give credit to her

I don’t think people give Gwynevere enough credit. I keep seeing her written like she’s this airheaded bimbo and personally I think that’s a boring and disrespectful reading of the character. This lady marries a king (probably marries multiple kings (and queens I’m sure)) because she, just like her dear little sister Gwyndolin, loves being in charge, she just prefers to steer from the backseat. She’s just as clever and conniving and knows exactly what she’s doing and she has no problem toying with and using people to get the Flame linked and keep herself in power. She may have had a hand in the linking becoming as politicized as it is by DS3 and thus wresting some control of it from Gwyndolin, who had facilitated it in the past, their sibling rivalry continuing even long after she left their home.

Any time. I love Pidge so much. But I almost always see her used as a token progress character who delivers salty one liners and then she is out of the picture. She is a much more complex character than people give her credit for. Pidge definitely deserves a better fandom. All of the female characters do. Even Matt who has been reduced to a Cis-Male Pidge half the time.

I will be forever blunt about any fandom’s treatment of female characters. There is blatant misogyny going on. I can list three fandoms that I trust to not do that: Legend of Korra, Avatar The Last Airbender, and Steven Universe. These fandoms aren’t perfect either, but they have very strong female characters who are treated as such. Let Pidge and Allura in on some lovin’.

- Mod Shiro

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do people perceive christine daae as weak? between her attempts at defying the phantom, her willingness to sacrifice her own happiness for the man she loves, and her ability to be genuinely empathetic and compassionate towards erik while still not putting up with his bullshit makes her arguably the most emotionally strong person in the show. furthermore, while she is naive and overly-trusting of erik at the start, people forget that up until that point, he's given her no reason to be wary of him (that she knows), and her character arc is her maturing enough as a person to be able to remove herself from the toxic relationship she and erik are in, and be able to move on with her life. christine is kind, compassionate, and far braver than most viewers give her credit for and

The wait is finally over!! I am so proud to present the final multicam edit of Turnabout Musical LIVE!, originally performed December 18th, 2016 by Nostalgification.

A big thanks to our editor @bonesmakenoise for her hard work on this huge project. She picked all the best angles to give you the best possible viewing experience, and her credits sequence (see it at 3:29:00) is one of my favorite things ever. 

Thanks as well to @prozdvoices for the perfect opening narration and @ingthing for the Objectionable! font! 

I know this is an nct blog but bear with me for a sec

Not to be bitter but why is eunhyuk aka lee hyukjae of super junior not counted among SM’s best rappers? Eunhyuk was SM’s original rapper along with Shindong (unless someone in DBSK rapped, in which case i apologize for not knowing) and yet i still see yall say that SM doesnt have good rappers? Yeah maybe he’s not a hip hop artist or whatever but you cant deny that he has talent? And yall are overlooking it???

Like have none of yall seen “Dear. TWO”? Hyuckjae poured his fucking heart out, talking about his difficulties as an idol with key lyrics such as “I, listening to words like ‘Don’t become trash, become a lie’ am also fake” and “The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me?”

I know this is late as he’s currently serving military duty, but it needs to be said. I’ll link “Dear. TWO” when i get off mobile.

Selena is one of the most genuine artists of our genuine and NOBODY gives her enough credit. I grew up watching her show and listening to her music and it was such a gift to see her looking beautiful and confident and authentic tonight. Her speech was much needed for me and I’m sure many others. I hope everyone will hear her loud and clear. She’s not broken anymore. Let’s stop talking about all of the things that made her feel that way, and focus on everything she has coming in the future.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Ageless!AU

So I was bored in class today and this idea for a cool but kinda angsty AU came to me out of nowhere. And instead of taking notes I typed out like a whole story. I will….figure out how to get those notes from someone later. And I will likely have to edit this later. 

Don’t know what I’m going to do with this because I’m super serious, this came to me like an hour ago only. But it’d be cool if you gave it a read and tell me what you think so I know if it’s good or not :)

Words: 2983

“You know, you need to stop doing this.”

Alya jumped and spun away from the counter just as she was about to give the cashier her credit card. But she rolled her eyes, smacked Nino in the arm, and turned back to bagging her groceries. “Don’t freaking scare me like that, you idiot! And by the way? Answer your damn phone. I needed your help like an hour ago.”

“I was in the middle of a shoot, I had it off,” Nino explained. He leaned against the cashier counter and started peeking through the shopping bags that Alya was trying to fill while her card was being scanned. “But seriously. It was my turn to do groceries. That’s why I’m here. And then I find you totally stealing my thunder.”

“You’re complaining that I’m doing the groceries twice in a row?”

“Hey, I’m just trying to be a good boyfriend and you’re totally ruining my flow. It’s a little rude. Kind of offended.”

Alya smirked and pushed a bag of baguettes into Nino’s arms. “Here. Make yourself useful. Bag the vegetables too.” She patted him on the head before she shoved him away to where the rest of her purchases were. “And anyway, Mari wanted stuff to bake with so I figured I’d come and do the groceries while I was here.”

Nino raised a brow, and looked at the pile of unbagged groceries before he snorted and plucked out a box of brownie mix. “Um, babe. I’m pretty sure Mari makes brownies from scratch.”

“Oh no, that’s for Adrien. Apparently, expecting him to bake brownies from scratch was too much too quickly last time. So, you know. Baby steps.”

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Stargate SG-1: Beachhead
Bigger reaction gif version of the third gif + two variations with text available here.

Why Ochako is Actually a Complex Character


 So leggo.

 Now I won’t go into overall details about her because I already did that in this post that you can read right here, which I essentially discussed how she’s actually an amazing WSJ heroine and whoever voted her the worst should put their heads in sand because they don’t deserve to see the rest of the world (I kid I kid, promise!).

 Rather, I wanted to challenge the viewpoints people have of her and really argue on the fact that Ochako Uraraka is actually more of a complex character than we give her credit for. Most often than not, the fandom looks towards Katsuki or Izuku or even Todoroki and they build them up and go on and on about their complexity in the series. Hell, those three are my friend’s favorite characters and they are fan favorites for a multitude of reasons that they deserve. I myself have made numerous posts about Katsuki since we are given such complex views of him as well as the others in the series. They are the main focus in the story and their growth has been some of the best we’ve ever seen in a series.

 However, characters iike Ochako, who actually does have a lot of complexity and dimensionality, get lost in their wake and I really want to talk about that.

 Most often than not, when we see Ochako, we see this bubbly smiling girl who has such a wonderful and positive attitude that sometimes comes off ditzy. One glance at her and the words that come to mind are cute, adorable, fluffy, etc because that is the type of character that she mostly is. She is the female support of Izuku and the way she contributes to the story is with her adorable attitude that lightens up the mood in certain situations like the Ground Zero fight and even the room competition (did you see how cute she was with Iida’s glasses!?).

 Yet, what bothers me and possibly other really hardcore fans of her is that she isn’t just this bubbly character that smiles on the side but she does have complex issues that really makes her character more interesting in comparison to other characters.

 I mean for starters, this girl is the QUEEN of keeping her emotions from people and really suppressing them in most situations and not letting them get in the way of what she wants to get done.

 For example, the first real example of this is when she lost to her fight with Katsuki.

Now let’s remember situational factors going into this: we just found out her true goals into going to heroics (which was said in a much more serious tone than we had ever seen from her before)

we found out she was incredibly nervous to be facing Katsuki (and again WAS SUPPRESSING HER EMOTIONS)

we saw her rejecting Izuku’s help (as well as her little speech about feeling ashamed)


 So seeing her crying when she’s speaking to her family isn’t just some small defeated thing but it really gives us so much insight in her character and who she is as a person. We finally see how truly hard she is on herself and the perfectionist personality that she usually keeps hidden from others. You can even see by her facial expression when Izuku left that she put on a face for him to not let him get more worried then he already was. 

 And then don’t even get me started with her attitude during the Hero License Exam because oh my gosh, that was so powerful from her.

 From that, we first see her being so strategic af:

Then we get this amazing speech from Izuku about her and how he could have told the difference between her and Kemi (notice the plan part!)

Of course her being a BA here cuz eh why not, she’s really grown from her training


I just

There are so many moments of Ochako that I missed that would have proved my point even further than this but these moments here showcase how complex and really interesting Ochako is as a character.

 The bubbly personality that we see from her is only a piece of the whole picture and you could even argue that she’s so good at suppressing her emotions that it’s the personality she chooses to portray to others to keep her other emotions away from people because she doesn’t want to burden others. I personally don’t know if that’s true at all and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the fact is that she isn’t just some character that sits on the side and looks cute and adorable. There are so elements about her that makes her different and the fight she had with Katsuki really changed her as well as her inspiration from Izuku. She took both of those interactions with those characters and used them to better herself and it’s just SO POWERFUL. Not many shounen female heroines do that so it’s so refreshing to have Ochako be the way she is.

 Overall, as obvious as it must be, Ochako is one of my favorite characters and I’m so excited to see the growth she’s going to have more in the series. Her feelings for Izuku got cut off during the exam so that’s an arc we need to get from her and I know I want to see Ochako kicking Katsuki’s ass and actually winning to show how much she’s grown from the beginning. I have so much hope that Horikoshi has so many plans for her character and I’m so excited to see what he has in store for her and how he will continue to build upon her.

 Regardless, Happy Birthday Ochako!

 TLDR: Ochako is a very complex character and I wish more people celebrated that.

Pirate! Lan Fan inspired by my dearest friend, @xyriath and her fic “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

I really like how that story is going so far, and I felt like doing something for it. Sure, I should’ve gone with RoyEd but then, Lan Fan is just too great to ignore. No, she hasn’t appeared on the story, yet, but I know that when she does, she will be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!