give him sugar


“Time to answer questions!!”
“Good god Goth, did you give him too much sugar?”
“I mean, that’s his nickname for a reason-”
“Language Pepper!!”
Goth and Pepper belong to @nekophy
Sugar belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

My brain suggested we do something usefull today, but then i remembered that i have no brains so i did this
these two are my @thebbros  Oc’s, bakers Vinny the mouse and Poud the goat who work at V and P’s Bakery
they are both orphans, and they’ve been best friends since childhood, when they grew up they started to work the bakery since they both love baking

  • Vinny is 22 but he is very imature and irresponsible. He has the ink illness. He loves to goof around and can make a joke out of literly anything. He likes sweets but some times he doesn’t know when to stop and that gives him lots of sugar rush. He is very optimistic, likes to cheer other people up and personaly most of the times doesn’t get worked up about anything, even when he got sick he still didn’t change his attitude.
  • Poud is 27, and he is almost complete opposite of Vinnny. He takes his job very serious and responsible, but some times he worres a bit too much. He is pretty stressed most of times, but he tries to act nice to everyone. He can be patient but sometimes he can’t help it and losses his temper. He is also very eloquent which makes many girls like him.  And he loves flowers.  

Ever since Vinny got sick Poud was very stressed and scared because he loves his friend more than anything and he doesn’t wants to lose him, but Vinny believes that he might have a chance to survive and always tells Poud not to worry, but at the same time he is actually ready for his death, he just doesn’t care
idk lots of people do this crap, i just wanted to be INKluded (i am lonely)
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anonymous asked:

Who do you want Varian with if not Amren?

Boy do I have a LIST for you. 

  • Helion
  • Random High Fae from Day Court 
  • Random High Fae from Summer Court
  • Random lesser fae from Day Court 
  • Random lesser far from Summer Court 
  • Remember that soldier Varian was checking on?? Touching his thigh?? That was his boyfriend and that was gay™ 
  • The merman that totally exists and that Varian is totally in love with
  • Random surfer chick who teaches Varian to surf 
  • Random sailor guy who takes Varian out on cute lil boat rides 
  • That one Summer Court warrior who stuck by Varian’s side the entire battle 
  • That cute lil Day Court librarian 
  • An artist from the Summer Court?? She paints Varian’s body when he’s asleep and he wakes up looking like a masterpiece and it makes him so happy?? SIGN ME UP™ 
  • A healer from the Dawn Court make it happen
  • Cresseida’s best friend? Listen normally I’m not for this trope but by all means for Varian I WOULD BE ALL UP IN THIS TROPE 
  • Enemies™ To Friends™ To Lovers™ 
  • Casual hook up and oops I think I got attached to you and ugh I think I got attached to you too 
  • Helion’s Captain of the Guard 
  • A peregryn?? Sign me up™
  • A seraphim? Sign me up™ 
  • Whatever Day Court’s faes with wings are called? Sign me up™ 
  • One of the generals of Summer/Day/Dawn Court armies
  • His childhood friend who he thought would never love him back but DOES love him back and now they have to reconnect and navigate their way around their feelings 
  • Vassa?? Honestly sign me up at this point Vassa is shippable with any and everyone (Vassarian??)
  • Azriel?? THAT’S RIGHT I SHIP IT. 
  • Ngl anyone black please like… I need one (1) healthy black ship that I can get behind and give up my life for. I need parents. I am parentless. 
  • AND MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: Varian being single because not everyone needs a s/o to be happy and not everyone needs to be in a relationship especially when that relationship is forced and came out of nowhere and reduces him to a love interest that no one cares about but aw he’s kind of cute I guess and I bet he gives mad™ good™ sex but other than that don’t really care about him oops 

my gift for luhan’s 27th birthday 🎂💘 it is small in comparison to all of the things he has given to me but it’s all i can do 💖

How Do You Like Your Coffee? - Clone Wars Edition

Barista: So how do you like your coffee?

Hardcase: IDK, how do YOU like it? *excessive winking*

Barista: *concerned* You should get that twitch checked out it looks terminal…

Barista: So how do you like your coffee?

Fives: As dark as my soul.

Barista: One glass of milk coming up.

Barista: So how do you- oh, it’s you. The usual?

Echo: Yeah, thanks. *recieves beverage and becomes confused*

Echo: There must be some mistake, you see the rightful owner has his contact information written down.

Barista: No, that’s my number. Maybe we could get together sometime, hang out?

Echo: …Do you like playing checkers?

Rex: Black, plain.

Barista: Sure thing.

Coworker: *whispering* I don’t understand. Why are we dumping all the sugar ration in?

Barista: Have you seen the people this poor man works with? I give him the sugar so that he doesn’t succumb to homicide.

Jesse: *walking out with a triple caramel macchiato* See Kix? Best place for coffee.

Kix: *walking out with a green tea* Best place for a sugar coma more like.

Tup: *is given his coffee* Thanks. Can I have a straw?

Cody: *walks in*

Barista: Here you go sir.

Cody: But I didn’t order an Iced French Vanilla Frappe with hazelnut.

Barista: No I know your boss called it in ten minutes ago and said you’d be by to pick it up. *hands him a black with two sugars*

Barista: Said you’d order this too so here you go.


Barista: Yes hello, would you like to try our signature specials today?

Ahsoka: Do I LOOK like a Hispter?

Barista: …No, sorry.

Ahsoka: I’ll have a hot chocolate with whipped cream please and thank you.

Barista: Okay. *hands her the drink*

Ahsoka: *taking out phone* This is going on Snapchat.


Barista: Half cream and chocolate syrup, coming right up.

Wolffe: ???

Barista: Here you go. *hands him the drink*

Wolffe: :)

Padmé: Ooh ooh, put some Nectar in mine.

Barista: *smiling* Okay. By the way, that makeup tutorial you sent me has my game on point lately.

Barista: Back again sir?

Yularen: Wouldn’t dream of getting my caffeine fix anywhere else. You have my usual ready?

Barista: You mean the chai latte? Yeah it’s waiting for you.

Anakin: Yeah I’ll have the Sith Roast Extra.

Barista: Sure thing. *yells to coworker* Hey can someone start Order 66 while I work on the other customers coming in?

I don’t really go out of my way to bash or glorify TCC but some people that vehemently argue saying it’s inconceivable for Harry to snap at Albus should take a step back.
The Harry depicted in TCC is one that is struggling with PTSD, possibly untreated ever since the war. His problems don’t only stem from the war. Harry never had a positive parental figure, anyone he had either died or manipulated him. He was a neglected and emotionally abused child. He grew up hearing that he was worthless, that he was a waste of space. It is not so impossible for him to snap back at Albus who openly mocked him for being abused and told him he wished Harry wasn’t his father. Harry has a temper, he was being purposefully triggered by his abusive childhood and emotionally attacked, he was cornered and he lashed out in the way he learned from his experiences from the Dursleys. It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t okay, it wasn’t healthy but it isn’t that unbelievable. Harry never meant to say that, he absolutely didn’t mean it and he spent the rest of the story trying to make up for that line. He knows he messed up, he knows he of all people should never have said something like that.
The thing is, sometimes that cycle of abuse latches itself on to the darkest part of one’s soul and comes out when they feel distressed to the point where they can’t control themselves. Even the strongest, kindest abuse survivor can experience this. Just… saying that he should be better because he is an abuse victim feels wrong. It feels like trying to erase the effects of his abusive childhood and real life doesn’t work like that. Saying one terrible, awful thing does not make a person abusive. This is the reality of life. Sometimes we, even parents (they are human too!), fuck up and say stuff we don’t mean. Sometimes we become malicious in our anger, sometimes being hurts causes us to become destructive. People make mistakes. The key point is to come back from it and make amends.
I know it was a terrible thing to say, but i forgive Harry and so does Ginny because it’s evident Harry regrets it immensely and that he will do his best to make up for it. I think, with time and mutual understanding, Albus will forgive him for saying that too.

i can’t wait until kun debuts so him and winwin can rule the world and be the power couple they once were… you will all see, you will all open your eyes

Coney Island - Daddy Daze (Bucky)

Originally posted by danskjavlarna

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: daddy!Bucky x Reader

A/n:  New Daddy Daze posted every Monday!  I am also taking requests!

Requested by: @prettiestsupersoldier -Thank you so much again lovely!


You watched as James hopped from foot to foot in excitement as he brushed his teeth.   Bucky had promised when he turned 7 he would be able to go to Coney Island and ride all the rides.   Bucky had asked you to come but when James heard he pouted.  He just wanted a man’s day no mommies allowed.

So you agreed to stay home and let the boys have their fun.  As Bucky checked his pocket for his phone and wallet, you told James to behave and stay with his dad at all times.  “He’ll be fine doll, I got this under control.  Ya don’t need to worry.”

You followed your boys as they headed out the door, “Don’t let him eat too much junk food!  Make sure the seatbelt on every ride is secure!  And make sure that you take breaks, and drink water.”

Bucky unlocked the car for James allowing him to jump in and get buckled, “Doll I swear I will bring our son back in one piece. Don’t worry I got this!  I love you.  Now go relax.”

After pecking your pouting lips, he ran to the car, jumping in and pulling away.  You make a face when you realize neither of them even waved or looked back.

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Sugar bricks

It’s been two and a half years since the war ended and almost everyone who graduated from hogwarts as the year who fighted in the war goes to college now. Draco, however, is hated by his parents now, has no contact with them but he got used to it. Almost everyone hates him on the campus, makes fun of him or insults him.

And then, there’s Potter. Every time he passes by, he makes him a compliment and gives him only one sugar brick. Draco was wondering why Potter kept doing this, but never talked to him about it or even dared to use the sugar bricks. He just kept them and even started collecting them.

One day, the first year on the campus was already over and the second year was about to begin, Harry walked up to Malfoy with two pounds of pure sugar and covered Draco in it.
The Slytherin was shocked and angry at the same time and as he wanted to yell at Harry, he interrupted him, saying, “no matter how many sugar bricks I tried, none would be as sweet as you”, and Draco turned dark red, trying not to freak out in front of the whole class.

My Sweet Boy

October 24 2014

My baby boy Matty is growing up! I went to kiss his little pink cheeks today and they seemed less chubby. His adorable dimples don’t go as deep as they used to.

October 26 2014

I cried all day today. Matty refused to take my milk for the first time. I feel like he’s already growing apart from me.

October 31 2014

Happy Halloween! Matty started eating a little grownup food the other day and he loved it! I’m still a little sad our Mommy-Son bond is going away but he still seems to want my milk sometimes. I bet he can tell how happy I am to give it to him. There’s nothing like that feeling of closeness, don’t you think?

November 2 2014

I am so mad at Matty I could scream. Five times he pushed me away when I tried to feed him! FIVE! I guess I’m a useless old cow whose milk isn’t good anymore.

November 3 2014

I let Matty try some crushed up candies the other day. He LOVED them! He took handful after handful of the powdery stuff and kept whining for more. At least he was happy when I gave it to him. He smiled every time. Still, those dimples just didn’t look as cute as they used to.

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