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Not only because Kurogane mentioned her back in Outo, but also because now we get to see the actual ruler of Japan, AND THAT IT’S A WOMAN.



There have been moons from here to hell and back again but HERE WE GO, SUN RULER AHOY.


Tinged with heartbreak and utter despair, but still excited!



Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

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Hey, I hope you're having a snazzy day! I know you have a lot of requests ( and I honestly don't know how you do it all) - but if you ever have the time, could I request Reaper, McCree, Sombra, or whomever you see fit with a collared and leashed "pet" ( chained up at home for their pleasure, or going out for a walk, it's all up to you!) Thank you and good luck!

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When the fandom thinks the cast still gives a shit about the ships and which ones are canon

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Selena just liked two ig comments about how she is classier than "insta models" who aren't "wifey material". This was in response to backlash from his fans bcs she dresses like a 12 year old lmao

She has such a superiority complex about dressing like a Mormon, it’s so ridiculous. I don’t know why she cares if she thinks she’s so great or why she can’t defend herself without having to like slut-shammy comments that (not to be that stan) feel like they’re shading Bella, especially that second one bringing up how potato face can’t handle how “classy” she is or whatever the fuck. Idk, I’m probably just on the defense with Bella, but her liking those comments are hypocritical anyways. Showing your body is showing your body; you aren’t better than other girls because you paid for your bikini pics to be on the cover of Vogue before posting them on instagram. Like, liking shady comments bringing down other women based on how they dress is so lame and definitely not classy, lol. Honestly, this is why (though I do bitch about it) I’m kinda glad Bella doesn’t really try to defend herself when she’s in trouble or really like/comment shady things on instagram because these celebrities always look stupid after, idek.

Were her eyes deceiving her? Had she thought so much of her rude neighbour that she was now imagining him in front of her? She blinked a few times, pinching herself to make sure she wasn’t in some sort of dream nightmare.

His words were harsh as he stared at her, his brows furrowing at the sight of Catalina. She flinched at his tone and vulgarity, but couldn’t bring herself to speak. There was no way this was Cameron’s brother; she was such a welcoming, kind person and he was the complete opposite. 

I can’t believe mum has been even more annoying to me whilst overseas than she is normally. What sort of fresh hell is this?

There have been so many messages and it’s constant and spammy and the fuck if she’s earned the right to my level of interest in her bullshit.

At least she’s coming back to Australia tonight, and I’m going to enjoy uninstalling the messenger app she made me download.

It’s gonna taste like freedom.

i can’t even like… explain how many times i’ve thought about just no longer posting open starters because i would get so discouraged when i’d put so much thought and effort into the character and a starter and then post it and it gets 0 notes and then i look through the tag and i see male starters with 10+ notes and it’s like……… what……………. like i’m not saying that male characters aren’t as thought through as females bc some definitely are but it just sucks… to put so much thought into something and get so excited about it but no one wants to reply bc it’s a female character… like… ok… i truly don’t understand ?? interesting plots aren’t and never have been exclusive to male characters lmao js !!!!!!!!!! female. characters. are. just. as. important. as. male. characters. start treating them as such. 

I have a lot of feelings about that new episode of Rick & Morty and I’ll get around to drawing them, but first things first… Morty Falls is a show I would totally watch.

not-so-fun fact

ben platt has to go to physical therapy twice a week to keep him from physicalizing evan too much and adopting more of evan’s mannerisms (since he already started biting his nails and developing hunched posture because of the role).