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Notice Me!

“I know you like me.”

“And you know this is illegal.”

Genre: (trashy) fluff??

Pairing: Teacher!Jungkook x reader, Bad Boy!Yoongi x reader

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“Please fix your skirt,” Jungkook said.

Stopping at the top of the stairs, she turned around, her hands flying to the back of her thighs as she tugged down at the fabric. A cheeky smile spread across her face as Mr. Jeon looked up at her from the bottom of the stairs, frowning. He cleared his throat.“I don’t understand why I have to remind you every time I see you, Miss (Y/L/N),” he scolded as he continued to make his way to the top of the stairs where she stood patiently. “You’ve been here for years and yet-“

She laughed, running a hand through her hair. “I know, I know,” she dramatically sighed, “But how else would I get Mr. Jeon’s attention?” she asked. He stood in front of her with his hands in his pockets, a blue clipboard snug under his arm. She couldn’t help but stare at his light brown hair that matched with the pale blue tie wrapped around his neck.

Jungkook gave the girl a small smile, “As flattering as that is (Y/N),” he cooed, “Wearing your school skirt as if it’s a belt doesn’t attract any good attention from me.” He stated with another (rather fake) smile. The young teacher stepped pass and continued to make his way to the second floor of the building. The hallways were simmering down as students began settling into their first class, only a few students scattered around the halls in search for their room. It was a peaceful Monday morning in which Jungkook had the first class off, taking his time to leisurely stroll around the school to his office before having to scold a young girl.

(Y/N) was a good student. Good friends, good grade and a good report. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared in her life. However, it was no doubt around the school that she had started to develop an interest on the young transfer teacher from the city. Jungkook had noted the long stares sent his way during his classes.

“I was just kidding!” (Y/N) laughed, following Jungkook with a pep in her step. Her skirt, now slightly above her knee flowed as she skipped next to Jungkook. Trying to avoid her curious stares, Jungkook continued to make his way to the teacher’s staffroom- his safe haven.

“I like you, Mr. Jeon.”

He chuckled, “Well I am a good teacher.”

“No, you know what I mean…”

His feet picked up the pace as he tried to avoid her confession. But with no surprise, she picked up her pace to match his.

“And you know that you are my student.” He quipped.

(Y/N) opened her mouth again, ready to protest before Jungkook swiftly turned around, bumping into her. She let out a squeak before taking a step back, “Jungkook-“

Mr. Jeon,” he corrected, eyes narrowing.

She smiled sheepishly, “Mr. Jeon. I’m just saying that you’re not even that much older! Plus,” she added, holding up one finger, “I’ll be graduating in almost a month!”

Jungkook adjusted the knot of his tie, the white button down shirt moving with him, revealing toned arm muscles. (Y/N) looked away quickly before he could notice the peachy hue across her cheeks. “(Y/N), just because you’re graduating soon does not mean that I’m interested in pursuing a relationship with you,” he said, “Why don’t you go after someone like Namjoon or Jimin?” he asked.

A look of disgust erupted within her, “Namjoon? Jimin? They’re just friends.”

Jungkook laughed before turning away from her, a perfect view of his back presenting itself. Fishing inside his black dress pants he pulled out the silver key, to unlock the staff room door. Swinging it open, he looked over his shoulder. (Y/N) stared into his back, admiring every inch of his body. He smirked, clearing his throat. “Go to class (Y/N).” he ordered before pushing the green door behind him.

It gently closed with a click and (Y/N) was left staring at a blank door. A small frown placed upon her lips as she turned on her heel and began walking off to her first class. In a flash, the innocent pout had instantly turned into a smile, “Stupid Joy,” she chuckled.

Jungkook planted himself into his desk chair with a thud, a loud sigh escaping his lips. Taking a sip of his coffee, his eyes locked onto a small penguin post-it note pinned into the cork board above his desk. The small penguin his co-workers gave him after his second week of teaching at the school.

‘Number of confessions for Jungkook’


Chuckling (and almost spilling his coffee), he placed the white mug down and reached for the little note. With a small smirk, he clicked open his pen and scribbled out the number and replacing it.


The class was silent when (Y/N) opened the door. Ms. Kwon turned away from the board, frowning as she glanced down at her wrist watch. “You’re 15 minutes late (Y/N)…” she pondered before she looked up at her,”You’re never late?”

(Y/N) let out a laugh, scratching her cheek, “I had to go to the bathroom,” she muttered.

Ms. Kwon nodded, pointing at (Y/N)’s desk, “Write this down then.”

Nodding, (Y/N) bee-lined towards the empty seat as everyone looked at her. It was strange to see a punctual girl like her to be late. 15 minutes late too. Embarrassed and annoyed, (Y/N) unpacked all her belongings and settled into her desk. Why did Jungkook take so long to get to school? She thought.While Ms. Kwon began to write on the board again, (Y/N) leaned over to the desk in front of her.

“Joy,” she whispered.

Dark hair brushed her friend’s shoulders as she turned to face (Y/N), an excited look on her face. “Well?” she asked, “Did you do it?”

Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) nodded. “Yeah and I made myself extra clingy, now give me the money!”

Joy grimaced, “Damn, you really are cheap.”

(Y/N) grinned, shoving her hand in Joy’s face, “A deal is a deal.”

With a huff, the older girl reached into her blazer and slapped a crumbled note into (Y/N)’s wavering palm, “Can’t believe you confessed to Mr. Jeon for $10,” she mumbled, “Where’s your pride (Y/N)?”

She laughed, shoving the money into her blazer pocket, “I don’t mind losing a little bit of my pride for extra cash, Joy.” She explained, “At least I was pretending. What more if I actually liked Jungkook?”


It was a Tuesday morning when you stood outside of the classroom, back leaning against the wall. The early sun shone strobes of light through the hallway windows. The corridor was alive with students shuffling around, shoes squeaking against the freshly polished floor. You waited patiently for Joy. “How long does it take to pee?” you mumble, kicking a piece of paper around the ground, hands shoved in your pockets. You and Joy were making your way to Ms. Kwon’s class before Joy had run off to the bathroom without warning.

The whole morning you were getting various looks from different students around the school. Even walking towards the gate, you had encountered a bunch of girls looking at you curiously. Maybe it was your un-brushed hair or scrunched up socks. Sleeping late last night definitely showed its rough consequences. You sighed, untangling your hair by running your fingers through the strands. Ten minutes had gone by and the hallways had started to grow quiet. Quickly glancing into the classroom, you couldn’t see Ms. Kwon inside yet so you remained still. Before turning back into the hallway, you caught Namjoon and Jimin staring at you before chuckling and whispering to themselves. You scoffed, wondering what they were up to.

“Ah (Y/N)!”

Looking over your shoulder, Jungkook stood in front of you alongside Min Yoongi. You gulped. “Good morning, Mr. Jeon,” you greeted, lifting your back off the wall and fixing your hair once more. Jungkook smirked at your fussiness before adverting his gaze back to your classmate.

“I heard you’re really good at English (Y/N),” Jungkook stated. You nodded, shifting your gaze to Yoongi. His hair was dyed blonde and his top two buttons were undone. Noticing your stare, Yoongi met your eyes and gave a sly wink. You silently cringed at the gesture and looked up at Jungkook. “Well,” he said, “How would you like to help out Mr. Min over here?” he suggested happily, wrapping his arm around Yoongi. You watched your classmate pull a face of disgust before shrugging his elder off.

“I told you not to treat me like a baby, Jeon,” he muttered, shoving his sleeves above his elbows. Jungkook chuckled, shaking his head.

You gulped once more. Teach? English? To Yoongi? You couldn’t even imagine the scenario. Yoongi kept to himself most of the time in class. You always noticed he had earphones in as he sat at in the middle of class, dozing off. You recall the amount of times Namjoon and Jimin would poke fun at him whilst he slept. It was so common that even Ms. Kwon allowed him to sleep as long as his music doesn’t disturb the class. You never had any significant interaction with him. Besides the one time where you bumped into him as he was sleeping and all he mumbled was, “Annoying.”

You blinked, “Help Yoongi with English?”

Jungkook nodded, “Just for a while until he gets more confident in his exams!”

“I do fine in my exams,” Yoongi said.

“You got a C,” Jungkook quipped, “plus you spelt ‘Ugly’ in English as ‘Jimin’.” Yoongi chuckled, eyes everywhere but on you. You continue to stand awkwardly in front of the two. Where the hell was Joy?

“So,” he said, “Can you do it?” Jungkook asked.

His hair was neatly styled today, unlike yesterday. A sleek side part that had split his usual rugged bangs into two neat curls that revealed his forehead. His tie was a dark red with white tiny embroidered flowers. You had to admit that he looked good today.

Yoongi gazed at your pondering face, “Look, you don’t have to-“

“Okay,” you said.

Yoongi’s eyes slightly widened, “Okay?”

You met his gaze and smiled, “Yeah, why not? It’ll be fun, I guess,” you said. You waited for a response from the blonde but no emotion radiated off his body.

Jungkook released his grip from Yoongi and clapped his hands together, “Great! Thank you (Y/N)!” He grinned at you widely and then turned to Yoongi, “If your grades go up by 15% by the next exam, (Y/N) will stop tutoring you, deal?”

Yoongi stared up at Jungkook, a blank expression stamped onto his face, “Deal.” Jungkook reached out and shook Yoongi’s hand with a smile.

“No way!” Joy screamed.

You hummed, taking a spoonful of yogurt into your mouth. The sweet honey flavour made you close your eyes for a bit. After your encounter this morning, you couldn’t help but think about Yoongi and all the possible scenarios that could take place.

“Yes way,” you said. It was already the middle of the day and you felt exhausted. You sat down with Joy on a bench outside one of the school blocks. It was your favourite spot for the both of you. Fairly quiet with the sun shining brightly. You sighed, “I don’t even know how to teach him English without him chopping my head off…” you mumbled, swirling your spoon in the little tub of yogurt.

Joy huffed, “What are you on about?” she asked as she sipped on her banana milk. “Yoongi is nice!”

You raised an eyebrow at her, “What did you just say?”

She rolled her eyes, “He’s just reserved. Just because he doesn’t dick around like Namjoon and Jimin doesn’t mean he’s instantly some mafia king,” she explained.

Again, you were mesmerised by her choice of words, “Mafia king?”

“You know what I mean!” she whined, taking another sip of her milk through a straw.

Joy was your one and only best friend ever since you had transferred at school one year ago. Being the new student isn’t always easy and you were grateful that the girl with dark hair and bubbly eyes had captured you as her best friend. You loved her and her crazy vocabulary and you were inseparable since.

You scrapped the remaining yogurt at the bottom of the container, “Don’t you have a crush on Jimin?” you asked.

Joy’s eyes shifted to the trees around her, “I don’t recall ever stating my feelings towards Park Jimin.” You laughed, leaning over to flick her forehead. “Ow!” She huffed as she shoved your arm away, earning another laugh.

“Whatever,” you sighed, “It was just weird that Jungkook had asked me and not someone like Taehyung or Wendy.” You glanced down at your wristwatch. You had a few minuted left before class started again. You kicked at the green grass beneath your feet, wondering.

“Maybe he likes you, Jungkook I mean,” Joy said as she began to fold the straw into weird shapes. “Maybe your confession opened his mind up and now he has a crush on you too,” she giggled.

Joy flinched as you leaned over only for you to rest your head against her shoulder. “You know I did that as a bet Joy,” you reminded her, playing with your fingers.

She hummed, “Sure.”

You frowned, “What do you mean ‘Sure’?”

Joy lifted your head up and you whined. She smiled, “(Y/N) you’re telling me that you never had a crush on Mr. Jeon?”

You gasped, “What? No!”

She smirked, “Every time I look at you, it seems like you’re imagining what he would look like naked.”

You gagged as Joy laughed at your reaction, “Never! Plus,” you added, pointing a finger at her,” You’re the one that imagines Jimin naked every time he talks in front of the class.”

4 o’clock had hit by the time you were sitting in the library. The smell of paper had filled your lungs with a happy smile. The school library was nearly empty as students had decided to go home. But you remained at the spot Yoongi had promised to meet you at in the morning. You glanced at the clock on the wall. 

“Did he forget?” you asked yourself. You both had agreed to meet fifteen minutes ago.

Another five minutes had passed by and you decided to pack up your things. Before you slipped your bag on, a familiar blonde head had rushed into the doorway. “(Y/N)?!” he yelled out. The few people in the library had turned their heads to the puffed out Yoongi. The librarian, Mrs. Kim frowned at his tone.

You raised your hand awkwardly, not wanting to attract further attention. Yoongi looked around before laying eyes on you beside the window. A small smile erupted from his face as he made his way towards you. “Sorry I’m late,” he said as he planted himself in the chair across from you, “I had to make a call.”

You nodded, sitting back down into your chair.

Yoongi noticed your bag on your back, “Were you going to leave?” he asked in a weird tone. You couldn’t read his face whenever he did that.

You shook your head as he raised a brow, “I thought you weren’t coming so I was going to go eat,” you explained before taking off your bag.You noticed his lack of reply so you smiled at him, “It’s okay though! You’re here now.”

As you dug into your bag for your English book, Yoongi watched you silently. A blank expression still on his unreadable face. Your hair was messily tied in a ponytail and your cheeks were flushed with a pink hue.

“Yeah, I’m here now…” he mumbled to himself.

“So what is an adjective?” you asked.

“A word that describes a noun.” Yoongi replied.

“An example?” you asked.

“A pretty flower,” he said.

You smiled, “Good!”

You had been teaching Yoongi for almost an hour in the library. Everyone had gone home including Mrs. Kim. The sky was fading into a swirl of orange and blue as the light had dimmed inside the building. After a few more paragraphs of reading and writing, you leaned back into your chair and stretched your arms, reaching towards the ceiling.

You sighed as you craned your neck to look outside, “It’s getting dark, we should call it a day.”

You looked at Yoongi with a satisfied smile, “Good work,” you commented.

Yoongi paused before closing his books, “Thanks.”

The school felt a bit different when it was the late afternoon. No one was screaming or laughing. There were no teachers scolding Namjoon and Jimin. Joy had to leave after school in order to make it in time for her shift at the local café. The world seemed to be a bit quiet with just you and Yoongi walking out of the school gates. You noticed Yoongi had one ear bud in the whole time you were studying up until now. “What do you listen to all the time?” you asked.

Yoongi who was in a daze had turned his attention towards you, “Music,” he said.

You chuckled, “Must be nice music.”

You came to halt at the front of the gates and Yoongi gave you a look. “I’m taking the train so I’m going down this way,” you explained as you pointed to the other street. Yoongi nodded but didn’t say a word. You gave him a small smile, “I’ll see you tomorrow then, same place and time?” 

He nodded again.You waved before turning away from the quiet blonde and began walking down the street.

“Good job today (Y/N).”

You stopped in your tracks and gazed over your shoulder. Jungkook walked up to you with a smile on his face, “I finished marking papers the same time as I saw you awkwardly waving Min Yoongi goodbye.” He chuckled. You rolled your eyes and continued walking, Jungkook by your side.

You scoffed, “It was not awkward.”

Jungkook tilted his head to the side, “It kind of looked like a puppy learning how to shake its owner’s hand for the first time?”

A laugh escaped your lips and Jungkook smiled down at you. The streets were quiet as you both continued walking down the empty street. You tried not to be too obvious of the glances you were giving him. Jungkook’s sleeves were rolled messily up his arms and his tie seemed to be loosened around the collar. His hair was no longer sleekly parted but ruffled and dishevelled.

“Don’t you drive, Mr. Jeon?” you asked curiously, not making eye contact with him. The gentle afternoon breeze hit the both of you, your hair sweeping against your neck.

“I like to take the train most days,” he said, “Only the late afternoon trains though, so I can avoid girls like you.”

Your eyes narrowed, “Girls like me?”

He nodded, drumming his fingers against the strap of his shoulder bag. It was ridiculous how young Jungkook looked. He looked more like a student than anything else if it weren’t for his tie and fancy dress shoes. You wondered what Jungkook looked like as a high schooler. Probably a coconut with glasses.

“Girls who confess to me and then follow me wherever I go,” he explained.

Running a hand through your flowing hair you sighed, “Mr. Jeon that was a bet, I hope you realise that I don’t actually want to follow you wherever you go.”

Jungkook stopped on the sidewalk, making you look back with a curious glance.

“A bet?” he asked.

You nodded as he continued to walk by your side, “Joy said she would give me $10 if I confessed to you without throwing up.”

The young teacher laughed, one hand on his stomach as he leaned forward. “How desperate were you?”

You laughed, joining him in a small fit. “Hey! $10 is a lot for a teenager!”

Jungkook continued to laugh as he held two hands up in defence, “Okay! Okay!”

A few minutes of silence had passed before he asked you, “Why would you throw up?”

You looked up at him, “Why would I like my teacher?” 

Jungkook chuckled as he looked up at the fading sky, “You’re right.”

By the time you reached the station, Jungkook and you had your fair share of laughs. You both stood on the platform, waiting. As the train pulled up along the platform, Jungkook glanced at his phone before gasping, “Crap! I’m supposed to be on the other platform!”

You laughed at his face as he looked up at the little display that had all of the train routes and times, “Mr. Jeon are you serious?”

He nodded as the train doors opened and people stepped out. A man walked out onto the platform. Not paying attention to you, he bumped into your small frame. Stumbling back, Jungkook gripped onto your arm.

“Are you okay?” he asked as you stared up at him. His face was too close to yours, a smug grin on his face. Embarrassed, you shook him off and regained your posture. You sputtered, “Yeah thanks.” Stepping into the train carriage, you turned to face Jungkook. He smiled, one hand waving gently. A mischievous gleam was his eyes as the corners of his lips were curled upwards. You raised an eyebrow.

Jungkook remained on the platform, standing in front of you.

“A part of me hoped it wasn’t.” he said, slipping his hand back into his pockets.

You tilted your head to the side, “Huh?”

As the train doors began to close in, Jungkook’s smile grew. Your chest felt weird. You didn’t notice your hands balled up into clammy fists against your skirt. You also didn’t notice the breath you’re holding. All you could see was Jeon Jungkook, your teacher, smile up at you with eyes you couldn’t look away from. 

“A part of me would like to hope that it wasn’t a bet, (Y/N).” he said with a smile as the train door fully closed. You watched, stunned as his figure began to disappear. 

why hibernate when i’m here? // haechan

Originally posted by haecha

notes: im screeching literally even tho i tried to make it lethal for paige i ended up killing myself how can u not love haechan

word count: 992 (omg)

genre: sick fluff

warnings: u might get a cavity after reading this

{10:34 am} i swear if one more person asks me why im in the bathroom with a tank top and dRYING MY SHIRT UNDER RHE DRYER!!!

your phone was almost thrown into the sink as soon as you send the text to donghyuck. it’s only monday, why was the week already starting off so bad?

you sigh heavily as the morning’s incident replays in your head. you only wanted some nice hot coffee to complement the cold weather. it was a bad idea from the moment you walked out the coffee shop with papers spilling in one hand and a burning cup in the other. on top of that, it was almost time for your first class. clearly, other people were also in the same predicament as they sped to be on time. one certain individual had knocked into your shoulder, making the coffee spill onto your shirt and notes.

your schedule only had free periods after two hours, so you had to sit with a coffee drenched outfit and equally soaked notes. your boyfriend, jumping at the chance to able to tease you had texted hey at least you wore poop colors today!! and you probably smelled not like poop at least
of course, you’d laugh if you were in the mood. but you didn’t expect to start your week drying your clothes and notes under the crappy hand dryer in the bathroom.

{10:37 am} heyyy i don’t think it could be that bad right?? you still have the rest of the day left dONT BE SAD
{10:38} if ur in prison for killing someone i wont be able to love you nd give u chocolate huNNY

you smiled to yourself, one think you loved about donghyuck was that he was able to tell the changes in your mood almost immediately. hopefully that would be enough to get you through the day.

the day did not get better. in fact, it only got worse. from surprise quizzes to malfunctions in the science lab, you looked nearly close to roadkill. donghyuck had texted you several times throughout the day but you weren’t in the mood to talk to anyone anymore. trudging home in the freshly fallen snow, you suddenly have a craving for something warm. but with no cash, and the looming fact that you were about to drop dead anyhow kept you on the path to home. the music in your ears were loud enough to drown out the sounds of the world.
walking inside your house, headphones still in, you throw your shoes, jacket, and backpack to the side and make your way to the kitchen, desperately wanting something warm, even running the hot water tap would make you feel normal.

settling for ramen instead, you stand in front of the hot kettle waiting for the water to boil. suddenly, your headphones are taken out of your ears and a pair of arms are wrapped around your waist from behind instead.

“hi.” donghyuck whispers, chin on your shoulder. “your music is still playing, no wonder why you didn’t hear me call your name!”

“sorry hyuck, i’m so out of it i didn’t even notice i was still listening to it. today was just so…” you couldn’t focus because of donghyuck’s hands. skinship between you two happened, but it usually didn’t last long. this.. however, felt really new. your hands placed over his, your bodies swaying slightly.

“it’s okay, go to the living room, i’ll bring your ramen.” he lets you go and you walk slowly to the sofa. donghyuck joins you shortly after, turning on the tv to ease the silence. when you came back after throwing your cup out, his arms were wide open while he was half sprawled across the end of the sofa. you could’ve probably melted into his embrace. one of his hands are on your back, tracing random shapes and letters, while the other hand is softly stroking your hair. now this was the warmth you needed all day, you think to yourself as you sigh contentedly, your ears over his heartbeat.

“the stupid coffee! and the fact that i thought i was steady enough to hold my unorganized papers with it. it’s only monday but i don’t want to move anymore, i think i should just go into hibernation for the rest of my life.” donghyuck lets out a laugh and kisses your forehead. if your blood level wasn’t already at its height, you were now close to dying.

“you’re so cute when you’re upset and ranting with so much passion. and what happens to me if you hibernate? who am i going to spoil with love? make fun of your fashion choices endlessly or make you fat with unhealthy food dates? wow.. y/n.. you’re really-“ you cut off him off with a quick peck on his lips, slightly blushing and hiding your face in his chest. “excuse me. you can’t just, attack like that? y/n you better look at me right now oh my god.” you, half laughing from your embarrassment and half whining because your boldness surprised even you. “i hate you.”

you look up at him to laugh in his face but are met with his soft lips against yours. your eyes are wide for a second, but your body relaxes into donghyuck’s hold once again. they’re gentle against yours, moving ever so slowly, as if this moment would never happen again. slightly pulling away, hands are now coming up to cradle your cheeks. noticing your dazed look and ragged breathing, he smiles and kisses you again.

“donghyuck..” you start to say when he pulls away for real this time. by now you swear your cheeks are hotter than the coffee in the morning. the boy laughs once more and brings you back to his chest, kissing the top of your head.

“still want to go into hibernation season?”

strip that down around the world

Apparently there are places in the world that are not the United States. I know, weird, right? And like, people in those places also listen to music!!! You may even be one of those people. It’s fucking rad. So like, here’s how Strip That Down has been doing in a couple of those places.

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Here are your 12 orphaned nomes, ready to be loved and cared for!
Each nome deserves equal love and attention and must be protected at all costs. They are a natural food source for leeches and rats, so be sure to keep them with you.
Nome pellets: these small pellets are packed with essential nutrients that nomes need to grow up healthy. Each nome should be fed two pellets per feeding session, which you should do at least three times a day. DO NOT LET A NOME YOUNGSTER OVEREAT.
Cotton: The nomes are given heated gray cotton so that they can feel the comfort similar to comfort from a nome parent. Be sure to clean their cotton every so often. It keeps them warm and helps them feel safe and protected, sort of like a security blanket. They may also prefer to sleep in the basket. If so, cover them with a thin sheet that they are able to breathe through.
Toys: these tiny toys are perfect for nomelings. Let them play for at least 10 hours a day. They are very energetic, so exercise and playtime is essential.
Side notes:
-giving them kisses before bed helps them sleep better.
-if possible, let them breathe fresh outside air sometimes. It helps strengthen their lungs.
-do not kiss them if you believe you are sick. They are incredibly prone to sickness and must only be touched by a sterile hand.
-nomelings, if left unsupervised, can easily get into/cause a bunch of trouble. Always keep an eye on them!
-letting a nomeling hold your finger helps them feel even safer with you.

If you have any more questions regarding your nomelings, feel free to message me

pineapplebank  asked:

How bad is Filmation back in the 80's? Like I used to remember hear cartoonist like John K, Sam Simon, Paul Dini and Eddie Fitzgerald said that Filmation is the worst animation studio of all time. Like I know the shows bad but why?

TL;DR version: everything about FILMATION was CHEAP

  • animation
  • storytelling
  • editing
  • production

It was so cheap it took over and forced everybody else down for a very, very long time.

Let me back up a sec, growing up I didn’t have a lot of cartoons, what I got was either old crap from the 60s/70s or 80s toy cartoons. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of affection for old crap because it was my childhood, watching G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man, SuperFriends and Scooby Doo is built into my being, I have a soft spot for the fucking WONDER TWINS so like, I get that a lot of people outright love these old shows. But time marched on and good cartoons were just on the horizon and they changed our perception of what cartoons could be on TV forever…

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That’s not to say my childhood wasn’t devoid of good cartoons; Yogi Bear, Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Flintstones and Jetsons all 1960s vintage, but otherwise there was just so much crap SO MUCH CRAP being pumped out to fill Saturday morning advertising spots and I just can’t forgive abhorrent turds like Gilligan’s Planet, not now, not ever

So what made FILMATION suck? It was CHEAP with a capital ¢

Limited animation, boring interchangeable stories, lazy, lazy editing. Even as a kid you knew you were watching 2nd rate crapola but it was either that or the Farm Report so you watched it anyway (any port in a storm right?) You can always tell a FILMATION cartoon because not only is the animation limited BUT that animation going to be shown again and again and again and again (and again). Sometimes even in reverse. Star Trek was at least blessed with some decent writing to distract you from the crumby everything-else (thank you DC Fontana) but it was virtually a slide show. When a show has less animation per episode than Rocket Robin Hood or Spider-Man ‘67 my face kind of scrunches up in amazement that we ate it up like we did (but then again there weren’t as many controls regarding sugar to food value ratios in breakfast cereals back in those days, so maybe my sugar fits added frames of animation where there were none)

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Most shows only assembled mouth animation for each episode and if you were lucky the eyes, otherwise everything else was recycled. All the shows were written first and then animated after with these interchangeable factory parts. Even Synchro Vox stuff like Space Angel and Clutch Cargo had new art from time to time but with Fat Albert you saw one episode you saw them all blah-blah-blah all talk, no moving around. You might as well dust off your storybook 45″ and listen to that, at least there’d be voice acting in those

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What sometimes confused me though was after they escaped the 70s they got ambitious in the 80s with stuff like He-Man and She-Ra (and maybe BraveStarr much later as they fought to survive actual cartoons) the problem with it was you’ve got some realistic bodies to animate with complex shapes and a company that is notorious for moving characters the least amount possible; the result was twitchy and weird and recycled beyond belief. SIDE NOTE: I challenge anybody not on the 80s nostalgia wagon to marathon She-Ra episodes and not fall asleep, watch 10 episodes in a row and then tell me what each one was about. People take it for granted these days that even with serial cartoons like Steven Universe each episode gives you something, whether its story or some new character detail or just something really fun happenin’ (Star vs The Forces of Evil) cartoons of yore were made like sausage links on an assembly line. If I wasn’t a horny little kid there’d be no reason AT ALL to watch garbage like The Archies or She-Ra

Anyway, sometimes you can’t see how big a circus is until you escape it and look back at the size of the tent. In the late 80s something started happening to cartoons, they were getting better, more interesting, more … animated. There are a lot of theories as to why this was. Some people claimed ownership over the movement that happened, I just think it was the zeitgeist at the time, Disney wasn’t the king of animation anymore and that meant there was a gap to fill and more stuff going on at the theatre where REAL money was being made with things like Heavy Metal and The Secret of NiMH, home grown animators were giving a shit about what they made. Then on TV when old timey cartoons with more than 24 frames of animation per second were shown to us by the geniuses at Pee Wee’s Playhouse we got woke real quick, most people hadn’t seen that stuff in decades. And then surprise! Roughly the same time that was happening The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse came about, and man, what a cartoon! That was the first cartoon I remember my parents watching with us kids. It was funny and interesting and WEIRD. It was also animated differently from other shows. It wasn’t as janky as He-Man and yet it wasn’t as somehow as slick-yet-boring as 80s Hanna-Barbara, it was fluid and interesting and weird and funny….

…and then it got yanked off the air because the 80s was a strange, strange time and place BUT the fire was lit and so many other more zany cartoons came out shortly after, Tiny Toons is pretty dated now but back then it was like WHAT! they can do that on TELEVISION? It was animated fairly well and it was funny and it wasn’t that episode of The Flintsones or Looney Tunes you’d seen for the billionth time it was fresh and interesting.

Disney started making a comeback as well what with Family Channel; new original works like Gummi Bears and DuckTales was a big departure from other stuff that was on TV at the time, it was fresh and interesting. Game changers!

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At the box office we had stuff like Who Framed Roger Rabbit breathing life back into so many cartoons at once, what happened through the 80s really sparked what would lead to the animation explosion of the 90s

For me looking back at the first half of the 80s (and most of the 70s) you could clearly see how cheap and uninspired the cartoons from that era really were, and then later as an adult learning about other TV cartoons that struggled to pit entertainment vs cost was equally eye opening. The problem with TV animation has always been the expense, TV has always been the “cheap” medium. When it started they used to show old crappy cowboy serials because that was the cheapest stuff they could show to fill airtime. Early cartoons tried very hard to be economical AND funny (Tom Terrific, Rocky & Bullwinkle!) a lot of these shows benefited from a simplistic style and a bunch of animators who’d been plying their craft for years. When they started retiring in the later 60s you could see the impact it had on everything. To my mind Hanna-Barbara was the only shop that was still producing decent cartoons through the mid-60s to the mid-70s, and even then Scooby Do was cearly made in haste to combat newcomers like FILMATION but luckily for HB it caught on in a major way. But by then it was like there was a race to the bottom. Who could make the cheapest crap to get away with and then land syndication rights YIKES (I’m sure somewhere Scooby-Doo, Where are you! is still playing right now)

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Now I’ve seen cartoon trends wax and wane between creator-driven and merch-driven, cheap as dirt / actual care and attention over the last 30+ years, to me its cyclical. We have been blessed with a lot of great shows for a few years which means we’re in for a bust cycle of cash-in dreck, I feel that this time around its main cause is television as a format is shrinking and producers are scared to death that their ad revenue isn’t as fat as it was over the last 30 odd years so they’re rapidly trying to make bank on easy-to-sell crap (remakes, toy tie-ins, all the stuff that make cartoons BAD).

Who knows maybe direct to web / streaming services are the next step for quality cartoons and help us avoid another dank age of animation, but for now I feel that we’re already seeing cheap, rushed out the door stuff seep in between our good cartoons.

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Time will tell… time will tell…

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(I've read the tags :3) kii be proud of ur art and the notes u get, u lucky u have at least 80+ notes, mine BARELY passed 10+ notes ;w; its no surprised tho like my art ain't good its complete horse shit so yeah, but still ;w;

nah Honey your art ain’t horse shit, don’t ever say that again, please.

You improved a lot since we first met and I’m very proud of you for not giving up and keep drawing.

Don’t be afraid to reblog the hell out of your own art, shove it into people’s faces because you worked hard on it and it deserve way way WAY more than 10 notes.

Maybe I’m going to be a little selfish here but I’m tired of feeling unmotivated by the amount of attention I get and don’t get(and it pains to seeing others that shares the same feeling).

To me, being ‘good’ at something really doesn’t matter if you are not regconized for your talent. Content creators deserved more than 9 likes and 1 reblog on something they’ve worked hard on… One reblog really changes a lot. I wish people can understand that. ))

Breaking Down Camp Costs

We are asking everyone who comes to camp to pay $285.  But what does that $285 get you?  Here is the break down:

$192 goes to Camp Dewan to rent their site.  This gives us cabins with real beds to sleep in, use of their private lake and sports fields, use of their big barn, dining hall, and trails.  It roughly works out to $48 a night divided evenly, though the contract actually specifies that is $38 a night for week days and $58 a night for weekends.  Two of each gives us that $192 total and that is a flat rate per person.   

$10 goes towards a Camp T-Shirt because camp shirts are awesome.  It will be a super soft shirt with a custom made Megamind-y design you’ll never see anywhere else.  

$45 is your food cost, which is spread over 11 meals (3 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 3 lunches, 1 brunch).  That’s roughly $2 per breakfast, $3 per lunch, and $5 per dinner or a little over $4 per meal.  Cooking actually gets cheaper when you cook for big groups and all our food projections are based on having at least 20 campers.  Expect typical American summer fare with a few tasty surprises, but nothing too extravagant or spicy (unless you wanna slather your own plate in hot sauce or something).  And the more people we have, the more we can spend on food so the food will be better if more people come.  

$20 will go towards what we are calling ‘supplies’.  That is everything from craft supplies to paper products to firewood to everything we think we could need to purchase (not borrow) to make this camp a success.  It’s also our padding for things going wrong, costing more than we anticipate, or throwing us for a loop. Again if we get more people, we can spend more on supplies aka ball pit.  But this is also where if we get a bigger group and don’t need to spend as much (firewood costs the same if there are 10 people around the fire or 40) we could possibly give you money back at the end of camp. 

Please note: Your camp costs do NOT pay for your travel to/from Mega Camp.  You are responsible for getting yourself there (or at least to the nearest train or bus station) on your own.  They also don’t cover any costs of field trips away from camp like the winery or the ren faire.  Those are on you.  We promise that there will be cool things happening back at camp however, so even if you don’t go on field trips, you will not be left out.  Field trips are just one of several options you have based on your interests and finances.    

So that would give you a final cost of $267.   You will be getting $267 worth of services, lodging, food, and activities at camp.  

But wait a minute, you may say, I thought you were asking for $285?

The last $18 of your camp fee goes towards the Scholarship Fund.  

Look, we know lots of people in this fandom are fantastic but flat out broke.  It would be impossible for them to come to camp because they don’t have $285.  But what if you could help just a little?   

For every 15 people that register, we can bring someone to camp completely free.  Or three people at a reduced price.  We’re still working on the details of how scholarship funds will be used, but the goal is to get as many members of the fandom there as we can.  Good people shouldn’t have to sit at home and stare longingly at their computer screens when we can come together as a fandom and help.  

So that is what your $285 buys you – your own camp experience and the ability to help someone else have a great time.  We think the amount is fair and worth it.  Questions, comments, concerns?  Hit that ask box.

- Dani 

So, ah, I got this idea and it didn’t go away soooo here is a dexnursey ficlet with that soulmate trope where when you write something on your skin it appears on the other’s. Here, these two are in an established relationship.


You know I love you, right???

Those 6 words that have suddenly appeared on the inside of his right arm, warm and loving could only mean that his dear boyfriend was up to no good.

It also had to happen when he was in the middle of class. Granted, the teacher tended to talk away but he still liked to take notes. With a sigh, Dex picked up a marker from his desk and on the inside of his left arm, as discreetly as he could, he began to write.

- Nursey, what have you done?

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Perks (or lack thereof)

Skyrim AU. Quick thing that wouldn’t leave my head while I was researching. 

“Elsa, what are you doing?” 

She didn’t need to look up to see the amused smile on Anna’s face. She knew it was there. Instead, Elsa poked the redhead’s chest again with her lockpick, lips curled into a frown. 

“My Lockpicking skill is at 100. So is my Pickpocketing,” she said. 

Anna sighed. “There you go saying weird things again…” 

“But neither of those matter because I can’t seem to steal your heart.” 

The blonde tossed her lockpick over her shoulder–she had over 200 in her inventory anyway–as the frown on her face deepened in frustration. None of her skills and their subsequent perks were of any use here. Elsa looked up, ready to ask Anna if there were any prerequisites she had missed, when she noticed the redhead staring at her in wide-eyed disbelief, jaw open. 

Elsa furrowed her brow, puzzled. “What?” 

A moment of silence passed before Anna suddenly shoved her, freckled cheeks alight with a fierce blush. Not expecting the sudden move, Elsa staggered back a few steps, her own eyes widening, only to briefly flick up. 

No health bar. She’s not hostile…Good. 

Lowering her gaze, she noted that Anna’s teal eyes were churning with a myriad of different emotions, her bottom lip quivering. 

“Is something–” 

“Y-You don’t just say things like that so casually!” Anna nearly shrieked at her, hands clenching into fists. “You c-couldn’t have at least…I don’t know, used an Amulet of Mara?!” 

“I’m only allowed to use one amulet or necklace at a time, and this one so happens to give me more Stamina,” Elsa scoffed, at a loss as to why Anna would prefer a 10% cost reduction to Restoration spells over 30 extra Stamina points. 

Anna merely stared again as silence reigned. 


The blonde in question arched an eyebrow. “Are you sure you’re not a Dragonborn too? Your volume would be–” 

Anna gave another shriek, and Elsa flinched in surprise. Before she knew it, the redhead had stormed over to her, roughly grabbing the collar of her tunic. 

She crashed their lips together in a bruising kiss. 

And Elsa swore she could see Sovngarde in that moment. 


“You didn’t have to be so casual about it…” Anna mumbled into her chest once they had parted, her arms wrapped around Elsa’s waist. “If you’d just worn the amulet, I would’ve known.” 

“That amulet is so ugly, no offense. I’d much rather just steal.” 

“Elsa, you have to work for these things!” Anna exclaimed in exasperation, even as a smile returned to her face. “I keep telling you, you can’t just steal to make things better!” 

Elsa hummed, pressing a kiss to the top of Anna’s head. 

“I stole you, didn’t I?”

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Hey, so I need some help. I have fairly straight hair, so I'm not a huge help, but my sister has really curly hair. It's really frizzy so she always straightens it even though she hates doing that. She's been looking for shampoo that would keep the curl but reduce the frizz, do you have any recommendations?




DEVA is your answer

This post covers the by and large of it. But here:

DEVA product One Condition in place of shampoo

DEVA product Light Defining Gel used after the shower while drying hair

They’ve worked WONDERS for me. The One Condition, once you’ve worked it into your hair, lets you run your fingers through your hair and get out all the knots without any yanking or frizzing or pain. That’s so amazing with curly hair. 

I haven’t brushed my hair in at least a year because of this. I just “brush” it in the shower with my fingers.

It’s not really a leave-in conditioner. I use it just like shampoo. Though usually I lather it in first, do everything else, and rinse it out last to give it maximum soaking time.

Important note: the One Condition is NOT shampoo. You’ll have to use real shampoo maybe once every 7-10 days to just keep it clean. (as in–lather in shampoo. rinse. lather in One Condition. rinse)


Microfiber towel

Diffuser head on a blowdryer

These two are also super important. Regular towels are pretty awful on curly hair. A microfiber towel is way more gentle. The diffuser also lets you dry your hair without blowing out the curls and making your hair too frizzy. 

(This may just be for how my hair works but) when I get out of the shower, I always

  1. flip my head upside down (and keep it like that)
  2. run my fingers through my hair (the more I do this throughout the process the more volume my hair gets–but i do risk pulling out the curl if i do it too much)*
  3. use the microfiber towel to get it from soaking wet to just pretty wet
  4. (maybe run fingers through again)
  5. put gel in hands, rub them, and scrunch hair upwards (since I’m standing upside down). Start the diffuser blowdrying (head still upside down)
  6. (mayyybe run fingers through again if it’s that kind of day, then add a bit more gel)
  7. continue with the upside down blowdrying. The blowdryer won’t cover all my hair so I gotta move it around. I also have to be careful not to have the heat on high or I could burn my hair. Also this typically takes a long time, so I usually browse tumblr on my phone while I’m doing this.
  8. I stand, tilting my head to the right with my hair all the way on the right side and do more blowdrying. Repeat with left. Switch it up between down, right, and left once my hair is getting pretty dry. It’ll help keep it fluffy.
  9. Dry it to completion. If I stop with it half-wet it probably wont dry well just in the air.

*The left is with less finger-running-through. My hair stays closer to my head/neck. The right is with more finger-running-through; it doesn’t always retain that level of curl, but it’ll always have more volume.

And I think that’s everything! This stuff literally works miracles. All pictures of me before I started using DEVA products just don’t exist in my mind. I’m erasing that phase of my life. This stuff is just so amazingly awesome.

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Do I want to be Google level 1 certified?

Short answer: yes. 

Longer answer: yes, for numerous reasons.

1.) It’s practically free. All of the units for GCE are entirely free in the “Edu Training Center.” Each unit can be broken down by individual apps you would like to learn more about, or by the unit order that Google recommends. It comes with numerous check-ins and Unit Reviews that, if you are doing well on, align pretty well with the actual test at the end. They’re good indicators on whether or not you are prepared for the final test. The test for Level 1 is $10, and Level 2 is $25, which is more than reasonable for a teacher. Side note, at least in parts of Illinois, they’ll give you credit hours towards your renewing you licence, but that wildly varies from state to state. Also, if you are already kind of familiar with Google tools, Level 1 will not be overly complicated for you.

2.) More and more districts/workplaces all over the world are “going Google.” Originally iPads reigned supreme, but Google Apps for Education + Chromebooks have been a winning combination for the past few years. If your district isn’t using Google yet, they more than likely will be. Their suite of apps are designed for collaboration and streamlining tasks for both work and school. Getting those certifications allowed me to know how to integrate these tools and keeping up on tools means I’m never caught off-guard in a PD or a meeting. Millions are using Google for work and personal, it’s a good thing to stay updated and “up on the times.” I also want my students to be knowledgeable about Google products, because more than likely they will be using them in high school, college, or in their career. We owe it to our students to stay current.

3.) Google makes my classroom better. I can very easily say that learning how to incorporate GAFE into my classroom helped me get all the day-to-day nonsense (like making copies) out of my way so I could focus on building relationships and helping my students. The range of GAFE allowed me to go entirely paperless last year. It allows me to turn Google Slides presentations into Drag-and-Drop activities like my kids will see on the PARCC. Google Classroom lets me create instant polls for ice breakers or exit slips. I can create a Google Form quiz that gives students help if they get the wrong answer, and then another try. It allows me to “get out of the way” and let students collaborate and create some really cool products that poster-board and glitter glue just couldn’t do.

So yes, I am thrilled I became a Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2. I think more teachers should (but that’s just my opinion.) It’s great experience, and gives teachers the tools to not only modernize their classrooms, but make it more of a collaborative community outside the walls of their building. It’s the foundation for deeper connections with people and content, and that’s pretty darn cool.

Notes for USWNT vs. Japan

  • We tied the last game 3-3 so therefor I will make no changes to the starting 11
  • I hear that some fans are upset that I keep playing Hope Solo instead of giving time to some of the back ups. Those fans are gonna keep being upset for at least 10 more years lol. 
  • Kling is just so good. Specifics? Okay, well, like the way she…… look she’s my starting leftback and that’s that, stop asking.
  • Since when was Tobin Heath a forward? I don’t know but I’m going with it forever now.
  • At this point I don’t start Ali just to go see Kyle’s twitter after the game and have a laugh.
  • Playing Japan is a lot easier in Canada… on turf… with the sun in the Japanese keeper’s eyes… So that you can’t even clearly see a shot even from halfway up the pitch…
  • Yes, JJ goal!
  • Was JJ offside? Only technically, but like she’s such a cutie so come on.
  • Wonder how long until I sub out KO so that she can sit with me. I’ve been sitting with Ali but she keeps paying more attention to her phone than me, ugh.
  • Allie Long is an under appreciated artist.
  • Remember the last time Alex Morgan looked this good? 2012 when she won the Ballon D’or but it was given to Abby bc why not I guess you’re welcome, America.
  • Subbed Ali on and it started pouring rain cause she’s just too hot.
  • Update: Said that to Ali. She smiled uncomfortably.
  • Well that’s how it ends. A 2-0 win is nice and kind to Japan because we were totally about to score 5 more.
My PSA on Boobs

I must confess.

I’m a tits man.

I have always loved those things.

But my love for them is like any favorite food or spice. You put too much or eat too much of it, it loses any enjoyment. For every Yoko Litner, Honey or Fujiko Miine there are at least 10 things or characters that fail at the art of tits.

Here is a list of things that should NEVER have tits, anthropotized or regular(take note authors and illustrators)

  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Fish
  • Fish People
  • Robots
  • Insects
  • Fish
  • Ferrets
  • Sharks
  • Octopus
  • Plants
  • Weapons
  • Microwaves
  • Any fish
  • Mice
  • The Personification of Mathematical Concepts
  • Fish
  • Seriously, never give children tits. It is just wrong, gross and pedophilic

Thank you for reading. We will continue with part two on the lecture on tits with the lesson on how big is to big.



•A small book of different Monet paintings
•Two organza bags (one purple, one green)
•Six small candles (black, red, yellow, green, dark blue, violet)
•A small spell vial to promote good dreams and restful sleep (I suggest pinning it inside you pillow)
•Two empty small spell vials (I can either create two more spell vials or send empty, up to you.)
•A medium spell vial, full of dried blue flower petals. I honestly am unsure the flower, I have always used them to help with anxiety, as is the point of this vial.
•Three mini jars with crystal chips (labeled on the bottom)
•Assorted crystals (A list will be included when shipped)
•5 personalized sigils (not shown)
•A special gift

•It is to celebrate my 200+ followers, so you mbf me (praying-with-props)
•You can unfollow me once it’s over but that’d be a shame because I run a pretty snazzy blog
•This is in no way affiliated with or any other user, it is my giveaway
•Do not tag as anything ‘giveaway’ related or tumblr might take it down
•Reblog as many times as you like, but keep it to 1 per day as to not spam your followers
•Likes don’t count as an entry
•US residents only. I’m sorry but shipping is expensive and I am a broke college student
•Rules can be altered as I see fit
•The giveaway will run until August 10 and must get at least 100 notes.

•the winner will be picked with a random number generator
•I am hoping to give this stuff away to another person who practices witchcraft.
•It’s not a requirement- it’s just what I was hoping for.

I am pure skam tarsh and i need to share my love for this show with other people XD


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  • write in the tags or as a reply who your favourite character is and why you like the show
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  • check #skamnet for updates
  • I will pick 10-20 people

What you get:

  • Friends and a place to chat with people who like skam
  • a spot on the network page
  • an invitation to join the side blog
  • my undying love and friendship
Calum Hood Imagine - But We're Friends?

Requested: no

Synopsis: Calum goes through a break up and need’s his best friend

Word Count: 2,550

Warnings: sexual content, swearing


Relationship problems spread like wildfire in today’s society. As soon as she tweeted that they were over, it spread all over social media and it didn’t take long for everyone to know about Calum and GF/N (girlfriends name) break up. To say I was happy was an understatement—I was fucking ecstatic. I wasn’t too fond of her, but then again, I’m not usually too fond of Calum’s choice in ladies but I never said anything. I was always a good friend and never expressed my disdain for his lady friends.

Calum was obviously hurt which meant it was time for Luke and myself to intervene and pick up the pieces. I already saw Luke completely slay her on twitter, which was pure gold if I say so myself, but now it’s all about Calum. He needs us.

Calum and I have been friends for ages, long before his music career blew up. We were always together when we were younger but as we grew older things began to change. It seems that you can’t spend so much time with someone of the opposite sex if you’re just friends when you’re 17. There’s always got to be something more beneath the friendship, it’s, and I quote, “impossible for a girl and boy to be just friends”. In my opinion it’s all bullshit. There was nothing to our relationship; we just enjoyed each other’s company. That’s all there was, no lust, no love, just friendship. And as good friends do, we pick each other up when we fall.

The phone rang a few times and I almost gave up. I let it ring and ring until the line clicks and his groggy voice fills the speakers. “Hey.” Was all he said, his voice strained slightly. You could tell he had been crying by the tone of his voice.

“Hey, how are you?" 

"I’m tearing up in the middle of the airport if that tells you anything. God, I feel so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid babe. You may have made a mistake but we all do, you’re only human. It’s not your fault you went out with a complete and utter-”

“Y/N, don’t go there.” Calum warns.

“Sorry. I just never liked her.”

“I know.”

“What? How?”

“You’re not the best at hiding your feelings. You would get this pure look of disgust on your voice whenever she called.” He chuckles.


“Don’t be. You were right. Are you home?”

“Yeah, you finally coming back to Australia Mr. Big shot?” I tease.

“For a bit, yeah. Look my plane’s boarding soon so I’ll call you when I land, pick me up from the airport?”

“I’ll see you then Calum.”

He hangs up with a final goodbye and silence falls around me. I sigh, leaning back onto the headboard. As cliché as it sounds, I did develop a small crush on Calum a while ago, but I made sure to squash it the feelings. There was no way I could have a crush on my best friend. Could you imagine that? Calum and I, dating? That’s hilarious. Either way, I’m definitely not his type as you can tell from his previous relationships. Still, no matter how hard I try to push away my feelings for him there is always a small part of me that wants to just grab him and kiss him really really hard and then possibly punch him in the face for making me feel this way. “Boys are stupid.” I mutter softly, shoving my phone in my pocket. I turn on the TV and wait for Calum to text.

I was asleep when my phone rang, and rang, and rang. I jolted out of bed on the fifth ring to find 15 missed calls and 27 texts—all from Calum. “Shit.” I yank on my shoes and desperately claw for my keys in my pig sty of a bag. My hands clasp onto the cold, metal key and I race out the door.


“I’m so sorry!” I say as I help him load his bags into my car. “I fell asleep and I’m not exactly a light sleeper so I didn’t hear my phone-”

“It’s okay, babe,” He interrupts. “I was only waiting for an hour or so.” He smirks.

“Don’t tease me, Hood. Now, get in the car asshole.”

The car ride was fairly silent and pretty awkward. There was a heavy tension in the air and I could feel it weighing down my shoulders. I wasn’t sure why the air was so tense. And before you even say anything there is no way it is sexual tension. Calum just went through a break up, he’s hurt and we haven’t seen each other in a while. That’s probably why it’s awkward.

I flip the switch of the radio and Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’ pounds through the speakers. How ironic. I let the song play for a while, sneaking glances at Calum every once in a while. He mouths the words of the song as it progresses and I can’t help but smile. He makes me happy.

The radio continues to play and we still don’t speak, it seems as if the radio just added to the awkwardness of the situation.

“Have I ever told you how cute you are?” Calum says, breaking the silence.


“You’re cute. Like, really cute and when you wore that tight black dress on your birthday, oh damn, I almost lost it. You looked so hot.”

“Are you talking to me?” I ask, dumbfounded by his words.

“If I was talking to someone else there would be a problem since you’re the only other person in this car.”

“Oh,” I pause, taking in what he said. “You think I’m hot?” I smirk, a boost of confidence coursing through my body.

He nods his head. “And on Halloween when you wore that little maid’s outfit with the thigh highs and suspenders, holy fuck, it was so difficult to resist the urge to bend you over the table. You looked so perfect.”

I feel myself choke on my own saliva. “What?” I squeak out. “You wanted to what?”

“Did you not hear me the first time?”

“No, no, I heard you. I’m just confused.”

“I wanted you, is it that confusing?”

“Calum,” I warn, “Stop.”

“Why? I thought you liked me.” His voice drops a few octaves at the end of the sentence.

“I do, Calum. I fucking do okay, but I don’t want to be your rebound.”

“Who says you are going to be my rebound? What if I just wanted a quick fuck to get my mind off things?” My knuckles turn white as I tighten my grip on the steering wheel.

“I’m sorry, do you think of me as some sort of slut? A ‘quick fuck’? Is that all I am to you? Am I that disposable?”

“Relax, Y/N. You know I don’t think of you like that. You’re one of my best friends.”

“You should have thought about that before you started speaking.” You snap. 

“Have you ever heard of friends with benefits?”

“Yes.” I mutter, shifting awkwardly in my seat.

“Why don’t we try it?” He suggests and I can feel a new form of tension surround us, this time all it is sexual tension.

“We’ll talk at home, Calum. Just-just be quiet for now, please?” I manage to choke out, feeling the heat between my legs throb slightly.

“Sorry.” He replies casually, leaning back in his seat as if he didn’t do anything.

If I thought it was awkward before, it sure as hell surpassed awkward a while ago. I couldn’t keep my mind off of him. I kept sneaking glances and then mentally cursing myself whenever he catches my eye. He was hot, yes. I would love to bang him, yes. Do I want to risk our friendship for sex? Possibly. 

I was very conflicted. Friends with benefits could be a good thing. Calum and I have a pretty platonic friendship and we can basically do and say whatever we want when we’re together but I’m wondering what would happen after the fact? If we do have sex, or hook up if you may, would it change anything? Would we still be able to maintain our friendship without lust hiding behind each word and action?

After what feels like hours, I park the car into my driveway and without waiting for him, I hop out of the car, open the trunk and run inside my house. “Geez Y/N thanks for the help.” He groans, lugging his suitcase up the stone steps.

“Sorry! Had to use the washroom.” I yell from upstairs. I throw myself down onto my bed, sinking into the soft duvet. I said we’d talk about it when we got home, but I really don’t want too. I’m acting like such a child, avoiding the situation in hopes it will just resolve itself. It is possible for him to forget but I highly doubt he will. Calum is not one to forget things like this.

“Y/N? You coming down?” He calls out from the bottom of the stairs. I mumble a ‘yes’ and slowly exit my room and walk down to meet Calum.

“I was thinking we could watch a movie, order some pizza. You know the usual.” He suggests, plopping down onto the couch.

“Uh-sure.” I respond. “You can pick the movie and I’ll order the pizza?”

“Sure.” He smiles, turning on the TV as he begins to flip through channels.

I move into the kitchen to make the call and I make sure to spend my sweet time describing what we want. I give myself at least 10 minutes before descending back into the living room. “Took you long enough.” He smirks, patting the spot beside him. I reluctantly sit down beside him and on instinct I cuddle into his side, burying my face into his shoulder. I deeply inhale, enjoying the scent of his all-too familiar cologne. “You smell nice.” I whisper and I can see him smile.

“I got a new cologne in L.A.”

“I like it. You should wear it more often.”

“I’ll make note of it.” I divert my attention to the random movie Calum chose although I don’t exactly watch it. I am far more distracted by Calum rubbing small circles on my thigh with his thumb. He was driving me insane. I was aching for him at this point, my wetness spreading along my thighs.

“You want to continue our conversation from earlier?” He suggests, turning to face me, not stopping his actions.

“Uh, s-sure,” I stutter. “Friends with benefits, huh?”

“If you want. You can’t deny the fact that you want me,” He smirks up at me. “I can see it on your face. Remember, you’re not good at hiding your feelings.” He slowly trails his hand up my thigh, rubbing circles on my sensitive skin.

“Calum” I say softly, my voice hitching.

“Just one time baby and if you don’t want to continue I promise you that I will 100% forget about it.”

“I don’t know Calum. I’m scared.”

“Are you a virgin? I won’t judge.”

“What? No. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“It won’t. Our friendship will be as strong as ever, maybe even stronger.”

“You know what, fine. Let’s do this shit.” He smirks at me and immediately pushing me down onto the couch, the movie soon forgotten.

He latches his lips onto mine and we move in harmony. His tongue swipes against my bottom lip and I more than happily give him access, allowing him to explore my mouth. I lift my hips up to meet his and he moans in my mouth. “You like that?” I whisper into the kiss, grinding my crotch into his for a second time but with more force.

“Mmm, baby yes.”

I never liked being on the bottom. I liked having control over things so naturally I took control of Calum and flipped us over, gaining dominance. He didn’t seem too shocked; I’m guessing he’s used to my controlling ways by now. “I like the way you look on top of me.”

“If we continue with our little FWB thing, I promise you it will happen more often.”

I lazily reconnect our lips, slowly grinding my crotch into his. He lets out a whimper and I smirk. “Not so confident now, are we?” I mutter.

“Get off your high horse princess.”

“I’m on top of you, so doesn’t that make you my ‘high horse’? You really want me to get off?”

“You’re hilarious. Get on with it, Y/N.”

I oblige.

My hands trail under his shirt, feeling his defined abs. “I want this off.” 

“Take it off, than.”

I pull his shirt over his head, ruffling his perfect hair in the process. I drag my nails down his chest, feeling him harden underneath me. I leave a trail of sloppy kisses from his collarbone down to the waistline of his pants. He lifts his hips up, allowing me to pull them off of his legs. I slip my fingers under the thin material of his boxers and pull it up slowly, before allowing it to snap back against his body. “Do something.” He mutters through gritted teeth. 

I simply palm him through his boxers and he lets out a moan. “Stop with the teasing, damn.” I shrug my shoulders, yanking his boxers down in one swift motion. I blow air onto his length and he hisses at the contact. I lick a stripe up his dick from the tip down, circling my tongue around his tip slowly before putting the entire thing in my mouth. His hands fly to my head and he pushes me lower, causing me to gag. I deep throat him for as long as I can, hollowing my cheeks to give him more friction.

“Just like that, princess. I’m so close.” He moans. I continue my actions until I can feel him twitch in my mouth, shooting his hot load down my throat. I swallow every last drop, licking him clean.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.” He says, eyeing my fully clothed body. My clothes soon meet his in a pile on the floor, leaving me in my panties alone. He bites his lip at the sight of me. “You’re so hot." 

He reaches up towards me, flipping us over so he has control. He plays with the hem of my panties, rubbing circles on the soft skin underneath. “You’re so soaked.” He mutters, slipping his finger inside my panties, running his digit over my folds. He plunges a finger inside of me, another one soon following. Moans fall from my lips as he moves in and out of my throbbing core. His thumb meets my clit, rubbing figure eights on the sensitive bundle of nerves. 

"I’m not going to be able to last for much longer." 

"It’s okay, baby girl. Come for me.”

I come undone, my orgasm raking through my body. “Fuck.” I moan out, my back arching off of the bed. My body reconnects with the couch and I lay there breathless. 

“Are you ready?” Calum questions and I nod.

He positions himself at my entrance and looks at me for reassurance. 

“Friends?” He asks, looking down at me.


I wrote this for my other blog  and i just changed the names of the characters so if it sounds familiar that’s why


The 2015 release of the Guinness World Record: Gamer’s Edition book was released a couple of days ago and, with it, a list of the “50 Best Ever Video Game Series’”. The list is made from votes cast by over 5000 readers of the book. Here are the top 10 games on that list.

10. The Elder Scrolls
9. Battlefield
8. Assassin’s Creed
6. The Legend of Zelda
5. Halo
4. Grand Theft Auto
3. Minecraft
2. Super Mario Bros.
1. Call of Duty

As you can see, it seems The Legend of Zelda has been ranked #6, a number I feel doesn’t give the series justice. At least, not when you see the games that beat it. I would like to imagine the fanbase for The Legend of Zelda spans a higher amount of people than those that play Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, but hey, numbers don’t lie [I guess]. Another interesting thing to note is that Minecraft, another game that is ranked higher than Zelda, isn’t even a game series. Regardless, this is the list and we should at least appreciate it the series is in there at all, wether or not some of us fully agree with it.