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Do people not realize how fucking weird it is for a popstar to be constantly asked about his girlfriend and for him to constantly give them that satisfaction and speak her whole name as if people don’t know it yet and need to know that is girlfriend is named Eleanor, spelled E-L-E-A-N-O-R? 

Because, like, she isn’t famous. People don’t know her for a reason. Apparently she doesn’t want attention and pap shots so why would you elevate her name then? It’s bizarre, ludicrous and it’s so fucking annoying. 

I want to hear about Louis. Not his girlfriend. And if he would have a boyfriend publicly, I’d still not want to hear about the boyfriend, I’d want to hear about Louis. It’s his single release. His lead solo debut. His music. His creative product. For the Love of a God that I don’t even believe in, let him fucking speak about that


I had this idea regarding one of the Bendy rejects, deciding to give him a name and back story cuz why not. I chose this one out of the four cuz I think he’s cute af. I’ve had a few head canons for him such as….

•He’s a mute character, speaks in sign language or with literal signs. Seeing as how he never got ‘reanimated’ or a voice actor he’s pretty limited to his sounds, however he’s an excellent lip singer.

•He hates pretty much any and all things Bendy related. Being tossed aside like garbage and replaced by that ink demon didn’t exactly lift his spirits. However there is one particular Bendy(ie) he’s got a little sympathy for. @animal-guardian and @always-x3’s little Bendie and Meek. He knows what it feels like to be called defective and it hurts.

•Created without a purpose or heart; a mere accident at that, Buster will stop at nothing to get the spot light back (or at least some recognition). Some would call him a violent toon seeing as how he has no regards for human life really; getting real furious when people mistake him for Bendy.

@the-vampire-inside-me and @thelostmoongazer have really been a huge inspiration for me in this world building. Just wanna say thank you :)

•Also Meek (as drawn above) belongs to @animal-guardian ❤ thanks for letting me draw him~

Head-cannons for Katsuki Bakugou

- he’s pretty good at cooking. His mum taught him everything she knows.
~ Kirishima found out about it and challenged him to a “bake off…” That didn’t end too well.

- even though he’s good at cooking, his mum still packs his lunch for him.

- he secretly likes playing dungeons and dragons, but he won’t play unless he’s the DM.

- he’ll never admit it, but he likes the company that the class gives him (even though he can’t remember any of their names so he resorts to nicknaming…).

- he’s not old enough yet… But if he were to ever get drunk, he would be the “I love you, man” kind of drunk. He’d also be a bit of a lightweight.

- be careful with having food around Bakugou, he won’t hesitate to steal a bit of it.

- he l o v e s dogs. If he goes anywhere near a pet store he’ll be stuck there for hours looking at the little puppies in the window.

- despite having to sweat to get his quirk to full power, he doesn’t like the smell. He’s resorted to getting tips off the Internet to get rid of the stench.

- he wishes he was taller. He thinks he’ll be more menacing if he were.

- he always deletes his history after using the computer (not because he was looking at anything scandalous, he just doesn’t like having his history clogged up with dozens of pictures of dogs).

- he’s actually a bit of an early bird, the morning is when he’s the most energetic and the least grumpy. However, when it’s school holidays his sleep schedule is completely fucked and he sleeps in till noon.

- he loves dressing up in his costume and posing in front of a mirror (“practicing for when he’s number one” as he calls it).

- he loves watching superhero movies. He prefers DC over Marvel.

- he’s not a big fan of junk food, he doesn’t mind pizza though.

- he’s allergic to cats.

- he’s horrible at drawing, the best he can do is stickmen. In all honesty he’s not that creative at all, he’s more logical.

- when he’s really agitated and needs to calm down, climbing trees usually helps him relax.

- he’s been having a recurring dream where a giant frog chases him. Ever since then he’s been a bit on edge whenever Tsuyu is around.

- he likes to play with his hair from time to time.

- I think if he were to ever fall in love with someone, he definitely wouldn’t realise it at first. He’d treat them like any other person… But as he hangs around them a little more he’d start to think things like: “I like how nice and sweet they are” or “hey they look pretty good in that outfit.”
Then he would become extremely distant and shy, mostly because he doesn’t understand their feelings towards them. At the same time he would want his crush to be around him a lot, sometimes even dragging them away from a group just so they could be alone.
(Kirishima notices almost straight away and teases him to death)
After a few months, he’d realise he’s in love. He would most likely tell them directly and casually, but he’d want to be alone with his crush when he tells them.

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Hi! I was wondering if it was okay for me to use Neil as a base sim to create a a husband for my legacy that I post on here. It's totally fine if you don't want me to. I just figured I'd ask before posting anything on my tumblr. I love your legacy by the way!❤️

Hi sweets!!!! I’m totally okay with that! :D Just make sure that you give him a different name and make him look different from my Neil! I don’t know, give him a different hair color / eye color so he doesn’t look EXACTLY like him? But I’m totally cool with you using him as a base :-)!!!!

Also, thank you for the super sweet message 💖 I appreciate it!!! :-D

There was another man, too. Unsuitable by all accounts, but… I have a feeling he might be more alien to simkind than I am. He doesn’t look fully human. While I know it’s not a good idea, I can’t help but wonder what results cooperation with him might bring. I rank him as class C, just to keep him in the database.

He refused to give me his name.

🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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imagine lotor shows up to fight team voltron all serious and menacing but team voltron just annoys the fuck out of him. 

lotor’s trying to give a Villainous Monologue and pidge just interrupts him and says “listen prince, uhhhh, lotion, i forgot, man- i haven’t gotten much sleep lately, but can you like explain to me how you got your hair to look like that??? space conditioner exists?? w ha t” 

everyone on the team is kind of shocked but they remember that All of Them haven’t gotten Any Sleep since shiro went missing so they just roll with it

so every time lotor shows up, they just ask him a ton of questions, butcher his name, and tell him to “give us our boy shiro back, lego”


I’ve been ready to return Flint to the sea for a long time.


“Who are you? Sarge, there’s some French gent at the door.”