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“Mini me living large (MMLL)”

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i am scared of this image


Rhett roleplaying as a jerk and trying his best to insult Link’s appearance. Three separate attempts. (x)


Link/Link Show or Old hair vs.New hair.

tfw your apprentice doesn’t have a father and you’re the closest thing to it

pls full view!!


His hands end up on Bucky’s hips, fingers tight in his shirt, and Bucky’s cupping the back of his neck. Bucky’s mouth slides sideways, and he plants little kisses across Steve’s jaw, before murmuring in his ear, “I have something to show you.”

Steve laughs quietly, lets his hands drift down a little, and raises an eyebrow, feels the heat in his cheeks as he says “That’s what they all say.”

My Stucky Big Bang 2016 illustration “Planting Kisses” for nectar of the gods (and witches too) by @brickhousebuck! Check it out on AO3 and reblog the post here!

anonymous asked:

Seems like your search might soon be over. Radius's latest Instagram posts promotes a new series this Sunday dedicated to your love life. Says to keep the kids in children's church and one of the tags is #sexuality. His sermons go up on Vimeo the next day, so if you want to sit through one of them I'm sure you'll get exactly what randl think on sexuality. Bonus: Christy commented ❤❤

I saw that too anon!! (the tag rly made me think), but i didn’t know that a video would be up on Vimeo later, thanks for the heads up! I rly need to watch that later (although this won’t be that easy to endure as i think).


Bow  down  you  clowns,  answer  to  me.
Show  them  what  you’ll  be  for  the  great  Conchita