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Truth or Date?

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Ship: Briam
Characters: Liam Dunbar, Brett Talbot, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Derek Hale
WC: 1445
For: liamsdunbar [<3 i silently/secretly love you and stalk you]


It’s a rainy night and a great time to play some pack games.

[I saw the 5truthordare thing that someone asked you and it made me get an idea]

The rain was coming down heavy, sheets after sheets, hitting the pavement outside of the loft, but none of the cold, wet substance harming any of the wolves inside. The pack and Brett all inside waiting for the rain to die down so they could separate from their pack meeting and head to their own homes. 

Yes, just going out in the rain would be easy to get past, but with Scott on his bike, who was giving Liam a ride home, and with Brett walking, they had all just decided to wait inside, the rain to die down soon. Hopefully.

But the boredom soon overwhelmed them all, Derek reading up on old books while the others just sat around, doing nothing but staring at the ceiling. It was finally Scott who broke the silence then.

“How about we play a game?” He asked, trying to spike anyone’s attention. “It will help the time go fast.” He offered, looking around to his beta and other pack mates. 

A few of them shook their heads, agreeing that that would be a good enough idea, instead of them all waiting around, doing nothing. But it was Derek, who asked the killing question, him setting his book down before asking. “And what game do you suggestion?”

All of the pack members looked aimlessly around to one another, not knowing what to say or do.

It wasn’t until another five minutes later that Stiles started throwing out suggestions.

“Tic-Tac-Toe. Truth or Dare. Pin the tail on the Derek – ” Stiles smirked at his last suggestion, looking over to see Derek glaring at him.

“The truth or dare sounds fun.” Brett chimed in, looking over at Liam and Scott, who were sitting next to each other.

“Okay, well truth or dare it is.” Scott said, clapping his hands together and looking around the room. “So, I can start… Stiles, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Stiles said instantly, feeling the slight disadvantage from not being able to lie in a room of werewolves, but it was kind of the point to tell the truth anyway.

“Okay… Was Malia really your first?”

Stiles hesitated for a second, a soft blush coming to his cheeks before answering. “No…” He answered softly, knowing they would still be able to hear him and hear that there was not trickle in his heartbeat.

“Oh my god! Really?! Who was it?!” Scott started bombarding him with questions, wanting to know more.

“Nope! My turn. I answered your question already.” Stiles retreated, looking to Liam. “Liam, truth or dare?”

The freshman hesitated, thinking of what to choose, before making him choice only to regret it. “Dare.”

Stiles smirked, having way to much fun coming up with ideas to do to these werewolves. “Okay. I dare you to… do a five cartwheels outside in the pouring rain in just your boxers.” He said, knowing that Liam couldn’t get sick or anything from it so it wouldn’t cause too much harm. 

Liam looked a little wary at the dare, but agreed to it. The group all heading downstairs to the front doors of the apartment, where Liam finally decided to strip and make his way outside. He tried to do the cartwheels as fast as he could, the pounding rain still cold to its touch. Once he finished, he came back inside to Scott handing him his clothing and Brett smirking at him, looking up and down his body, making Liam blush and quickly put his clothing back on. The rest of the pack make their way back to the loft.

Once back up, Liam was still a bit wet, but drying, He sat in his seat again and continued the game. “Derek, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” He said, glaring at Stiles who had taken his seat.

“Um… What is… what is your guilty pleasure…?” He said, hiding his face at his dumb question, embarrassed at how he couldn’t think of anything. He then heard a soft chuckle come from Brett, hiding his face even more, not wanting to let anyone see the blush on his cheeks.

“Game of Thrones.” Derek answered simply, looking at Liam. “Both the books and series, which is actually really good.” He continued, nonchalant giving Liam a sense of relief. He pulled his head up, his blush mostly going away.

“Brett, Truth or Dare?” Derek asked, looking over to him, where he was still smiling over at Liam. 


And as if Derek could sense something, he asked, “Do you like anyone in this room?” Everyone’s ears clearly perked up at the question, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to lie. Then there was a light blush going to Brett’s cheeks as everyone stared at him, waiting for his answer.

“Yes.” He answered, the red getting brighter on his face, but his voice and heart not quivering, as he tried to look everywhere but anyone. Only he was failing, a few glances falling upon Liam, making his blush only brighter.

Everyone glance around at each other silently, the tension in the room building as the silence grew.

“Okay… now how about we continue on…” Scott commented, trying to relieve some of the building tension from the group, looking over to Brett. “It’s your turn, Brett.”

His blush started to die down as he finally looked back at everyone, thinking of whom to ask. “Liam, Truth or Dare?” Liam looked up at him, startled slightly that it was his turn again. “Truth, I guess…” He said, looking away from Brett again.

“Who is the person you like?” He asked quickly, expecting an immediate answer, but not likely to get one. The silence had struck them again, waiting silently for Liam’s reply, but not getting one.

The blush had returned to his face once more as he stared at the ground, not know what or how to say it. The embarrassment was going to be too much to him. His mind was racing of how he could avoid answering this, but eventually a short cough brought him out of his mind, looking up at Brett, and whispering his answer.

“You…” He said, knowing that the wolves would hear him. Scott would also probably fill Stiles in later, but the silence could kill them at this current moment now, making them hear nothing but the finally few droplets of rain outside.

“Oh look, the rain stopped! Time to go!” Scott quickly got up, Stiles following him up and both of them heading to the door. It wasn’t till a few seconds later that Brett walked over to Liam, touching his shoulder. “Can you walk me home?” He asked, making Liam look up to see Derek back into his book and Stiles and Scott standing at the door, waiting to see what would happen.

“Sure…” He said, getting up slowly and walking with Brett to the door. Once them getting there, Scott and Stiles were already half way down the stair case and soon to be bottom, making sure that they wouldn’t be in the middle of Brett and Liam’s conversation.

They walked to the bottom of the stairs and out the door to find both the jeep and bike gone as expected and started their walk to Brett’s house.

“So… You like me?” Brett asked, not looking over to Liam, but instead straight in front of him, not wanting to make eye contact just yet.

“Yeah… I kinda do.” Liam said, staring down at the sidewalk, not believe what was happening. He just wanted to wish this was a dream, but a part of him knew that it wasn’t and he was going to have to face the consequences.

“Well, that’s good to know… because I like you too.”

Once Brett said that, Liam stopped walking, looking up at Brett, trying to hear if their was a trickle in the heartbeat, but not being able to hear anything but the regular rhythm. “Really?” He asked, just wanting to make sure.

Brett had stopped walking when Liam stopped, him making his way over to Liam and look down at the shorter kid. “Yes, I really do like you.” He smiled then leaned down, grabbing the bottom of Liam’s chin and pulling it in for his lips to meet with Liam’s. Sending sparks through the both of their bodies, until Brett pulled away slowly, still looking down at Liam. “I really, really like you.”

Liam looked up at him smiling, before thinking of the perfect response for everything. “Well, it’s my turn, so I have one last question for you: Truth or Date?”