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Sweet Vicious Fic Recs

I’m pissed that it’s cancelled and if you are too this is for you. I’ve made a list of my favourite sv fanfiction to commemorate the end to this beautiful show. find my other pages here and if you know who wrote any of these please let me know so I can give credit

Are We Dating? (by @mrriggerworld): juphelia - this is the cutest thing, the narration is really well done, everyone is beautifully in character, it’s all cute and good and it’s all fanastic, I love this so much

i found it in the wreckage: juphelia - this is short but truly wonderful, ophelia is beautiful and her emotions are cute and everything is amazing

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk Aboutjuphelia - really good, the dialogue is adorable, this feels right, I love how Jules is written -I feel like this really gets her character right

Pinky Promise (by @opheliamayerswife): juphelia - this is sweet and angsty and it makes me feel all of the things, ophelia broke my heart and everything is beautiful 

Clarity: juphelia - genuinly feels like it could happen on the show, it’s not the characters -or just the characters but the whole concept the way it’s delivered, I like it a lot

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I don't play the Zelda games at all, but I'm curious, just what happened in Breath of the Wild that caused this sudden explosion of Link being romanced by that giant red fish dude?

In BOTW, Ganon took over four “divine beasts” that were originally supposed to be used against him. Throughout the course of the game, you’re trying to reclaim them, and the first one most people come across in game is the one that is rampaging through the Zora domain(red fish guy is Prince Sidon of the Zora). So he wants Link to help them defeat and retake control of it. He says a lot of really encouraging things to Link and generally believes that he is just the coolest guy ever(he has a Hylian kink maybe? he’s the only Zora who likes Link). Sidon’s sister, Mipha, even made Link custom magic Zora armor(something Zora women give to the guy they wanna marry), but she’s not around anymore, so Sidon gives it to Link instead. Also during the battle, Sidon tells Link to jump on his back and he ferries him across the water to reach the beast(even though the magic zora armor gives Link really good swimming ability.)

Also he’s a giant hot shark guy and size difference kink mmmmm and also he prob has two dicks (my personal reasons)


                                【 SCHOOL • AU • CHANSOO 】

«So this is the new transferred student Do Kyungsoo, can you show him the school and around?» 

«Why ME? I don’t wanna babysit the new kid!»


«Tsk! Fine! I’ll do it.»


Rhett roleplaying as a jerk and trying his best to insult Link’s appearance. Three separate attempts. (x)

I tried.

tfw your apprentice doesn’t have a father and you’re the closest thing to it

pls full view!!


Bow  down  you  clowns,  answer  to  me.
Show  them  what  you’ll  be  for  the  great  Conchita 

I’ve heard its not Safe to use a fake name for PayPal so is there another Thing like that I could use….

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I legitimately want to know what you think Kaze's opinion of Never Gonna Give You Up would be bc I srsly lov that song unironically

1. he would definitely like the song lol. He’d probably be like me actually where he doesn’t actively go out and listen to it but whenever he comes across it he just takes it easy and enjoys it lol.

2. his reaction would actually probably be a lot like this lol