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tv shows: yeahhh,, uh,, i’m here for the *looks at smudged writing on hand* gltb thing?? yeah, we totally got you,, but um,, i left a casserole in the oven at home,, promise i’ll come back, for real, totally;:,,

books: lgbt characters? those are over there, through the Infinite Forest of Generic Dystopia. good luck though, few have ever made it out alive!

podcasts: fuk u guys, here’s 7 aroace characters, 5 genderfluid characters, 37 bisexuals, 54 healthy wlw relationships, actually everyone is lgbt sorry we don’t make the rules!!!

no offense but like why does being lgbt/having lgbt characters and couples always have to be some ~big secret~ to be revealed in media???? can we not just have some god damn canon representation without any fuss, like. i’m tired of endlessly hoping and not knowing, of being baited and almost fucking used in a way??? like making me stick around waiting to see whether or not you’re gonna give us one god damn lgbt character (or, god forbid, multiple). trying to keep me “”hooked”” or whatever the fuck. it’s kinda gross and just playing into what the fans want w/out delivering is kinda sick. & even if the character(s) is revealed to be canon lgbt, why did it have to be such a big deal. why did i have to wait, why did my hopes have to be toyed with for so long…,idk i’m not super eloquent rn, but tbh i’m looking @ you rn dreamworks.

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Rey & Kylo probably: We don’t need each other. Our organizations and allegiances to the light and dark are emotionally the best places for us.

Kylo, like five minutes later flinging himself out of his tie-fighter into Rey’s lap to vent: you’ll never guess what bullshit just happened-

Rey, equally stressed out and laying on top of him: try me. yesterday Poe Dameron tried to explain to me that it shouldn’t be that hard to turn off the dark side of the force

Kylo: wow

Rey: yeah. i know.

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Mimi how do you feel about it being titled Her and it being about them falling in love?

I am a little bit hesitant, it should have been “Love Yourself ‘Him’” 

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the gay

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moments BIGHIT?

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Just a little experiment:

Reblog if you think teenagers and adults can watch Disney movies.

 I was just told by a friend that I was “too old” to watch Tangled, and I’ll prove her wrong.

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