give him sugar


“Time to answer questions!!”
“Good god Goth, did you give him too much sugar?”
“I mean, that’s his nickname for a reason-”
“Language Pepper!!”
Goth and Pepper belong to @nekophy
Sugar belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

My brain suggested we do something usefull today, but then i remembered that i have no brains so i did this
these two are my @thebbros  Oc’s, bakers Vinny the mouse and Poud the goat who work at V and P’s Bakery
they are both orphans, and they’ve been best friends since childhood, when they grew up they decided to open the bakery since they both love baking

  • Vinny is 22 but he is very imature and irresponsible. He has the ink illness. He loves to goof around and can make a joke out of literly anything (exept stuff that might ofend other people). He likes sweets but some times he doesn’t know when to stop and that gives him lots of sugar rush. He is very optimistic, likes to cheer other people up and personaly most of the times doesn’t get worked up about anything, even when he got sick he still didn’t change his attitude.
  • Poud is 27, and he is almost complete opposite of Vinnny. He takes his job very serious and responsible, but some times he worres a bit too much. Some times he’s being bit of a doormat, but he tries stay cool. He is also very kind and eloquent wich makes many girls in the neighborhood like him. And he loves flowers.  

Ever since Vinny got sick Poud was very stressed and scared because he loves his friend more than anything and he doesn’t wants to lose him, but Vinny believes that he might have a chance to survive and always tells Poud not to worry, but at the same time he is actually ready for his death, he just doesn’t care
idk lots of people do this crap, i just wanted to be INKluded (i am lonely)
The AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge you can check it over here

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Who do you want Varian with if not Amren?

Boy do I have a LIST for you. 

  • Helion
  • Random High Fae from Day Court 
  • Random High Fae from Summer Court
  • Random lesser fae from Day Court 
  • Random lesser far from Summer Court 
  • Remember that soldier Varian was checking on?? Touching his thigh?? That was his boyfriend and that was gay™ 
  • The merman that totally exists and that Varian is totally in love with
  • Random surfer chick who teaches Varian to surf 
  • Random sailor guy who takes Varian out on cute lil boat rides 
  • That one Summer Court warrior who stuck by Varian’s side the entire battle 
  • That cute lil Day Court librarian 
  • An artist from the Summer Court?? She paints Varian’s body when he’s asleep and he wakes up looking like a masterpiece and it makes him so happy?? SIGN ME UP™ 
  • A healer from the Dawn Court make it happen
  • Cresseida’s best friend? Listen normally I’m not for this trope but by all means for Varian I WOULD BE ALL UP IN THIS TROPE 
  • Enemies™ To Friends™ To Lovers™ 
  • Casual hook up and oops I think I got attached to you and ugh I think I got attached to you too 
  • Helion’s Captain of the Guard 
  • A peregryn?? Sign me up™
  • A seraphim? Sign me up™ 
  • Whatever Day Court’s faes with wings are called? Sign me up™ 
  • One of the generals of Summer/Day/Dawn Court armies
  • His childhood friend who he thought would never love him back but DOES love him back and now they have to reconnect and navigate their way around their feelings 
  • Vassa?? Honestly sign me up at this point Vassa is shippable with any and everyone (Vassarian??)
  • Azriel?? THAT’S RIGHT I SHIP IT. 
  • Ngl anyone black please like… I need one (1) healthy black ship that I can get behind and give up my life for. I need parents. I am parentless. 
  • AND MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: Varian being single because not everyone needs a s/o to be happy and not everyone needs to be in a relationship especially when that relationship is forced and came out of nowhere and reduces him to a love interest that no one cares about but aw he’s kind of cute I guess and I bet he gives mad™ good™ sex but other than that don’t really care about him oops 

my gift for luhan’s 27th birthday 🎂💘 it is small in comparison to all of the things he has given to me but it’s all i can do 💖

i can’t wait until kun debuts so him and winwin can rule the world and be the power couple they once were… you will all see, you will all open your eyes

I don’t really go out of my way to bash or glorify TCC but some people that vehemently argue saying it’s inconceivable for Harry to snap at Albus should take a step back.
The Harry depicted in TCC is one that is struggling with PTSD, possibly untreated ever since the war. His problems don’t only stem from the war. Harry never had a positive parental figure, anyone he had either died or manipulated him. He was a neglected and emotionally abused child. He grew up hearing that he was worthless, that he was a waste of space. It is not so impossible for him to snap back at Albus who openly mocked him for being abused and told him he wished Harry wasn’t his father. Harry has a temper, he was being purposefully triggered by his abusive childhood and emotionally attacked, he was cornered and he lashed out in the way he learned from his experiences from the Dursleys. It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t okay, it wasn’t healthy but it isn’t that unbelievable. Harry never meant to say that, he absolutely didn’t mean it and he spent the rest of the story trying to make up for that line. He knows he messed up, he knows he of all people should never have said something like that.
The thing is, sometimes that cycle of abuse latches itself on to the darkest part of one’s soul and comes out when they feel distressed to the point where they can’t control themselves. Even the strongest, kindest abuse survivor can experience this. Just… saying that he should be better because he is an abuse victim feels wrong. It feels like trying to erase the effects of his abusive childhood and real life doesn’t work like that. Saying one terrible, awful thing does not make a person abusive. This is the reality of life. Sometimes we, even parents (they are human too!), fuck up and say stuff we don’t mean. Sometimes we become malicious in our anger, sometimes being hurts causes us to become destructive. People make mistakes. The key point is to come back from it and make amends.
I know it was a terrible thing to say, but i forgive Harry and so does Ginny because it’s evident Harry regrets it immensely and that he will do his best to make up for it. I think, with time and mutual understanding, Albus will forgive him for saying that too.

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"Ah, hello little one! I hope you don't mind, but I brought you a small plate of fruit for you to enjoy~" [[/hands you a miniature fruit platter]] "If you feel overwhelmed by the ball shenanigans, don't be afraid to take a break~ Have fun!"

Thank you, Divachan! I love fruit! I’ll be sure to take a break soon….


My Sweet Boy

October 24 2014

My baby boy Matty is growing up! I went to kiss his little pink cheeks today and they seemed less chubby. His adorable dimples donโ€™t go as deep as they used to.

October 26 2014

I cried all day today. Matty refused to take my milk for the first time. I feel like heโ€™s already growing apart from me.

October 31 2014

Happy Halloween! Matty started eating a little grownup food the other day and he loved it! Iโ€™m still a little sad our Mommy-Son bond is going away but he still seems to want my milk sometimes. I bet he can tell how happy I am to give it to him. Thereโ€™s nothing like that feeling of closeness, donโ€™t you think?

November 2 2014

I am so mad at Matty I could scream. Five times he pushed me away when I tried to feed him! FIVE! I guess Iโ€™m a useless old cow whose milk isnโ€™t good anymore.

November 3 2014

I let Matty try some crushed up candies the other day. He LOVED them! He took handful after handful of the powdery stuff and kept whining for more. At least he was happy when I gave it to him. He smiled every time. Still, those dimples just didnโ€™t look as cute as they used to.

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Here’s a Headline

jack & davey, 1808 words

based on this post

(so i was looking for inspiration to write this and i heard it was issacโ€™s { @miserysucculent } birthday??? so since this is his hc i thought hey why not. pls enjoy issac, happy birthday bud. also this turned out a hell of a lot longer than i meant it to be)

It was one of those summer days that made everything seem insignificant. It was hot, hot enough to make Davey flee the constraints of his room. Since he shared with Les, it felt too constricting to sit and listen to another story about cowboys and the wild west. Sarah was already starting her homework for next year, and kept spouting facts about the moon. Davey wrinkled his nose thinking about the pile of homework that sat on his desk, waiting to be started. Choosing to neglect his duties, Davey chose to take a walk down to the farmerโ€™s market for his mother. It was just as stifling outside, but a thin breeze blew between all the people that crowded the sidewalk. He pushed his way through the crowd, realizing that this was not the greatest choice he couldโ€™ve made, relieved to see the big signs advertising fresh fruit and baked goods.

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Just This Once


  • Hi~ Can I request prompt 20 the sleepover one with Monsta X’s Minhyuk? If you guys are dating? Thanks :D
  • Can you do 4 and 20 with bts’ min yoongi or with Monsta X’s Minhyuk ? I love the new promptlist! And I love your blog !!! XOXO

4) “Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?”

20) Sleepover with your bias (platonic or romantic)

Member: Monsta X Minhyuk x Y/N x (ft. Kihyun)

Type: Fluff

You cast your eyes along every facet of your living room, chewing nervously on your lip. Everything had a place and needed to be perfect, especially on a night like tonight. The pizza was ordered and the cookies were in the oven. Netflix was queued up on the television and you had an impressive array of blankets tossed onto the couch. 

It was your first sleepover. 

Well…the first one to matter. 

Growing up, you always considered yourself the sleepover connoisseur. Your mom always provided the best snacks, let you stay up past bedtime, and normally turned a blind eye to any “slumbering” that may or may not have occurred in the night. 

But this was nothing like that. 

This would be your first sleepover with Lee MInhyuk. The Lee Minhyuk you had been pining over for the better part of your young adult years. The Lee Minhyuk who had completely won over your heart and confessed to you a few short months ago. 

The Lee Minhyuk who had gone from casual friend, to romantic interest, to full fledged boyfriend. 

You took a deep breath and nodded as you heard a light knock on the door. You had no idea what Minhyuk had in mind when he had mentioned the idea of a sleepover, but your mind immediately skipped to juvenile thoughts, filled with cotton candy and ghost stories. You knew, at his core, MInhyuk was a man. You were unsure if his expectations would be different than yours. 

That was…until you opened your apartment door. 

You smiled to yourself as you looked the innocent young man over. He was already wearing pajamas, bright blue ones with navy stripes. On his feet, he wore slippers, which appeared to be covered in Hamtaro characters. His hair was already disheveled, but in a beautifully easy way. He kept a backpack tight on his shoulder with a pillow tucked under his arm. 

You looked past his smiling face for a moment, surprised to see Kihyun looming behind him. 

“Ah, Kihyunnie?” you hummed, tilting you head. Kihyun rolled his eyes as he reached around Minhyuk and shoved a plastic bag toward you. 

“Don’t give him sugar past ten, it’ll give him nightmares. Make sure he takes the medicine in that bag, there’s instructions on the sticky note. He’s starting to catch a cold. Also, don’t let him pretend he likes scary movies to impress you because he doesn’t and they’ll also give him nightmares.” 

“Uh…thanks?” you whispered, looking to Minhyuk who still hand’t broken his smile. 

“What do you say?” Kihyun growled. 

“Thank you for having me over,” Minhyuk nodded, his expression as pure as the sun. 

“I’ll be here to pick him up tomorrow morning at ten,” Kihyun grumbled. He turned on his heel and sauntered down the hall. 

“So, did he take it upon himself to-” you began. Minhyuk immediately began to chuckle as he shuffled into your apartment. 

“Of course he took it upon himself,” he smiled. “And I’m not catching a cold.”

“You aren’t getting out of taking your medicine Hyukkie, no matter how bad it tastes,” you cooed, setting the bag Kihyun had given you on the counter. 

“Oh, come on! If you don’t tell him, he won’t know any better!” MInhyuk whined, plopping on the couch. 

“You guys have a showcase coming up, and a world tour! You can’t have a cold,” you argued. 

“Yeah well, you’re face is cute!” MInhyuk spat, crossing his arms. 

“I…I’m sorry,” you stuttered, tilting your head. “…You said that as if it was an insult? But I don’t think…or was that part of your argument? I’m so confused.”

“Do you need me to order the pizza?” he asked, changing the subject. 

“Ordered,” you nodded. “Just come her and take your cough syr-”

“What smells so good?” he asked, interrupting you as he sprang from the couch. Leaning against the counter, he bit his lip as he watched you move back and forth, interest deep within his eyes. 

“Cookies, are you supposed to take two mil-” you hummed, taking out his medication and bringing it up to be eye level. 

A loud knock hit against your door, signaling the pizza MInhyuk had been asking about had arrived. 

“I’ll get it!” he cooed happily, retreating from the counter and toward the front door. 

“Minhyuk,” you groaned, putting his medicine on the counter. You sighed, giving up the battle for a moment. It would probably be better if he had some food in his stomach before taking it anyhow. 

By the time you reached the door, MInhyuk had already intercepted the pizza delivery man and was making his way back to the kitchen. 

“What kind did you get?” he asked, shuffling into the kitchen and setting it down. “Oh! And breadsticks! Y/N, I’ve been trying to diet before tour.”

“For what reason?” you gasped. “Fans will love you whether you diet or not.”

“Well, I know that,” he argued. “It’s a personal choice…so I can eat everything in the US and not feel guilty about it…

…and before you ask, I mean everything when I say everything. If my eyes make contact on food, it’s going into my mouth.”

“Consider this a preemptive effort for your America trip then,” you chuckled, sliding open the pizza box. MInhyuk’s eyes immediately grew twice in size as he gazed upon the cheese pizza before him. You had ordered from his favorite place and you knew he could identify it by sight. 

“Y/N…” he gasped, his eyes tracing every inch. 

“Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?” you grumbled, grabbing your pizza cutter. 

Minhyuk looked up, only to look back down again with furrowed brows. 

“We only just started our relationship Y/N. I’ve been committed to pizza for a very long time. You have to build up to looks like this,” he chirped, taking a bite out of the slice he had selected. 

After pouting for a few minutes and having Minhyuk perform some pizza-based aegyo that was pretty impressive, you had both finished eating and settled onto the couch. You shook your shoulders, shimmying into the cushions behind you and took a deep breath in, appreciating the fresh baked cookie smell now wafting through your apartment. 

“When can we eat the cookies?” MInhyuk whispered, plopping alongside you. He closed his eyes as he snuggled into the couch as well. 

“As soon as they’re cool,” you hummed. “Or in your case, as soon as you take your medicine.”

“You said I didn’t have to,” he muttered, not even bothering to open his eyes. 

“No, you said you didn’t have to,” you chuckled, shooting him a weary side eye. You titled your head to let it hit his shoulder and sighed. Other than a few hugs and some quickly exchanged kisses, you had never been able to bask in MInhyuk like you were doing now. He smelled like morning dew, like the fresh water of the world waking up and drip dropping gently around you. As you took another deep breath in, you identified another hint of something…closer to clean laundry? Still warm and freshly starched. His scent was relaxing…and it reminded you of home, even though you were already there. 

“Are you sure I still have to?” MInhyuk’s voice rasped, only a few centimeters away from your ear. “Wouldn’t you rather get comfy?”

He slipped his arm around you and pulled you close into his chest. He kissed your temple and immediately smiled as he leaned back again. 

“Are you…trying to seduce me…to get out of taking your cold medicine?” you whispered, enjoying the comfort of his touch. 

“…Is it working?” he giggled. 

“Do you think it’s working?” you grinned sleepily. 

“Well, I think anything can work if you try hard enough,” he said quietly nuzzling into your hair. 

You closed your eyes, tired from the day, but more so at peace with the situation you were in. You settled into MInhyuk’s body and breathed easily. 

“Okay…maybe we can tell Kihyun you took it…but just this once.”

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Hello! I just wanted to share... when I was about 5-6 y/o, I baked my first bread rolls. I wanted to give them to my grandpa. My grandpa had diabetes, so in my mind, I cannot give him any form of sugar AT ALL. So, my brain processed that NO SUGAR information and decided to substitute the sugar needed for the bread roll into SALT. It was rock hard solid when it came out. Grandpa took a bite anyway to humor me, and some teeth from his dentures came out. And that was my first foray into baking. XD

Oh noooooooo tiny baby salt rolls :D