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Help Simone Return to Howard by Simone Dominique Essix - GoFundMe

I have decided to move from Michigan to Washington DC so that I can be closer to Howard University with the hopes that more can be accomplished so that I can get back into school there and continue my education.

I am taking an enormous leap of faith by doing this. I do not have support from my family. My mother is not able to help me at all financially due to her own personal and financial struggles. I didn’t want to make a separate GoFundMe page as my move to DC is part of my journey to getting back into school at Howard University.

It would be an enormous blessing if you all could share this and donate to help take some of the financial stress and burden off of me as I embark on this journey to make my dream of completing my education come true.

This is Tony (on the left). Tony is a homeless man living in Fayetteville, NC. Right before I went into the bar downtown, he simply asked if I could buy him a meal. Not once did Tony beg me for any amount of money, or did he do anything questionable. After a bit of small talk, he entered the bar and politely asked if he could sit with us, to which I accepted. For a good half hour, stories were exchanged, jokes were told, and fun was had by all. Folks, if you live in my area and happen to see Tony, pick up a meal for him if you could. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy, every little bit helps. Also, please reblog this to try to get this man as much help as possible. Thank you for reading.