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You might not know exactly what you’re headed towards quite yet. And you know what? That’s entirely alright. There are so many different things that life has to offer. It’s trial and error at its finest. It takes time; both to gain the experience, and determine whether or not it was meaningful to you. So give yourself the time. Don’t worry friend, you’ll find what you’re headed towards.
Each and every day, venture out into the world knowing that you are going to completely blow minds. Make an impact. Change the world, one step at a time.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin on Instagram
BNHA Pizza Delivery AU

- Delivers pizza to both heroes and villains alike bc hey money is money. It’s an unspoken rule among villains that pizza dilevery guys are treated fairly.

- Once delivered pizzas to both Class 1A and the Villain Alliance on the same night. Almost mixed up their orders, but one called for extra peppers.

- Upon delivering to the Villain Alliance shouting was heard. Someone was telling Shigaraki to turn down his music.

- A sharp dressed man with mist surrounding him answered the door. He was “trying” to be civil but the shouting in the background was clearly ticking him off.

- He forked over the money and was about to close the door when someone ran past snatching the pizzas. The black mist guy hissed “Dabi” under his breath and closed the door.

- Class 1A’s dormitory was a bit rowdy that night. Music could also be heard from outside. It sounded like they were having a party.

- A tall, skeleton of a man answered the door. His height was imposing, but he looked like the wind would blow him over if it was strong enough. The man was friendly, making small talk and explaining the party was just something the kids thought would be fun.

- He handed over the money for the pizzas when a student shouted “THE PIZZAS ARE HERE!” Other shouts of excitement filled the air. “Hurry up All Might! I’m starving!”

- A blonde boy appeared next to All Might. “You better have my order right!” “Now, now young Bakugou I’m sure they did.” He set a hand atop the boy’s shoulders. Bakugou took the pizzas from All Might and returned to the party.

- All Might asked if they would like to join the party, but they politely declined. All Might made sure to give them a big tip.

something that really bothers me is like. how prominent misogyny is in trans dude spaces it’s so bizarre like i’ll scroll a lot of other trans guy blogs and they’re reblogging those posts written by people who think misandry is real and like. a societal power lmfao and i literally saw one say ‘men need support in this increasingly gynocentric world’ (??) and i dont even fuckin know what that means??? like i know what it means but what??? in big posts giving tips to other trans guys they’re like ‘you don’t have to be a ~feminist~ but like. treat women okay lol’ and share that post thats like 'support men who yell and break things when angry’ like. what. 'support men who are hairy and masculine and like doing athletic things!!’ not even about trans guys but guys in general as though cis guys need to know that being masc is okay??? why are y'all like this did i miss the memo what the hell. from one trans masc person to another y'all literally sound like meninists it’s embarassing and harmful cut that shit out

C: Me and my mom were eating at this very high-end restaurant. Our waiter was a guy and he was really really cute. Attractive, well spoken, and he had a job which of course is definitely a plus. All evening while he was waiting on our table, we would sort of flirt with each other, even my mom noticed. He was so nice, he gave us dessert for free! So when it was time to tip him, I told my mom that we have to give him a big tip for being nice to us. As we were thinking about what to tip him, he came through with another dessert plate in a to-go box and personally gave it to me saying, “This is for you.” My heart literally melted. I thought to myself, “I wonder if he put his name and number in here.” But I waited till we got in the car. Sure enough, he out his name and number on a napkin in the bag along with the piece of cake. Me and my mom were screaming and laughing and acting how women act when a guy makes a move on them.

So I texted him later on that night and we talked for about a good month. I’ve never had a guy make the first move on me like that nor have I ever been pursued in that way. So I was thinking that this could be really genuine, and by the questions he was asking me as far as what I look for in a relationship and how i wanna be treated, I figured this guy really wants to be with me. I’ve never had a guy wanting to know so much about me the way he did. And I knew everything about him, his family, his hobbies, where he lives. Literally he told me everything and I told him everything. He seemed decent, he had his own place, living in a loft with his roommate in D.C, he runs two businesses. So he seemed like he was doing his own thing and not some kind of street bum. He even was planning on going back to school.

But then he all of a sudden stopped texting me. That was back in May and it’s now July. I was thinking he got arrested for weed because he has this weed business going on. For a long time I was worried he got caught. We know how the justice system is and we know they give people damn near life sentences for having weed. So the other day me and my mom went to the same restaurant he works at and he was working there. The image of health at that. I didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t say anything to me. I was very awkward and uncomfortable, and my mom said he probably was too. As I was waiting in the little lounge area for my mom to tip our waitress that night, he actually came through there and walked past me. It was no reason for him to do that because that was all the way at the front of the restaurant where the baked goods were sold. So basically he took the long way around to get back to the kitchen. *side eyes*

I’m really disappointed because what really attracted me to him was how he had the balls to approach me like a man and make the first move. My mom said, “Oh that won’t be the first” and “There’ll always be more men out there that’ll approach you like that”.” But she says that because it happens to her very commonly. Men don’t approach me for some reason, so given that he did it to me, I really felt he genuinely liked me. Idk what the deal with him is, but from April 17th when we first met, till now, I still kept the napkin he gave me with his name and number on it stuffed in my wallet. I kept it cause I had gotten a new phone and because I was waiting and hoping I would hear back from him in case he got in trouble and was bailed out and/or released. *sigh*

honor workers this Labor Day holiday

If you go out this Labor Day, remember the men and women who have to work.  Food service workers, hotel workers, retail workers, hair stylists, baristas, people who work in movie theaters, etc.

Give an extra big tip to those workers, who should have this day off.

Go above and beyond with your tipping. If you usually tip 20%, consider tipping 25% or higher.  Honestly, it’s the least we can do!

If you’re lucky enough to have Labor Day off, and if you choose to go out on your day off to shop, see a movie, or enjoy a meal out, then remember those people who are working, who don’t have the day off, who more than likely aren’t being paid the amount they deserve, and give them something extra.

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Rule my friends follow: AT MINIMUM $5 per person at your table for a tip, if that is over 20%. If it isn't, $10 per person. We like to give big tips, because waiters make like nothing.


(Her back is too low, so he’s awkwardly petting her hair. Does it work? What should he do next??)

Valentine’s Day with Taehyung

  • You and Taehyung adored spending Valentine’s Day together so when he had a fan meeting scheduled for the day the two of you were pretty disappointed.
  • Out of all the members, Taehyung cared about Valentine’s the most so he was especially disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to spend it with you.
  • However you guys had never missed a Valentine’s Day together and you weren’t prepared to start now.
  • So you texted the other boys in secret and they managed to get you a ticket to the fan meeting.
  • You woke up early that morning and got all your stuff together because you had a while to travel.
  • While you were eating breakfast there was a knock at the door and you were really confused because who could possibly be knocking on your door at this time of the morning?
  • It was a delivery boy from the florists holding possibly the biggest bouquet of roses you had ever seen, the poor delivery boy was almost drowning underneath them.
  • “Wow you’re a lucky girl, looks like someone really loves you.”
  • You’d thank him and give him a big tip before taking the roses inside.
  • Would you believe that this man actually had the nerve to have an apology letter attached to the roses, apologising for not being able to see you that day.
  • And your heart just swelled because he was so sweet and apologetic for something that wasn’t his fault at all.
  • After roughly two hours of being on the train, you joined the queue for the fan meeting and you couldn’t help but feel proud of Taehyung that he had so many fans here to see him.
  • He was at the far end of the table and would be the last boy that you met so he didn’t notice you in the crowd.
  • You exchanged high fives with all the boys and they all laughed as they signed your album because pretending as if you were a casual fan was so funny to all of them.
  • When you finally reached Taehyung, he did a double take when he saw you because he couldn’t quite believe you were sitting there in front of him.
  • Your relationship wasn’t public yet so he couldn’t act too over the top with you.
  • You thought this was hilarious and really enjoyed your ‘casual fan’ act.
  • “Hello Taehyung! I’m a really big fan of yours, it’s so nice to meet you.”
  • He’d pretend he wasn’t laughing and although he tried not to be obvious, fan site photos would show him looking at you a lot differently than other fans.
  • You gave him your present for him, which was a teddy of Nick from Zootopia because loved the movie.
  • After the event was finished, all the boys took a group picture on stage and sent hearts to the audience, but you knew Taehyung’s was for you.
  • He got permission from the staff to take you out for two hours before he had to go back to the hotel, but you were limited in where you could go as your relationship was still a secret.
  • You decided to go to a private karaoke room and you sang a few songs and jumped around having fun, but mostly you two just talked.
  • Of course there was also some definite not talking going on too.
  • After your time slot was up you’d walk back to the hotel with him before catching a taxi to the train station.
  • He’d give you a final kiss goodbye and thank you for making the effort to come out and see him.
  • You’d just laugh because of course you came to see him, you’d walk 600 miles barefoot for him.
  • And at the end of the day, it wasn’t the exact way you had expected to spend Valentine’s Day, but it might just have been your favourite one yet.
Pink Diamond Theory: Pearl Did It

In the latest episode leaks of Steven Universe: the issue of Pink Diamond’s demise has been a major plot point. And in the last few minutes of The Trial, it was brought to the audience’s (and the Diamond’s) attention that it doesn’t make sense that Rose Quartz actually killed Pink Diamond like we’ve though for the past couple seasons.

The fandom has been placing the blame mostly on Yellow Diamond due to her rashness during the trial, and her stubbornness and anger when Zircon began to bring up the flaw in the story.

Other blame has been placed on Yellow and Blue Pearl because of the highly suspicious looks that they gave each other when Zircon was finished making his statement.

But I don’t believe it was any of these.

I want to look at something Zircon said. “Why didn’t her Pearl call out?” And that got me thinking…

We don’t know anything about Pearl’s backstory before she came to Earth to fight with Rose in the Gem war other than she was ‘defective’. It’s been assumed that she was Rose’s Pearl, and also theorized that she was the mysterious White Diamond’s Pearl…but what if she wasn’t?

What if she was Pink Diamond’s Pearl? What if the reason 'the Pearl didn’t call out’ was because the Pearl was Our Pearl, and Rose Quartz had convinced her to be a double agent? I mean, Aquamarine mentioned that Rose had lured gems to her side. Or at least, that’s how the Homeworld views it.

But this is just a theory, and is a pretty big leap. Let’s take a look at some facts and actual quotes from the show.

In The Trial, Steven guesses how Pink’s killing happened to a furious Blue Diamond. But in doing so, he gives us a big tip. He says that Rose 'probably used the Breaking Point’ because he knew that Rose’s sword couldn’t shatter a gem, as proven in the eipside Bismuth where everyone’s favorite rainbow-dreadlock-wearing gem clearly states that Rose’s sword would 'destroy a gem’s physical body in a second, but never the gem’. But after Steven’s 'explanation’, Blue Diamond screams that Pink was shattered with a sword.

Pause. Replay. Freeze-frame.

Something’s not adding up, huh?

Well when I made this connection, I started thinking: what other gem, that we know of, wields a sword? (Excluding Stevonnie because she wasn’t around quite yet)

One answer: Pearl.

In the episode where Pearl is training Connie, we clearly see that Pearl fought with a sword during the battle.

Coincidence? I think not!

And these two facts aren’t even touching on the fact that we know for. A. Fact. That Pearl would have done ANYTHING for Rose.

One of her songs is literally named “Do It For Her”.

So what’s my theory exactly? Well here we go.

Pearl was Pink Diamond’s Pearl in the very beginning, just like Yellow and Blue’s. But one day while Rose Quartz was recruiting gems for her army: she meets Pearl. Rose convinces Pearl to secretly join her side, and to go all double agent and spy on Pink Diamond.

The war comes around and after time, Pearl begins to fall in love with Rose. With her 'programming’, her love immideatly turns into a need to protect her [see the aforementioned song for proof]. Then the time where Rose gives Pearl the talk about “if we win, we’ll be exiled. But if we lose, we’ll die” speech and Pearl makes the plan to kill her Diamond so she can stay with Rose on Earth forever.

She sneaks into Pink’s carriage and tells Pink that she must step out. This would explain why none of Pink’s Agate’s would have done anything.

But then why does everyone say that Rose killed Pink? Because of Yellow Diamond.

This is just another theory, but it’s my reasoning for why Yellow got all up-in-arms about the whole Trial thing.

Yellow was the first to hear of Pink’s death. But Yellow, being the bitchy genius that she is, knew that if word got out that if word got out that a PEARL defeated a DIAMOND, it would spark revolution after revolution. So, to stop that from happening: she instructed that anyone that saw the killing either stay quiet, or be shattered. To everyone else that didn’t see the battle, they were simply told the words that Yellow had spoke.

That the evil, revolutionary, but highly dangerous Rose Quartz murdered Pink Diamond.

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Aunt Tanya must be one of those moms that goes to restaurants only to gloat to the wait staff about how much better her cooking is when compared to the restaurants

She does gloat, but not to their faces. She always talks about it in the car on the way home, and she only does it after she gives them a big tip because she and Mark have a lot of money to spare and she remembers how not fun working is.
She always makes the same meals everyone had at the restaurant the next day to prove it, too.

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My wifu~ it is me again 😅 I want a bookstore and tattoo shop au. I don't care who, but I think you should do it!!! 😙😍😊💖😄👭🏽🌈 (PS this is the au -> hc thing you posted)

hey babe~ ❤❤ i totally screwed up the format of how those were supposed to go but ya know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ side note sorry i got Candy Store stuck in your head i love you 

also..what if i do…all of them

zen - tattoo shop 

  • so like he works at a friend’s tattoo shop
  • but he doesn’t have any tattoos 
  • mc comes in, wanting a tattoo 
  • its a big one, and since they’re the only ones in the shop so far, they talk 
  • mc asks why he doesn’t have any tattoos himself
  • he answers that it’s because of his dream job of being an actor, can’t have any
  • then it hits them, mc has seen one of his shows before! 
  • they thought he was really good 
  • zen is lowkey blushing, that’s how he is with compliments
  • so they give him a big tip 
  • and their number ;)) 
  • because mc is feeling just that more Extra today 
  • oh look, zen is blushing again

yoosung - bookstore / tattoo shop

  • okok look this is totally not cause i wanted to make it even
  • yoosung was looking for a book, for required reading at school
  • mc was going to go to the tattoo shop next door, but needed to psych themselves up by looking through books first
  • but they’re so nervous that they drop some books
  • yoosung sees what happens and helps them clear up
  • he asks if they were ok and they accidentally answer ‘no’ first 
  • so, in short, they end up telling him the whole story 
  • he decides to go next door with them! 
  • moral support! 
  • when they do, while getting the tattoo, mc grabs his hand out of impulse
  • yoosung is all blushy and awkward 
  • they exchange numbers at the end of all this, if anything, to make up for the awkwardness 

jaehee - bookstore

  • jaehee wanted something to read for fun, it was relaxing
  • but hold up! cute cashier alert! 
  • it’s mc 
  • its a good thing this bookstore has a coffee shop attached to it or it’d be weird that jaehee stays so long
  • mc joined her once on one of their breaks 
  • they wanted to talk about the book she bought, it was one of their favorites
  • jaehee is Shook but does not waste this opportunity 
  • they talk all throughout mc’s break and agree to do this tomorrow too
  • turns out, mc had a cute customer alert! and wanted to talk to her
  • they’re the one who asks jaehee out, though
  • somewhere besides their workplace
  • anything would work for jaehee, she’s just so happy

jumin -  bookstore

  • jumin is a book nerd and he needs more books 
  • mc works at this bookstore and sees him more often than they thought they would
  • he reads fast
  • if we’re being honest here, jumin does read fast, but not this fast
  • he kind of just wants to see them 
  • eventually, he just asks them out for lunch 
  • made some excuse about “wanting to hear about their newest releases and what kind of books they like” and stuff like that
  • mc saw right through him, but took his offer
  • they got him to tell them the truth of how he comes back so fast 
  • they think its cute 
  • mc honestly thinks its gonna end after lunch
  • but he comes back again and brings them a coffee
  • they’re really happy he came back

707 / luciel - tattoo shop

  • he was honestly just chilling there
  • he couldn’t get any tattoos, but he really wanted one
  • mc was working that day and asked if he wanted to get one 
  • he told them that he couldn’t 
  • mc, however, was like “if you really want one, no one has to know”
  • they’ve got a point…. 
  • it takes a while, but he’s convinced
  • he gets a little alien on his heel
  • cause he always wears at least socks, no one will know 
  • thanks mc a bunch! and he’s about to pay them 
  • but he forgot to bring cash
  • mc waves it off
  • “how about you just come back and take me to dinner next time?”
  • why did i make mc such a flirt in this one?
The Summer In Prague

My gift for the lovely @caren-ortensia for the @emimikeweek exchange thingy!
I sent this gift privately for the giftee to enjoy beforehand, so now it’s time to show it to the world, too! 
Because of the wonky format I decided to make this at, I had 0 idea how to publish it, but, here we go :D 

Dear Mila,

We’re finally in Prague! But the ride was terrible. The AC in the bus stopped working shortly after we left and the weather is crazy here. Is it so fucking hot in Saint Petersburg, too? It was like 36 °C all day, Mickey almost fainted at one point.

But we’re finally here and that’s important! The hotel is bomb. I was angry at first since Mickey chose a really expensive one, but after the ride we’re so glad to have such a comfy room with GIANT beds and an ENORMOUS bathtub! Mickey is soaking in the tub right now, so I have a bit of time for myself here, unpacking and stuff. You know, this girl’s dresses have to hang!

We’re having dinner in the hotel restaurant tonight and tomorrow we’re starting our adventure! I booked us a guide because I’m pretty sure we would get lost here in no time. Prague has so many back alleys and side alleys, it’s insane. Besides, we don’t want to spend money on overpriced stuff and the guide should help us with that!

But I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Super sleepy now. Talk to you soon!

Love you,

Sara <3

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Imagine Merlin as a semi-famous Youtuber who vlogs and does feel-good ‘pranks’ (like free hugs, giving compliments, and giving big tips to waiters).

And he meets Arthur while making a video in public and Arthur doesn’t know who he is, but later looks him up and watches all of Merlin’s videos and then they meet through mutual friends and eventually become boyfriends.

Then Arthur randomly shows up in Merlin’s videos and then Merlin does a “Draw My Life” video and he’s like “Then about a year ago I met this prat” and Arthur’s hand comes onto the screen and scribbles out prat and puts “super-awesome-man-of-my-dreams” and at the end of the video Merlin’s like “And two years later I am still living with said-prat, and…” Then his hand pulls away and when it comes back onto the screen there’s an engagement ring on his left hand, and the video just ends with “See you guys next week! Byeee.”

This needs to happen, guys. Make it happen.


Quick drawings of Odd in his waiter uniform– ah… He ended up looking different from when I first drew him.  I showed my bf these sketches and he said that he thinks Odd is cute and that he’d give him a big tip. 8)))

halloween | pt. 2

- my favorite holiday -
[ kinda lengthy but enjoy ]

I push past the dancing bodies as I exited the bathroom, which reeked of puke. there was nothing worse than someone who couldn’t hold their liquor and would vomit early. the loud noise of trap music fills the house. I was surprised that the police hadn’t raided the place yet considering it was extremely loud and there was a lot of underage drinking going on. but considering it was halloween, I figured that they would be patrolling neighborhoods and watching out for any creeps trying to harm little children.

“hey, hooters!” my friend Sam shouts at me. she stands in front of a guy who had a grip on her waist. “come serve us a plate of wings, baby. I got a good tip for you.”

I playfully roll my eyes and walk over to her. Sam was dressed as a waitress from tilted kilt while I was dressed as a hooters girl. I grabbed her red cup and took a long swig of it before handing it back to her empty.

“thanks for the drink,” I shout in her ear over the old music.

“go make me another one!” she hands me the cup and I take it from her. “vodka’s in the cabinet,” Sam points to it behind me. I grab the cup and turn around to the cabinet that was a lot taller than my frame. I tried to jump but could barely reach the handle.

“Sam, I can’t reach,” I shout at her. she rolls her eyes and looks around before going up to one of her guy friends.

“Shawn, can you grab Bianca some vodka from the top cabinet?” Sam shouted at him. he looks at me as he nods to her request.

my back is against the counter and he walks over to me. Shawn reaches up in front of me to the cabinet and I can feel his bulge against my thigh. he closes the cabinet and brings the glass bottle down to my cup. he unscrews the cap and pours me some before screwing the cap back on.

“thanks,” I say to him.
“no problem,” he replies in my ear. the feeling of his breath against my ear sent a slight shiver down my spine. he steps back and looks me up and down before licking his lips and walking away.

“what’s he supposed to be?” I ask Sam as she walks over to me with cranberry juice in her hand.

“Shawn?” Sam asks me, I nod. “he and a group of the guys are frat boys. watch this.” she turns to the group of guys whom Shawn was talking to. “hey, Shawn!” he turns his attention to Sam. “what happens if I touch ya?”

Shawn smirks and shouts back to her, “daddy will sue.”

“which daddy?” Sam shouts back.

Shawn laughs before going back to his conversation with his friends while Same pours the juice in my cup. my gaze is still fixated on him; he stands tall and wears a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, pastel colored shorts, Sperry’s and socks that stop at his calf, with a backwards baseball cap.

“here, drink up.” Sam brings the cup up to my mouth and I take a drink from it. “come on, I think there’s a game of beer pong in the backyard.”

she leads me through the crowd and to the backyard where Sam cozies up to a different guy as she watches him play against someone. I stand at the sidelines along with others and watch the game ensue. during the game, I feel someone behind me. their breath is blowing lightly against the back of my ear and I casually turn around to see who it is.

the familiar amber eyes are looking into mine as I see it’s Shawn standing behind me. he continued to look me up and down as he took a casual sip of his beer bottle. with his other hand, he gently traces two fingers up the side of my shorts and to my waist.

“hooters girl, huh?” he says to me as he cheekily runs his tongue above his top lip.

“careful how you touch me, frat boy,” I say as I take his hand off my body, “my daddy will sue.”

Shawn lets out a chuckle as I turned around and pretended to have an interest in the drunken game happening before me. his arm is draped over my chest and I feel the familiar sensation of his breath against my ear.

“hooters,” he begins, “can I give ya my tip?”

my jaw slightly drops at his comment and I let out a small scoff. I turn around and he grabs my red cup with his free hand and makes direct eye contact with me as he takes a swig of my alcoholic drink. he hands the cup back to me and removes his hand from around my shoulder, bringing his beer bottle to his lips and taking another drink.

“sorry, hooters, but that drink you got is fucking weak.”

“then why don’t you give me something I can handle, frat boy?” I ask him as I press a hand against his abs over his shirt. he raises an eyebrow and I hand him my cup before walking back into the house, teasingly picking up my orange shorts to give him the slightest view of my ass.

“are you teasing me, hooters?” he says as he follows me back into the noisy house. Shawn places a hand at my wrist and gently turns me around to face him.

“you talk a big game. cocky?” I reply.

“very,” he says as he looks down at my breast.

“now, why don’t you give me something I can handle?”

“I can give ya something you can’t handle,” he says as he places a hand at my lower back and brings my body close to him. “I know you felt it when I reached for the bottle, hooters.”

he pulls back from speaking in my ear and looks at my eyes before looking at my lips. he licks his as he begins to lean in. I can feel his lips in the slightest before he swerves around me to grab a bottle. I scoff as he teased me to get a bottle.

“you tease me, I tease you, babe.” he winks his eye at me and unscrews a tequila bottle and takes a sip from the bottle directly. Shawn motions the bottle to me and offers me a drink. “you want something you can’t handle, right?”

“I don’t like hard liquor.” I say.

“baby, I’m not offering you a drink. I’m tryna tell you to pick up your shirt.”

“what for?”

“the boob luge, hooters,” he shouts out loud, catching the attention of someone of the people nearby. some people whip out their phone and begins recording and some start chanting the words.

“what the fuck is that?” I ask.

“push your tits together, baby,” someone recording shouts at me. a girl dressed as a dirty nun laughs and walks over to me, her hand resting on my shoulder.

“your name’s Bianca, right?” she asks me and I nod. “okay, so someone holds your shirt up and you push your boobs together while someone pours beer down your chest and the other person drinks it from the bottom.”

“come on, hooters,” Shawn says as he takes another sip of the tequila. “you don’t think you can handle it?”

“try me, frat boy.” I grab the hem of the white tank top and fold it up and over my chest and the girl holds it for me and she takes the tequila bottle from Shawn.

“ready, hooters?” he asks me. I grab my nude bra clad breasts and push them together.

“ready,” I say. the girl pours the liquor down my chest and people start chanting for him to “chug” as he positions himself under me and I can feel his tongue against my skin as he drinks from the mini waterfall of liquor that pours down my chest and into his mouth. people continue to record and chug as half of the bottle is poured down my chest. the girl holds the bottle back and Shawn stands up and wipes his mouth as I pull my shirt down. people carry on to what they were doing beforehand.

“hooters, I’m impressed.” he says as he licks tequila from his lips.

“I handle whatever you throw at me, frat boy.” I reply. part of his white shirt got wet and exposed some of his toned chest.

“can you handle whatever I throw in you?” he jokes and I laugh at him.

“you just don’t quit, do you?”

“come on, you know you want a good tip, hooters. I got you. I’ll give you a big tip.”

I roll my eyes and cross my arms under my chest. a slow, yet sexy song comes on and it blasts through the speakers. he grabs my hand and leads me to where most people are dancing throughout the living room. we stop in the middle, completely surrounded by other drunken bodies that are dancing to the beat. he drapes an arm around my waist as my back is to him. I grind against him to the beat of the music and bring an arm up and rest my hand at the side of his neck.

Shawn pushes my hair to the side and kisses at my neck. he could talk a good talk, but I knew that he would play a good game, too. I could feel his thick bulge growing against my ass as I continued to grind against it. his hand slowly crept up under my shirt and up to my left breast. I let out a moan that was silenced by the loud music. he massaged my breast in his hand as he started to nibble on my earlobe.

“frat boy,” I said so only he could hear me, “how about you give me something else I might be able to handle.”

he chuckles against my ear and lets go of my breast before taking my hand in his. we push past the bodies and he takes me upstairs to a random empty bedroom. once inside the room, he locks the door and pushes me to the bed, where I kick off my shoes. he slowly crawls on top of me and I remove his hat to run my fingers through his hair.

“how bad do you want it?” he whispers against my lips.

“real bad,” I whisper back.


“yeah,” I nod.

he licks at my bottom lip before delicately kissing my lips. he moves his lips against mine and slips his tongue into my mouth. if he could kiss this good, I wonder what else he was good at. I begin to unbutton his shirt and once I take it off, I can’t help but stare at how toned he is. he catches me staring at his abs and lets out a low chuckle.

“like what you see?” he asks me, and I nod. “good.” he leans back down and kisses at my lips.

he sits up and straddles me as he takes off my shirt, tossing it over to the floor. “I like what I see, too.”

I blush while letting out a little chuckle. he unbuttons his pants and reaches for a condom from his pocket, setting it on the bedside table. he takes off his pants and then kisses at my neck. Shawn snakes a hand behind my back and unclasps my bra. it comes loose and he slides the straps off my shoulder and removes it. I moan when he brings his mouth down to my breast and begins to mark me with a hickey. my hand goes to his abs.

I trail my fingers down his toned body and began to palm him over the fabric of his black briefs. he groans and I can feel why he’s so cocky - he had physical evidence of why. he was hung.

“you want it already, hooters?” he asks me. I grab his face and lick my lips while looking him in the eyes.

“Bianca.” I correct him.

“Shawn,” he replies to me and kisses me. his hands go to my shorts and he begins to pull them down along with the nylon tights. I bring my knees up to my chest to help take them off. once they’re off, he tosses it to the floor and places my feet on the bed to remove my beige thong. they come off and he grabs the condom from the bedside table and gently rips it open with his teeth. after a few seconds, he pulls out his hard bulge from his briefs.

I watch as he rolls the condom onto his thick size and he looks at me. “you ready, hooters?”

“ready, frat boy.” I reply. he parts my knees with his body and gently hovers above me. he kisses at my jawline and I feel his tip slowly entering me. I gasp as he continues to slide into me. my hands grip at the bed sheets under me and he stops.

“you okay?” he asks me. I nod my head. “okay,” he says and continues to slide into me.

“holy, fuck,” I swear under my breath.

“okay, that’s it,” he tells me. Shawn slowly pulls out halfway before slamming himself in me again. my breath hitches and I bring my hands at his back. he slides back out and he starts to thrust in and out of me.

the headboard bangs against the wall and it’s then that I’m thankful for the loud music. I moan softly as he gently kisses at my shoulder before softly biting it.

“Bianca,” he pants. Shawn rests his head in the crook of my neck and continues to suck at my skin.

I would be lying if I said this didn’t feel good. frat boy really knew what he was doing. he brought a hand down to my pelvis and dragged his thumb to my clit. in just the slightest motion, he lightly rubs at my tender spot.

“Shawn,” I moan in his ear, biting at it in the process. my hand claws at the back of his head and I grip onto his hair.

the headboard bangs a bit louder and as I open my mouth to moan, Shawn kisses my lips, silencing my actions. his lips felt wet and soft, and there was a slight buzz happening in my head. he continued to kiss my lips as he began to slowly pick up speed with his thrusts.

he knew how to tease me earlier, and he knew how to please me now. tease and please, that should be his new name.

with my might, I flip us over. his hands go behind his head and he bites his lip as my hands rest on his abdomen. I slowly begin to slide up and down his length. the more I bounced on him, the bed springs began to loudly squeak. he places a hand at my waist and begins to guide me against him. I grind my hips and his hand moves my body back and forth on him. I throw my head back and enjoy the feeling of him fully inside me.

“fuck, Bianca,” he moans beneath me. knowing that he was enjoying this as much as I was made me more wet. while continuing to grind against him, I lower myself onto him and kiss at his lips. he places a hand in my hair and deepens out kiss, letting his tongue roam into my mouth. he flips us over, making him on top of me again.

Shawn grabs a hold of both my wrists in one hand and holds them to my chest.

“you still want it?” he asks me.

“I want it,” I reply. he kisses my forehead before slamming himself inside me again. the banging of the headboard resumes and our moans get loud. sweat begins to form at my hairline as Shawn continues to pound into me, making my body flinch with each thrust that he gave me.

“you feel good,” he pants while my whimpers progress to louder moans.

“fuck, go faster,” I moan out loud. he takes me by surprise and places a finger in my mouth as he thrusts faster into me. looking him directly in the eyes, I suck on his finger, swirling my tongue around his finger. he slides another finger into me mouth and I continue to hollow my cheeks while sucking on his fingers.

“Bianca, oh, fuck me.” he smirks, shaking his head as he continues to watch me suck at his fingers.

he removes his fingers from my mouth and grips at my hair. I moan at his actions and wrap my legs tighter around his waist. Shawn thrusts gets rougher and faster and the headboard mimics his actions. the song outside changes and his moans get louder. I bring his head down and kiss his lips. I slide my tongue into his mouth, only to break the kiss to moan at the feeling of his thumb scratching against my clit, causing me to squirm under his body.

“oh, fuck,” I moan, “Shawn. oh, shit, oh fuck.”

“you’re fucking tight,” he grunts. Shawn leans down to bite at my lip and lightly tugs at it while he pulls back. I buck my hips up and he goes in deeper.

my stomach forms in knots as he continues to play with my clit. “Shawn,” I moan out loud. my voice gets raspy and I feel my orgasm grow near.

“oh god, oh god, holy, fuck,” I pant.

“I’m almost there, baby girl,” Shawn says to me.

“Shawn!” I raspily scream out as I orgasm. I fall back onto the bed, catching my breath as Shawn continues to thrust into me. the headboard bangs louder and the bed squeaks, sounding like it might give out at any moment.

“Bianca, fuck,” Shawn grunts as I feel his bulge twitch inside me. he pulls out and collapses on top of me. sweat lined his forehead as he sloppily kissed at my lips.

“could you handle that, hooters?” he asks e, his voice slightly raspy as well.