give him a break already

Please picture Shiro refusing to ever break down or show that he’s suffering in front of his team, because he’s told himself over and over again that he needs to be strong for them, that he can never show weakness, because he has to be their foundation, their unbreakable unshakable leader.

Imagine all of that stubbornness and resilience falling apart the second Matt pulls him into his arms and whispers into Shiro’s ear that it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be scared, that it’s okay to not be okay. Because Matt isn’t Team Voltron, Matt isn’t Altean royalty, Matt is just Matt, and Matt has suffered just as much as Shiro has if not more, and Matt knows, Matt knows.

Please picture Shiro refusing to break until Matt is there to hold him, until Matt is there there to tell him it’s okay, and then he just buries his face into Matt’s bony (too bony too thin) shoulder and just lets it all go and finally shatters.

Please picturing Matt being the one to help Shiro break, and then being the one to help put him back together.


Here’s two pictures that I had done as part of an art trade with a very good friend over at RidiculousCake, They’re his super-cute OC’s Basil (top) and Messy (bottom). He’s recently made a big jump from doing fan iterations of existing characters and has started to focus much more heavily on his own original content, and I am nothing but excited for what he’s going to do in the near and far future. Yall better get in on the ground floor and follow him now so you can be there when it all breaks!

Please go give him a follow if you don’t already! ]


gravity falls + text post meme (5/?)

I don’t really go out of my way to bash or glorify TCC but some people that vehemently argue saying it’s inconceivable for Harry to snap at Albus should take a step back.
The Harry depicted in TCC is one that is struggling with PTSD, possibly untreated ever since the war. His problems don’t only stem from the war. Harry never had a positive parental figure, anyone he had either died or manipulated him. He was a neglected and emotionally abused child. He grew up hearing that he was worthless, that he was a waste of space. It is not so impossible for him to snap back at Albus who openly mocked him for being abused and told him he wished Harry wasn’t his father. Harry has a temper, he was being purposefully triggered by his abusive childhood and emotionally attacked, he was cornered and he lashed out in the way he learned from his experiences from the Dursleys. It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t okay, it wasn’t healthy but it isn’t that unbelievable. Harry never meant to say that, he absolutely didn’t mean it and he spent the rest of the story trying to make up for that line. He knows he messed up, he knows he of all people should never have said something like that.
The thing is, sometimes that cycle of abuse latches itself on to the darkest part of one’s soul and comes out when they feel distressed to the point where they can’t control themselves. Even the strongest, kindest abuse survivor can experience this. Just… saying that he should be better because he is an abuse victim feels wrong. It feels like trying to erase the effects of his abusive childhood and real life doesn’t work like that. Saying one terrible, awful thing does not make a person abusive. This is the reality of life. Sometimes we, even parents (they are human too!), fuck up and say stuff we don’t mean. Sometimes we become malicious in our anger, sometimes being hurts causes us to become destructive. People make mistakes. The key point is to come back from it and make amends.
I know it was a terrible thing to say, but i forgive Harry and so does Ginny because it’s evident Harry regrets it immensely and that he will do his best to make up for it. I think, with time and mutual understanding, Albus will forgive him for saying that too.

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Yeah poor Ui. I think his greatest suffering was saiko spitting water at him TWICE. Can't Ishida give him a break already??

Actually, Ishida redrew Ui getting water spat in his face THREE times even though it only actually happened twice.

And I think that’s beautiful. 

The Originals s4 ep 4.

Oh god this is getting better and better… Another week another amazing episode of this show ;) but this one had Joseph’s special touch in it since he was the one who directed it yay! No really Joe is a natural when it comes to acting and directing, and I am so glad that the writters give him such episodes to work with. Cause this one had some pretty amazing scenes in regards of fighting and plot. Anyways, here is what I liked the most on this episode:

- First of , Klayley being worried parents and doing everything they can to help their kid is my new aesthetics. Actually Klayley being parents period. When Klaus is trying to go back to his old ways ( killing, torturing that sort of stuff ) Hayley is there to remind him that they have to be better for their kid :’).

- Freya and Keelin are my new sailing ship and I do not care what everyone says. I love the way that Freya is acting in these episodes: a true matriarch and a big overprotective sister. Throughout this week and that long hiatus everyone started disliking her for what she did and for what she is willing to do. But come on every single one of us would do the same to protect those we love. She is just not shying away from it. Now I am all in for her and Keelin to get together cause they are a great combination of mind and power. Their chemistry and attraction towards each other became so obvious in that scene in the old attic with the ring ;) Now we are all left waiting to see it blooming even more.

- Vincent as ususal was on point when it comes to protecting and doing what is necessary without hurting anyone. I like that he is being so bad ass and taking no shit from anyone. He is powerful, he has had his fill with violence and pain and all he wants to do is right the wrong he started. * thumbs up to the writters for this *

- Hayley, my beautiful wolf queen, Hayley had to deal with so many things in this ep. Her daughter being sick , making sure that no one from her family gets killed/hurt and of course facing her past regarding her pack. I enjoyed seeing her becoming a protector sort of for the Mikaelsons but what I was most satisfied with was when she asked Elijah the big ‘’if’’ question. When she got her answer we saw her realizing that things need to change bc if not they will enter into another violent circle that will corrupt her daughter at some point, something that she and Klaus do not want. 

- The ritual scene where Klaus and Marcel were trapped in the circle was just so beautiful. Klaus trying to protect him bc he still cares for him was too much. Vincent being the genious witch that he is finding a way out of it and Elijah being literally that sacrificial lamb had me at the edge of my seat bitting off my nails. It was so strong not only cinematographically ( thank you again Joe ;) ) but in regards of the perfomances as well.

- Just when you think that Klope cannot get more adorable, BOOM, the writters give us more of them. In the last episode we saw them bonding and being cute around each other ^_^ but in this one we got to experience the angst , if I may call it that way, side of them. Klaus being worried and not letting Hope out of his sight caused sooooo many feels. Telling her that she  has a warrior’s heart and that he will protect her ‘’always and forever’’ , Hope reaching out to touch his face as a way of showing her love to him is simply too much to handle T_T.  They are so precious and they need to be protected at all cost.

In other news:

- Will died ( what is with the writters that make them want to kill humans and good humans in particular huh? ). Still upset over it cause it was a reminder for me at least, of the good unselfish action he did in 3x09… Remember? 

- That evil spirit will make my bae Klaus suffer in the next epsidoe with awful memories of his childhood ( just give him a break already, he had plenty of torment ).

- Now all I wish for 4x05 is to see Hope trying to bring Klaus back from that spell…

The Wedding Planner - Chapter 1

Fandom: Once Upon a Time (also The Wedding Planner)

Pairing: Rumbelle, established Swanfire

Rating: G for now

Summary:  Wedding planner Alan Gold doesn’t have much faith in romance, and little to none in marriage. A chance encounter with sweet librarian Belle French has him almost reconsidering his beliefs until he receives a nasty shock: she’s the bride in the most important wedding of his career. 

“What is the problem in here?”

There was a rustle of silk and lace as the woman in front of the mirror turned to stare with wide, panicked eyes at the slight figure in the doorway. Her lips trembled and tears shone in her eyes, threatening to fall and ruin her mascara.

“A moment, please,” the man said coolly, his eyes fixed on the bride.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gold,” she whimpered, “I can’t. I can’t go through with it.”

“Miss Boyd,” he sighed, stepping forward and handing her a snow-white handkerchief, “that is utter nonsense.”

“No, it isn’t,” she insisted, dabbing lightly at her eyes. “I can’t go out there. I just can’t. This is a huge mistake, I’m gonna marry the wrong guy!”

The stern lines of his face softened, and Mr. Gold stepped closer and crooked a finger under her chin. “Look at me,” he said firmly. Reluctantly she looked up and into his eyes, and he stepped back a bit and folded his hands over the handle of his cane.

“You are exquisite,” he said matter-of-factly. “You’re timeless. You are the envy of every woman here today.” His mouth quirked a bit at the corners. “And you ought to be, in that dress, even if I do say so myself.”

Ashley sniffed and rolled her eyes.

“And you have the love of a man named Sean, who last night at the rehearsal dinner, said to me, ‘I can’t believe she picked me. I can’t believe I’m marrying the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.’ Your marriage isn’t just going to work. It’s going to last forever.”

Lips trembling, Ashley smiled. “Really?”

“Oh, yes. You see, the two of you share something that doesn’t come along every day. True love. And true love, you know, lasts a lifetime.”

Ashley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “You’re right. I know you’re right.” She opened her eyes again and smiled brightly. “Thank you, Mr. Gold.”

“Of course, my dear. My pleasure.” He pocketed the handkerchief when she held it out to him. “Let’s get you married, shall we?”

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What Cogs You Should Fight (In Real Life)
  • -> SELLBOTS <-
  • Cold Caller: They're probably like maybe 5 feet tall, but they can throw fire at you. Otherwise they're kind of weak. Fight this dude.
  • Telemarketer: They're a literal tree branch. Fight them. Do it. Use them as firewood if you want, I don't care.
  • Name Dropper: Fighting Name Dropper is conflicting — don't bring any money or valuable items because they WILL steal your shit and then shame you for not taking care of your teeth. But if you can stand having stuff taken and dental insult, then do it. Fight Name Dropper.
  • Glad Hander: Don't let them touch you and you'll be fine. Beat these nerds up.
  • Mover & Shaker: Like Telemarketer, they're literal sticks, but they can be titan sized so maybe don't fight these things if you get motion sickness.
  • Two-Face: Bring earmuffs if you want to live.
  • The Mingler: Don't say anything to them and you should be a-okay.
  • The VP: no oh my god what the hell are you doing do you want to dIE HE IS A LITERAL SENTIENT TANK MAN DO NOT FIGHT THE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES IN REAL LIFE
  • -> CASHBOTS <-
  • Short Change: Steal their money. Do it. It'll be funny and also you'll win. They might even cry too.
  • Penny Pincher: Distract them with crabs. Pinch pinch pinch
  • Tightwad: Just stick gum wads to them. It works a lot.
  • Bean Counter: Spill small objects everywhere. They'll be too distracted to even see you so make a run for it because these beanpoles aren't even worth your time.
  • Number Cruncher: AVOID THE FACE
  • Money Bags: Like. Their eyes are on top of their head pretty much. Aim them at the sun and you'll be good.
  • Loan Shark: Like Cruncher, avoid their mouths. But like, don't fight them? They didn't do a lot wrong. Don't fight Loan Shark, they're sad enough.
  • Robber Baron: Beat this piece of shit up he deserves it. Even more fun, get Lil Oldman to join you. Then you can fight TWO pieces of shit.
  • -> LAWBOTS <-
  • Bottomfeeder: Do it. But fight them somewhere clean, because like, trash only makes them stronger.
  • Bloodsucker: I guess? If you wanna fight a robot vampire lawyer that lives off your bad luck, go ahead.
  • Double Talker: Absolutely. Punch them in all 2 faces. More faces to punch, more weakness.
  • Ambulance Chaser: If you can stop them from running away, sure.
  • Back Stabber: Bring a gun, they won't expect it. Nobody brings knives to a gunfight, right? Absolutely.
  • Spin Doctor: Destroy them, they're really shitty DJs and also probably got their degree from Mayo Clinic. Fight Spin Doctor.
  • Legal Eagle: Have you ever wanted to punch a buff robot furry? Well now you can. Beware the beak and talons though. Fight Legal Eagle.
  • Big Wig: Wears a wig, just tug on it and they'll go ballistic. Fight Big Wig.
  • CJ: He's made fun of by some toons for being blind, please give him a break.
  • -> BOSSBOTS <-
  • Flunky: They already have a hard enough time doing their job, why would you want to fight a Flunky.
  • Pencil Pusher: Fight a giant sentient pencil. Fight Pencil Pusher.
  • Micromanager: You can like. Just step on them. Don't fight Micromanager, you're OP. They're probably just small babies in a suit.
  • Downsizer: Don't fight Downsizer. He'll shrink you until Micromanager can step on you.
  • Head Hunter: are you out of your mind don't fight this monstrosity with a tiny head and gIANT ARMS
  • The Big Cheese: Just eat nachos or something with melted cheese, it will unsettle them enough to make them forfeit.
  • CEO: again, no

Matsubara Shu, the writer for TV Anime “Osomatsu-san,” describes the sextuplets unique personalities. From Animage December 2015 magazine. SPOILERS on episode plots for new viewers.

Eldest son- Osomatsu
The miraculous idiot

An all-rounder who both leads the others into doing stupid things and brings everyone together when they’re in disarray. He knows his brothers so well that he’s able to act as all six brothers by himself in a game of poker. And when no one pays attention to him, he sulks.
Matsubara: This guy has many desires and lives life by acting on his instincts. He only does what he wants to do. Also, my image of him is that he is “a person without a filter.” If trouble comes his way, or harsh words are thrown at him, all he says about it is “Oh yeah? Okay” and passes by without even stopping. Places where Choromatsu would make a quip are of no issue with Osomatsu. In a way, he’s very tolerant. That’s why, he probably doesn’t even consider that being unemployed and living off of his parents is a problem…

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guild members
how they behave around children

francis scott fitzgerald
- i honestly think he will act more softer to those who are girls because he had a daughter once but she passed away.
- but will not at all push away if a little boy approached him.
w/ wife/husband
- will spoil them, but will put his foot down if they defy the house rules.
- if they are sick in any way he will l o s e his shit he’s already lost a child before give him a break.
- will sometimes look at his child and remind himself that he has created this beautiful creature and life isn’t all that bad.

edgar allan poe
- is very timid around them, because once a kid poked fun of his hair and we all know children speak the truth.
- but will let karl play with them because they seem to get so excited over it.
w/ wife/husband
- will read them bed time stories. will read them afternoon stories. evening stories. will read them anytime their child wants them to.
- encourages reading on that one fanfiction website or writing on that one gay porn fanfiction website. wants them to experience the magic of writing and extending a child’s imagination.
- very soft, and cannot scold them and will leave it to their s/o to handle it. makes him the “good parent”.
- smuggles sweets before dinner if they’re upset with something.

lucy maud montgomery
(she’s underaged to have a child so)
- she cannot STAND children.
- they don’t understand emotions and logical reasoning so bye bye child
- but will buy an icecream or a sweet if they see a child crying on the street and try to find their parent
- will remind her of the innocence of the world

john steinback
- loves children. he has an entire family of little brothers and sisters. loves to tickle them and watch them play and romp around.
- is one of the brothers that is actually genuine with helping and making them happy instead of making their life a living hell
w/ wife/husband
- ectastic if their partner brings up the topic of having children. during the entire pregnancy he cooes to his s/o on how much of a good parent they will be.
- will not spoil the child. but will take them out for adventures and sight seeing whenever they want.
- very gentle but can be also very strict. if his child and him get into an argument, you’ll be there to tell him to sort it out and clarify a few things. usually ends up with dessert before dinner to make it up.

mark twain
- doesnt mind children but would prefer not to go near them.
- if a child praised him on his looks or complimented them, that child is getting a crate full of candy on christmas day
w/ wife/husband
- the fact that his s/o and himself are raising a living organism that has thoughts on its own still amazes him to this day and he is proud of it.
- is actually very patient considering how cocky he is at times but will wait a few hours outside his child’s door to open it when they’re upset about something.
- will both beg and crave for your attention and craves and you’re seriously considering a cloning machine or something.

margaret mitchell
- does not like them. period.
- but does appreciate the beauty of innocence.
w/ wife/husband
- if they somehow managed to convince her to raise a child, she’s uncertain. what if her temper blows? what if she yells at them and makes them uncomfortable?
- but when the child came and how similar it looked to her, she couldn’t help but fall in love. her heart plummeted when she realized that there was a chance of her snapping at it.
- she teaches them proper manners and etiquette on how to be a lady/gentleman but also lets them go outside on a rainy day to splash in puddles and enjoy life.

natheniel hawthorne
- will 100% help a child in need. doesn’t matter what age, race or gender, will tend to their basic needs before letting them go.
- will bless children and babies who come along to church and how they will live a prosperous life.
w/ wife/husband
- he would be 100% sure about having a child. because according to Christian religion if you get married and make love, your soul becomes one and cannot be separated.
- will let the child choose the religion they want to believe in. the act of forcing isn’t looked kindly upon, and he doesn’t want his child to feel so pressured to follow a higher power.
- will let his strict mask crack and will make jokes with his child. if his partner joins in they end up staring at the fireplace, leaned together while holding a mug of a hot beverage counting their blessings.

aaaah this is so rushed but this paper is due in like 20 mjns

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What would you like to see in future Ace Attorney games? Which characters are you favorite and why?

Hmm honestly at this point I think that it’s okay to give Phoenix’s story a rest cause is2g my son has been through so much already give him a break but It’d be pretty cool if they made another spin-off kind of like the AA Investigations (which i still haven’t finished the second game). 

My favorite character is, and always will be, Maya !!! i can just relate so much to her, especially in the first game, when she felt like she was useless to Phoenix and was insecure and anxious over her spirit medium powers. Not to mention I really love her charming personality~ her faith in her friends and family, her love for steel samurai, her undying loyalty to Phoenix, her passion in training to be the next Khurain Master…  I just love everything about her.