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In this scene in Lilo and Stitch where Nani is desperate for work and tries her luck at the local coffee shop, I always loved how nicely the owner is animated…she’s a minor character but her design is so lovely and idk I think she’s great :3

two types of the signs, mostly based on people i know


type 1 - “i’m an aries!”, loud, starts driving before everyone has their seatbelt on (or before people even get in the car), loves cooking but usually just buys everything from the store and pretends they put hard work into it, hard to tell if they’re stupid or smart.

type 2 - takes 100 selfies in a row, does really cool makeup, doesn’t believe in school, “this musical artist is SO under appreciated.”


type 1 - down to earth, has neat handwriting and doodles in class, patient, bird-lover, likes making flower crowns, laughs a lot.

type 2 - show-off, amazing memory, can be an edgy people-hater, loves yelling, gives people weird nicknames.


type 1 - two-faced, feels like they need something in return for their actions, cares more about bagels than people, the friend who everyone worries about.

type 2 - loves reading, kind and supportive but awkward about it, the type of person you call when you need advice, snappy when they’re being interrupted, watches 5 tv shows at a time.


type 1 - down for literally any adventure, cries or has a breakdown while eating, doesn’t realize some things they do are harmful to themselves but can sense when others have a problem.

type 2 - talks very fast, takes on any task without a problem, loves talking about themselves, can probably do 10 backflips in a row, moody, sends smiley emojis in every text message.


type 1 - attention-seeking, wants everyone to respect them, says “lol” out loud, laughs at their own stories but sometimes forgets to listen to others, animal lover, a good role model.

type 2 - genuinely cares about their friends and checks up on them always, super chill and easygoing, fashionable, gives great hugs, someone you go to when you’re sad.


type 1 - shy, gentle, awful at explaining things and you really never know what they’re talking about, offers everyone gum, knows all the lyrics to every song they listen to.

type 2 - anxious about tiny things but ignores huge problems, cares so much about others that it gets annoying, likes to redecorate or organize their room for fun, loans you a pencil and forgets to ask for it back.


type 1 - movie expert, likes when people laugh at their jokes, untrustworthy but somehow you trust them anyway, casually shares deep secrets or personal information randomly like it’s no big deal.

type 2 - doesn’t like opening up or sharing feelings, artistic and individualistic, doesn’t have problems with anyone or anything.


type 1 - calm/quiet and very open minded, loves the ocean, nice but when provoked they turn into a whole other person (who is terrifying), very passionate about their interests.

type 2 - doesn’t ever know what’s happening, suspicious and questions others’ motives, either loves someone or hates them, never shares secrets. ever.


type 1 - plays at least 3 musical instruments, likes being right, theater kid, extrovert one minute and introvert the next, opens up to others and immediately regrets it.

type 2 - angsty teen attitude, has strong opinions, blames problems on others, maybe has a heart deep down?


type 1 - makes fun of everything, the most extroverted friend, pretends like they don’t care about others’ opinions but deep down is extremely self-conscious, forgetful, funniest jokes.

type 2 - honestly? a real fucking pain in the ass.


type 1 - feminist, nature lover and very free spirited, knowledgeable and factual, has a silly side, cool hair, can listen to all your problems but will never know what to say.

type 2 - can be cold but they are just trying to protect themselves, has one character/idol that they would literally die for, has probably made up all of the funny stories they tell because they want others to like them.


type 1 - extremely honest but can doubt their beliefs since they try to get along with everyone, generous when it comes to material but will not give up themselves to others.

type 2 - understanding, shy extrovert, great with advice but doesn’t know how to take other people’s advice (asks for help but doesn’t want to), never fully present or in the moment.

the signs, yo

Aries: Funniest rants, trust me; Seems like a badass, but they’re harmless until you seriously piss them off; Do not piss them off, their limits are usually reasonable and they will fight you; Unafraid to act, especially to defend you; Always thinking about what’s coming up next; Great at starting projects they never completely finish; Sincere friends.

Taurus: Big, sweet cow eyes; Honestly just hug them and never let go, it’ll be the best decision you ever make; Warm aura; They’ll embarrass themselves, but it’s endearing instead of cringe-worthy; Calm presence; Naturally reserved, but they will let you in if you genuinely care; Unintentionally funny; Some quality of theirs makes people look up to them.

Gemini: They try so hard, bless their hearts; Cutest clothes; One of you is going to have a crush on the other; Awkward in a way that makes tension disappear; Unintentionally attracts trouble; It doesn’t occur to them to not put up with your shit; Not very considerate to your emotions unless they’re helping you with a specific issue; Super passionate about their fandoms and interests; Someone you can always talk to.

Cancer: Fucking dweebs that will laugh over the most bizarre things; Will always love you; Messy; They genuinely want you to do your best; They deeply care about all of their friends, too; Give great hugs; Take everything personally and fully invest themselves; They might get too wrapped up in something that doesn’t seem important to you, but just be patient with them, they’re worth it.

Leo: Simultaneously the most self-absorbed and caring people; Lucious locks; So intimidating, but it’s all a big, fat lie if you’re friends; Would kill for you; Childish and immature; Can actually be very practical minded; Really wants you to like them, but they’re not going to try hard for your approval; Let them have the last word because they’re going to have it eventually.

Virgo: Sad eyes that know the dark secrets of the world; They don’t feel in control, yet they try to be; Organized and methodical; Outwardly cynical (but they secretly hope for the best); If you meet their standards, consider yourself lucky; Big sister who will always help you with your problems; Feels most comfortable in a dark movie theater; Listen to them because they know what they’re talking about; Surprisingly patient.

Libra: They have a story for everything; Loves to go out with their loved ones; They spend a lot of time thinking over ideas and concepts; DILF; Lifelong friend that you can always turn to; Confidence booster; Can be surprisingly selfish sometimes; Indecisive as fuck; They’re going to win you over before you even realise it; Silently judgemental, but this doesn’t mean they take sides.

Scorpio: 10/10 would bang; Could destroy you effortlessly; Lifelong struggle bus ticket holder; Romantic love is not their strong suit; Darkly magnetic; Shared looks and inside jokes will be abundant when you hang out; Do not fuck with their friends; I repeat: do not fuck with their friends; seriously; avoid this at all costs; These are the type of people who will burn your house down and steal your boyfriend; If you fuck them over, they will cut ties forever, even if they still love you.

Sagittarius: They’re best friend material; Lots and lots of friends but few close friends; Attractive/ Magnetic; You’re going to find yourself thinking about them later; Can go literally anywhere and fit in; Histrionic; Will not put up with your bullshit at all; They seem like an open book, but this is not the case at all; Take themselves a little too seriously; More loyal than you could ask for.

Capricorn: Sassy as hell; Sarcasm actually flows through their veins; You will admire them; Always seemingly stable; They have the soundest advice; Tend to think they’re always right, and they aren’t exactly wrong about that; If they love you, it’s true; Good listeners and friends; Grouchy is their default emotion; Lowkey SUPER competitive, just let them win because they will literally never let it go ever.

Aquarius: You will fall in love with them, even if it doesn’t last; They’re going to make you laugh; They try to be forgiving creatures; Lowkey super stubborn about things they believe to be right; Really, really good at one area of expertise; Detail oriented; They downplay their emotions; It’s hard to completely understand what they’re thinking about unless they explicitly tell you; Trust their gut because they’re going to be right.

Pisces: Hug them, please, they’ll really appreciate it; They’re probably going to fall in love with you, too; Trusting and trustworthy; Watch what you say around them because they’re very sensitive; Encourage them to trust their intuition more; They’ll be able to understand your feelings more deeply than any of the other signs; Insecure but so, so, so worthy; Would die for you; Sneaky; Need a favor? Call this babe.

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I just found your blog while looking for Fatgum stuff and I am already in love with the way you draw him! <3 He's so sweet and supportive and polite, plus talk about the best cuddles ever! I love the way he talks and how he's always so proud of Tamaki and Kiri. He always makes me smile, especially when people bring me down because of my weight. Anyway, I got a little sidetracked by Fatgum, I'll be following and getting notifications from now on so I can't wait to see more of you!!! <3<3<3<3

thank you so much–!! ;0; <3
Fatgum is best dad next to All Might of course 

Don’t let those rude ass ppl get to you, your body’s yours and every part of you is perfect as is. you shouldn’t be ashamed cause i bet you are one hella great, fine and beautiful individual.There’s so much more to you than your physical appearance. You’re loved for who you are and if people can’t see beyond that shallow end, screw them. 

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 

Two Types Of The Signs, Mostly Based On People I Know


type 1 - “i’m an aries!”, loud, starts driving before everyone has their seatbelt on (or before people even get in the car), loves cooking but usually just buys everything from the store and pretends they put hard work into it, hard to tell if they’re stupid or smart.

type 2 - takes 100 selfies in a row, does really cool makeup, doesn’t believe in school, “this musical artist is SO under appreciated.”


type 1 - down to earth, has neat handwriting and doodles in class, patient, bird-lover, likes making flower crowns, laughs a lot.

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How Much He Loves You


Hi! I was hoping I could have an imagine where Peter is now working with the whole Avengers team and they don’t know he has a girlfriend until Aunt May tells them when Peter ends up skipping a movie night with all of them? And of course this leads to agony and the team spying for “research and scientific” purposes. Thank you!! PS: (if you could also make the reader super nerdy and can sing that would be amazing)

Word Count: 2031

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Thank you so much for you continued support! 

Today is yours and Peter’s 1 year anniversary. You told Peter that celebrating monthly anniversaries would be weird, since it’s such a short amount of time. So, this is the first anniversary you will be celebrating together. Although, Aunt Mary insisted that you two got a fancy dinner on your ½ year anniversary. It just didn’t feel special enough. Until today. It’s been a whole year since the two of you were in that awkward, just friends but could be more if we wanted to stage.

Peter sent you a text an hour ago to meet him at his apartment at 8 pm, being sure to dress nice. That freaked you out a little. You didn’t want to overdress, but you didn’t want to underdress. So you made sure to dress in a simple black dress that ended at your knees. You paired it with nude heels and a nude purse. You look good. It’s perfectly in the middle of very fancy and not fancy enough.

You take a deep breath before knocking on Peter’s apartment door. You only live 2 stories up from his apartment so it wasn’t a long walk.

Aunt May opens the door and gasps. “Oh, (Y/N)! You look so good!” She gushes over you, giving you a great big hug.

“Thanks Aunt May!” You tell her, your words muffled since your face is squished into her.

You hear a gentle cough from behind Aunt May and she finally releases you. “Peter! Gosh, you look so dashing!” She tells him.

You peak around May and your heart stops. Peter looks amazing in a black suit, making you question your outfit choice slightly. Blood rushes to your cheeks as Peter’s mouth drops open, his eyes slowly go up and down your figure.

Aunt May makes an obvious excuse and leaves the room, leaving the two of you alone.

“Y-you look… breathtaking…” Peter tells you, sounding like he is very much out of breath himself.

You blush harder, if that was even possible and shuffle your feet. “Thank you, Peter. You look amazing yourself.”

He takes a few steps towards you, smiling. He gives you a quick kiss. Even after a year, he still has the power to take your breath away. The phone rings, but you hardly notice. Usually you’re able to make out what Aunt May is saying, but you’re too focused on Peter.

“Happy one year, babe.” He whispers, almost like he’s afraid to break the spell that’s fallen over the two of you.

You pull a small gift bag from behind you back, “Happy one year.”

Inside the bag is a signed poster from his favorite Star Wars movie. While most of the actors have passed away, Mark Hamill is still very much alive. Somehow you got his signature.

Peter gives you a look as he takes the bag. “I’m supposed to be giving the first gift.” He grumbles as he slowly takes out the poster. When he spots the handwritten signature, his eyes light up. “M-Mark Hamill???” He whispers, his excitement showing everywhere on his face. You nod, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.

He gives you another kiss, almost jumping from his happiness. “I can’t… how did you… this is amazing!” He says, unable to finish his sentences as a grin threatens to split his face.

You shrug, smiling. “I’m just that amazing babe.” You tell him, happy to have made the love of your life so happy.

Peter pulls out a small velvet box from his pocket. “Your gift.” He tells you, looking away as a blush appears on his face again.

You gasp as you open the top of the small black box, a beautiful ring inside with your birthstone. “How?” You ask, breathlessly. You don’t know what you meant by the question. How did he know your birthstone? How could he afford such a thing? How did he know your ring size? How is he so perfect?

He shrugs, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I knew your birthday and I asked your parents for your ring size. It’s a promise ring. I promise to love you as long as I have love in my body to give.” He tells you staring deeply into your eyes. A few tears spring to your eyes as he puts the ring on.

“Why are you crying? If you don’t like it, I can return it!” He tells you, worry clouding his beautiful brown eyes.

You laugh, “No… I got you a stupid poster and you got me a promise ring.” You tell him, regretting your purchase.

Peter shakes his head, grabbing your cheeks. “No, I love it babe. I love you.” He kisses you again before offering his arm. You grab it and the two of you go to dinner.

Much to your surprise, the two of you don’t walk out of the apartment building. He guides you up, past your floor and up to the roof. When you finally reach the top, you see a blanket laid out, candles lit and a picnic basket overflowing with goodies.

You raise your hand to your mouth, unable to make a sound. Peter walks you over, your feet moving on their own accord. He scratches the back of his neck, nervous about the lack of your freaking out. He figured he’d get at least a ‘oh wow Peter’ out of you. “Do you like it?” He asks, pointing to the simple, yet gorgeous, set up.

You nod, tears once again filling your eyes. “It’s so beautiful Peter. How did I get such an amazing boyfriend?”

He laughs, sitting down, patting the space next to him. You sit down, barely any space between the two of you. He begins to unpack the food and you help. The conversation between the two of you flows freely, your cheeks start to hurt from laughing too hard and you can’t help but feel so much love for him. Every now and then you hum something, a tune that you picked up during the week or a song that’s suck in your head. Peter loves it when you sing, but you don’t do it often. Even though he swears your voice is like an angel.

Every so often, you swear you hear a noise on the roof, like you’re not the only one up there. You’re in mid laugh when you hear a whisper. You know for sure that you’re not the only ones up there. You learn over to Peter, trying to look like you’re just leaning on him for support.

“We’re not the only ones up here, are you spider sensing anything?” You whisper to him, a smile plastered on your face when he looks down at you. Concern fills his eyes and you slowly pull him to you, kissing him softly. He kisses you back, but you can tell that he’s not concentrating on the kiss, rather he’s trying to concentrate on figuring out who is up on the roof with you.

Suddenly a loud voice breaks the two of you apart. “Hey, hey, hey! That’s enough kissing!” You glance up to see Tony Stark standing above you. Peter jumps up, blush very apparent on his face and ears.

“W-we were just… k-kissing, Mr. Stark.” He tells the Tony Stark, unable to look at either of you.

Tony Stark stares you down and you match his gaze. While you may be inspired by him, you’re not about to let an old guy scare you from kissing your boyfriend. You slowly get up from the ground, acting unbothered by the celebrity crashing your date.

“I was just kissing my boyfriend, Mr. Tony Stark. Why do you seem to have a problem with that?” You ask him, cocking an eyebrow at him. Peter makes a soft noise, trying to get you to lay off Tony. You shake your head at him.

Tony crosses his arms as two more people come out of hiding. Steve Rodgers and Wanda Maximoff. Your heart drops. There are three celebrities here. If they hadn’t just crashed your 1 year anniversary, you’d be fangirling. These people inspire you to the core. You’re in love with the entire Avengers team and what they do for the world. Peter knows how nerdy you are about them, but he failed to mention his relationship with them.

“I don’t have a problem with the two of you kissing, I have a problem with the fact that Peter failed to mention a relationship. I hope for his sake that the two of you have been dating for a short period.” Tony gives Peter a pointed look, glaring slightly.

“Why would he need to tell you about his personal life? It’s not like he’s a part of the Avengers. He said no.” You tell him, confusion overtaking your attitude.

Tony’s own attitude falls slightly, not meeting your eyes as he stares at Peter. Peter glances at the ground, his shoe making circles in the dirt.

Things begin to click in your mind. Peter may have said ‘no’, but changed his answer at some point. Without telling you.

“We just wanted to know why Peter ditched our movie night, so we called Aunt May. She was kind enough to tell us the truth about Peter’s love life.” Steve tells you before letting out a low whistle as he checks out the set up. “1 year, huh? A long time.”

You nod, deciding to play it cool. Peter can keep whatever secrets he wants to keep. He told you he was Spider-man 3 months into the relationship. But this is something different. The whole Avengers team are risking their lives each and every mission. How didn’t you notice this before? How didn’t you see him on T.V or something?

Wanda smiles at you. “Congratulations, we apologize for interrupting the date. We just wanted to meet the girl Peter loves.”

You blush at that, taking a deep breath before making up your mind. Peter will hear your opinion on him keeping secrets, but you’re not going to get angry at him. You’ll be a little hurt, but not angry. He has the privilege to keep secrets and he probably has a good reason.

“Well, it’s certainly an honor to meet you three as well. I have to say, you all inspire me to be better and to get involved when I see something awful going down.” You tell them, Tony still staring at Peter as if he’s having a mental conversation with him. Peter’s eyes widen at your statement, snapping up to meet yours.

Before Peter can comment about you getting involved, Steve speaks up. “While we appreciate your commitment to make the world a better place, we wouldn’t want to see anyone get hurt. The best thing you can do is run and get help when you see something… awful.” He tells you, using your wording.

You smile, looking over to Peter, “Wow, he really is like a father.”

Peter laughs at your joke and even Tony cracks a smile.

After about 15 minutes of more polite conversation, the three are finally on their way. You wave as they jump off the side of the building, momentarily forgetting their superhuman abilities. Peter slowly begins to clean up the picnic.

“I’m sorry they ruined our night…” Peter mumbles to you, not meeting your eyes.

You laugh, “Peter. I’m not mad about that. Why would I be? I got to meet 3 of my heroes today. It was a good day.”

Peter sighs and grabs your hands, forcing you to put down what you were about to stuff into the basket. “I’m sorry… for keeping that fact that I’m in the Avengers a secret…”

You sigh and get in a more comfortable sitting position. “Peter, I’m hurt that you didn’t tell me. But I’m sure that you have a good reason. You’re an amazing boyfriend and if you want to keep secrets, that’s okay. All I request that you come back to me at night.” You whisper.

Peter nods, smiling. “You’re the best.” He pulls you into a sweet and gentle kiss, a kiss that tells you how much he loves you.

The two of you spend the rest of the night cuddled together on his couch, watching nerdy scifi movies and talking about his experience with the Avengers.


Jon in Fury deleted scenes (1/11)

every ot3 has:

  • the sun: ropes the others into crazy stunts, gets everyone in trouble but also out of trouble again, “c’mon let’s just try it once”, either loves or hates a lot of things, probably makes bad puns
  • the moon: quiet light and strength, would pick up the others at 2am when they’re wasted, gives quality advice and great hugs, the Mom Friend™, literally did not sign up for this but resigned to it anyway
  • the stars: a little dreamy, a little quirky, highkey an optimist, probably believes in magic or aliens or both, likely cried when they accidentally killed an ant once

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Any opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents?

OOF. So I’m actually halfway into the first chapter of a secretdad!Nursey fic so I have a lot of dad!Nursey thoughts, but I actually had to put some thought into dad!Dex opinions, and then a good amount of thought into the combination of Dex/Nursey as parents! That said, do I have opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents? 


  • So first off: the way these boys were brought up has a Big Impact on how they are as parents.
    • Nursey was raised by two moms who loved him to pieces and let him be soft and feminine when he wanted to be and were hugely affectionate when they were there, but who also traveled a lot for work. Dex was raised by parents who also worked a lot, but who were almost always stressed about money–and he felt that stress really young and learned to internalize it. They both love their parents, but they also both picked up a lot from their parents–both “what to do” and “what not to do”.
  • That said:

(continued under the cut)

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Hance week, Day 2: We’ll make it home.