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Time for a story - A little more love

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After a short glance out of the window Felicity turned around to the kids and told them, “I think daddy’s back home.”

Immediately Emmy and Tommy got up from their chairs and ran towards the door to welcome their father back home. Felicity dropped the towel to the kitchen counter and lifted Millie from her high chair. The little girl immediately grabbed a curl of her mother’s hair and started sucking at the strand of hair while Felicity was carrying her daughter out of the kitchen to follow Emmy and Tommy.

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Time for a story - Man-flu

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As soon as she had directed the car into the garage and turned off the engine, Felicity gripped the steering wheel a little more tightly, focusing her eyes on the rearview. There was nothing extraordinary and yet she kept her eyes on what she saw while the garage door closed behind her. Only when she was safely locked in the garage, Felicity let go of the steering wheel and leaned her head back with a sigh, closing her eyes.

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