this. Thank you all so much❤️