give her lines


it won’t be us, nah
it won’t be us…

I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)

“Give her some lines, she’s perfectly capable of starving us.”

Serial killer’s always hard… you have to wait for them to make a mistake.

Do you see their mistake? 

In The Lying Detective we see Mrs Hudson careen through London on a high-speed police chase in an Aston Martin. She points a gun, cuffs an addict, and wrestles him into the trunk of her car. She calls Mycroft a reptile and knows all the secrets to Sherlock’s heart. She is the salvation of series four as a whole. 

This is because she isn’t real. None of this is. None of this series is. 

“Give her some lines, she’s perfectly capable of starving us.” – this is what Sherlock says to John (himself) about Mrs Hudson in The Abominable Bride. Hudders was mad about being just a plot device in Dr Watson’s stories.  Sherlock internalized that and made a note.  

Which brings us to The Lying Detective. She was given lines. She was the superhero. Just like she should be in Dr Watson’s stories.

So who’s telling the story this time? Is it Sherlock still in his mind palace, “still falling”?  Is it John as an unreliable narrator, telling the story of his life with Sherlock from a point in the future? 

We know series 4 is one long fake narrative, but who’s telling it? 

I guess we’ll have to wait for secret episode 4 to reveal the storyteller. 


Sense8 vs Ao3 tags  Part 7/??

Mercy having a gun is the funniest thing in the world to me idk she spends the whole time soaring around and gently alighting on the ground giving the gift of life and second chances and wishing wistfully for an end to violence except then for SOME REASON she gets left alone at the objective with all six enemies coming for her halo and she just has to pull out her beretta to finish the mission like– 

Having to switch over to the gun is the ultimate expression of “I suppose I have to do everything my FUCKING SELF”. Doc with a glock. 


ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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Was just reading through The Rift again and caught this gem of a line. “I don’t think of the past and the future as separate, they’re connected, you know? By today, by us.

I always associate Aang/Katara with the mixing of cultures and the way their temperaments complete each other perfectly. But there’s also this wonderfully unique aspect to their relationship that Aang is 100 years behind her. He’s from a totally different time with significantly different norms (“did the definition of genius change in the last 100 years?”). 

As Katara sums up perfectly here, their relationship is another manifestation of harmony in the world. He embodies the knowledge of hundreds of past lives and is the link to the mythical spirit world, while Katara guides him in the future and literally shapes his destiny. They connect the past and the future as a couple. It’s pretty awesome. 

  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING

And all of that brings me back to the sad truth that I’m convinced Senator Pamlo, the gorgeous Black woman who had the most speaking lines during the Rebel Counsel scene, is Finn’s mom not because I’m simple-minded and “omg all the Black characters are related11!!” but because LucasFilms and Kathleen Kennedy aren’t gonna cast a dark skinned Black woman, give her lines, and zoom in on her face constantly unless she’s Super Important™ and def aren’t gonna give her a storyline independent of an existing character (bc then they’d risk having to cast more Black people OH MY lol) so she’s GOTTA be Finn’s mom. Their blatant racism makes their plots so predictable. 

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   "… Fair enough.“

   Warning eyes quickly softened into lighter hues before vanishing behind closed eyelids. It was pure chance for her to catch sight of the older girl rescuing trapped residents from a burning building… in that odd spandex outfit. Ultimately she learnt of the truth and, as a collaborator, promised not to speak of her secret. Still, witnessing local burglars rescued from drowning in a lake across the street had her wondering what went through Hibiki’s mind.

   "Your kindness knows no bounds, huh. Even if you end up helping a bad person?”


As if it’s nothing, I want to hold your hand

Overwatch Valentine's Day Ideas

I have some ideas for whenever Overwatch does decide to do a Valentine’s Day Event maybe for next year.

For Mercy: An emote that has her giggle before blowing a kiss and doing a cute wave to whoever she blew the kiss to. Also give her a cute Valentine’s Day skin for her default suit (white and pink colored) and have her wings looks more angelic/feathery and have pink lights in them. The same pink color for when she uses her healing stream and little gun. Also give her a custom voice line where she asks, “Would you be my Valentine?”

For Genji: Give him an emote that has him look like he’s getting ready to catch a blown kiss to him before catching it and placing it to his heart. Also give him a Valentine’s Day skin (red and white colored) and have his shuriken look like hearts. And give him a custom voice line of him saying, “I would be honored to be your Valentine.”

Hanzo: Face it, give this dude a Cupid themed skin where the tips of his arrows are hearts. lol And when he does his Ultimate the dragons are pink and have little hearts streaking alongside them. And have him say (in Japenese) “Let the power of love shower over you!” or something along those lines. lol

These are the only ones I can think of right now. I might try to think of other ones later. ;3


In fact, that’s my new rule: When you get home I want to get right down to talking about regular things.

  • Fear the Walking Dead writers: Let's have a canon romantic relationship between a white woman and a POC. Hell, let's have two.
  • The Walking Dead writers: Let's ignore three seasons of build-up and obvious chemistry between Rick and Michonne and instead promote an extremely unhealthy relationship between Rick and Jessie, because she's, you know, white.