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HAPPY HOLBY TUESGAY!! Just a bit of silliness to get a fan girl through Robbie’s reappearance 😋

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i keep on going between “i wanna scoop faith up and protect her” and “i wanna scoop buffy up and protect her” and honestly at this point i just want to do both

did tara ever mention to willow that faith figured out they were lesbianing after like five seconds of hanging out because oh my god 

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Would you kill Ada if you had the chance?


The truth has since come out (In so far as he knows.)
The Ada who had murdered his men was not the same
one as the woman still out there, or so Leon assured him.
And even back then, before falling off that building—
I know you will do the right thing. He’d made his choice then.
Anger still lingers despite it all, buried deep. A great dislike.
Yet that is all it is.

Ghost Ryokan

I’m rewatching this arc again and there’s a lot of things I really love about it, but that aftermath of Oiwa’s conversation with Otose is so well done. We’re all familiar with this scene when they’re talking:

We see the cell he’s in burst open and I mean, this scene is awesome! Gintoki is so badass and we’re all ready to see him kick some ass! And I love that within that conversation, Oiwa says that Gintoki wants to stay and Otose just immediately knows that there’s no way in hell that’s true and calls her out on it. Anyway, after some great build up, we’re amped and ready for some action, but what we get is something completely different.

I love this so much!! He’s called a wild animal, we expect to see something wild, but instead, we get a seemingly domestic Gintoki calmly entertaining a bunch of spirits. The contrast is so good!! Gintoki portrayed as a fierce creature capable of destruction in one scene, then in the next, he’s shown being gentle and friendly, able to commiserate with spirits to help send them to Heaven. This is the face of a man that knows exactly what he’s doing and it adds to the dimensions of just how wild of an animal Gintoki actually is.

“Sorry kids, it looks like your grunkles won’t be able to build snowmen with you today.”

Another for the ‘recovery is hard’ set, this time set is the Blind Faith AU.

Sometimes they think this world is all an illusion, that they aren’t really home, but have instead been captured and tricked. Only they know how to break out of these traps by now, how to tell the difference (Mirrors don’t work right, colors are off, dates are wrong, and Ford insists that they never get the texture of Stan’s injured hands right, Ford swears on it, and so anytime he isn’t sure he holds Stan’s hand so he knows what is real).

But sometimes it’s hard to convince themselves about what is real and what isn’t, and so they will have days where they simply sit in silence together and think.

there is so much bird symbolism around the twins, has anyone noticed?

vex has always worn feathers in her hair. vax now finds feathers when the raven queen is near, he wears black feathers on his armor. 

vex always desperately dreamed of flying but couldn’t until she found her broom. vax made a pact with a flying goddess to save his sisters life, but refused to give into her faith until recently, when he literally begged her for wings as he fell from a dragon.

someone who is a better writer than me; please write something about this.

bonus track: two birds on a wire by regina spektor, which fits the twins scarily well.

It’s actually winding me up that they didn’t have any faith in Riley that she could handle the real world even though she always has faith in them and they all had the AUDACITY TO GIVE HER SHIT WHEN HER FAITH WAVERED THE TINIEST BIT, I MEAN I KNOW THEY WERE TRYING TO PROTECT HER BUT LIL BIT OF HYPOCRISY!!!!!!! Also they didn’t have faith in that she could be anything but good and basically I’m so mad right now because everyone’s hating on Riley.

Also does no one understand that this is a Disney show? Literally everything has to be over exaggerated because it’s aimed at a young audience? This isn’t Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl where every clue leads to the answer. Riley didn’t know about the extremity of war/ poverty etc because they wanted to exaggerate the amount of sheilding from the real world she had been given and how bad that was for her.

Another also, did anyone find it extremely aggravating when Farkle said “anyway I think it’s good to have someone that always thinks positively” as if Riley was just someone shoved into their lives to spread positivity and to keep them happy and that she shouldn’t feel any different because of how it might hurt THEM (Maya, Farkle, Lucas, Smackle, Zay) as opposed to her.

Final also, can y'all stop taking a Riley centered episode and making it all about Maya/ Lucaya/ the triangle? It’s really fucking annoying.


“When I see you again, it’ll be a different world.”

There’s no reason to believe they’re going to see each other again. He has nightlock on hand as “last-resort stuff,” and she’s leaving on a suicide mission to kill Snow, but he tells her this anyway. Because he’s Peeta, and he always thinks of the right thing to say. Hopeful, encouraging, and sweet, he gives her his faith that she can change the world. 

She breathes in the sound of his words and buries her face in his neck because her boy with the bread is back.

She holds onto him for a moment, allowing herself to be comforted by his presence, and then she lets him go.


iris in every episode
1.05: plastique 

Something incredible is happening in Central City, and I am gonna write about it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work. Blogging about supernatural events doesn’t really pay well.


I have faith, because he meant for me to come here to find what I’d lost, to find you.

I just want to take a minute. A minute to just thank Andrea for what she has done for us. If it wasn’t for her, Taylor wouldn’t be here. She gave Taylor hope and faith, let’s all give her faith and hope back in return.


Hands in 4x17: Emma Swan and Killian Jones have been connected from the beginning and a recurring symbol of this is their hands. Being that Hook only has one hand, this is particularly meaningful in that she completes him and vice versa. Emma trusts him with her heart and Killian, in return, gives her unconditional faith. They act as each other’s tether. It’s telling that in the last episode, she pulls her hand away perhaps implying that she’s slipping gradually into darkness.

Bonus: watch for that flash of light after they hold hands in the first gif. Cute right?

On Hook and comforting

One great thing about the last two sneak peaks are that they clearly showed us that hook is very anxious over Emma…BUT he doesn’t let her see it.

When he went out to talk to her, there was not a hint of frustration or despair. A little worry over her safety, sure, but he never showed her how much he hates the fact that she’s suffering/the dark one.

And that’s important because:
1. It doesn’t make her feel guilty
2. It comforts her a great deal
3. It gives her hope and faith in herself
4. Makes her feel loved, not like he will desert her at the first sign of trouble
5. It takes her mind off all her troubles when he treats her as he normally would

Regina and Emma’s parents are trying really hard to help Emma but they’re not great at concealing the fact that they’re pretty anxious about her condition. Like that episode where Snow and Charming were stressed out while Emma was half conscious on the bed and the Regina called Emma a “patient” - best intentions, I know, but hook’s silent smile was much better for her.

The one time hook revealed he was a bit stressed was when he told Emma he thought the dance was a waste of time. But even then, he wasn’t directly stressing over her, but rather expressing a bit of impatience with what was really an unnecessary nicety.

I think with this DO curse on Emma, the curse seems more clearly symbolic of real life issues than ever. Emma is sick and her family is worried to death about her. But just imagine if you had a sickness that was beyond your control. Would you rather someone treat you warmly and as they usually would? Or would you rather people acting anxious around you? Exactly.

That’s why it’s ok that Hook is angry around Merlin and the others, because their emotions don’t need to be protected. And that’s why it’s so important that, around Emma, he’s doing everything he can to show he has complete faith in here and love for her and that she shouldn’t worry because he’s not worried (even though it’s killing him inside).

Hook giving Emma the ring he thinks keeps him alive is the biggest show of that selflessness and devotion. He doesn’t care about anything except keeping her happy and safe- and he’s doing a great job at it.