give him sugar

i can’t wait until kun debuts so him and winwin can rule the world and be the power couple they once were… you will all see, you will all open your eyes

I don’t really go out of my way to bash or glorify TCC but some people that vehemently argue saying it’s inconceivable for Harry to snap at Albus should take a step back.
The Harry depicted in TCC is one that is struggling with PTSD, possibly untreated ever since the war. His problems don’t only stem from the war. Harry never had a positive parental figure, anyone he had either died or manipulated him. He was a neglected and emotionally abused child. He grew up hearing that he was worthless, that he was a waste of space. It is not so impossible for him to snap back at Albus who openly mocked him for being abused and told him he wished Harry wasn’t his father. Harry has a temper, he was being purposefully triggered by his abusive childhood and emotionally attacked, he was cornered and he lashed out in the way he learned from his experiences from the Dursleys. It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t okay, it wasn’t healthy but it isn’t that unbelievable. Harry never meant to say that, he absolutely didn’t mean it and he spent the rest of the story trying to make up for that line. He knows he messed up, he knows he of all people should never have said something like that.
The thing is, sometimes that cycle of abuse latches itself on to the darkest part of one’s soul and comes out when they feel distressed to the point where they can’t control themselves. Even the strongest, kindest abuse survivor can experience this. Just… saying that he should be better because he is an abuse victim feels wrong. It feels like trying to erase the effects of his abusive childhood and real life doesn’t work like that. Saying one terrible, awful thing does not make a person abusive. This is the reality of life. Sometimes we, even parents (they are human too!), fuck up and say stuff we don’t mean. Sometimes we become malicious in our anger, sometimes being hurts causes us to become destructive. People make mistakes. The key point is to come back from it and make amends.
I know it was a terrible thing to say, but i forgive Harry and so does Ginny because it’s evident Harry regrets it immensely and that he will do his best to make up for it. I think, with time and mutual understanding, Albus will forgive him for saying that too.


-When you’re feelin’ a bit blue, this bitty will do his very best to cheer you up. He’s very encouraging. 

-Like most Naturetale bitties, he is a vegetarian and will not eat meat.

-Poppy bitties never seem to rest and are full of energy. Take them outside to run around and play and eventually they’ll tire themselves out. 

-He will want to cook with you and likes to sew. If you have a rip in your clothes, your Poppy bitty can patch it up in no time at all!

-Compliment your Poppy bitty, it helps boost his confidence! He’ll probably compliment you in return.

-He enjoys a nice hot cup of tea. Don’t give him too much sugar though or he’ll be bouncing off the walls!

-Poppy bitties can sometimes get lonely. Having a few bitty friends/family for him would be a good idea! 

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I can't help but imagine Junkrat getting really excited when he gets Valentine's candy so his S/O just keeps giving him more. By noon he's caused so much chaos in his sugar induced high that everyone is begging them to stop giving him sugar, "but look how happy he is~" S/O says fawning as Junkrat blows another whole in the ceiling.

Sobs Jamie would be a nightmare when on a sugar high/rush everyone would have to barricade him in another room to be safe.

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those babybones headcanons were so cute. Would you do the same for swapfell and underswap?


Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, NEVER EVER IN EVERLAND GIVE SANS SUGAR. Keep him away from anything sugary or caffeinated um, unless you enjoy exercise…? Somehow he always finds these foods in the pantry so keep an eye on him. Luckily, he crashes hard. Makes naptime easier.
Pap is a curious little child, always wandering and poking his lil phalanges into places they shouldn’t be. 
Sans is probably crashing from his sugar high by the time naptime comes around, making the caretaker’s life much easier. Pap on the other hand, will lie down quietly but it takes fore v e r to get him to fall asleep. Apply lullabies and rhythmic patting.


Sans is the sassiest, most “challenging” child. He’s the skeletal incarnation of this kid’s essence. 
Pap is the biggest snitch in the world. He and Sans will bicker a lot over this. Don’t worry though, nothing escalates beyond whining and snatching of cookies.
Pap falls asleep first. They like to be tucked in together, Sans with his way too many plush toys. You gotta bring all of them. Yes, all 57. And tuck them in individually with a kiss and remember their names. Papy tends to sprawl in his sleep and might kick some of the plushies off the bed. Remember to put them back before Sans wakes up or he’ll get upset that one of his friends got hurt.

If your Valentine’s gift doesn’t involve 
     peanut butter, I don’t want it.


Who the hell give BamBam too much sugar 😂😂

Thoughts and observations after 6x06:

  • Emma clearly wanted morning cuddles when she woke up.
  • Henry’s gonna hate the nights when Killian’s on cooking duty… “Those pizza things haven’t an ounce of nutrients in them. You’ll end up in an early grave. It’s about time you started giving the other food groups a chance. Both of you.”
  • Aladdin, please stop with the accent. 
  • Henry… words hurt, dude.
  • Please can we have Killian walking into the living area with items from Henry’s room, randomly asking how on earth they work?
  • Evil Queen…. just stop altogether, please.
  • Baby Robin’s pink star blanket has become the new ‘Henry’s scarf’.
  • Killian Jones can wear a clown suit/tutu/fishnet stockings/fluffy bunny outfit, and still make them look hot. as. fuck.
  • Timelines don’t mean shit.
  • I need the scene where Killian classes poptarts on the same list as Bologna. Did they burn his tongue? Did the sugar give him a cavity?
  • Knife to the throat while on the floor is an angle I still approve of. Like, SERIOUSLY approve of.
  • As unnecessary and disturbing as that GoldQueen scene was… it was still more bearable than WickedGold (that shit haunts me)
  • There was something about seeing Killian waiting at a hospital bed side that gave me some serious future ‘Emma’s in labour’ feels.
  • Liam was aite…. Nemo was better…

I’m getting new photos taken for sugar profiles this weekend and next and my profiles are down while all that is pending but I want…money…now……..

Since I got up at 5 with sick kiddo I got to sleep in when he woke up for real at 7, at least until a few minutes ago when Hubby came in wanting to know my technique for making cinnamon sugar Eggos. I was in pretty deep rem and dreaming about fish tanks. I managed to give him the cinnamon sugar recipe. However, I’m now Googling fish tank costs and thinking about what kind of fish I can put in a fish tank.